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Meet GHIBLI™ – Ayrton’s first LED spot luminaire

Posted on Monday, October 9th, 2017

GHIBLI™ is Ayrton’s first LED spot luminaire that is factory-equipped with a framing system designed to offer lighting designers unlimited creative possibilities without any compromise. Fitted with an LED module using a high-output, low-etendue monochromatic white light source calibrated at 7,500K, GHIBLI™ delivers a light output of 23,000 lumens in a highly compact format.

The proprietary optical system, equipped with a 137 mm frontal lens, has 13 high-quality lenses, delivering an 8:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 7° to 56°. The optics produce an extremely uniform fat beam with no hot spot.

The selection of gobos and colours was made in collaboration with lighting designers to meet the needs of the entertainment industry.

Standard features of GHIBLI™ include a CYM colour mixing system combined with a variable CTO and a six-position complementary colour wheel to produce in an infinite palette of pastels and saturated colours. The luminaire is fitted with an entirely new filter for optimising the colour rendering index.

The framing system allows each frame to be positioned with precision on a 100% surface area in all positions.

The effects section includes two wheels with interchangeable HD glass gobos: one with seven rotating and the other with eight fixed gobos; a continuous dynamic effects wheel; an iris diaphragm; two frost filters and a four-facet rotating prism.

For optimum stability, GHIBLI™ is equipped with a new, highly effective phase-change liquid cooling system using a heat pipe.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology


BLUMANO launches Stage DB health & safety tool

Posted on Thursday, October 5th, 2017

UK-based international entertainment industry engineering design and safety specialists and consultants BLUMANO Ltd has launched Stage DB – a unique new multi-lingual software tool for co-ordinating and collating all the necessary machinery / equipment documentation to meet production health and safety requirements.

Stage DB has been developed for BLUMANO by Lluis Diaz-Guerra, also one of three directors of the company which launched in 2014. Since then, BLUMANO has led the way in establishing important health and safety related working practices for the world of concert touring, special events and large spectaculars.

Any tour or event needs to produce a fully organised bundle of documentation, including all the mandatory certificates and reports mandated by the H&S work regulations. This is often required in different languages, all of which also have to be available for inspection by local authorities.

This veritable minefield of administration takes serious time and resources, so Stage DB is designed to make the job infinitely quicker, logical, more cost-effective and easier once the raw data is entered into the system.

BLUMANO’s Cristiano Giavedoni comments: “This is the first system of its kind that has been conceived and developed specifically to work within the short and often highly pressured timeframes of the concert, show and event industry.”

The project manager can create the project with start/end dates; the person overseeing the kit being loaded onto the truck can go online and drag-&-drop the relevant equipment serial numbers into the project file. From there, all the requisite documentation – the ‘project bundle’ – is pulled from the information for the countries they are visiting and compiled in a series of easily manageable PDF files.

Stage DB is packed with useful and practical features to assist the process, making it straightforward and user-friendly using a series of user-definable and selectable templates. There is the convenience of grouping items together by technical common specifications, and Group Values can be chosen and applied across each group of machinery.

In-built templates will allow dates for ‘last’ and ‘next’ test examinations to be inserted and Stage DB will flag upcoming expiry dates, and not allow these pieces of kit to be allocated to a project if they are due to expire within the stipulated project timeframe.

Currently the software can produce the documentation in four languages – English, French, Spanish and Italian, with German and Dutch available soon and other languages due to be added.

The programme outputs the completed ‘project bundles’ as PDFs and also generates a series of links that can be sent to the client, who can also access the relevant documentation directly from cloud storage as and when needed. This is a helpful alternative to sending large PDFs over Email for the on-the-road community. Documentation can be individually personalised with company logos and there are many more flexible and adaptable flourishes that can be added to the overall presentation of the data.

Stage DB is available on licence from BLUMANO – for more details check out: Assistance with inputting and setting up the initial company’s machinery data is also available as a service from BLUMANO.

Available now, Stage DB has been beta tested by a number of very active international staging, rigging and engineering companies to ensure reliability. It has been used on Take That’s Wonderland UK tour, for Coldplay in Milan and for Vasco Rossi’s monster gig in Modena Park in July, attended by 250,000 people and on the Rolling Stones current tour. In each instance, the productions and the local authorities were all “very happy with the results”.


Green Hippo launches Hippotizer Montane+

Posted on Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Green Hippo has launched Hippotizer Montane+, its newest Hippotizer Media Server. As the latest addition, Hippotizer Montane+ is a formidable force in the live production world. Featuring Notch, the real-time graphics workhorse, a favourite among content creators, Montane+ seamlessly enables users to create, simulate, render, composite, edit, and play. Always in real-time. It’s a smooth experience, too, with Hippotizer V4’s pin system letting you control content from the lighting desk, or other controller. Simply export and playback directly within Hippotizer – easy.

