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Sunderland Shire revamp with Chauvet Professional and Eurotruss

Posted on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

The Sutherland Entertainment Centre is Sutherland Shire’s premier entertainment and meeting facility located in the heart of the Shire. The Sutherland Entertainment Centre is a unique multi-purpose venue ideal for hosting a wide variety of events such as conferences, presentations, dinners, product launches, community and professional theatre and concerts. The Centre can accommodate up to 900 guests for concerts, 500 guests for dinner events and has over 550 square meters of exhibition space, making it the ideal venue.

Recently, Sunderland Shire Council put out a tender for a lighting revamp of their Entertainment Centre to keep up with the various needs and latest technology that will give each event the best lighting equipment to maximize all shows. One of the tenders was awarded to Intense Lighting to install fixtures for the lighting rig. Ian Gerrard, Managing Director of Intense Lighting decided after using Chauvet Professional fixtures previously and becoming an ambassador for the products, subsequently chose to invest in Rogue R2 Washes and Ovation C-640FC Wash Lights to do the install supplied by Showtools International. The Chauvet Professional fixtures are to be paired with Robe fixtures, the full gear list is as follows:

4x Robe DL7’s Profile
4x Robe DL4’s Profile
10x Robe DL4’x Spot
12x Chauvet Rogue R2 wash
10x Chauvet Ovation 640FC
3x Jands PDS 12RII
1x Pathway connectivity Pathport OCTO Node
1x Chauvet Data stream 4
4x Movecat Plus lite chain hoist D8 rating 500kg
14x 3m Black HD44 Eurotruss with Connectors

The Rogue R2 Washes were acquired due to their great output, the R2 moving wash workhorse produces a bright, powerful light and offers five zones of LED control to pixel map its 19 (15 W) RGBW quad-LEDs. The zoom range of the R2’s was also an impressive feature that made the choice by Ian an easy one, with a standout zoom range of 12° to 49° gives it the spread to cover even the largest areas, ideal for a theatre setting. “These features along with the smooth colour mixing with six distinct dimming modes for advanced controls make the Rogue R2 Wash a durable and dependable standout performer in any setting,” stated Ian.

The Ovation C-640FC Cyclorama Wash Light was chosen for its rich colour saturation with its 64 RGBWA LEDs that can emit a wide variety of colours while consuming less power than traditional fixtures. This includes a full spectrum of colours with red, green, blue, white, and amber LEDs. These fixtures will be helpful to create bright colour scenes for any show or production.

Along with these lighting fixtures, Intense Lighting acquired Eurotruss HD44 square truss from Showtools to hang the main lighting rig off. The Eurotruss Truss System was the choice because of its 3mm wall thickness assuring durability and extra strength, therefore providing structural integrity. Additionally, the Eurotruss system provides fast and safe conical connection that will optimize set-up times.

These CHAUVET Professional fixtures ticked all the boxes for the tender requirements for Sunderland Shire Council. With the installation provided by Intense Lighting and the Chauvet Professional lighting rig on Eurotruss Truss, Sunderland Shire Council will allow its venue to transform into a start-of the art facility that will hold all type of events for years to come.


Event Pixels’ skull finds a new home

Posted on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Event Pixels’ skull has found a new home at The Cube Hotel Toowoomba, Southern Queensland. Here is what Myles Davidson had to say about the service provided:

“We have always liked LED screens. The Skull caught our eye because of its size and uniqueness. Having a nightclub we are always on the lookout new products that we can incorporate into our venue. And this one was just cool. The Amazing LED Skull now dominates our nightclub space, sitting in prime position above the DJ. It has been installed now for two weekends and our customers love it. It brings a new energy to the space, and it’s interesting and somewhat memorizing to look at. Emanuel, Vlas and the Team at eventec service was second to none. Driving through the night, to ease our minds with the install and programming, and even giving our team the tools to use and keep the Skull imagery fresh”.


Palais Theatre Celebrates Its 90th Birthday

Posted on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

In mid November Lightmoves helped celebrate the Palais Theatre’s 90th birthday, an occasion that also marked the completion of the Phase 2 renovation works.  Port Phillip Council Mayor Bernadene Voss, Minister for the Creative Industries Martin Foley, and Live Nation Australasia Chairman Michael Coppel, who were all in attendance, couldn’t be happier with the progress of the refurbishments.

Michael Coppel, Live Nation, remarked “After receiving the keys to the Palais Theatre in May from the City of Port Phillip and the Victorian Government we were able to commence our extensive internal refurbishment works.

“It’s been a thrill to assist in returning the Palais to her former glories, and whilst there is some work yet to be completed, we are really pleased with the results to date and we hope music fans are too.

