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Sydney Theatre Company Lighting Stock Clearance

Posted on Thursday, September 16th, 2010

44 x Strand Prelude 16/30 650watts  $220.00
14 x Strand Prelude 28/40 650watts $220.00
8 x Strand Cadenza Fresnel 2000watts 8 Barndoors $250.00
20 x Strand Harmony Fresnels 1000watts 18 Barn Doors $200.00
6 x Strand Patt 743 1000watts 5 Barn doors $200.00
11 x Selecon Mini Fresnels 650watts 3 Barn Doors $80.00
3 x Selecon Mini P.C 650watts No Barn Doors $80.00
40 x PAR 64 with choice of globe 1000watts 120v $50.00
5 x Comar Passo Fresnel 2000watts 5 Barn Doors $180.00
4 x Comar Tratto Fresnel 1000watts No Barn Doors $150.00
4 x Altman Shakespeare 30 600watts $200.00
4 x Altman Shakespeare 40 600watts $200.00
2 x Castor Fresnel 2000watts $180.00
8 x Selecon Zoomspot 16/32 1200watts $200.00
18 x Strand Leko 26 Degree (White body) 1000watts White $50.00

Contact: Graham Henstock, Head of Lighting, Sydney Theatre Company, (02) 9250 1700


PAR 46 with ES Base for sale

Posted on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

A batch of brand new PAR 46 has come to our warehouse.

The PAR 46 fixture is ideal for bands, mobile entertainers, theatrical and stage productions, recital halls and places of worship and even smaller venues and acts on a budget can give their stage lighting the professional, polished look. They fit a PAR lamp 38

You may view the latest product at


Arkaos MediaMaster Pro for sale

Posted on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

More equipment arrives at RecycledTech! We have just received a limited number of brand new Arkaos MediaMaster Pro packages – these will turn any powerful computer into a fully fledged media server capable of running live or programmed HD video shows in sync with music and light.

Built on ArKaos’ latest generation of technology, MediaMaster’s multi-threaded engine delivers blistering performance, by taking advantage of multi-core machines. MediaMaster comes with improved frame blending support allowing extremely smooth video playback even at slow speeds and software genlock making it possible to play several HD movies at up to 60 fps without dropping a single frame. $1,569.00 ea.

Advertised in Europe for €1999.00

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For Sale: 4 Way Blinder DMX

Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2010

4 Way Blinders at a “blinding” low price!!… and they are brand new!

The 4 Way DMX Blinder is designed to house 4 x DWE 120V 650W Lamps. The body of the unit is made of lightweight aluminium, black finish.

The rear panel is louvered for efficient ventilation and increased lamp life. The heavy duty yoke has a positive lock off and T bar handles enables this unit to be set at any angle with ease.

Each of the two banks can be independently adjusted and the unit also suits all major brands of colour scrollers.
This unit has internal DMX dimmers and 4 xDWE 120V 650W Lamps are included.

Note that the units come unplugged.

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Matrix Productions to hold auction

Posted on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Auction 17/7/2010 @ Ross’s Auctioneers

Lighting Audio Trussing & AV

New and Second-hand equipment

Brands include Martin, Yamaha, Mackie, Jands, Kupo, Sennheiser, Denon Vega, Amcron, Shure, Constella, Kodak, Clay Paky, Abstract, Selecon, Numark, NJD, Lampo, Yamaha

Theatrical Lighting – Profiles, Fresnels, Cyc Lights
Trussing – Tri truss, Ladder Truss, Truss Corners, Winch Ups
Vision – Video Projectors, 8mm Projector, Slide Projector
Audio – Mixing Desks, EQ’s, Multicore, Power Amps, Speakers
Microphones – Radio Mics, SM58’s, SM57’s
DJ Equipment – Mixers, CD Players, Headphones, Mirrorballs, FX Lights
Lighting – Strobes, Pars Cans, Multi Pars, Stands, Chasers, 4 Paks
Intelligent Lights – Mac 250+’s, Golden Colours, Searchlight
Roadcases – Racks, Packers,
Guitars – Acoustic, Classical, Electric, Bass, Guitar Cases

And lots and lots more @

Where; Ross’s 241 Railway Parade Maylands WA 6051
Viewing; Friday 16th July 10am – 4pm
Saturday 17th July 9am – 10am
Auction Saturday 17th July @ 10.30am


Total Concept Projects assets being sold via online auction

Posted on Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Please find below a link to the online auctions of assets from Total Concept Projects Group of Companies.

For Vehicles located NSW click below

For plant and equipment located Silverwater click below

For stock located Silverwater click below

For Plant Equipment, Vehicles and stock located QLD click below


GrandMA 2-Port Node Pro for sale

Posted on Friday, June 11th, 2010

After changing direction in operating, I am now selling my GrandMA 2-Port Node Pro (1024 parameters).

Node is less than 12 months old and is in perfect condition.

I used it around the country to run small gigs with a few movers, LED and dimmers.

Paid $3800 for it, but will part with it for a reasonable offer.

I’ll even cover the postage Australia wide

Contact Lynden Gare 0401674289