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Ayrton launches at PLASA

Posted on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Ayrton continues its 15th anniversary celebrations with the launch of exciting new products at the 40th PLASA London show where it will exhibit on Stand K32 alongside its exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions.


Ayrton is delighted to reveal Ghibli™, Ayrton’s first LED Spotlight. Compact, elegant and lightweight, Ghibli delivers an impressive 23,000 lumen output which makes it powerful enough for large scale arenas, and features a 7:1 zoom with a 8.5° – 57° beam spread. An optional High CRI Mode can be implemented for situations demanding even higher quality light output. Ghibli also features CMY colour mixing, variable CTO, and a complete effect section including two gobo wheels, a prism, an animation wheel, two frosts, and a rotating framing system that allows a full wipe, all in a most competitively priced package.


MiniPanel-FX is a fabulous new addition to Ayrton’s FX-Zoom range. Small in dimensions but mighty in output, with a zoom spread of 3.6° to 53°, MiniPanel-FX houses four of Ayrton’s unique square lenses in a neat 2 x 2 configuration to form an extremely powerful beam and wash light with immense creative possibilities. With characteristic endless double rotation, MiniPanel-FX is the perfect tiny complement to its hugely successful siblings, MagicPanel™-FX and MagicBlade™-FX.

Both Ghibli and MiniPanel-FX receive their official launch at the show and will be ready to ship in the autumn.


Launched at Prolight+Sound 2017, Ayrton’s Merak 250W RGBW LED wash light will be making its first appearance at Olympia. This little powerhouse of technology features a proprietary 10:1 optical zoom system, with a 7° to 70° zoom and a new Fresnel lens design to ensure perfectly homogenous colour mixing regardless of beam angle. With its single-source transmitting lens, Merak™ casts wonderfully crisp light and just one shadow.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology


HES to launch SolaFrame 750 At PLASA

Posted on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

High End Systems will launch their new SolaFrame 750 automated luminaire at the upcoming PLASA 2017 trade show in London. The company’s Sola Series range of products, which includes the Spot, Frame, Wash and HyBeam lines, is the most fully realized offering of Bright White LED automated fixtures available. The fixture will make its debut on HES Master Distributor AED’s stand C30 at London Olympia on September 17th-19th. The SolaFrame 750 will also appear on ETC’s stand J30.

Compact yet extremely full featured, the SolaFrame 750 offers many of the effects capabilities of the company’s flagship White Light LED products, making it a perfect fit for theaters, houses of worship, night clubs and other medium-sized venues. Delivering 11,300 lumens, the SolaFrame 750 includes a full Framing Shutter System, CMY/CTO- linear colour mixing and replaceable fixed color wheel systems, rotating gobo wheel plus rotating animation, frost, iris, 6 to 50 degree zoom and a three-facet rotating prism.

Sola Series Product Manager Matt Stoner commented, “For some time now, users have asked for a full-featured fixture designed for their small to medium venues. That is why we designed the SolaFrame 750 with every feature a professional needs to completely immerse their venue in light. With a full complement of framing, gobos, animation and prisms plus an incredible zoom range, this fixture has all of the features of the big boys, but with a size designed for tighter spaces.”

“We continue to focus on our customers,” added High End Systems General Manager Becky Koester. “We want to be a full business partner with a product offering that addresses all end-user requirements. With the continued success of the Sola Series, we felt it important to broaden our offering with the addition of a smaller footprint fixture. The diversity of our markets and the unique demands from the end-user reinforce our commitment to providing a broad range within this line of fixtures.”
Australian Distributor: Lexair


Robert Juliat launch Oz and Alice at PLASA

Posted on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

The company’s latest followspot releases will be officially launched at the show: Oz and Alice are 600W LED models offering a cool white source for long and short-throw applications respectively. They are the first professional LED followspots able to deliver a high output comparable with that of 1200W discharge followspots, and offer the same high-quality functionality and characteristics as all Robert Juliat’s Compact followspots.

Oz and Alice’s compact dimensions and silent operation are coupled with the benefits of no heat, smooth electronic dimming – locally or remotely via DMX – and no lamp-change for less maintenance.

The significantly increased output of Oz and Alice take RJ’s LED followspot technology a step further, extending its application into larger venues and full size theatres, where Oz is the perfect front-of-house spot for LED applications and Alice’s compact dimensions and powerful throw make it the ideal truss spot.

SpotMe, Robert Juliat’s new advanced, real-time, 3D tracking system for followspots, will be demonstrated in the UK for the first time. Very easy to understand, simple to install and use, and extremely cost-effective, SpotMe turns Robert Juliat followspots into an interactive solution that gives the position of performers on stage without the need for emitters and/or cameras.