“It’s timely that we can announce the near completion of our works to coincide with the Palais Theatre’s 90th birthday and we look forward to managing this majestic theatre for decades to come for the benefit and enjoyment of both our clients and the hundreds of thousands of ticket buyers who come to the theatre each year from across Victoria, from interstate and from overseas.”

Phase 2 of the Palais Theatre’s refurbishments saw new upgrades and installations in a range of areas, including;

  • Repair and refurbish front foyer
  • New administration offices
  • Installation of a new central beverage outlet on the 1st level foyer
  • Installation of a glass enclosed balcony on 1st level
  • Upgrade of food, beverage and merchandise outlets

The Palais Theatre is one of Melbourne’s most renowned live music venues.  When the call came to assist with the refurbishments of a venue with such a vibrant history, it was a job Lightmoves just had to be a part of.  Lightmoves supplied custom LED strip lighting to the Palais Theatre, used in the iconic front facade windows, as well as internally in the foyer, and surrounding the extravagant dome ceiling.

Controlling the LED strip lighting, as well as the lighting in the foyer and bar, is the Philips Dynalite system.  This Dynalite system, utilizing Antumbra user interfaces and touch screens, makes selecting scenes and colours throughout the building quick & easy for staff.

Lightmoves are proud to be a part of such an iconic project, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the venue.  To find out how Lightmoves can help illuminate your next project get in touch with the team today.


coolux Pandora’s Box for the ICC

Posted on Monday, November 20th, 2017

Featuring a striking contemporary design, leading technology and multipurpose spaces, the ICC Sydney Theatre has certainly made its’ mark on the entertainment scene.

The venue offers visitors a five star experience, starting at the entrance which features an 250sqm, high definition digital screen affectionately called ‘The Birdsmouth’ by venue staff. The name is derived from the unusual multi-faceted shape of the LED surface that was not simple to install and get running.

With the south face and west face of the screen on different angles, it was a mammoth task for Big Screen Projects who custom built the LED panels. In fact the last panel took 100 man hours to install!

“It’s actually three separate faces of LED,” added Jamie Centofanti of Big Screen Projects. “One faces 45 degrees and one 55 degrees; they have to meet up in the corners and then marry up with the screen in the ceiling above them. It was incredibly difficult to install and map.”

Content is provided by a couple of coolux Pandora’s Box media players. The ICC digital signage team create content then load it up to the Pandora system which takes care of all the warping and masking. As the LED surface is three dimensional it is not a simple case of flowing content to the screens, perspective needs to be taken into account. A 3D map allows the digital signage team to walk clients through how best to supply content and ensure the content was rendered to the screens in the best possible way.


Bankstown Sports Club refresh their auditorium

Posted on Monday, November 13th, 2017

Byron Martin Photography

Byron Martin Photography

Byron Martin Photography

Byron Martin Photography

Byron Martin Photography

Bankstown Sports Club was founded in 1958 by a group of sport representatives who wanted to create a communal meeting place for the various sports in the local community.

Over the years, it has grown and developed into one of the largest clubs in NSW, and now supports more than 40 local sporting clubs and over 6000 individuals who participate in sport, as well as hundreds of local charities and community groups.

With more than 65,000 members, Bankstown Sports Club is one of Sydney’s top 10 registered clubs, employing over 500 staff and offering a fun, exciting and safe entertainment destination in the southwest.

Recently the Club’s auditorium received an upgrade of lighting with eight Martin RUSH MH6 Washes, eight Martin MAC Auras, eight ShowPro LED PAR Quad-18, eight ShowPro LED PAR Hex-18 and eight ShowPro LED CYC RGBWA as well as two Quad LED Blinders.

Previously, the rig was completely conventional with upwards of ninety fixtures some of which have been kept; there are PAR64 out front for wash along with the LED PAR Hex-18 and there are still a dozen conventional profiles at front of house.

“Since the upgrade, in total we’ve switched out about 80% of conventional fixtures for their LED equivalent so that should see a huge difference in power consumption” remarked Jason Klippel, Audio Visual Team Leader at Bankstown Sports Club.

The RUSH MH6 are located upstage, mounted on number one bar, from where they can back light whoever is at the front of the stage or they can turn around to project patterns onto the cyc.

“We’ve found the RUSH MH6 to be quick, punchy and overall very good,” commented Jason. “They’re great value for what they are. The MAC Auras are slightly further upstage where they are split with the LED PAR Quad-18s over the three and four bars. They’re more for back lighting and stage effects, and have been incredible.”

Jason was also delighted with the LED PAR Quad-18s and LED PAR Hex-18s, saying the addition of amber and UV in the LED PAR Hex-18 means it works well out front as a LED wash.

