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Chauvet to showcases expanded Ovation Series At LDI

Posted on Monday, October 30th, 2017

Chauvet Professional’s Ovation series is taking the colour mixing magic of its RGBA-Lime LED system to new places. At the upcoming LDI show, the company will be debuting the industry’s first full-colour RGBAL Fresnel and house light fixtures. Joining them at the Ovation booth (1415) will be other groundbreaking products, including a variable white Fresnel and ellipsoidal.

Leading the way are the Ovation F-915FC, a high-output Fresnel with a motorized zoom that has a 30°-73° field angle, and the Ovation F-55FC, a 3-inch “inkie” Fresnel for short throw applications. Both fixtures feature Ovation’s RGBAL colour mixing system that allows them to render an endless spectrum of colours, from subtle pastels to punchy saturates. Virtually silent, the two fixtures are ideal for theatrical and broadcast applications. Other features shared by the two new Fresnels are 16-bit dimming, a virtual colour wheel and colour temperature presets.

“The Ovation F-915FC and Ovation F-55FC incorporate lime LEDs into their colour-mixing system,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Designers have been very impressed with the results that they’ve been able to achieve with our Ovation RGBAL ellipsoidals, so we’re excited to extend this capability to Fresnels.  Both fixtures were designed from the ground up as RGBAL Fresnels. The Ovation F-915FC is also the first fixture of its kind to feature a motorized zoom.”

Also bringing a new level of colour-rendering possibilities to theatre, house of worship, retail and other applications is the new Ovation H-605FC. The first RGBAL house light on the market, this compact, convection-cooled fixture produces a rainbow of colours as well as white in virtually any colour temperature. Other features include: a virtual colour wheel, 16-bit dimming for smooth fades, WDMX and Remote Device Management (RDM ). The unit comes with a yoke for pipe mounting or suspending from loop eyes. It also has interchangeable lens plates for different mounting heights.

In addition to its expanded array of colour-rendering RGBAL fixtures, CHAUVET Professional is introducing two new variable white fixtures: the Ovation F-915VW Fresnel and Ovation E-930VW ellipsoidal. Both of these high-output fixtures use a custom 6-colour LED system to render an array of colours, as well as white in nearly any colour temperature, with high CRI and CQS.  Each colour temperature can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the level of green.

Both fixtures include Remote Device Management, Adjustable Pulse Width Modulation and 16-bit dimming. The Ovation F-915VW also features a motorized zoom with a 30°-73° field angle, while the Ovation E-930VW works with all industry standard lens tubes and accessories.

Other new offerings from CHAUVET Professional at LDI include the Ovation F-55WW, Ovation FTD-55WW and Ovation F-265WW. Warm white 3-inch “inkie” Fresnels, the quiet 55-watt Ovation F-55WW and Ovation FTD-55WW have outputs greater than a standard 100-watt inkie fixture. Both fixtures have a manually operated zoom with a 30°-69° field angle. The track mountable Ovation FTD-55WW also has a barndoor.

The Ovation F-265WW has a high CRI (96+) field of light. Control of its motorized zoom, which has a 27°-68° field angle, can be achieved via DMX or on-board dials.”

“Our Fresnels, along with the rest of the Ovation fixtures we’ll be showcasing at LDI, represent new solutions for designers in a variety of applications,” said Chauvet. “We are very excited going into this show.”
Australian Distributor: Showtools


ETC Releases Touchscreen Station for Mosaic

Posted on Friday, October 27th, 2017

A new tile has been added to ETC’s Unison Mosaic family, the new Touchscreen interface. The 4.3″ screen can be added to any Mosaic system running Mosaic software 2.4 or later, giving users a new option for monitoring and control over their installation with virtual faders, buttons, color pickers, and more.

“With the same user-interface capabilities as the Tessera Controller, the new Mosaic Touchscreen provides a simple way in for users to customize access to their Mosaic system,” says Bryan Palmer, architectural market manager at ETC. “This addition provides a fully-configurable interface at a lower price point, making the dynamic control system approachable for anyone.”

