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coolux Pandora’s Box for the ICC

Posted on Monday, November 20th, 2017

Featuring a striking contemporary design, leading technology and multipurpose spaces, the ICC Sydney Theatre has certainly made its’ mark on the entertainment scene.

The venue offers visitors a five star experience, starting at the entrance which features an 250sqm, high definition digital screen affectionately called ‘The Birdsmouth’ by venue staff. The name is derived from the unusual multi-faceted shape of the LED surface that was not simple to install and get running.

With the south face and west face of the screen on different angles, it was a mammoth task for Big Screen Projects who custom built the LED panels. In fact the last panel took 100 man hours to install!

“It’s actually three separate faces of LED,” added Jamie Centofanti of Big Screen Projects. “One faces 45 degrees and one 55 degrees; they have to meet up in the corners and then marry up with the screen in the ceiling above them. It was incredibly difficult to install and map.”

Content is provided by a couple of coolux Pandora’s Box media players. The ICC digital signage team create content then load it up to the Pandora system which takes care of all the warping and masking. As the LED surface is three dimensional it is not a simple case of flowing content to the screens, perspective needs to be taken into account. A 3D map allows the digital signage team to walk clients through how best to supply content and ensure the content was rendered to the screens in the best possible way.


Bankstown Sports Club refresh their auditorium

Posted on Monday, November 13th, 2017

Byron Martin Photography

Byron Martin Photography

Byron Martin Photography

Byron Martin Photography

Byron Martin Photography

Bankstown Sports Club was founded in 1958 by a group of sport representatives who wanted to create a communal meeting place for the various sports in the local community.

Over the years, it has grown and developed into one of the largest clubs in NSW, and now supports more than 40 local sporting clubs and over 6000 individuals who participate in sport, as well as hundreds of local charities and community groups.

With more than 65,000 members, Bankstown Sports Club is one of Sydney’s top 10 registered clubs, employing over 500 staff and offering a fun, exciting and safe entertainment destination in the southwest.

Recently the Club’s auditorium received an upgrade of lighting with eight Martin RUSH MH6 Washes, eight Martin MAC Auras, eight ShowPro LED PAR Quad-18, eight ShowPro LED PAR Hex-18 and eight ShowPro LED CYC RGBWA as well as two Quad LED Blinders.

Previously, the rig was completely conventional with upwards of ninety fixtures some of which have been kept; there are PAR64 out front for wash along with the LED PAR Hex-18 and there are still a dozen conventional profiles at front of house.

“Since the upgrade, in total we’ve switched out about 80% of conventional fixtures for their LED equivalent so that should see a huge difference in power consumption” remarked Jason Klippel, Audio Visual Team Leader at Bankstown Sports Club.

The RUSH MH6 are located upstage, mounted on number one bar, from where they can back light whoever is at the front of the stage or they can turn around to project patterns onto the cyc.

“We’ve found the RUSH MH6 to be quick, punchy and overall very good,” commented Jason. “They’re great value for what they are. The MAC Auras are slightly further upstage where they are split with the LED PAR Quad-18s over the three and four bars. They’re more for back lighting and stage effects, and have been incredible.”

Jason was also delighted with the LED PAR Quad-18s and LED PAR Hex-18s, saying the addition of amber and UV in the LED PAR Hex-18 means it works well out front as a LED wash.

“We cater to a lot of dance schools in this auditorium where even, bright lights are essential and the UV effect is often required for performances. They also have a little bit wider beam angle than the LED PAR Quad-18s so they’re perfect as a wash light.”

The cyclorama was also replaced and new LED cyc fixtures were purchased too. The ShowPro LED CYC RGBWA is small in size, has a low power consumption and punchy output. With two adjustable ‘heads’ in each fixture, coverage of the wash is considerable.

“We’re basically running the fixture in a top and bottom look so we can split the two rows of cyc meaning you can have a different look on each and it looks incredible,” said Jason. “The difference that all of the new lighting has made is night and day. We’ve had a lot of positive comments on the changes. Having a nice even wash with vivid colour makes a big difference and our clients have been ecstatic with the change.”