“We cater to a lot of dance schools in this auditorium where even, bright lights are essential and the UV effect is often required for performances. They also have a little bit wider beam angle than the LED PAR Quad-18s so they’re perfect as a wash light.”

The cyclorama was also replaced and new LED cyc fixtures were purchased too. The ShowPro LED CYC RGBWA is small in size, has a low power consumption and punchy output. With two adjustable ‘heads’ in each fixture, coverage of the wash is considerable.

“We’re basically running the fixture in a top and bottom look so we can split the two rows of cyc meaning you can have a different look on each and it looks incredible,” said Jason. “The difference that all of the new lighting has made is night and day. We’ve had a lot of positive comments on the changes. Having a nice even wash with vivid colour makes a big difference and our clients have been ecstatic with the change.”


Merivale’s ivy and Establishment get ready for summer

Posted on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Two of Sydney’s most iconic nightlife venues, Merivale’s ivy and Establishment, have had a lighting facelift in time for spring and Production Technician Matthew Osborn is having a fine time with his new toys.

The aim at Establishment was to add some more movement and colour variation to the existing Saturday night lighting. Called Establishment Saturdays, the night is run in conjunction with Pacific Music and sees four or five DJs play through the night.

“That’s where eight Martin MAC101’s came into play,” said Matt. “Partnered with a couple of hazers that we have, the MAC101 beams shoot through and make the place pop a bit more. It gives our clients something special to look at while enjoying the music.”

Matt remarked that it was the MAC101’s tight beam that attracted him to the product as he felt the venue was lacking a good beam fixture.

“They make great eye candy, something to catch your eye and encapsulate the entire venue rather than just the dance floor,” he said. “We also added a couple of RUSH MH5 which sit behind the DJ along with a couple of the MAC101s from where they deliver break up gobos and beam effects. It makes a central point for the dance floor. Then we have two RUSH MH6 on a truss above a massive mirrorball in the Gin Garden where they can close spot in on the mirrorball for some great effects. We can also wash the entire Gin Garden with just the two of them if we choose.”

Launched in 2007, ivy is a leading entertainment destination in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and is home to the city’s only rooftop pool bar. ivy’s Pool Club is designed with a 1960s Palm Springs resort in mind, and on its roof are ornamental plants in massive pots and a dozen ShowPro LED FusionPAR Q XII were installed to highlight and colour them. These outdoor rated Quad-colour (4-in-one), RGBW LED wash lights have a W-DMX receiver onboard for simple control.

The venue also features four cabanas, each of which has a ShowPro LED FusionBAR Q XV installed on top of its’ roof in a custom bracket from where it can shoot coloured light down the back of the cabana wall. These outdoor rated Quad-colour (4-in-one) RGBW one-meter LED battens deliver vibrant linear colour washes and an individually controllable 15 x 1 pixel matrix.

“We can separate them so each cabana is lit in a different colour for events,” added Matt. “It’s a way of tying the cabanas into the whole room.”

Saturday nights at ivy are host to the Ministry of Sound Club, which is packed with Show Technology lighting, in its main Courtyard space. Meanwhile the The Den and ivy Lounge also got an upgrade keeping in theme with the Courtyard.

“Obviously the Ayrton MagicDot SX were a massive part of the revamped Courtyard and so we decided to install four of them into The Den along with two RUSH MH5 fixtures for a bit of breakup,” explained Matt. “Together they gave us the look we were going for.”

With the different venues, Show Technology were able to work with the Merivale team and find the right products for each space, ensuring that the venue got the right solution that worked with their budget.


Ayrton and Martin for XE54

Posted on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Melbourne has a new dance club with XE54 opening in an underground basement on City Road. The Southbank venue spans four rooms, three bars and two dance floors. Its owner and operator is Roar Projects, the hospitality company behind Melbourne spots Alumbra and Ms Collins.

Taking care of the club’s fit-out was Michael Delany of International Worldwide, the creative force behind classic clubs like Honkytonks and Sorry Grandma as well as the recent revamping of The Bottom End.

The new bunker style club, complete with LED strips, industrial pipes and exposed concrete, is minimalistic and raw – an industrial meets future technological aesthetic.

Lighting was supplied by Audio Lighting Services who had to deal with a rather low ceiling for a club. To combat lack of headroom, ALS opted for six linear-shaped Ayrton MagicBlade-FX that feature seven next-generation RGBW high-output LEDs that can be individually controlled to create airborne virtual scenery.

Also linear in shape and suited for a low ceiling were the Six Martin RUSH Strobes installed by ALS. This bright and compact LED linear strobe delivers a single flash to a blinder effect, and is the perfect companion for dance clubs.

Atmosphere is provided by a couple of DJ Power Gig Haze 2100 with two F2 Mini DMX Fan.

Control is via a Martin M2Go with an Ether2DMX8.