Montane+ features two DP 1.2 outputs, and offers the very latest graphics card technology, enabling over 25,000 Notchmarks. Even the most demanding of 3D and generative projects are handled with ease and control. The media server also comes with 10 free Notch FX as standard, plus a playback license.

“We’re really excited to launch the Hippotizer Montane+. It pushes the creative boundaries of AV professionals, with a familiar workflow that works in all stages of live production.” Ryan Brown, Product Manager, Green Hippo

Hippotizer Montane+ will be available from November 2017 worldwide. For further information please contact your local Green Hippo distributor/dealer.
Australian Distributor: Lexair


Ushio Xebex® LED Follow Spotlight

Posted on Monday, October 2nd, 2017

In June this year, Jands were appointed the Australian distributor for Ushio Lighting Followspots. This appointment coincided with the release of Ushio’s Xebex® LED Follow Spotlight “Sai-300”.

As the professional lighting market shifts towards LED, Ushio have concentrated on developing a followspot with not just a LED light source but a high luminance and colour reproduction. The Sai-300 has these qualities, making it a cost efficient medium throw followspot.

The Sai-300 features:

High illuminance and optical design ideal for medium-throw lighting (10-15m
High colour-rendering properties: CRI 90+
Easy operation: Fixture body balance and low heat generation reducing operator burden
Smooth dimming function
Silent design: 35 dB or lower (particularly effective for stages, concerts, events, hotels, banquets, and wedding venues).

The Sai-300 is the perfect followspot for your school or small theatre.
Australian Distributor: Jands


RC4 Wireless takes DMX dimming up a level

Posted on Friday, September 29th, 2017

RC4 Wireless continues to revolutionise the world of wireless dimming with the introduction of their new Series 3 SX product line.

The RC4 Magic Series 3 SX innovations cross the entire RC4 family line: the popular RC4Magic 2.4GHz products, the new RC4Magic 900MHz series for use in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil, the LumenDim line, which is compatible with the Lumen Radio CRMX protocol, and finally, the W-Dim products, which work with all Wireless Solution W-DMX devices. The product started shipping in late August.

The design team at RC4, led by James David Smith, chief product developer (and founder), has continued to advance the state of the art in terms of wireless dimming. He explained, “At RC4 Wireless, we’re no longer limited to industry-standard 16-bit LED dimming. The RC4 Series 3 dimmers provide a maximum of 19-bit resolution for a total of 524,288 steps when using 615Hz PWM. RC4 delivers 8 ‘micro steps,’ within each of the 65,536 steps delivered by common 16-bit technology. You can see the difference, particularly with high-wattage high-brightness LED sources.”

“If you thought 16-bit was great, you’ll be amazed by 19-bit,” Smith added.

Users who work with PWM frequencies – most especially those in the motion picture industry – will immediately see the benefits. “For the first time, a slow smooth LED fade is available for high-frame-rate slow-motion videography. 5kHz PWM moves from 13-bit for RC4 Series 3 to top-quality 16-bit with the Series 3 SX, for smoother dimming with motion picture cameras than ever before,” noted Smith.

“At 20kHz PWM, our SX dimmers still deliver a whopping 14-bit resolution with 16,384 steps. Even at 40kHz, our SX products deliver a respectable 13-bits of resolution, a visible improvement over 10-bit, and tremendously better looking than other high-speed PWM dimmers delivering only 8-bit resolution with very steppy bottom-end fades.”

The RC4 Series 3 SX dimmers now feature RC4 Curve Tweak, which enables dimmer curve crossfading to each individual dimmer. Smith reported: “For each dimmer output, the curve can be adjusted with 256 increments from a pure linear curve to a pure inverse-square-law (ISL) curve. Together with RC4 ColorMatch, RC4 Curve Tweak ensures perfect colour rendering by ensuring the dimmer is perfectly matched to the light generation characteristics of any LED.”

The RC4 Curve Tweak also gives designers the opportunity to flex more of their creative muscles. Smith explained: “Using RC4 Curve Tweak with the SX dimmers, designers can create red-shifting with RGB, RGBA, and RGBW light sources.”

RC4 has also made significant advancements in terms of the AC Wave Synthesis features available on the Series 3 SX dimmers. “AC Wave Synthesis on our SX 4-channel dimmers is now available separately for two pairs of channels, allowing one device to separately ring two telephones or control other AC loads, each with their own pair of dynamic DMX control channels,” noted Smith.
Australian Distributor: Barbizon


Elation Chorus Line

Posted on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

With Elation Professional’s new Chorus Line™ of flexible LED batten luminaires, strip lights have graduated from static, single-purpose wash lights to more maneuverable, adaptable lighting effects that can fulfill a number of purposes in a single show. This new range of multi-purpose LED batten wash luminaires features a wide motorized zoom, dynamic 220° tilt axis movement and the power to compete with LED video.

