Project News

ShowPro for the Bowery Theatre

Posted on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Brimbank’s St Albans Community Centre and the Bowery Theatre opened with a gala community showcase day in March. The new venue includes a 200 seat performing arts theatre and new community hall spaces each holding 100 people with retractable walls giving a space for over 300.

Mozaix supplied and installed a lighting solution for the theatre that included ten ShowPro LED CYC RGBWA and four LED Tri-12 Par 4 Packs.

“It’s a small, multipurpose theatre with retractable seating and a lighting grid over the whole ceiling of the room so that they can move the direction of the theatre any which way that they want to,” explained Paul Tucker of Mozaix. “The original specification was for some conventional cyc lights but LED is taking over, especially at this mid-level size of venue, and so we came up with the ShowPro solution with Show Technology. Together we proved to the venue that the LED cyc delivers greater flexibility, draws less power and gives a much wider colour scope.”

Ten ShowPro LED CYCs are spread along the fourteen metre wide stage and, with their two adjustable ‘heads’, coverage of the wash is considerable. According to Paul, the client has been very impressed by the punchy output from such a small unit.

The ShowPro LED Tri-12 Par 4 Packs were purchased mainly for back lighting and again, the client has been very happy with the acquisition.

“They’re a cost effective fixture with a very bright light output,” said Paul. “They’re great for back lighting or an eye candy look.”


Canberra’s Captain Cook Fountain Lights Up!

Posted on Monday, March 27th, 2017

The Captain Cook Memorial Jet in Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin is back – bigger and better than ever – and now with added illumination!

The Memorial Jet has recently undergone a major $3 million refurbishment, including the installation of new high-powered Anolis lighting system.

“The jet was designed to be lit when operating at night and the original lighting system wasn’t as efficient as it could be”, explains Malcolm Snow, the National Capital Authority’s Chief Executive.

The ULA Group worked with lighting design team from Norman Disney Young along with Shepherd Electrical in Canberra to specify, commission and install the new LED high-powered lighting system. The Project brief was to deliver a lighting system which is able to enhance the dynamics of the Captain Cook water Jet Fountain in full. The Anolis ArcSource Outdoor 48MC fixtures were selected as the perfect fit for this project. These fixtures carry an IP67 rating, making them ideal for outdoor lighting applications exposed to any water elements. Benefiting from a cleverly designed totally flush mounted ‘Watch Glass’ frontage, the units are far less likely to suffer from a build-up of debris, ensuring greater performance and lower maintenance.

Eleven fixtures with 11deg optics were mounted to the fountain structure, with the control infrastructure consisting of both cable and Wireless DMX transmission which was powered via a central LumenRadio Transmitter and multiple receiver units built into the luminaires. The dynamic show and static lighting states were enabled via Pharos LPC Control unit.

“With this new lighting technology we now have the ability to be able to light up the jet much more effectively, to change the colour and distribution of the light so that the night time dynamics of the jet can be appreciated,” comments Snow. “We now have the ability to enhance the water feature for special occasions and events, when we want to celebrate a special day on Canberra’s calendar”.

The first opportunity to view the Memorial Jet at its full height and light was during the Canberra Day Celebrations on 13th of March. A huge crowd of ‘Canberrians’ got down to Lake Burley Griffin to take in the night time spectacle.

The Memorial Jet current operates daily from 11am to 2pm using one pump at the height of 114 metres, and will be boosted to two pumps reaching the heights of 152 metres and featuring the new lighting effects at night time for Canberra’s significant events, special visits and state occasions.


MA & Martin for The Venue

Posted on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

The Venue Alexandria is Sydney’s Newest Premium Warehouse Event Space.

The Venue offers clients a large, flexible warehouse space with 5 star amenities catering to a wide variety of events including gala dinners, product launches, fashion parades, conferences, corporate functions, weddings and community events. With a capacity of 1,000 guests for a dinner, cocktail style or conferencing, flexibility is the key to the space.

The NW Group are The Venue’s technical production partner, offering the latest in audio visual and presentation technology to ensure all events runs smoothly. Their objective is to provide seamless and cost effective technical solutions for all of The Venue’s events.

David Gleig, Project Manager/ Executive Director at The NW Group, immediately turned to Show Technology to provide lighting equipment settling on 24 x Martin RUSH MH6, 8 x MAC Quantum Profile, 8 x DMX Sunstrips, 4 x Atomic Strobes, 2 x Unique Hazers and a MA2 light for control.

“The RUSH MH6 fixtures have performed beyond expectation,” commented David. “We used these as they have been successful in a number of other fixed installations and are now becoming an industry accepted fixture that you would expect to see in any good installation or hire stock. Our intentions will be to grow our inventory of RUSH products into 2018. So far we have not had a single failure or event they have not been suitable for.”

The Venue also has 12 MAC Quantum Spots as part of the floor package which is included when there is entertainment in the space.