Merivale’s ivy and Establishment get ready for summer

Posted on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Two of Sydney’s most iconic nightlife venues, Merivale’s ivy and Establishment, have had a lighting facelift in time for spring and Production Technician Matthew Osborn is having a fine time with his new toys.

The aim at Establishment was to add some more movement and colour variation to the existing Saturday night lighting. Called Establishment Saturdays, the night is run in conjunction with Pacific Music and sees four or five DJs play through the night.

“That’s where eight Martin MAC101’s came into play,” said Matt. “Partnered with a couple of hazers that we have, the MAC101 beams shoot through and make the place pop a bit more. It gives our clients something special to look at while enjoying the music.”

Matt remarked that it was the MAC101’s tight beam that attracted him to the product as he felt the venue was lacking a good beam fixture.

“They make great eye candy, something to catch your eye and encapsulate the entire venue rather than just the dance floor,” he said. “We also added a couple of RUSH MH5 which sit behind the DJ along with a couple of the MAC101s from where they deliver break up gobos and beam effects. It makes a central point for the dance floor. Then we have two RUSH MH6 on a truss above a massive mirrorball in the Gin Garden where they can close spot in on the mirrorball for some great effects. We can also wash the entire Gin Garden with just the two of them if we choose.”

Launched in 2007, ivy is a leading entertainment destination in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and is home to the city’s only rooftop pool bar. ivy’s Pool Club is designed with a 1960s Palm Springs resort in mind, and on its roof are ornamental plants in massive pots and a dozen ShowPro LED FusionPAR Q XII were installed to highlight and colour them. These outdoor rated Quad-colour (4-in-one), RGBW LED wash lights have a W-DMX receiver onboard for simple control.

The venue also features four cabanas, each of which has a ShowPro LED FusionBAR Q XV installed on top of its’ roof in a custom bracket from where it can shoot coloured light down the back of the cabana wall. These outdoor rated Quad-colour (4-in-one) RGBW one-meter LED battens deliver vibrant linear colour washes and an individually controllable 15 x 1 pixel matrix.

“We can separate them so each cabana is lit in a different colour for events,” added Matt. “It’s a way of tying the cabanas into the whole room.”

Saturday nights at ivy are host to the Ministry of Sound Club, which is packed with Show Technology lighting, in its main Courtyard space. Meanwhile the The Den and ivy Lounge also got an upgrade keeping in theme with the Courtyard.

“Obviously the Ayrton MagicDot SX were a massive part of the revamped Courtyard and so we decided to install four of them into The Den along with two RUSH MH5 fixtures for a bit of breakup,” explained Matt. “Together they gave us the look we were going for.”

With the different venues, Show Technology were able to work with the Merivale team and find the right products for each space, ensuring that the venue got the right solution that worked with their budget.


Ayrton and Martin for XE54

Posted on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Melbourne has a new dance club with XE54 opening in an underground basement on City Road. The Southbank venue spans four rooms, three bars and two dance floors. Its owner and operator is Roar Projects, the hospitality company behind Melbourne spots Alumbra and Ms Collins.

Taking care of the club’s fit-out was Michael Delany of International Worldwide, the creative force behind classic clubs like Honkytonks and Sorry Grandma as well as the recent revamping of The Bottom End.

The new bunker style club, complete with LED strips, industrial pipes and exposed concrete, is minimalistic and raw – an industrial meets future technological aesthetic.

Lighting was supplied by Audio Lighting Services who had to deal with a rather low ceiling for a club. To combat lack of headroom, ALS opted for six linear-shaped Ayrton MagicBlade-FX that feature seven next-generation RGBW high-output LEDs that can be individually controlled to create airborne virtual scenery.

Also linear in shape and suited for a low ceiling were the Six Martin RUSH Strobes installed by ALS. This bright and compact LED linear strobe delivers a single flash to a blinder effect, and is the perfect companion for dance clubs.

Atmosphere is provided by a couple of DJ Power Gig Haze 2100 with two F2 Mini DMX Fan.

Control is via a Martin M2Go with an Ether2DMX8.