The Mosaic Touchscreen is modeled on the existing Tessera interface, which gives users a full controller feature set and also address output. The new Touchscreen removes the address output while providing users the same great interface offered with Tessera. The result is an advanced, cost-effective station, allowing users to add more screens to complement the size and intricacies of their system.

The power of the Touchscreen Station lies in its ability to let users interact with an entire Mosaic installation through a customizable interface. Buttons, faders, color pickers, and more, can all be presented on the Touchscreen, giving users extensive — or limited — control over an installation. Users can also set up the Touchscreen to monitor an entire installation, or just part of it. It can even send triggers to external devices for non-lighting effects.

Both the new Touchscreen and the versatile Tessera interfaces will be configured with the latest Mosaic Designer Software, version 2.4. Existing installations will need to be upgraded to Mosaic 2.4 for the Touchscreen to be compatible.

For more info about the Mosaic system, visit the URL below.
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Chauvet DJ 4BAR Flex T USB

Posted on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

4BAR Flex T USB is one of the most versatile and convenient pack-n-go lighting systems anywhere. The unit features unmatched flexibility with the addition of D-Fi™ USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control. You can maximize setup possibilities and configurations with 2 included L-brackets and the unit mounts to most tripods or speaker stands, without the need for additional clamps, using the pass-through hole. Create the ultimate light show by mounting up to 4 additional fixtures to the top of the 4BAR Flex T USB and provide electricity to the additional lights by using the built-in Edison plugs. Easily set up and tear down in minutes with the included carrying bag and create large, coordinated light shows with other 4BAR fixtures in master/slave mode.
Australian Distributor: AVE Corp


ETC Adds Features to Unison Echo systems

Posted on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

ETC’s Unison Echo family just got more powerful. A new operating software adds customer-requested features to the architectural control system, including tunable white and sequence control for the Echo DMX Scene Controller, and more. “The latest Echo software expands the functionality of Echo in exciting directions and includes new features that our customers have directly asked for,” said Lowell Olcott, ETC Networking and Architectural Controls Product Manager.

This software upgrade now lets users control white-tuning DMX fixtures, choosing the temperature that best suits the space. Echo’s ability to control color-tuning fixtures has also been expanded, allowing users to mix a chosen temperature of white as well as colors. The EchoAccess mobile application has undergone a graphics upgrade to ensure users can easily customize the look and feel of their system.

DMX functionality has also been expanded. Sequence control gives users the ability to introduce automated, dynamic color control to their environments by stringing simple presets together. And a new trigger function allows the Echo DMX Scene Controller to interface seamlessly with external DMX sources. With it, users can dictate how the system should behave if a more sophisticated DMX source is plugged in, or what to do if a primary DMX source is lost.

Echo stations and sensors now support preset control across multiple spaces. A single button push can control multiple rooms, including the ability to turn off lights in multiple spaces. Plus, Echo photo sensors support a new inhibit function that prevents the sensor from raising levels when they have been purposefully set to a lower level. This is useful in classrooms with projectors and many other installations.

Echo’s expanded capabilities will be included in every new Echo product. Many existing products can also make use of these new features with a software upgrade.
Australian Distributor: Jands


BlackTrax Unveils Version 2.2

Posted on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

CAST BlackTrax brings a sharp new version of its award-winning BlackTrax real-time motion tracking system now offering centralized control of third-party systems and multiple GUI and system enhancements.

In speaking about BlackTrax version 2.2, Istvan Fazekas, BlackTrax programmer at Cirque du Soleil said: “I like all the new features especially the fixture selection in chapters and the auto douse option. Also, I LOVE how easy it is to update the WYG file in BlackTrax.”

Version 2.2 refines and builds on a customer feedback on v2.1, and is initiating long-requested features. These include:

Centralized Output Widget — Manages all output connections to third party systems, including RTTrPL, RTTrPM, and Art-Net protocols.

Third Party Improvements — In addition to the above, Output tracking data can be smoothed per trackable as well as easy sharing of outputs as they can be exported into a separate file.

Auto Douse and Smooth Pickups Automated Lighting Behaviors — Auto douse will automatically douse a light according to motion. Smooth pickups activate at the beginning of a chapter to create a seamless transition between scenes.

