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Claypaky Scenius Unico for NRL Grand Final

Posted on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

  This year’s NRL Grand Final pre-show entertainment was provided by Macklemore with Tom Wright and Paul Lim of Additive Lighting once again providing a spectacular light show.

The rig included 32 x Claypaky Sharpy Wash 330 on the field behind the stage, 16 x Martin Professional MAC Vipers and 8 x MAC Viper Wash DX from flown trusses in the stands and on roll-in trusses, 18 x Mythos on the flown trusses and 20 x MAC Auras flanking the catwalk. On stage were 12 x Ayrton MagicBlade-R FX, 44 x PixPads, 12 x LED Strips and four 4-lite molefays. Control was MA Lighting International with Chameleon Touring Systems supplying the lighting.

Tom was delighted to also have four Claypaky Scenius Unicos in his rig commenting that they were the brightest thing in the field!

“This year we wanted to do something a little more pop and a little more dramatic,” said Tom. “We decided to use three very linear structures: a very long truss in the air, another on the ground and the line of PixPads along the back of the stage. We also chose the Ayrton MagicBlade-R FX for their linear shape.”

Adding some big beam lights on the stage allowed Tom to add an extra layer to the show and so he was delighted to have the Claypaky Scenius Unicos. Two Unicos were placed at the front of the catwalk with the other two placed at the extremes left and right of the other catwalk for back light shots.

“I didn’t originally have any way to do tight beams or gobos on the stage so it was great to have that ability,” he said. “At the end of the show I wanted a big backlight moment on Macklemore, as he was raised up on his stage lifter. The two Unicos from upstage fit the bill perfectly and gave a huge blast of white light. But these same units could fire out gobos, matching the rest of the lights on the field or I could focus them all right down and some big pencil beams coming out of the stage, they were very versitile.”

Tom remarked on the speed and responsiveness of the Unicos, adding that considering their brightness, he was pleasantly surprised to find the Unicos were reasonably light for all the feature that they contained.

“The beam flattener was really useful,” he also said. “There were times when I could tell there was a hot spot so the ability to get rid of the that and have it flat, was great. They’re incredibly quick on the zoom, I would often go from a big gobo look into a tight beam and it really was instant ….. as was the colour changing.”

The dynamic output of the Scenius Unico, where they can go from a wide flood to a narrow spot, its colour temperature and flatness of field ensure that Additive Lighting would welcome them on any of their shows.


Elite Event Technology support Fashfest

Posted on Monday, October 9th, 2017

  Once again in 2017, Elite Event Technology supplied a complete audiovisual solution as a major sponsor of Fashfest.

Elite Event Technology have been one of the highest level supporters of this event since its inception five years ago with the event bringing together and showcasing a multitude of different creative talents.

The event, held at The National Convention Centre Canberra, consisted of the main show in the Exhibition Hall, Pre Show Space including live entertainment in the entire foyer and VIP Bar in the upstairs Gallery rooms.

Lighting and Video equipment provided throughout the spaces included:

32 x Robe LEDWash 600
8 x Robe BMFL Spot
4 x Robe BMFL Wash Beam
12 x Robe Pointe
16 x Robe MMX Spot
16 x Robe 600E Spot
16 x ShowPro High Power LED Fresnel
8 x ShowPro LED Fresnel
8 x ShowPro High power LED Profile
24 x ShowPro Quad 6
24 x ShowPro Pix Pad
16 x Litecraft LED Multipar
8 x Litecraft LED Blinder
16 x ILED Sceneled
1 x Hog 4 Full Size Console with Playback Wing
1 x Hog 4 Full Boar Console
1 x Chamsys MQ80 Console
2 x Antari F7 High Output Smoke / Haze Machines
162 x Panels of VuePix E12 LED Screen
1 x RGB Link X1 Scaler
1 x Arkaos A30 Media Server
2 x Barco RLM W12 Projectors
1 x Barco CLM HD8 Projector
3 x 20’ x 11’ Fast Fold Screens
2 x Roland V800HD Vision Mixers
36 x Chain Motors
Approximately 200m of Truss
Approximately 100m of black velvet drapes

The main room featured a D&B J PA with a Soundcraft Vi3000 at FOH and Yamaha CL5 on monitors, Sennheiser 2000 series IEM’s, D&B M4 wedges and Shure ULXD Radio Mics.

The other spaces were D&B Y Series PA’s, Soundcraft Expression Consoles with D&B M4 wedges also.

Pioneer DJM900 nexus Mixers and CDJ2000 nexus CD Players were also supplied throughout in all the DJ setups.

