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Martin Kinnane lights Thai’riffic

Posted on Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Based on Oliver Phommavanh’s best-selling book of the same name Thai’riffic is about an Australian born boy of Thai heritage coming to terms with the fact that most people find his background much more interesting than he does. It’s a play about acceptance for 7-14yr olds. The producers The Theatre Division have been working on getting this show to the stage for four years and from reviews it was well worth the wait.

Lighting designer Martin Kinnane was given a brief that was fairly simple yet tricky; light the actors and make it fun and interesting to watch.

“My biggest challenge was achieving a fun and interesting design without washing out Mic Gruchy’s vision design which totally covered Mark Thompson’s set,” explained Martin. “It’s all about the angles. So we brought in five extra pipes to span the gap between the venues Lx 2 and 3 to create the positions I required. And of course the challenge ahead is that Monkey Baa’s Lend Lease Theatre is very different to the next venue the Seymour’s Everest Theatre.”

The rig is made up of the venues equipment; a variety of ETC Source 4 Zooms, Fresnels and Selador Vivid-R11 Led fixtures. Some LED tape and festooning for set electrics was added to the set.

“What I love about working in theatre for young people is hearing their excitement, the noises they make as a group and the occasional uncensored comment at random moments during a show,” said Martin.


Griffith Regional Theatre gets Wicked with Chauvet Professional

Posted on Friday, July 14th, 2017

Following the success of the recent Ratcliff concert thanks to the use of their newly acquired CHAUVET Professional lighting fixtures added to their lighting rig, Griffith Regional Theatre recently held their newest community production, ‘Wicked.’ The production was about the untold story of the witches of Oz and was held over two weeks from the 21st of June to the 1st of July. Lighting designer John Matkovic once again used a variety of CHAUVET fixtures supplied by Showtools for the production to generate various moods for the show as well as create a professional theatrical quality to the theatre and for the audience.

‘The overall design process of the production was based on the three arches of the set and how they got smaller as the set extended up stage, lighting had to be set lower and tighter across the center sections of the lighting bars, side towers and the heavy side light made up for most of the lighting scenes,’ John stated.

The equipment used for the ‘Wicked’ production included: Rogue R2 Spots, R2 Washes and R2 Beams, Rogue R1 Spots, Rogue R1 FX-B’s, Ovation C-640FC and COLORdash Par-Quad 18’s. The Rogue R2 LED Moving Head Spots were used to provide maximum dimension for the show, while the R1 Spots were used for its varying overhead gobo effects as well as its colour sharpness and aerial effects. In addition, the Rogue R2 Washes fixtures created bright and intense theatrical looks placed over head and on top of side booms that helped set the mood for the ‘Wicked’ theme. The R2 Beams were used for their great intensity and colour saturation as John stated, ‘The lighting was a character in itself, just the lighting and its focus, the great intensity of the Chauvet LED beams and color saturation really helped establish the right mood for the musical.’

Other fixtures implemented include the Rogue R1 FX-B LED Moving Head System which were strategically placed on the ground to create beams through the arches which were placed as a set backdrop for the action on stage. Thanks to infinite rotation of both pan and tilt for each fixture’s five individually controllable 15W RGBW LEDs, John was able to create a seemingly endless array of crisp beams, rocket quick movements and colour blanket effects when needed depending on the type of scene needed. The COLORdash Par-Quad 18 LED Static Wash Lights and the Ovation C-640 Static Wash Light were also used for general colour wash.

The Wicked Production was successfully held with eleven shows, eight of which were sold out which made ‘Wicked’ the most successful community production Griffith Regional Theatre has created. Thanks to the use of the CHAUVET Professional lighting rig, Griffith Regional Theatre has once again amazed audiences with Margaret Sands exclaiming on the Griffith Regional Theatre Facebook page, ‘Superb lighting and effects, equal to any! The highest of accolades to both Griffith Regional Theatre, and especially ‘John’ on the lighting desk, for bringing such professional theatrical quality, in every way to this region.’ The impact of the CHAUVET Professional lighting was also adequately summarised by a review quoted by John which stated, ‘Defying gravity was finally done right.’


Audio Visual Technician

Posted on Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Live Productions is an industry leader in corporate audio visual production. We work throughout Australia and Asia providing high end production services to our blue chip clients.

Due to business growth we are searching for an experienced, professional and highly organised Audio Visual Technician (Junior) to join our Sydney team.