Fixture Calibration — Up to 24 positions can be calibrated and re-called for each chapter. Fixtures can have different trim heights and still maintain tracking accuracy.

Smoothed Centroid Solver — When tracking a combination of multiple tracking points (LEDs), the centroid will gradually fade into the remaining visible LEDs (and fade back once the hidden LED re-appears). This also applies to third party devices, which have been written into the centroid module using BlackTrax RTTrPM protocol.

BTWYG Improvements — It’s now possible to view LEDs and centroids directly in BTWYG’s shaded view and easily select LEDs and centroids, with a focus on either the LEDs themselves, or how they are used within a trackable. BTWYG is now based on the popular WYSIWYG R39 lighting design and previsualization software encapsulating all its innovative features, including alpha beam shadowing enabling even more creativity.

Beam Collision Zones and Beam Sizing are now more accurate — Using predefined spatial zones with beam collision and beam sizing, a calibrated position of the fixture is used instead of the BTWYG draw position.
Australian Distributor: Technical Direction Company


PR Lighting adds 350 Beam to Aqua range

Posted on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

PR Lighting announces a new addition to its successful IP65-rated AQUA range, which has enjoyed a spectacular launch at key trade shows around the globe this year.

The waterproof and dustproof Aqua 350 Beam moving head features a 350W lamp (6,800K colour temperature), and thanks to its advanced optical system delivers a precise, tight and powerful 2.1-degree parallel beam. This makes it ideal for all outdoor situations, particularly where an outdoor searchlight and big air looks are required.

The fixture is fully-featured as would be expected, and includes 12 dichroic colours (including CTO and white), two gobo wheels (one fixed and one rotating), and three prisms. The fixed wheel contains 16 gobos plus open and the rotating wheel 12 interchangeable gobos plus open. The three prisms offer eight-facet, 16-facet, and linear, with bi-directional rotation plus CTO, frost, and open.

Also featured are an individual frost filter and double shutter blades (0.3-20fps) while movement consists of 540-degree (pan) and 270-degree (tilt), with auto position correction.

The product is now in full production and already shipping.
Australian Distributor: Jands


Barco F80, Silent and Flexible

Posted on Thursday, October 12th, 2017

To complete its offer for the fixed installation market, Barco is extending its F-series platform with a flexible new projector, the F80. Billed as “the silent” F”, it brings three powerful assets to museums and venues that require under 10k lumen 24/7: superb 4K resolution; the efficiency and economy of laser; and silence, or the ability to host the projector in the same room as the audience.

“For the F80, we really focused on users that require quality together with long term reliability,” says VP Events Carl Rijsbrack. “Typically, this could be in closer settings such as museum displays or corporate meetings. So the question of noise levels is important. These users can now have the image quality they require based on the latest projection technologies inside a compact unit.”

The F80 builds on the fundamentals of the other Barco F-series phosphor laser projectors, namely freedom, flexibility and 4K resolution. For users, this translates as uniformity, increased up-time, very low maintenance (as no lamps need to be replaced) and energy efficiency.

The constant brightness and long-life color performance is further bolstered by Barco Pulse’s unique Single Step Processing (SSPTM) technology that delivers 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution in only one step. So users can offer their audiences a sharper image and much higher overall image quality with less latency compared to other products on the market.

More specifically, the F80 offers users the flexibility of using an ultra-silent projector. Koen Van Belle, Product Manager, Entertainment: “For the F80, our teams in Belgium, China and Norway combined all of our R&D expertise to develop a bright projector with superb colors using a brand new chip and then further optimized the noise level to make it silent. This is the first Barco projector that uses this new Texas Instruments® technology and the first in the world to push it to these light output levels.”

“We wanted to produce the best-in-class projector for museums, theme parks, virtual and augmented reality applications as well as executive boardrooms,” says Director Strategic Marketing Peter Pauwels. “They want a projector that is reliable, flexible, easy to set up and use, cost-efficient and that projects superb colors at 4K resolution. The fact that it is also ultra-silent really opens up their options in terms of installation and use.”

The Barco F80 will be available from the fourth quarter of 2017.