“They don’t technically live at The Venue but this is what is used, 90% of the time,” explained David. “These are particularly great even in a large venue like this. They are often accepted also when MAC Vipers are requested. In fact the MAC Quantum Spot is probably the most used, most versatile fixture in our stock. We have tried to breed these in the dark corners of our warehouse of an evening. At this stage we have not had success.”

According to David, the MA2 light was the obvious choice as this would be the console of choice for just about every internal and external hire.

“Rather than trying to save money on a sub-standard product or a smaller MA console, we decided that the MA ‘full-size’ was legitimately over kill and the ‘light’ packed all of the features for small events right through to the larger events we will see in this space. We also purchase an MA NPU giving us the ability to add many fixtures to this space without running out of processing capabilities.”



Brisbane’s Green Wall Blossoms with Colour

Posted on Monday, March 20th, 2017

The ULA Group Architectural Lighting team continues working closely with Cam Gunning from Vision and Sound Technology, this time on lighting up the Living Green Wall at King George Square in Brisbane.

Brisbane City Council is strategically illuminating the main icons of the city as well as the ‘hidden’ beauties of the CBD precinct, which might have been missed by tourists or even not noticed by locals before. A Living Green Wall is one of those hidden treasures of the city, located right in the heart of the CBD at King George Square, to the side of the main tourist route.

Following the successful implementation of new LED lighting system illuminating the iconic Brisbane City Hall in King George Square, the design intent was to illuminate the Green Wall on the adjacent side and connect both parts of this precinct into one automated lighting control system, giving the option to trigger the lighting schemes and colour patterns simultaneously.

Griven Ruby MC RGBW LED Flood fixtures with medium optics were chosen to enhance the beauty of the Living Green Wall. These stylish and versatile fixtures are ideal for spot or flood lighting along with wall grazing owing to the wide light distribution. The combination of RGBW LEDs provides an impressive saturated white light as well as a wide selection of intermediate colour hues.

The lighting control system is integrated as part of the existing system, which already operates the lighting on City Hall. This enable seamless integration of both the Green Wall and Brisbane City Hall’s colour palletes and dynamic lighting shows. Both installations can also be operated independently from the one lighting control surface. Over 30 different lighting shows and numerous preset colour schemes are pre-programmed within the software, ensuring changing the mood lighting and colour selection is as easy as ‘one click’ on a tablet or wifi activated device.

Cam Gunning comments: “This project required a very compact luminaire to retro fit into existing mount points on the structural frame, while still providing a high level of illumination when compared to the superseded metal halide lamps. The Griven RUBY MC in a medium optic proved to be an ideal choice, meeting all dimensional and lumen output requirements. The six multi-chip LED sources in each RUBY fixture provide a very uniform colour wash and the white chip on it’s own is a very useable colour temperature, being particularly helpful for the successful illumination of the various colours contained within the dense foliage.”

“The colours are very even across all twelve RUBY MC luminaires allowing the client to choose between soft pastel tones and dramatic, high impact saturated colour. Green Wall is an excellent example of a ‘living’ structure implemented into a high density city space and the addition of colour enhances this great initiative into a vibrant and inviting public space at night. The addition of the Griven product will provide the client with years of maintenance free illumination and significant cost savings in power consumption.”

The Brisbane City Council is very pleased with the end result, bringing new life to the Living Green Wall in heart of the Brisbane city, expanding the options of mood lighting throughout the King George Square precinct and enhancing the festive atmosphere during numerous celebrations and events happening in the city.


The Argyle receives sensitive lighting upgrade

Posted on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

The Argyle is situated The Rocks, in one of Australia’s oldest buildings, and is the ultimate Sydney nightlife venue. The venue has a rich historic feel, with a uniquely modern take.  Housed in the 1820s Argyle Stores building in the heart of Sydney’s Rocks precinct, The Argyle retains much of the original heritage-listed structure.

Blending an alluring mix of historic and ultra-modern, The Argyle is an impressive space featuring high archway entrances, a sandstone outdoor courtyard and sleek timber flooring and beams.

An iconic Rocks hotspot, The Argyle has become a favourite of both locals and visitors alike since its opening in 2007 by John Szangolies as part of the Urban Purveyor Group.  With a series of unique bars spread over two levels – including the famed outdoor cobblestone courtyard – The Argyle is a venue to suit any mood or occasion.

A recent design, re-fit and refurbishment of this iconic historical venue meant that the design teams worked closely with Show Technology who were asked to design the lighting that was sympathetic to the heritage needs of the venue, highlighting the architectural features whilst injecting colour and atmosphere into the various zones.

Over a period of months Stephen Dallimore, Show Technology’s Business Development Manager, worked closely with Phil Hudson, Brand Manager at The Argyle, to deliver a sophisticated solution that embraces the natural elements of the venue such as sandstone and aged timber. Stephen also had to take into account that the venue transitions from a daytime venue to a post-work drinks setting, right through to a late-night destination.

“The opportunity to work with a historic venue like the Argyle was both challenging and very rewarding,” commented Stephen. “Using the fabric of the building was key to getting the lighting mood correct. The lighting starts work as soon as the venue opens right through until it closes, creating a different ambience though out each zone of the building. In this post lock out era in Sydney, it’s great to see venues still looking to reinvest in their visitor experience.”