Your duties will include, but not limited to:

  • Preparation and de-preparation of Audio, Vision, Lighting and Staging equipment
  • Delivery/Setup, Operation and Pack down/Collection of AV equipment
  • Directly dealing with clients to achieve business outcomes
  • General warehouse and office duties
  • Packing and driving trucks and vans
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Take a proactive approach to own work performance
  • Maintain and promote a safe and healthy work environment

The successful applicant must have:

  • The right to work in Australia on an ongoing basis
  • A valid passport
  • No circumstances that prohibit travel to any particular country
  • A valid Australian drivers license (HR license desirable)
  • Ability to work after standard hours and on weekends
  • 1-2 years’ experience in a technical role within the AV/ Corporate Events, Rental & Staging industry at a similar company.

The successful applicant should have:

  • An exceptional work ethic with the ability to work autonomously with enthusiasm
  • High level computer skills (PC and Mac)
  • Technical understanding of equipment used within the AV Events industry
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Maturity to deal with people at all levels of an organisation
  • Ability to work under pressure with excellent decision making and problem solving skills
  • Time management skills; the ability to manage multiple and competing deadlines
  • High level of accuracy and attention to detail
  • Conflict resolution skills and maintain confidentiality at all times
  • EWP, knuckle boom and working at height tickets will be highly regarded

Ideally the successful applicant will be available for an immediate start

If you think you have got what it takes, please email your CV to

Note – Only successful candidates will be contacted



Chromatic lights Quantum Valley stage at EDC

Posted on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Matt Chromatic looked after production and lighting design for the Quantum Valley stage, hosted by DreamState, at the infamous Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas last month.

The event took over the grounds of Las Vegas motor speedway for three nights of dusk till dawn action.

“Already knowing the DreamState brand style, we felt this was in line with the sleeker tech style,” said Matt. “We had video forming the perimeter of 2 and 3 dimensional cubes. Being in a big top creates its own parameters, the working conditions of the heat in the Nevada desert, temperatures up to 47degrees during the day, its best to execute most work at night. “

The rig consisted of 57 x Elation Platinum, 48 x Ayrton MagicPanel, 14 x Robe BMFL Blade, 22 x Martin Atomic 3000 and 32 x Elation Lumina Strip.


Innovative find Martin VDO Sceptrons the ideal solution

Posted on Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Innovative Production Services (IPS) has added 200 x Martin VDO Sceptron 20 linear outdoor-rated LED video fixtures to their inventory. With its 20 mm pixel pitch and an extensive range of optical accessories for a wide variety of looks, the VDO Sceptron 20 opens up a wide range of creative possibilities.

“I had been searching for something different for a while and when two projects came along that would be ideal for VDO Sceptrons, I had the perfect excuse to buy some!” remarked Jeremy Koch, Director of Innovative.

One of these events was the Vodafone stand at CeBIT Australia held at the ICC Sydney, a premier occasion to launch such a product to the corporate display world.

“The client came to me looking for ideas to make the stand more dynamic and interesting,” said Jeremy. “They had a triangle design already happening with a roof of triangle shaped timber edge-lit with LED tape proposed. It was just going to be ‘on’ with no colour changing or chases ….. I knew then it was time to have a good look at the VDO Sceptrons!”

Show Technology’s Mike Gearin demonstrated the VDO Sceptrons to Jeremy who straightaway knew that they were the ideal solution. The client was bowled over by them and Jeremy was given the thumbs up!

Innovative custom designed the rigging and brackets for the Vodafone system with Show Technology assisting with a cabling plan. The integrated power and data cabling of the VDO Sceptron allows for long daisy-chains with many fixtures per cable-run, while the power supply can be located backstage for a clean setup avoiding messy cabling and several driver boxes.

The Vodaphone stand featured a total of 280 x VDO Sceptrons, with 50 sub-hired from MPH and 30 on demo from Show Technology.

“When it came to how it would all look, we were stepping into the unknown,” admitted Jeremy. “But once it was flown and working, everyone was blown away by it especially as it was like nothing anyone had seen before.”

Jeremy spent time adding content, both stock and downloaded, commenting that while content may look great on the computer screen it does not necessarily look good on the output device and vica versa.

A few days after CeBIT, IPS had to deliver some creative for TEDxSydney, the leading platform for the propagation of Australian ideas, creativity and innovation to the rest of the world. Jeremy said they had been struggling for an idea for the stage backdrop and given how well the Vodafone project had looked, he decided to push for the VDO Sceptrons to be the backdrop.

