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Panthers Penrith upgrade Evan Theatre with Show Technology

Posted on Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

The Evan Theatre at Panthers Penrith is a premium, purpose built entertainment venue, available for private hire and public shows. It features a permanent theatrical stage, fully licensed bar, seating for up to 850 patrons and the services you would expect from a full-production theatre.

Over the years, the venue has hosted an array of leading entertainers including John Farnham, Boys II Men, The Wiggles and David Strassman. Fifteen years ago, the venue purchased some Martin MAC500 and MAC600 fixtures which have managed well over this time – as have their Claypaky Golden Scan 3 fixtures! However, it was definitely time for an upgrade to a more state of the art rig and the decision was made to purchase eight Claypaky A.leda B-EYE K10 high performance wash lights, ten Martin MAC Quantum Profiles and for control, an MA Lighting grandMA2 light. Finally, to complete the awesome package, a Robert Juliat Super Korrigan 1200w followspot was also added to the purchase.

“One of the first conversations with Wayne was to look at what types of acts were coming through the venue and what was required of them from a lighting rig point of view,” explained Stephen Dallimore, Show Technology’s Business Development Manager. “Venues such as Panthers are having more and more high profile touring acts coming through, so the need to have equipment that is rider spec’d and matches the major city venues, is very important.”

In fact, it is quite common now for venues throughout the country to offer leading fixtures from Martin, Claypaky, Robert Juliat and MA Lighting and it has become the bench level for any new venue.

“The club was updating the room in terms of furniture and décor so we decided to also buy new lighting equipment,” commented Wayne Campbell, Production Manager at Panthers. “We conducted a shootout with a few moving head profiles and the Quantums really stood out, which was great as I’ve always been a Martin user and saw no reason to change.”

Wayne noted that the choice of gobos with the Quantum Profiles is fantastic and that their punch is incredible. Darcy Cook, a regular audiovisual contractor employed at Evans Theatre added that the Quantums have a really nice colour-rendering index. “The red is actually a red and the green is green, whereas with the old MAC600’s the greens were too dim to use,” he added.

Wayne particularly took a likely to the zoom capability of the MAC Quantum Profile, which allows him to fill the venue’s cyc with light and colour using only two fixtures. Another highlight is using the Claypaky A.leda B-EYE K10 not only as a wash but also as eye candy, delving into using the dual colour wheels and also the beam libraries. Darcy has also had fun using them, most recently on a dance festival. “I’ve been using the kaleidoscope effect rotating the front lens for some really cool looks,” said Darcy. “If you throw a gobo in the Quantums and then put the kaleidoscope effect through it, it creates a dispersed, beamy look. It creates a lot of nice beams throughout the whole stage and you can get away without having a lot of front wash as there’s still a lot of light around the stage. It’s great for dance, no front light just overhead and side lighting.”

The Robert Juliat Super Korrigan followspot has certainly impressed Wayne, who says it throws a beautiful punchy beam from 30 metres away. “It’s a great followspot – very smooth and the intensity of the fixtures is spot on,” he commented. “It probably has twice as much light output as our previous followspot!”

Wayne describes the MA2 light as more user friendly and versatile than the venue’s previous console plus of course, it’s on most riders. “The MA console is pretty much industry standard and is spec’d by most LD’s,” he said. “I had to learn it over the past three months but it’s quite easy to pick up. Darcy has been teaching me a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t know it could do but I certainly got the basics of it with no problem at all.”

The guys at Evan Theatre at Panthers Penrith certainly sound impressed with their latest purchases, looks like the venue has made a great upgrade.

Photos: Darcy Cook


Marquee Nightclub goes Rogue with CHAUVET Professional

Posted on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

In April 2012, The Star reinforced its status as the premiere entertainment venue in Australia by opening the world-renowned Marquee nightclub in Sydney. The award-winning nightclub has built an undisputed reputation as the venue of choice for music lovers and celebrities alike, with an unbeaten line up of local and international artists which have included Calvin Harris, Drake, Avicii, Tiesto, Hardwell, Diplo and Armin Van Buuren. These artists have kept Marquee at the forefront of international dance music.

