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Canberra Theatre Centre Invests in Robe

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2016

Canberra Theatre Centre (CTC) is a lively and proactive arts and cultural hub at Australia’s capital city / territory, comprising three main venues – the 1244 seater Canberra Theatre, The Playhouse which holds 614 people and The Studio, a black box space with 100 capacity.Robe Canberra theatre Centre can090550473

Around 150 shows covering a wide array of performance genres are staged annually, an eclectic mix ranging from rock ‘n’ roll to choral music, shows to drama, musicals, stand-up comedy and dance – a massive cross section involving a host of one-nighters to much longer runs of 2 or 3 weeks.

Last year, the CTC invested in its first moving lights …which were Robe!

These were specified by head of lighting Andrew Tweedie and delivered by Canberra’s leading entertainment rental and production specialist, Elite Sound and Lighting.

Andrew has worked at CTC for 6 years, and the lighting upgrade with the generous support of the ACT Government, has been ongoing almost since he joined. In 2015 the time came to address the need for moving lights.

Elite’s Darren Russell had seen Robe’s powerful and elegant DL4X Spot at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt earlier in the year, and thought it would be an ideal solution for the Theatre Centre.

Andrew specified the type of fixtures they wanted on the tender document, but not the brand and model – that was left to be determined by the market through the open tender process. The competitive selection process involved Elite going in with Robe and several other companies offering competitor products!

As part of the evaluation process, there was a shoot-out at the theatre – with the Robe options a clear winner, so Elite then won the contract to supply the moving lights, and delivered the 8 x DL4Xs plus 16 of Robe’s LEDWash 800s … which are moved between the three primary theatre spaces. The LEDWashes and DL4Xs proveRobe Canberra Theatre Centre can090556506d a more attractive package than all the competition, and shortly after the decision was made, CTC had them delivered and up and running.

Elite has enjoyed a long and solid working relationship with the theatre explains Darren, but this was actually the first sale that they had completed with the CTC organisation. It was also the first LED lighting investment for CTC.

“I based the specs on what I was seeing with the touring shows bringing in their own rigs or specials,” explained Andrew, “It was absolutely the right time to go for LEDs and all the advantages they offer in lower maintenance and running costs” as well as improving their overall carbon footprint, an aspect under frequent scrutiny.

Also important in the context of occupational health & safety at CTC … is Robe’s commitment to building lighter fixtures. One person can comfortably and safely lift a DL4X and a LEDWash 800, all stacking the odds towards the final decision.

Two LEDWash 800s could effortlessly wash the whole of the Playhouse stage in dark blue! The high CRI of both luminaires is essential for producing good, healthy flesh tones which is always a tricky parameter in theatre style lighting, and apart from that, the sheer quality of the light output exceeded that of the competitors.

Having the lights in the house has made “an enormous difference” to how shows can be lit confirms Andrew with a big smile!

On several shows last year they didn’t need to use their 2K fresnels at all, such was the efficiency of the LEDWashes … “Eight LEDWash 800s deliver more lighting and colour onstage that our 32 x 2K fresnels,” declared Andrew. For certain shows – like the dance season at the end of thRobe Canberra Theatre Centre can090549236e year – they hardly used the standard house rig, and the various dance companies were also suitably impressed as most of them had never had the flexibility afforded by moving lights

“The colours are really rich, while the transition between them is super-smooth and the movement of the fixtures itself is also excellent,” says Andrew.

The relationship with Elite is also an important part of the equation. The fact that they have such a large hire stock of Robe is handy from cross-rental viewpoint, right down to advice and hands-on expertise with the brand.

The Robe fixtures were supplied to Elite by Australian distributor, the ULA Group.

Lighting control – across all venues – is ETC. Andrews works with an efficient crew set up of two full time technicians plus a select pool of regular freelancers who also light most of the shows.
Australian Distributor: ULA Group


Martin RUSH MH5 for Adelaide’s Intercontinental Ballroom

Posted on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

IMG_2706 Adelaide’s Intercontinental Ballroom has installed forty Martin RUSH MH5 LED Profiles utilizing them for pin-spotting tables. With its’ super compact housing the RUSH MH5 is perfect for this installation which required a fixture with a small footprint and low weight.