VuePix Screen for FAMOUS

Posted on Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Brisbane’s social scene has recently been turned around with opening of a brand new superclub – FAMOUS.

Run by the team with combined 40 years of experience in the industry, FAMOUS is definitely set to provide first class entertainment.

“It’s time to bring a unique ‘Las Vegas’ styled urban nightclub to Brisbane”, says Patrick Donohue, one of the owners. And that is exactly what the team has delivered.

This fresh new state of the art venue is located in Brusnwick Street Mall, right in the heart of Fortitude Valley’s entertainment precinct, offering a unique space with classy international vibe.

AU Music Productions have been appointed as the in-house AV technicians, specifying all the lighting, audio and visual technology for the club. Steve Windolf, MD of AU Music Productions, has approached the ULA Group team to supply a full-wall LED screen, to be installed in the VIP area, right behind the DJ deck.

The VuePix QE Series was a natural choice for this environment, offering a cost effective solution without compromising on a superb visual performance. The QE series panels are lightweight with die cast aluminium frame and seamless design and feature high brightness LEDs, delivering great visuals in any light condition.

Eight meters wide and 1.5mtr high screen, spanning across the whole wall behind the DJ in an area for privileged guests, has become a perfect platform for creating unique club looks and setting up the vibes for each night, as well as for promoting club’s partners, sponsors and upcoming events. “We are creating an actual unique event to remember week after week”, says Patrick Donohue.


Hornsby RSL upgrade with Show Technology

Posted on Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Since taking on all things lighting and audio for Hornsby RSL a few years ago, Nick Brown of GNB Productions has steadily improved the lighting in the venue’s auditorium.

The most recent upgrade saw Show Technology supply twelve ShowPro LED Flood EX21, thirty-four Nitec LED Hex PAR 12’s and six Ayrton MagicDot SX. Prior to that, the Club had purchased eighteen ShowPro Hercules uplighters which Nick described as an amazingly versatile fixture they all love.

Considering the Club was used to having only fourteen moving heads and over 60 standard PAR cans, the extra Hercules were very welcome to fill in a few gaps however there was still a need for more back light.

“We also wanted to get some more intelligent lighting into the rig – basically we just needed more fixtures,” said Nick. “The Club has been very enthusiastic in upgrading the auditorium aiming to be one of the best venue options in the area.”

The auditorium is limited in power patch so not having to dedicate a circuit per fixture anymore has made a huge difference. The weight loading on the bars and trusses is also limited and so a fixture that can offer more – yet weigh less – was a big bonus.

“A number of our trusses hang on steel lines so if you’ve got big, heavy movers on them, they can sway,” added Nick. “The Club were very pleased to be switching to LED as there has been a big push towards power saving and energy efficiency. We removed over 40 PAR cans and replaced them with LED fixtures that use less than 150 watts a piece for significantly greater output.”

Smaller, lighter and brighter – the Ayrton MagicDot-SX was the obvious solution. Their ultra-rapid beam movement and continuous, unlimited, rotation on pan and tilt plus compact made them a sure winner. The MagicDot-SX has a revolutionary 8:1 optical zoom that has a fixed transmitting lens, no visible moving parts and an incredible zoom range of 5° to 40°.

The short stroke of the zoom system permits MagicDot-SX to switch from intense beam mode to sweeping wash mode virtually instantaneously.

“The Ayrton MagicDot-SX offer incredible brightness and a longer life span than the Robe Spikie fixture we had been considering,” commented Nick. “They are also incredibly small and fit nicely in between the ShowPro EX21 fixtures. They also have an excellent zoom, the ability to get a tight punchy beam or pull it right out to potentially use as a wash is fantastic. And they move really, really fast! The movement speed and continuous pan/tilt are great.”

Nick was keen to ensure all of the fixtures offered RGBW LEDs as he really does not like colour wheels, in fact a whole bunch of other products were scrapped off the list straight away due to this requirement.

The ShowPro LED Flood EX21 fixtures matched his criteria and are used as cyc panels, either forward or rearward facing depending on how much the team at GNB want to blind the audience!