The followspot is equipped with sensors which send signals to the server and communicates all the positions and beam size parameters to the lighting console through PSN and DMX protocols. The parameters can then be used by the console to control any automated or static lights. Any moving light can therefore also become a followspot at any time during a show. Designed to be accessible to everyone and all budgets, SpotMe’s master and slave technology opens up a whole new range of control options for the designer.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology


Elation Debut Two New Products at PLASA

Posted on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Elation Professional has added two world premiere product launches to its list of innovative product offerings at the upcoming PLASA show in London. Showing at Stand H40 for the first time anywhere, Elation will be debuting the Artiste Dali™, a full-featured moving head with state-of-the-art LED / Laser Phosphor light engine and the second luminaire in Elation’s Artiste series. The second world premiere product is the new Dartz 360™, a unique, full colour-mixing LED beam/spot fixture with gobos and effects that gives all new projection possibilities from a narrow-beam luminaire. Both luminaires have been nominated for a PLASA Award for Innovation.

Artiste Dali™: The new Artiste Dali™ is a full-featured moving head with innovative LED / Laser Phosphor light engine that gives greater spot and beam capabilities from one fixture. The unique hybrid light engine combines a 300-watt LED source and 100-watt Laser Phosphor source for improved spot/beam functionality. The Laser Phosphor source produces a denser beam with a level of brightness not possible with LED alone. By combining the two sources, users get a spot with extra punch (15,000 lumens) in an energy-efficient solution. Features include eFly wireless DMX, CMY+CTO variable colour mixing, colour wheel, rotating and static gobos, prisms, animation, zoom and frost. Combined with the powerful new LED/Laser Phosphor engine, the Artiste Dali provides the latest technology and professional performance to fit into a variety of applications and designs.

Dartz 360™: The new Dartz 360™ is a unique, full colour-mixing LED beam/spot fixture with gobos and effects that gives all new projection possibilities from a narrow-beam luminaire. A single-source 50W RGB LED engine produces a powerful and tight 3-degree beam for smooth, colour-mixed beam effects similar to a discharge lamp. Extremely bright for its wattage and size, a combined LED engine source/optics package provides better field and brighter output than previous multi-chip LED “beam” solutions. The Dartz 360 is also compact and phenomenally fast with continuous 360° pan and tilt movement added to the gobos, dual prisms, frost and remote focus.
Australian Distributor: Lexair


Chauvet Maverick MK2 Profile

Posted on Friday, September 8th, 2017

The CHAUVET Professional Maverick series has been making its presence felt on tours and festivals, as well as at clubs, with its moving spots, beams, washes and hybrids. Now the groundbreaking line will be turning up at an even wider variety of applications with the introduction of the Maverick MK2 Profile.

The first profile light in the Maverick series, the 440W LED moving yoke fixture has been designed to perform a wide variety of functions in theatrical, house of worship, touring and event applications. With an illuminance of up to 14,981 lux at 5 meters and a zoom angle of 14° to 36°, the new fixture has the output needed for large venues and the ability to produce a range of beam sizes.

Featuring a four-blade framing shutter system with rotation and dual axis movement for each shutter, the Maverick MK2 Profile allows users to shape and size beams with great precision. The fixture’s iris, 3-facet motorized rotating prism and motorized frost provide added beam control.

“We designed the Maverick MK2 Profile to excel in a variety of applications,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Our goal was to give designers maximum flexibility.”

Adding to this flexibility is the Maverick MK2 Profile’s CMY + CTO colour mixing system and colour wheel, which can be used to produce a rainbow of rich and realistic hues. Opening even more creative options are the fixture’s dual rotating and indexing open gobo wheels, which offer continuous scroll at variable speeds.

The Maverick MK2 Profile also features 16-bit dimming of master dimmer for smooth control of fades, a 3:1 motorized zoom, a colour temperature (at full) of 5883 K, a CRI of 90, electronic dimmer, a pan and tilt of 540°/270° and selectable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for flicker-free operation.

Control of the new profile fixture is easy via DMX, WDMX, sACN, and Art-Net. The Maverick MK2 Profile also converts TCP/IP to DMX for shorter data cable runs and offers RDM control over DMX for remote access reporting.

“Our customers asked us for a profile fixture that offered a variety of control options and was also powerful, flexible and user-friendly,” said Chauvet. “We feel that with the Maverick MK2 Profile, we’ve delivered what they wanted, and more.”
Australian Distributor: Showtools



Introducing ETC Ion Xe Consoles

Posted on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

For nearly a decade, ETC’s Ion® consoles have brought powerful control to theatres, concert venues, studios and events around the world. Now, with the release of two Ion Xe consoles and two new fader wings, the small but mighty workhorse of the Eos® Family gets an upgrade.

Power in a small package

With compact footprints and full-featured Eos software, Ion Xe consoles bring high-level, award-winning programming power to smaller venues. Since the new consoles features the same backlit keyboard layout as their larger Eos family siblings, your workflow can transfer seamlessly from desk to desk. Ion Xe desks support up to external two multi-touch monitors, so you can take full hands-on advantage of color tools, Magic Sheets, Direct Selects and more.

