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Integratd light Montaigne

Posted on Wednesday, September 13th, 2017






Integratd were given a brief to lift the energy of the production to meet the energy of Montaigne, and therefore lift the whole energy of the show to new heights.

“So playing with that idea of heights, we wanted to go with an idea that would feel intimate but still fill out the space so we tried to go high which is always difficult in a venue like The Metro,” commented Integratd’s Matt Doherty. “The biggest struggle, like always with this sized tour, is making a finished product that is scaleable between venue sizes in Australia but also works for the budget.”

The main element of the rig were 69 x Martin VDO Sceptron 10, which were used to fill out the space and create a very intimate feeling.

“The Sceptrons helped us create our sense of height and were all mapped by one of our Mac Mini media servers running PRGs Mbox Mini software,” added Matt. “Then we had a total of 12 x Martin MAC Auras, eight on the rear upstage truss and four on the floor, and these were the real workhorse. They were our beam lights in the fast paced upbeat stuff and also our beautiful wash lights in the downbeat somber songs. Also on the floor were 6 x Martin Quantum Profiles to give us the big gobo backlight looks that Montaigne was after. We also had 6 x Claypaky Stormy CC’s which I love the colour and output of, and then also 8 x Duets to make sure Montaigne could see her audience, which is something she’s really passionate about.”

Matt’s favourite moment of every show is always the first blackout when the house goes down and the stage goes down and the entire crowd just erupt into screams.

“That’s always gives me the feels!” he said. “But that’s more of a lack of light moment, my favourite lighting moment would be the song Till it Kills Me where the brief was the lights need to be crazy so that was a lot of fun! The entire song was done on flash buttons – if I took my hands off the console the entire stage would have gone into black out so I was always pressing something! However it got really annoying when keys started popping off the console, I may have got a bit carried away…”

All the gear was supplied by Chameleon Touring Systems.

Photos by Peter Zaluzny


EI Productions with AFI

Posted on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

The first show of the Australian tour by AFI was at Sydney’s Luna Park Big Top last Saturday.

EI Productions are supplying lighting, audio, transport and crew for their dates here.

Audio features are Allen + Heath D Live S7000 at FOH, Avid Profile on mons and Sennheiser EW300 G3 IEM’s.

The lighting package includes Claypaky Stormy CC LED Strobes, Sharpys, Martin Auras, Pro Shop X-Blinder 4, Unique hazers and some tri truss uprights.

Crew were Bryce Mace, Murrey Carr, Chad Halford.


Creative Productions kick off with Isagenix

Posted on Friday, September 8th, 2017

Creative Productions has had the pleasure of working with Isagenix for the second time this year – with their annual “Summer Kick Off” for 2017. It’s a conference for some 2000 associates and this year it’s being held at the Royal International Convention Centre in Brisbane, Australia.

The vision production supplied for this event featured a massive 12m x 4m 4.8mm Tour Pro Led Wall as the centrepiece and backdrop, with a similar pair of 7m x 4m screens either side of the stage.

In the current trend for Creative, GLP featured predominantly in the lighting design with GT1 moving lights and X4 Bars whilst ROBE BMFL’s also added to the installation.

The audio control package featured a Yamaha CL5 Console with nearly twenty channels of Shure UHF-R radio microphones and a Dante based distribution system to pick up replay lines and provide record and monitoring feeds.

Creative also supplemented the in house rigging with some twenty odd motors and a truck load of trussing.

Creative Productions


Avolites Ai RX8 Media Server Powers Visuals at CGEN 2017

Posted on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

IKONIX has supplied an Avolites Ai RX8 media server and two Avolites Miami Dongles, to run 960 gigabytes of content for Queensland’s largest youth performing arts event, Creative Generation (CGEN) – State Schools on Stage 2017. The event, now in its 13th year, was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Queensland. GCEN aims to mentor the next generation of performers, providing opportunities for them to work with professional artists.

More than 1800 students aged between four and seventeen took part in this year’s event. Zachary Burton, co-founder of IKONIX alongside business partner Richard Saunders, worked with the CGEN team to manage and coordinate the production’s entire lighting and video aspect.

“IKONIX has been working with CGEN since 2014,” says Burton. “This year we decided to use the Ai RX8 media servers to map out and control the video content for the production’s 38m x 6m rear screen.”

Discussing why IKONIX selected the award-winning media server, Burton says, “The Ai RX8 server is a high performance media server. The integration between Ai RX8 and our lighting console for CGEN was fantastic. Integration was high on our agenda as we had two other media servers in operation as well as our Ai systems. Ai was also the easiest system to program and make changes to on the fly, which is an aspect we really like.”

The video content for CGEN’s back screen was displayed at a resolution of 7000 x 1080 pixels and managed over four layers. Burton used a mix of timecode and live control to operate during the shows.

“We used a lot of timecode integration so we could synchronize video playback with lighting, automation and the live bands running click track,” says Burton. “We had a mix of playback as well, including free run content that integrated with the timecoded sections.”

Burton also introduced numerous on-the-fly edits, “Ai does live editing really well,” he says. “For CGEN we introduced things like flipping the orientation of content, colour correction, colour intensities and playback speeds to keep the content engaging and upbeat.”