“Putting an automated system in allows us so much more flexibility,” said Tim Bormann, technical director and head of lighting for Staging Connections South Australia & Northern Territory. “If tables are moved last minute, we can now quickly adjustIMG_2771 the lighting to suit.”

The Intercontinental Ballroom has a bulkhead arrangement in the ceiling which allows the fixtures to usually be directly above the tables, somewhat concealed.

“The RUSH MH5 have performed extremely well and the client’s love them,” added Tim. “They love the fact that you can get unique looks such as gobos on a table, the ability to highlight tables for winners and the colour choice.”

The RUSH MH5’s efficient optics punches out a variety of effects and colours. With two colour wheels, two gobo wheels and rotating prism the MH 5 Profile offers full effect.
“As they have an LED light they are bright enough to highlight the tables but not too bright that they’re distracting,” commented Tim. “We had been worried about that forty fixtures with fans going would be quite noisy but we’ve found it’s quite quiet.”


ShowPro LED DMX Fresnels for Callaway Music Auditorium

Posted on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

tls1 TLS Productions recently installed fourteen ShowPro LED DMX Fresnels into the Callaway Music Auditorium at the University of Western Australia.

Using a massive 160Watts of Warm-White LED power this Fresnel is a great option for venues, theatres, studios and production companies looking to increase the versatility of their white light fixtures.

“The venue had Selecon Fresnels but constantly changing the globes was a nuisance,” said Guillaume Laurent, managing director at TLS. “They wanted a replatls2cement that was also energy-efficient and required less maintenance.”

Guillaume commented that he was familiar with the ShowPro brand describing it as reliable with good quality light.

“The CRI (colour rendering index) with the ShowPro LED DMX Fresnel was just right,” he added. “In fact it was comparable to a normal Fresnel. Everyone is extremely happy with the fixtures and so far they have operated seamlessly.”


Martin MAC Quantum Profiles on Campus

Posted on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Deakin Uni LT13Concert Lighting Systems have just installed five Martin MAC Quantum Profiles into Lecture Theatre LT13 at Deakin University’s Burwood Campus.

“I think we at CLS, along with Show Technology’s support, exceeded our clients’ expectations,” remarked Trevor Lloyd, managing director at CLS.

At the start of the project, Trevor turned to Paul Nicolaou for advice and he recommended the Quantums. This extremely bright LED profile fixture combines top-quality white light with a fast, smooth CMY colour mixing system and crisp gobo projection on surfaces as well as mid-air.

“It soon became apparent that they would be perfect for the job,” said Trevor. “Deakin has upgraded their largest lecture theatre installing new acoustic panelled walls, seating, the latest LED lighting, EAW line array, high spec cameras and projectors. To be able to light the lecturer wherever they may be standing, we chose five Quantum profiles. Three are used for front lighting and two for backlight.”

An AMX system controls cameras, projectors, sound, house lighting and stage lighting. Lighting scenes were first programmed and stored on a PC using Martin’s M-PC 2U/M-DMX which can then be triggered by the AMX system via remote login. Show Technology’s Branden Butler programmed the initial library of scenes.Deakin Uni LT13-4

CLS also installed twelve ShowPro Quad Colour LED PARs for wash lighting. Although colour and pattern projection were not essential, Trevor is sure they will be used to add interest and mood creation for future presentations.


Martin RUSH family and MA dot2 arrive at Dreamworld

Posted on Thursday, February 18th, 2016

mylesMyles Audio Visual Gold Coast has invested in a whole family of Martin RUSH fixtures as well as an MA Lighting dot 2 for control. These are used for a variety of events around Surfer’s Paradise but in particular for their main client Dreamworld.

“The MH1 is a very versatile fixture with a lot of gobo options,” commented Troy Tregellas, managing director of Myles AV. “It’s also very user-friendly which is good for some of our new guys. The MH4’s are punchy and have been successful at Dreamworld because of their ability to shoot long distances onto canopies whilst retaining a very bright and clear image. The MH2’s are just great all-rounders and are ideal for smaller spaces at Dreamworld.”

The dot2 has proven to be versatile allowing the Myles AV crew to handle any type of show required of them.


ShowPro delivers Christmas with a twist

Posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2016

YS_Eastland_HighRes-452 Light Project was engaged by Weareyourstudio (UK) and Queensland Investment Corporation to create a colour changing lighting solution for a very modern take on a Christmas tree for Eastlands Shopping Centre.