Ion Xe consoles feature full main playback controls, fader controls, level and rate wheels, four rotary parameter encoders and support for up to five USB-connectable wings and devices. Ion Xe consoles are available in two output counts: 2K (base) and 12K (expanded), providing control for a wide variety of rigs. For extra security and flexibility, ETC has also released a new Ion Xe RPU (Remote Processing Unit), which can serve as a backup, remote programming station, or primary controller for your system.

“The Ion brand is much loved for its compact footprint and powerful feature set at a very attractive price,” explains Eos family Product Manager Anne Valentino. “We wanted to ensure its replacement maintained those attributes, while providing a more consistent hardware design with the larger products in the family. Ion Xe is a powerful addition to a product line-up that covers a broad cross-section of the market.”

Customize your faders

The new Eos Fader Wing accessories provide 20 or 40 non-motorized faders in handy, USB-connectable modules that match – and are compatible with – all the latest Eos family hardware. The wings share the profile of the Ion Xe and Eos Motorized Fader Wings, and they can be used with all Eos family products (with the exception of Element).

Fader wings make it easy to customize your Ion Xe to the specific needs of your show; you can connect up to three motorized or non-motorized fader wings to any Ion Xe desk. Want manual playbacks as a permanent feature of your work surface? The Ion Xe 20 model streamlines your control booth setup with a built-in bank of 20 page-able, non-motorized faders.
Australian Distributor: Jands


Robe launches new MegaPointe worldwide

Posted on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Robe has launched its much anticipated new multi-functional moving light fixture … the MegaPointe!

MegaPointe is set to define new standards and expectations in moving light technology … taking the original concept of the all-in-one fixture … to a whole new level.

Utilizing an exclusive 470W short-arc lightsource, Robe’s diligently crafted MegaPointe optics produce phenomenally bright parallel beams, incredible spot gobo projections, together with super-quick movement, smooth CMY colour mixing and a multitude of effects available for splitting and shaping the light in Spot, Beam or Wash modes.

The zoom ranges from 1.8 to 21 degrees in Beam mode – tight, powerful and punchy, and goes from 3 to 42 degrees in Spot mode with crystal clear high-clarity output through a 150 mm diameter front lens, with a stunning total lumen output of 20.375 and an impressive CRI of over 80.

Inventive, different in-air projections can be created using the new Effects Engine, pre-loaded with 12 dynamic beam and flower effects, and can be further finessed using the beam shaper which can emulate framing shutter effects and create rectangular shapes as well as being rotatable and indexable.

Utilising the ‘light’ and medium’ frost filters with any combination of colours from the CMY mixing system produces a beautiful, smooth, even wash coverage.

There is a static 14-slot plus open gobo wheel fitted with glass gobos for precision surface projections and exciting in-air impressions, and a second wheel contains 9 rotating, indexable and replaceable gobos.

These can be combined with a variable speed, bi-directional animation wheel which can be used in conjunction with any of the gobos or on its own to enhance or produce exceptionally subtle and detailed effects and projections.

A remote adjustable hot-spot control can further influence the appearance of the lightsource, and there is yet more versatility with a series of pre-programmable ‘random’ strobe and pulse effects.

In keeping with Robe’s commitment to smaller-brighter-lighter fixtures … It weighs only 22Kgs (48.5lbs)!

MegaPointe draws on Robe’s expertise as a premium moving light manufacturer and has been developed by the R ‘n’ D team working in close collaboration with valuable input from lighting professionals to develop another outstanding product.

Robe’s Pointe –- revolutionary at the time – was launched in 2013 and led the way as the first truly multi-functional moving light taking the industry by storm and established new standards of flexibility and choice for LDs, programmers and operators. It continues to be one of the company’s best-selling products.

MiniPointe was launched in 2015 to bring all the well-loved Pointe dynamics to small-to-medium applications … and now the family is completed with the MegaPointe, which takes everything up several notches with refined touches enhancements like CMY colour mixing and blistering brightness.

This multi-functional, multi-purpose luminaire is perfect for live concerts, festivals, EDM & dance extravaganzas, TV productions, outdoor spectaculars and all types of live events and permanent installations.

The first MegaPointes were live in action a week before the launch … on the Main Stage production lighting rig designed by Sander den Otter for Mysteryland 2017, the Netherlands’ oldest and most original dance music extravaganza this year staged over two days at Haarlemmermeerse Bos, Amsterdam, and produced by ID&T.

MegaPointes made a big impact on the main stage of the first ever New Horizons EDM / dance music event at Nürburgring, Germany, part of a production design by Andre Beekmans from NL based creative practice, The Art of Light.

The launch is supported by worldwide product demonstrations and roadshows via Robe’s subsidiaries and distributor network – so everyone has a good chance to see the product for real, and the units are ready for immediate shipping.
Australian Distributor: Jands