“Initially, some of the creative team were against the idea saying it looked too geometric and bland in the renders,” began Jeremy. “However in the end they translated really well onto camera and everyone was very impressed.”

Bright and fully calibrated for optimal consistency, the VDO Sceptron 20 is driven by the Martin P3 System Controller family for easy configuration, mapping and setup, and is also backwards compatible with DMX for smaller setups.

Control set up was similar at both of the Innovative designed events with the VDO Sceptrons driven by the Martin P3 System Controller into which was fed Pandora’s Box. The Vodafone stand was all programmed into Pandora’s Box in the timeline but as TEDxSydney was a live show it was controlled by MA Lighting MA2.


Jands Vista integrates on System of a Down tour

Posted on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

“How do we set up the control system to accommodate everything we need for a huge show including capacity for different festival rigs?” Matt Arthur, lighting director for System of a Down’s current European tour, and festival appearances asked Jack Moorhouse, Jands product manager from A.C. Entertainment Technologies.

Rob Sinclair’s ambitious creative design for the headline European tour by the American alternative, Grammy-winning rock band contained over 800 individually controlled elements, including a touring floor package, festival house rig and a large hybrid video wall.

The wall incorporated embedded RGB pixel “lights” alongside a traditional video screen. The lighting pixels themselves required 2,128 DMX channels. Matt originally planned to run the video and pixels from two separate media servers, with overall control from Jands Vista.

The solution was to network two Jands Vista L5 consoles together, alongside a Vista D1 distributed processor.

Jack commented: “Doing this provided more than enough DMX universes for the entire show and festival pickups, whilst simultaneously providing tracking backup and networked processing redundancy. Additionally, running all hybrid pixels directly from Vista’s inbuilt FX engine meant that a second media server was no longer necessary.”

The resulting control system allowed Rob and Matt to easily create and manage a fully integrated visual display for the show using a combination of video, lighting and pixel mapped effects.


Avolites Ai Media Servers Map Day of the Dead

Posted on Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Australian audio-visual production company, IKONIX, recently used one of their Avolites Ai RX8 Media servers to video map a Cinco de Mayo event (Day of the Dead) at Melbourne’s top trending event space, Peninsula. The Mexican-themed event marked the end of the five-day 37th Australian Dental Association (ADA) Congress 2017 with 700 guests in attendance.

“For the Cinco de Mayo event we worked with our client to choose a selection of 3D models that we could projection map on to,” says Richard Saunders, co-director of IKONIX along with partner Zachary Burton. “We had a small 3D model printed for demos and testing before moving forward with larger custom-built models made from foam and plaster.”

Focusing on the Mexican theme, IKONIX’s animator, Daniel, created a mix of bright, bustling 3D content that Burton mapped across multiple three-meter high ‘Day of the Dead’ skulls at the event.

“Daniel did a fantastic job of working to the theme,” says Burton. “He made up some great content inspired by the traditional painted Day of the Dead skulls, using multiple layers and blending them using alpha transitions.”

IKONIX ran two outputs with a canvas resolution of 1080 x 1080 for the projection, using Ai’s Auto Map feature to automatically calibrate their projector positions and warp the content onto the models. Burton utilized remote access to fine tune the projection with a laptop.

“Using the Ai Auto Map feature, we were able to get in close and do final touching up using the model vertices on the output page,” says Burton. “Auto Map works really well and is a really fast way of programming and tweaking. Having features like Auto Map made our bump in quick which helped with a tight bump in schedule”

The Auto Map feature, popular with designers and programmers, allows the user to visually map content using a digital model. The digitally mapped model can then be transitioned to the real-world model using a simple key point selection process on screen, meaning that designers can map visually without the need of complex mathematical formulas.

IKONIX stocks Avolites Ai Media Servers exclusively for use on their bespoke video-mapping projects across Australia. The team also own two Miami Dongle based servers and an Avolites Quartz console.

“We visited the Avolites HQ in London in early 2016,” says Saunders. “Meeting the team and having one-to-one training on Ai made us love this product even more and we couldn’t wait to implement Ai on exciting projects back over in Australia.”

IKONIX has since used the Ai RX8 servers on a myriad of projects including; Queensland Training Awards and John Paul College’s production of The Whiz, and will be turning the servers to use on the upcoming Creative Generation – State Schools Onstage 2017 event next month in Brisbane, Queensland.
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