“With the continued improvements in LED technology, the possibilities to use linear LED battens for everything from dynamic visuals to more practical lighting solutions have increased,” states Elation Sales Director Eric Loader. “With the advent of pixel control used as direct eye candy and the ability to use it as a stage wash or foot light, the Chorus Line represents the latest in LED pixel bar effects. The added zoom optics on the LEDs allow it to be used to light objects, scenery, cycs and stages, and the tilt motor function allows it to position or move dynamically during a show, all adding to its capabilities.”

Chorus Line is available in two versions, the 8-pixel bar Chorus Line 8™ and the 16-pixel bar Chorus Line 16™. Both luminaires house 40W RGBW LEDs with full pixel control and are ideal for use as visual effects, foot lights, wash lights, cyc lights and more.

The new high-power OSRAM 40W RGBW LEDs allow the Chorus Line to perform on the largest stages and compete with the bright LED video screens used on most large productions today. Well-defined LED pixel spacing also allows for more impact and aerial effect on camera, ideal for television or concert applications.

Both the Chorus Line 8 and the Chorus Line 16 feature stepless RGBW colour mixing for a wide range of saturated colors and pastel shades. Colour presets and unique colour macros are included as is an electronic strobe, 16-bit dimming and variable dimming curves. In addition, gamma correction and PWM frequency can be adjusted variably and adapted to individual requirements. The Chorus Line is fully equipped for professional control and can be operated via DMX 512-A with full RDM and Art-Net support, as well as Kling-Net protocol.

The Chorus Line is already being used on events and tours like the current Tears for Fears outing, where 32 Chorus Line 16’s provide a bright curtain of light and compete well against a flown LED video wall.
Australian Distributor: Lexair


Claypaky K-EYE HCR wins Plasa Award

Posted on Friday, September 22nd, 2017

The Claypaky K-EYE HCR has won the Plasa Award for Innovation, the most renowned and distinguished prize in the entertainment lighting industry. The award is assigned by a strict jury made up only of expert professionals in the field, who carefully analyze the various products. It is a highly significant prize specifically because it places great emphasis on product innovation, which is one of Claypaky’s underlying key values, around which all the company’s design efforts and products revolve.

The jury gave the following motivation for the award: “A new approach to accurate color rendering starting at chip level rather than manipulating existing sources.”

Pio Nahum, Claypaky’s CEO, welcomed this acknowledgement with great pleasure and illustrated the original specifications behind the K-EYE’s design:  “For years, our most demanding customers felt the need for a light that differed from the others not so much for the number of special effect devices, but also and especially for the ‘quality’ of the light it produced.  This is a very difficult parameter to define, since it relates to perception: it is the sum of multiple factors such as diffusion uniformity, colour temperature, colour control features, and most of all a high colour rendering index. To meet these requirements, Claypaky and Osram have developed a technology named HCR, used in the K-EYE range and in ADB’s Klemantis.”

K-EYE HCR: a joint Claypaky – Osram project

The heart of the K-EYE HCR wash light is a LED light source consisting of a module with six chips, each for a different colour: besides the three “classic” basic red, green and blue colours, Claypaky has added amber, cyan and lime. This exclusive Claypaky technology provides a very wide colour range with excellent colour spectrum coverage.

Along side the LED-light-source heart of this system is its brain: the brand new sophisticated software algorithm that controls its functions. The light produced by the K-EYE is very high quality, with a CRI that reaches values that have never been achieved before by LEDs: typical CRI values range from 97 up to 99. These values were previously only possible with traditional light sources.

Lighting designers who were not satisfied with the performances of LED devices in comparison with traditional lamps, in particular because of their incomplete colour range, poor colour rendering index and lack of consistency, will finally be able to produce every colour, every nuance and every shade with K-EYE HCR luminaires.

A complete range for a wide variety of applications

Our advanced HCR technology is available in a wide range of fixtures to ensure maximum flexibility of use:

•          K-EYE HCR K20: moving head wash light, 37 LED modules, 750 VA, 11,000 lm.

•          K-EYE HCR K10: moving head wash light, 19 LED modules, 450 VA, 5,500 lm.

•          K-EYE HCR S20: static wash light, 32 LED modules, 500 VA (tilt adjustable over 210°).

•          K-EYE HCR K10: static wash light, 17 LED modules, 300 VA (tilt adjustable over 210°).

The K-EYE HCR is suitable for use in all professional fields of application where great brightness, a wide range of colours, and a high CRI are particularly appreciated: theatres, television studios, showrooms, exhibitions, and fashion shows.

Pio Nahum added: “On behalf of the whole company, I would like to congratulate the entire R&D team, which has created a winning product that rewards the joint efforts of Claypaky and our colleagues at Osram.”
Australian Distributor: Show Technology