In addition to live acts and music, lighting has become an essential part of the Marquee attraction with their lighting system helping to create the ultimate nightclub experience. To continue to provide the state-of-the-art nightclub atmosphere, Marquee searched for the right fixtures which would offer a significant upgrade to fill the airspace that was required in the venue, which was low to the ceiling and needed to be punchy and fast. The Rogue R1 FX-B by CHAUVET Professional fixture ticked all the boxes and complemented the existing rig as well as give the venue a unique look.

Contracted to change the look was Full Throttle Entertainments Aidan Esmond, who after searching the market and seeing the Rogue FX-B’s being used on tours, festivals and major headlining night clubs across the globe decided to acquire 12 new Rogue R1 FX-B’s to its lighting rig supplied by Showtools International.

The CHAUVET FX-B fixtures has become a critical part of the nightclubs lighting rig,    installed in the Main Room which is the heartbeat and focal point of the Sydney Premiere  Nightclub. The FX-B is a unique fixture that enables Marquee several looks that add depth and texture without taking up a lot of space. The five independently controlled heads are a powerful tool for varying movements that facilitates many creative options in that in turn permit the beams of light to cover the stage with mesmerizing multi-dimensional looks.

The FX-B’s have performed flawlessly since being installed with weekly events on the schedule using the fixtures. The acquisition of the Rogue R1 FX-B’s to the Marquee lighting rig has helped create a vibrant atmosphere for all party enthusiasts across all shows and events.
Australian distributor: Showtools


Martin and MA On The Point

Posted on Monday, May 29th, 2017

Perth’s exciting On the Point development includes the Beaumonde Fraser Point Function Centre, one of the finest venues the city has to offer, with picturesque surroundings and state of the art facilities.

Specialising in corporate events, celebrations and weddings, the venue offers different room configurations and also boasts a sophisticated Sky Lounge Bar.

PAV designed the AV systems from the ground up, installing the equipment and managing it in-house, working closely with PAV installations manager Carl Blewett and suppliers to ensure the best possible outcome.

A highlight of the design are the 52 x Martin RUSH MH6 wash light used as table spots and for effects. The RUSH MH 6 Wash offers a fully pre-mixed colour system from 12 x 10 W RGBW LEDs with a spectacular 10°–60° zoom. It also offers full electronic dimming, strobe effects and temperature-controlled fan cooling for quiet operation.

Being able to offer table spots for a function has traditionally been the preserve of large, well-resourced ballrooms, and has been a real point of difference for the casinos and exhibition centres. But Martin’s well-priced MH6 brings professional looking individual table spots into the realms of the financially possible.

“The Martin MH6’s paired with the MA onPC control system, give us the ultimate flexibility in the function centre,” said Mike Bird, PAV Business and Technical Manager. “From being able to colour-wash the room, spot individual tables, or light the stage with a lectern, the MH6’s zoom range and brilliant colour rendition make these units perfect for any event in our venue.

“Having the MA onPC in control of these fixtures allows us to get creative with our colour sequences over the three different rooms to create spectacular looks for each event.”


Mosman Art Gallery reignited with lighting

Posted on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

The Mosman Art Gallery is a dedicated public gallery established by Mosman Council. As well as presenting a rich and varied program of high quality exhibitions, educational activities and special events, it offers a range of well-appointed function rooms for hire.

The Gallery is part of the Mosman Art Gallery and Community Centre which in its former life, was a Methodist Church designed by Burcham Clamp and Walter Burley Griffin, and built in 1915.

In 1998 the building was opened to the public after adaptive design work by the architect Hugh Fraser.

While the building retains its original architectural integrity and beauty it has been lovingly refurbished to provide outstanding exhibition facilities, function rooms and a Grand Hall.

The Grand Hall has impressive architectural features, such as stained glass windows, a soaring interior which creates excellent acoustics, rich timber detailing and polished floors, which give the room an atmosphere of heritage and tradition. The perfect venue for a wedding reception, party, corporate function or large gathering, the Grand Hall can accommodate over 200 people.