The entrance to The Argyle is through an impressive archway into which seven ShowPro LED HEX16 Strip have been installed heralding what is to be expected within. Once through the archway, the venue’s famous cobblestone courtyard is bathed in light and colour thanks to nine ShowPro LED Flood HEX36 whilst windows carry more ShowPro LED HEX16 Strips. ShowPro DMX Festoon lighting has also been added to this area.

The entrance into the main building is again accentuated by ShowPro LED HEX16 Strips. A DMX Scene Player w/12 Key and USB port allows for simple presets so that the lighting can be changed as the day progresses and the atmosphere charges up.

On the ground floor eighteen ShowPro LED ROXStrips light up the bar area with RGB High Density LED Tape adorning the walls. Martin RUSH MH2 Washes provide colour and movement whilst a couple of Martin Atomic Strobes add dramatic moments.

The next floor up where all the dance action happens was a bit trickier due to its low ceiling height; more RUSH MH2 Washes were installed as were RUSH MH4 Beams along with a couple of RUSH strobes. Again the bar area received the ShowPro LED ROXStrips and LED Tape treatment. ShowPro’s battery driven LED Truss Mate 2 were located on beams down stairs. Control for upstairs is via an MA Lighting dot2 Core console chosen for its ease of use and simple interface as the venue has a variety of lighting operators come through.

The final area Stephen weaved his magic was the Reibey Room, an intimate space that has been transformed by ShowPro LED ROXStrips and LED Tape into an atmospheric and enticing room.

Phil Hudson commented that despite the huge restrictions that come with a heritage building, the lighting exceeded his expectations spectacularly transforming the venue. Numbers through the door are up and The Argyle is one of Sydney go-to destinations.

Sydney AV company Slave worked tirelessly to install the lighting into the venue, heeding the heritage requirements and going above and beyond to deliver a world class installation.




VuePix Screen for The Juniors

Posted on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

The South Sydney Junior Rugby League Club recently acquired a brand new VuePix ER series LED screen for their main auditorium. Club management decided to invest in LED technology to take the entertainment experience for patrons to a new level.

The screen consists of forty eight ER4.8 panels – enough to make up a surface measuring 8m x 3m – but the Club will configure the panels in a variety of ways to suit their different show requirements.

The new VuePix screen made its debut at the Juniors’ production of “Saturday Night Fever”. For this show, the panels were configured into three sections: a large central display and two smaller screens to the sides displaying graphics to enhance the performance.

All media content was managed by ArKaos Media Master Pro5 Software with RGB Link Venus X1 taking care of video signal processing and scaling.

The VuePix ER Series panels have been designed specifically for the touring & rental markets where durability, flexibility and ease of use are essential. The slim panels are light in weight, yet durable. Equipped with user-friendly features such as locating pins for quick, positive alignment, ergonomic handles for safe and convenient handling and a simple quick-lock system allowing fast set up and pack down.

With these handy features, the panels can be easily re-configured to suit a wide variety of applications including live entertainment as well as promotions throughout the club.


Lighting up the façades of Pacific Fair

Posted on Friday, February 17th, 2017

Pacific Fair, the iconic shopping centre positioned in the popular tourist area of Broadbeach in the heart of the Gold Coast, has recently undergone a major redevelopment and re-branding, resulting in a world-class shopping and lifestyle experience destination for both locals and the 12+ million visitors who choose the Gold Coast as their holiday destination each year.

With its prime location on the Gold Coast Highway and nestled between some of the most desired real estate on the coast, it was one of the main objectives of the redevelopment to make the retail precinct visually prominent from both land and air.

TDLD were engaged to design various elements of the lighting in the new look centre including upgrading the exterior lighting for the eastern façade which runs parallel to the busy Gold Coast highway, with the intent to bring the same high end modern make over delivered inside the mall to the outside.

High powered LED lighting was a natural choice for TDLD, its long life, high output and energy efficiency making it the perfect match for illuminating a 21st century facility. The aim was to use the existing lighting mounting infrastructure and replace the old metal halide floods with a more modern, suitable high-powered LED fixtures. The Anolis ArcSource 96 Integral RGBW LED floods were chosen as a suitable fixture for the project.

The Anolis ArcSource 96 Integral fixtures feature 96 high bright rebel LEDs, providing superior light output previously unavailable in the LED fixture of this size. The latest technology electronics ensure stable white balance is achieved while maintaining a minimum life expectancy in excess of 75,000 hours. Housed also in the compact IP67 rated aluminium body are the control electronics and integral power supply. Control is via DMX/RDM allowing for advanced programming options.

The new lighting system is operating as a cool crisp white colour across the entire eastern façade currently, with the possibility of running saturated full colour lighting schemes and dynamic fades for special events and functions occurring throughout the retail hub and Gold Coast Community. The system runs 7days a week and is integrated to operate seamlessly via the Venues Building management system.