“We’d used the EX21 fixtures in the past with some of our visiting acts and we’ve always had a good experience with them,” he said. “The way they all daisy chain together is really easy to set up and they are so bright, it’s just ridiculous. I can’t believe that there is even an EX36 option. They’ve worked really well for us, they sit tight up against the bar so we can have bars beneath for us to hang banners from, which has worked really well for our rigging situation. They have a wide field of motion which means we don’t have to put a lot of effort into swapping them from cyc lights to rear blinder bars.”

The Nitec Hex PAR 12 is a rugged LED wash light that features four selectable dimming curves, high-frequency LED modulation for flicker-free video playback and an infrared sensor for optional IR6 remote control.

“The Nitec Hex PARs were simply the best fitting on the market in that price range,” added Nick. “They have a heap of light output, 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs, we can daisy chain them all together, and they have some inbuilt effects. Basically they are easy to use, fit our budget and requirements and allowed us to move from having heaps and heaps of PAR64’s to having less fixtures but with more versatility.”

Nick remarked that the service from Show Technology has been excellent and that Gareth Mealing, Technical Sales & Support Sydney, was great answering all of his questions, and was able to get everything to him quickly which was important.


Full Boar 4s cruise with P&O

Posted on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Brisbane’s Point Source Solutions are specialist AV integrators that pride themselves on making complex systems work. With skills across multiple disciplines, Point Source can do everything from event management, to networking infrastructure, to LED video screen design. With a diverse roster of clients, Point Source recently found themselves aboard two P&O cruise ships, the Pacific Dawn and the flagship Pacific Explorer, upgrading their theatre’s lighting system with High End System’s Full Boar 4 consoles.

With a rotating line-up of productions created for the global cruise giant by Sydney’s Grayboy Entertainment, theatre on the P&O line is just as complex and technical as it is on dry land. Grayboy’s lighting designer Gavan Swift is a dedicated Hog user, and specifies High End Systems consoles for all of the P&O shows. As part of a major upgrade, both the Explorer and Dawn’s Full Boar 3s were retired and directly replaced by the latest Full Boar 4s.

“I specified the Full Boar 4 firstly due to its ease of use and intuitive control interface,” said Gavan Swift. “The second reason was that the Full Boar is a direct upgrade from the Hog 3 with similarities in how the two consoles operate resulting in less training for the on-board crew who have to program and operate the lighting console on a daily basis. Whilst the Grayboy production shows are the primary focus for the theatre on-board, there are daily events that need to be lit and a number of guest entertainers who need their shows programmed and operated. Ease of use and a smooth upgrade of the lighting control technology is essential and the Full Boar 4 was the perfect choice.”

“The Full Boar 4s went in beautifully,” said Point Source Solutions’ John Buchanan. “They were directly replacing a Full Boar 3 with DP8000 DMX processor, so all of the networking was already in place. Sorting out some minor universe issues took 15 minutes. The system on the Explorer is running a Pathway network, with Art-Net going to primary and redundant media servers, which run visuals to LED screens. That’s why we love the new support for CITP that means we get content thumbnails on the console!”

With Gavan Swift in to programme a new show, the Full Boar 4 gave him all the control he needed to get it plotted and running efficiently. “Gavan loved the ability the run four screens,” John related. “The two internal 15.6 inch touchscreens and support for two external screens meant that Gavan could get all the visual information he needed while programming.”

From the integration side, John and Point Source appreciated the Full Boar 4s ability to handle multiple network protocols. “It’s extremely useful for us to be able to run sACN and Art-Net at the same time,” explained John. “We’ve found the Pathway Pathport Ethernet DMX nodes prefer sACN to Art-Net, but the media server they’re using needs Art-Net. The Full Boar 4 not only does both, it is rock-solid and stable – I have never run into an issue when doing this on a Hog.”

The Full Boar 4s life on the waves will be fully supported by Lexair, High End System’s distributor for Australia and New Zealand. “Lexair are fantastic,” John emphasised. “They are always on the phone if you need support. They are a great team that we have worked with for years. We’ve done many, many projects with them and have multiple ongoing right now.”