Along with some of their competitors, Show Technology were invited to put forward a presentation of how they would reignite the venue through lighting.

“Looking at the impressive architectural features of the Grand Hall, we decided to put forward a lighting solution that would highlight original venue features but also cater to their operational requirements,” commented Stephen Dallimore, Show Technology’s Business Development Manager.

For ease of control, especially as the venue has no dedicated technician, an ELC AC6 12 twelve-memory push button playback panel was installed. This provides simple touch panel control with presets that instantly bring up a selection of lighting states.

“It’s a very venue-friendly control system which is difficult to mess up – an important consideration when such a variety of people are using the system!” said Stephen.

Chosen for their cost-effectiveness and great wash options, Martin RUSH MH6 wash lights are used to flood the ceiling in colour and their spectacular 10°–60° zoom means you don’t need many of them to supply a nice even coverage. Show Pro LED Profile FC fixtures are installed for presentations and spot lighting.


XMLITE for Juniors Kingsford

Posted on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

18 XMlite 915Z LED Matrix Moving Heads joined the Juniors Kingsford’s new lighting rig early 2017. These 915Z features French GAGGIONE lens for premium colour blending quality from ProLight 15W RGBW LEDs. The heads are pixel mappable and supports infinite Pan/Tilt, with a 10-50° zoom function.

Lighting designer Paul Kirk has been using them a lot and he love them. “the pixel mapping really helps me to create various effects efficiently. I could just run a video across the fixtures”, “The lights are quiet, fast and very powerful for their size. I am only running them at 70% output”.


Firefly honour the Submariner’s Heritage Trail

Posted on Friday, May 5th, 2017

Firefly Lighting are honoured to have lit the new Submariner’s Heritage Trail memorial signage on the river at Teneriffe, Brisbane.

A memorial to the Australian, UK, NZ and US submariners who were based at the Capricorn Wharf at Teneriffe during World War II marks the beginning of the Submariners’ Walk Heritage Trail along the Brisbane River where the submarines used to dock. Along the trail, between Hastings and Beetson Streets, are plaques and seats commemorating the men, the ships and their service during WWII.

The steel sign, by Street + Garden, is painted in navy grey with a classic naval stencil font perforated in the steel used to spell out Submariner’s Heritage Trail. Through the stenciled text glows Firefly’s digital LED Neon RGBWarm white controlled by a Pharos system. The digital LED Neon allows movement in the monument rather than just the normal RGB colour changing.

Along the walk are ‘submarine benches’ under lit in blue to represent submarines floating in the water as darkness falls.

The lighting was switched on in time for the Teneriffe / New Farm Anzac Day dawn service. In the pre-dawn darkness all the street lights were turned off, then the sign and the submarine seats along the trail glowed a deep red to simulate being in a submarine. Once the service had started, the sign glowed and gently scrolled through the Australian flag colours of blue, red and white.

“Dad was involved with the Submarine Association and the project with Don Currell OAM before he died,” commented Heath Williamson, managing director of Firefly. “I hope the Captain’s looking down and likes it! This one is for you Dad.”

Every night the sign and the submarines along the Heritage Trail will light up red or blue, and on special nights, the lighting will accordingly be adapted. On Australia Day the sign will go green and gold, red and green for Christmas and so on.


Home Nightclub upgrades with Martin and MA Lighting

Posted on Friday, April 28th, 2017

Located on Cocktail Bay overlooking Darling Harbour, Home is Sydney’s only true superclub. Built in the late nineties, the club features over three levels of purpose-built clubbing space. With a capacity of 2100, the venue is one of the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Incorporating innovative creative design and with four venue areas, including a luxurious rooftop terrace, featuring both indoor and outdoor areas, Home lends itself perfectly to all aspects of entertaining.

The club owners recently decided it was time for a renovation of the venue’s lighting and turned to Show Technology, Australia & New Zealand’s number one professional lighting distributor, for advice.