Elite Event Technology


Floriade’s Nightfest with Mandylights

Posted on Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Once again Mandylights has turned Canberra’s Floriade into a spectacle of light for the annual Nightfest. The key fixtures this year were eighteen Claypaky B-Eyes and twelve Sharpys supplemented by 150 ShowPro Hex PARs, 24 ShowPro Ex36 LED Floods and three Martin MAC101.

Mandylights required a fixture that could wash an expansive flower bed in colour whilst also providing effects and the Claypaky B-Eye was perfect.

“They’re used for galaxy-inspired lighting of a large flower bed,” explained Richard Neville, managing director of Mandylights. “We’ve used the beam shaping effects to get an illusion of ‘particles’ exploding across the beds. The fragments of the beam rotate in an almost explosive quality, they all go into the centre and then explode out, and that’s a great effect for this theme.

“The B-EYE is definitely the best in that class of wash light that also does effects. It offers the most pronounced range of effect whilst also still being an incredibly powerful wash light.”

The Claypaky Sharpys are located at the lake installation where they act as small searchlights.

Mandylights regularly use ShowPro Hex PARs and EX36 LED Floods for their projects, with Richard saying they make a great solid base and are a fantastic outdoor fixture.

This year saw Mandylights deploy an extensive W-DMX set up as the site has expanded and there are new installation areas that have no infrastructure.

“We’ve relied quite heavily on W-DMX to get signal around the site,” commented Richard. “For control we’re running four separate MA systems; the main site is controlled by MA2 light with other, more isolated interactive areas of the park running on NPU’s and four port Nodes. The main installations are all triggered on stand-alone MA systems, there are actually six MA networks running separately in different areas of the park.”

Mandylight’s newest employee Clint Dulieu programmed the site.


Adelaide’s largest conference opens with space age technology

Posted on Thursday, October 5th, 2017

The 68th International Astronautical Congress opened at the newly Adelaide Convention Centre’s new Plenary Building with cutting edge technology in the form of interactive performances & 4K laser projection. With over 4000+ attendees, the congress is the largest conference to ever be held in South Australia. And Novatech were proud to assist with the technical solution to welcome the delegates with an engaging performance of local performers.

Adelaide’s Ding Productions & Slingsby Theatre were engaged to create a bespoke opening performance that would welcome the delegates to Adelaide and set the scene for a memorable week ahead. Having previously using technology in their performances, Ding’s Jo Casson worked with Novatech’s Leko Novakovic, to design an interactive setting where the live performers on stage would perform in a holographic environment in a performance entitled “The Journey”.

There have been numerous “hologram” technologies have been around for several years however on this occasion, Novatech took advantage of the latest generation of holographic technology, “Hologauze” that is quicker and more cost effective than previous generations. Working closely with Richard Saunders from Ikonix, the team were able to take full advantage of Hologauze’s unique benefits. Given the importance of clarity and high brightness of the images for the event, Novatech debuted their new 4K resolution, 32,000 ANSI Laser Projectors that provided stunning images that created an illusion of space on stage. The Barco UDX-4K32’s are unique to Novatech in Adelaide and are massive investment in what is the new standard in projection.

The Managing Director of Novatech, Leko Novakovic, commented “We were thrilled to use the latest generations of video projection and holographic technology for an event like the International Astronautical Congress. It was important to provide the very best to the audience that came from the Space Industry around the world and to showcase what Adelaide can offer and produce.”

Leko went on to state “Jo Casson from Ding has a long history with Novatech in incorporating event technology in creative ways and this performance was no exception. Using local companies for such an international event just goes to demonstrate that South Australia is able to compete on the world stage using leading technology & creative expertise”

From a technical point of view, Leko explained “for the vision component, content was run from our d3 4×4 Pro server to both a main & backup Barco UDX-4K projector as well feeding a Di Colour 9m x 5m 4.8mm pitch LED screen. On the lighting side, we used our brand new Claypaky Scenius Unico’s, ETC Source 4 Lustre Profiles, Claypaky Sharpies and a couple of 6w RGB full colour lasers all driven from a MA Lighting grandMA2 and NPU.”

Creative Producer from Ding Productions, Jo Casson said “Having worked with Leko & team on numerous projects, it was the natural choice to engage Novatech in our creative process for the IAC opening. The ease and cost of the new holographic technology now puts in within reach of even more events. The stunning animation by Brad Pickford and the sensational performances by all the artists left the 4000+ delegates in awe.”

Novatech were thrilled to work with the in-house team at the Adelaide Convention Centre in close collaboration to bring the event to life. Whether you want a holographic performance or simply use projection in creative ways, Novatech has the expertise and inventory to stage events anywhere on Earth and indeed outer space. Well maybe not yet, however we’re sure those working in the Space industry are now motivated to keep inspiring the next generation working in Space.