For the setup, IKONIX networked an RX8 Ai server as the main server and a custom-built back-up server running Avolites’ MIAMI dongle. A second dongle was used on the team’s Metabox laptop computer for pre-programming and testing. The entire network was setup to operate over Ethernet via Art-Net.

“Being in Australia can sometimes mean it is difficult to receive the correct support from big overseas companies,” concludes Burton. “That is not the case with Avolites. Their team has been great to us and their software developers are forward-thinking and always open to suggestions. The customer support is phenomenal and we love working with them.”

CGEN was presented by the Department of Education and Training and sponsored by QUT, AEG Ogden, The Courier-Mail, Network Ten, Nova 106.9, The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and QSuper.
Australian Distributor TLC Global


EI Productions with Client Liaison

Posted on Monday, September 4th, 2017

The first show of EI Productions’ production for the Client Liaison Australian tour was held at Eatons Hill in Queensland.

It was the first tour outing for some of their VuePix ER5.9 LED Screen (33 panels on this one) plus Claypaky B-Eye K20, Mythos 2, Sharpy, Stormy CC LED Strobe, Martin MAC Aura, MAC Viper Profile and 4 Liters. All controlled by one of their Roadhog Fullboar 4 + Wing by Rowan Denny.

Oh… and a bunch of our Megadeck.

Crew having a great time – Duncan McFarlane, Daniel Callaghan, and William Todd.

EI Productions


Nivtec Staging for Tech & Gadget Expo

Posted on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Structured Events is a company that specializes in event production, event hire and stage hire that uses the latest in event technology and infrastructure. The company is owned by Tristan Miller, who with many years of experience in the industry decided to venture out and start Structured Events with the aim to deliver an exceptionally high level of detail and care on every event for his clients.

This was evident at The Technology and Gadget Expo 2017, which is Australia’s largest technology expo which allows visitors of all ages to interact with the latest in technology products, meet with hundreds of the best and most innovative brands/individuals in an interactive show floor. One of the main attractions at this year’s expo held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre was the E-Bike testing ramp designed and built by Structured Events.

Building on the success of the inaugural TGE 2016, manufacturer feedback requested a more substantial test track for their E-Bikes and subsequently show organisers contacted Structured Events to design a solution that would put the bikes to the test. With a proven record in production hire and a return on investment seen by Tristan while working at previous companies, Structured Events designed and engineered a ramp solution using the high quality Nivtec Staging System and hand rails supplied by Showtools International.

The design required the following equipment:

14 x Nivtec 2m x 1m Panels
14 x Nivtec 185cm Handrails
4 x Custom Nivtec Ramp Ends to suit 11-degree angle
20 x 800-1400 adjustable legs
8 x 600-900 adjustable legs
8 x 400-600 adjustable legs
4 x 200mm adjustable legs
72 x Swivel Couplers
64m Scaffold Tube

The design included a 15-meter overall ramp with an incline of 11 degrees rising to 1.2 meter at its highest. The choice to use the Nivtec handrail system was due to the system being able to provide an elegant handrail/barrier which is ideal for exhibitions and displays where bulky handrails would obstruct the audience view.

The Nivtec staging modules were installed for its ease of use, the effective Nivtec hook on system provides strength with a high load capacity as well as providing a quick assembly process. These factors made Nivtec the best solution to meet the necessary requirements for the ramp in addition to being secure and safe. This is reinforced by Tristan who stated, “We chose the Nivtec stage system to add to our inventory for its proven record in production hire, the robust design and high quality hex ply finish. The hook-on system makes set up efficient and reduces labor with less hardware, loading time and truck space required for each stage build. The precise 2 meter x 1 meter panels are ideal for custom stage and set work where cladding and accessories are made to size in the workshop, while other carpeted decks have a greater tolerance in dimensions and the gaps between decks creating variances when constructing on site.”

The Nivtec Ramp was a total success with the organisers thrilled with the outcome as well as the people testing the E-Bikes. With the addition of the flexible Nivtec Staging System to their ever-growing inventory from Showtools, Structured Events will be able to provide all kinds of stage/ramp solutions that can be designed to suit any application or client from traditional disabled access and wheelchair ramps to vehicle and other exhibition displays.


Busy Weekend for EI Productions

Posted on Tuesday, August 29th, 2017






Over the weekend, the Central Coast Business Excellence Awards 2017 were held in the ballroom at Crowne Plaza Terrigal. EI Productions supplied a complete production and crew package including some of their new Vuepix ER5.9 LED Screen and Roland V1-HD switcher. Lighting included Martin MAC Aura, RUSH MH7, some ETC Profiles, Fresnels and ShowPro LED Sunstrip and Truss Mates. All run from an MA2 light.
Audio used a Dynacord Cobra 2, Soundcraft Si Compact and Yamaha LS9, EV wedges and Shure ULX wireless.
Crew: Duncan McFarlane, Garth McMurray, Rob Vickery, Dan Lia Innervolume, Daniel Callaghan.

Also at the weekend The Jungle Giants were doin’ their thing at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre. EI Productions supplied an LX rig using Martin MAC Viper Profiles, MAC Auras, Atomics, Claypaky Sharpy, ShowPro Quad18 LED pars, duets and Unique Hazers.
Crew: Daniel Callaghan and Duncan McFarlane.