Darcy Cook, production designer at the club, worked closely with Show Technology’s Business Development Manager Stephen Dallimore who said, “The design of Home lends itself more to a New York warehouse vibe, incorporating some fantastic street art work by local artist Lister, rather than a modern nightclub.  So it was important to look at suitable options that would compliment the space and allow the team to work across different clients, from clubbers to corporate functions, who are attracted to its location on Sydney’s famous Darling Harbour”.

A world class venue requires world class lighting and so the decision was made to go with Martin and MA Lighting as the latest in technology. Darcy was keen for all the lighting to be LED for cost effectiveness, low maintenance and ecological reasons.

“I put the idea to the Susanah Page, the owner, and Ash Kollmorgan, the licensee, and after several meetings and consultations, including Rob Hardy the venue’s production manager, they decided to go for it,” commented Darcy. “I replaced the rig, more or less, one for one with a few new additions. We had eighteen old profile movers in there and I thought that amount gave us good coverage, so I stuck with that configuration.”

First choice was the Martin MAC Quantum Profile, an extremely bright LED profile fixture combining top-quality white light with a fast, smooth CMY colour mixing system and crisp gobo projection on surfaces as well as mid-air. It also features the new Animotion™ FX system that allows never-before seen beam animations.

“I was incredibly impressed by the MAC Quantum Profile’s optics, the sharpness of the gobos, the brightness and the colour rendering index,” said Darcy. “The way the colour system works is very impressive; you get a really nice blue, green and red out of them plus ultra-sharp gobos across the very wide zoom range that they have.”

Darcy reports that the eighteen MAC Quantum Profiles have been performing extremely well since their installation with absolutely no issues at all. He noted that they are doing well across the three different styles of lighting that the club requires. Friday is trance night with lots of gobos, clever effects and bright lights. Saturday night is party mode with lots of colour and colour effects – this is when the Quantum’s colour mixing system delivers an almost unlimited range of colour effects. Sunday is darker and smokey, and again the Quantums nail this style of lighting.

Six Martin RUSH MH6, offering a fully pre-mixed colour system from 12 x 10 W RGBW LEDs with a spectacular 10°–60° zoom, were installed primarily to act as stage light for the dancers onstage and live acts.

“As a stage wash, they put out a really nice CTO,” remarked Darcy. “We also use them to light up the venue when we want a nice room wash and they’re good at that too because of the enormous zoom range that they have. We can paint the room in pretty much any colour.”

Four Martin Atomic 3000 LED strobes, delivering a perfect blend of a traditional strobe and cutting-edge LED technology, were also chosen with Darcy describing them as incredible.

“We have to run them at 30% otherwise they’d be too bright,” he laughed. “They are insane! I can’t wait to use them on a big arena show. The Aura effect is cool, you can do some subtle colour effects using the strobe of which I’m quite a fan.”

Ten ShowPro LED Sunstrips were supplied as moveable eye-candy and are currently ‘outlining’ the room’s central screen adding a theatrical element to the venue. Four ShowPro X-Blinders were selected as a substitute for the standard DWE Blinder and Darcy reports that they have been well received.

“They have the nice warm colour temperature you’d expect plus they have the ability to fade out on a flash so they act like a real Duet,” he added.

For control, Darcy recommended a MA Lighting MA2 light saying it is the standard console amongst the electronic dance music industry.

“I rarely see any other console used,” he said. “The power of what the MA2 can do and how you can operate is astounding. You can use them in so many different ways. Added bonuses are features such as ‘speed groups’ which is important for the dance scene where you need lights moving and chasing to the beat of the music. I’ve been an MA user for around five years – in fact I bought one myself! All three major clubs in Sydney run MA, it’s the only console to go with really.”

The venue plans to attract high profile acts and in choosing MAC Quantums and MA Lighting control, they believe the ability to provide industry standard equipment will be a massive drawcard.

“Just over three years ago, Sydney introduced the “lock out law” that saw venues not allow entry after 1:30am nor the serving of drinks past 3am, which has seen a number of venues sadly close their doors,” Stephen Dallimore said.  “This was a sizeable investment by the team at Home in uncertain times but they are already seeing the results of the upgrade and using industry specified fixtures is great. To be working with them on their new chapter has been awesome.”