The geometric structure is made of acrylic panels coated in dichroic film that is iridescent so during the daytime there is a glow and subtle effect to the assembly. The sunlight creates the effect of a mirrored crystal. At night, the structure is lit internally exposing a real Christmas tree and a completely different effect.

“It needed to be brigYS_Eastland_HighRes-463ht and intense yet not overly so in a tacky sense,” commented Trevor Duncan of Light Project. “There were a lot of unknowns during the design process. We knew we’d need a strong, powerful lumen package and easy configurability of installation, especially as we didn’t know what sort of structure we would have to mount the fittings. We also had to take into account the fact that the light fittings would be held by the shopping centre to use again so they had to be versatile.”

Trevor found his ideal fittings in the form of eight ShowPro LED Flood EEastLand_Christmas-424X36 and eight ShowPro LED PAR

Quad-18 IP 65, both of which he described as fantastic, easy to work with and almost a set and forget scenario!

The LED Flood EX36 are placed at the bottom of the structure in a circular pattern whilst the Quad-18 LED Pars are spread out in a random pattern nearer the top. The lights are programmed by an ELC DMX Player.

“Initially the client wanted something quite flashy but we talked them into something more subtle and slow,” added Trevor. “We picked colours off the film that we liked – mainly reds, oranges, magentas, pinks – and it cycles slowly through that. There are a lot of restaurants and retailers around that trade in the night time and we didn’t want it to be too invasive. It’s more aboYS_Eastland_HighRes-23ut the detail, design and architecture of the structure than over powering it with flashy lights.”

Trevor reports that all of the fixtures performed flawlessly over the two month installation period.

“They were fantastic, literally bullet proof,” he said. “They are perfect for a semi-permanent installation.”



TDC Christmas projections light up Sydney landmarks

Posted on Friday, December 18th, 2015

xmas1Technical Direction Company are bringing Sydney-siders their large-format video projection technology to two Must See events this year.

Lights of Christmas 2015, St Mary’s Cathedral

Once again, TDC has used its brilliant expertise to turn the façade of St Mary’s Cathedral into a huge 75-meter backdrop of an imaginative representation of Christmas and what it means to Sydney. TDC created astonishing giant 17,640,000 pixel animated images using 264,000 lumens of projected light to illuminate the facade.

To manage the full HD content images, TDC’s impressive hardware needs massive processing power – 2 terabytes of content management, 48 cores of processing and 144 gigabytes of RAM.

TDC projection video designers created special code and electronics so that the entire system is ‘virtually wired’ and controllable using an iPad device.

“Remote moxmas2nitoring is something TDC has been perfecting for a number of years. It allows for rapid programming, fixes issues remotely in real-time, uses a CCTV camera on-site to see what’s happening and allows scheduling of different shows and operation of each days events,” says Michael Hassett, managing director at TDC.

Projectors can be turned on or off or even climate control systems can be activated for heating and cooling of all equipment – let’s face it, Sydney can get hot sometimes,” says Steve Cain, head technician at TDC.

Event content, original content and production was by AGB Events. “The animations have three themes based around life and light,” says Anthony Bastic, director at AGB Events. “TDC are back this year with bigger and brighter projectors. Their expertise enables us to have unlimited creativity with our artwork.”

In its sixth year, Lights of Christmas presented by Payce, is a public celebration generously hosted by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney at St Mary’s Cathedral and AGB Events, creating extraordinary experiences.

Merry Go Round Christmas Projections, Martin Placexmas3

Merry Go Round returns this year to the landmark Commercial Travellers Association Building in Martin Place.

Using video projection from TDC, the giant curved concrete façade takes shoppers and local workers on a journey. The building appears to spin and pop as the cast of dancing robots and singing mechanical animals swing into action, before the building packs itself up and blasts off into space as a flying saucer with Christmas lights. The building is the perfect canvas for the artistic work by Ample Projects and runs until 25 December 2015.

‘As with all of our collaborations with TDC, we are very proud of this award-winning artistic and technical achievement. This show presented new design challenges, and we are so proud oxmas4f the result. We couldn’t have done it without our technical partners, TDC,’ ends Nicholas Tory, creative director at Ample Projects.

Images credit © TDC – Technical Direction Company
© The Lights of Christmas presented by PAYCE. An AGB Event. Technical Partner TDC.
© Ample Projects