Photography – Simon Casson


Creative Productions for GEM

Posted on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017







Internationally renowned artist GEM is touring Australia and Creative Productions provided one hell of a lighting rig in the ICC Sydney Theatre.

The system featured nearly two hundred fixtures from TLC Global, Robe, GLP and more:

16 x Robe BMFL’s
46 x GLP GT-1’s
48 x Extreme Beams
42 x Tour Pro Storms
24 x GLP X4 Bar 20’s
8 x GLP X4L’s
10 x Molefay 8 Lights
MDG and Robe Hazers

The show was run from a full size MA2 console with a light as a full tracking backup with additional processing with an MA2 network processing unit. The entire show was distributed with streaming ACN to 10 x TLC Global DMX nodes that provide 4 x universes to each truss using “Sneaky Snake” adapters.

Prior to the show, Creative Productions invested heavily in infrastructure with new cabling systems centred around socapex. The new cabling works in tandem with the twelve new LSC GEN VI dimmer and distribution units. These are fitted with socapex outputs saving time and ensuring good connections to the fixtures out in the room. The GEN VI units are able to select individual channels as dimmers or hot power.



NW Group deliver for ACC East opening

Posted on Friday, September 22nd, 2017

The Adelaide Convention Centre East was officially opened on Wednesday, 30 August 2017 by the South Australian Premier, the Hon. Jay Weatherill, MP. The Woods Bagot-designed expansion has transformed Adelaide’s skyline with two new buildings, boosting the Centre’s footprint to 20,000 square metres of multi-purpose space.

NW Group brought together the services of Haycom, Norwest and Spyglass to provide a full production solution for the event. Lighting, Audio, Projection Mapping and Musion Holograms were handled by our team, with crew and operators from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Auckland. It’s never polite to boast, but seeing a team of pros come together from around the business with a common goal is a powerful thing. One team one dream!

For the outdoor lighting show production was looked after by the NW Group whilst inside the building venue, NW Group and the venue’s technical crew worked together.

Lighting designer Ziggy Ziegler utilized 32 x TourPro LightSky AquaBeam, 18 x Claypaky Sharpys, 20 x Martin MAC Aura, 16 x Vari-lite VL3000 spots, 36 x high powered LED PARs, and 3 x Martin MAC Viper Profiles with custom gobos. Control was via 2 x MA Lighting MA2 light consoles, plus an MA2 onPC with fader wing. Added to that were 6 x smoke machines, lots of flame blasts and fireworks as well as the existing stadium and bridge LED architectural lighting.

Technical Producer for the event was Mario Valenti for NW Group, production manager was Jack Matthews, and lighting visualisation, programming and operating was by Dan Evans.
The client was Scott Ireland, MD of In Front Events who produced the event working closely with Mario Valenti and in partnership with the in house AV team at the ACC.

Flamers were from Adelaide company FCT Flamers.


Maverick Shines for “Sweet Charity” by OCPAC

Posted on Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Over the course over two weeks in September, OCPAC (Old Carey Performing Arts Club) hosted their latest production, ‘Sweet Charity’. Based on Federico Fellini’s screenplay for Nights of Cabiria, Sweet Charity features a book by Neil Simon, and a memorable score by Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields held at the Carey Baptist Grammar School in Melbourne. For the production to have a professional look and really capture the audience’s attention based on the source material, OCPAC contracted ArcLight Productions for their expertise in design and technical management. In addition, ArcLight partnered with Show Systems Australia who travelled from their company base in Tasmania to Melbourne to provide lighting as well as assist with bump in and technical support. The Lighting Designer for the production was Declan O’Neill.

After having great success with the LED fixtures on previous productions, Show Systems decided to integrate 12x Maverick MK2 Spots by CHAUVET Professional that were supplied by Showtools International as part of the lighting rig.

The Maverick MK2 Spot is powered by a 440W LED Engine, precision engineered optics, CMY + CTO color mixing, two 6-position rotating slot and lock gobo wheels. The Maverick MK2 dominated the lighting rig with vivid colours that supported the performers on the stage with some engaging looks. Michael Westcott, director of Show Systems Australia emphasized the impact of The MK2 Spot’s, ‘The gobo capabilities of the MK2 were a highlight as they created a succession of changing looks to reflect the diverse mix of performers and scenes that appeared on stage as well as various aerial effects. The output from the fixture is blistering bright and the colour mixing system and optics is stunning in addition to the build quality of the fixtures.’

Thanks to the use of the 12 Maverick MK2 Spots implemented for, ‘Sweet Charity’ impressed crowds with the fixtures performing flawlessly. With the combined efforts of ArcLight Productions and the equipment and crew provided by Show Systems Australia, the Sweet Charity Production was a success with Show Systems partnering with ArcLight Productions on two more shows in the coming weeks where the MK2 Spot fixtures will be used again.