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Exclusive MADRIX® 5.0 Preview at LDI

Posted on Friday, November 17th, 2017

LEDs are everywhere and an ever-increasing number of LED projects is created all around the world. The most creative and complex designs ask for modern control solutions. Since 2005, the MADRIX® Software specializes in stunning yet easy-to-use pixel mapping. In 2013, MADRIX® 3 took those powerful features and brought them also to 3D for complete control in all three planes  – X, Y, and Z.

MADRIX® 5 will add even more groundbreaking features:

A completely new look and feel will make everything easier to read and even easier to use. This includes not only a fresh font made for screens and monitors for legibility, but also two completely new GUI color schemes for the user interface – light and dark. On top, the user interface has been improved further and will react even quicker when switching between effects.

A whole new level of interaction will be possible with the new TRI category of built-in effects. Generated in real time as well, these can be triggered manually by the user via DMX-IN or MIDI. The user himself can initiate when a visual is created on the LEDs.

Support for 64 bit will provide access to more of a computer’s available resources and boosts any existing system right out of the box already today. Performance increases of 20% are likely due to the modern architecture. Compatibility with Art-Net 4 and Streaming ACN E1.31 unicast support, in addition to multicast, will also be implemented.

The built-in Patch Editor will receive many useful extras. Loading a background image helps with the manual placement of LED fixtures. The list of fixtures and their configuration can be exported or printed. The widely used CSV file format can be imported and will quickly generate complex patch layouts based on data of third-party software, such as visualizers or lighting design tools.

In addition to these headline features, many more improvements will be included. MADRIX® 5 will be shown as exclusive preview version.
Australian Distributor: ETA


Blizzard Lighting has Nostalgia + Newfangled Alike

Posted on Thursday, November 16th, 2017

LDI 2017 is here and Blizzard is back with another epic booth design. They’ve also “levelled up” with a load of new fixtures to match. Plus, it’s all wrapped in plenty of 8-bit nostalgia including an ENORMOUS 26-foot tall, video wall covered 3-D “Q-Bert” style pyramid!

Get your game off to a great start with WINK™, a slick and powerful moving head with blazing fast 540°/270°+infinite pan and tilt! This mover comes loaded with a 60W 4-in-1 RGBW main LED with motorized 5-45° zoom. A four segment pixel-mappable LED ring with a total of 8x 0.5W RGB LEDs adds even more personality and flair, just like your favorite 8-bit console heroes.

If you’ve got quarters left in your pocket, Blizzard’s brand new Aria™ Profile series deserves a look. ETL listed and available with RGBW and warm white LED options, these ellipsoidal profile spot fixtures are equipped to produce intense sharp or soft edged beams thanks to their high-efficiency optical systems and high-output COB LEDs. The Aria™ Profile RGBW comes fitted with a 180W RGBW 4-in-1 COB LED, and the Aria™ Profile WW comes with a 200W white 3200K COB LED.

Next, even the best pixel-based heros need a little help from their toolkit sometimes. Enter Blizzard’s new wiCICLE® Ion™, a 2.4GHz wireless DMX/W-DMX® receiver with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The wiCICLE® Ion™ can be directly powered via DMX when in use with any wiCICLE® enabled fixture, or it can go power cord free for 6+ hours with a full charge.

Just like it’s “Super” Italian plumber cousin Mario, G-Mix™ 200 is an incredible sequel and an incredible fixture in its own right. With a 200W OSRAM® white LED light source and a smooth CMY colour mixing system, this fixture’s rich output does not disappoint. Other impressive specs include its unique system of three color wheels, 5°- 42° linear motorized zoom, smooth 540/270° pan & tilt movement, and variable frost for gentle wash-like output or dynamic background projections.

LOOP™ is a dazzling new linear multi-beam moving head fixture with LED ring effects. LOOP™ comes loaded with 7x 40W RGBW high power LEDs surrounded by 7x RGB coloured rings and a narrow 5° beam angle. The fixture also boasts blazing fast 540°/270° tilt + infinite pan and tilt for sweeping beam effects, smooth 0-100% dimming, built-in crossfading colour macros, and built-in chase patterns with speed control.

Last but not least, LDI-ers shouldn’t miss seeing IRiS™ R3 in action. Blizzard’s booth features 224 panels of IRiS(™), an ETL listed 3.9mm pixel pitch LED video panel with high-contrast 3-in-1 SMD2121 blackbody LEDs. IRiS™ has impressive specs, like 128×128 resolution (16,384 pixel), exceptional 1200nits brightness and 1920Hz refresh rate. Its front/rear module service and a generous warranty and repair system mean stunning ease of use and legendary support from Blizzard for users.
Australian Distributor: Phantos Lighting


SGM debuts G-Spot Turbo at LDI 2017

Posted on Thursday, November 16th, 2017

SGM will launch the G-Spot Turbo at LDI to mark the start of a new series of IP65-rated LED moving heads that will eventually include a Spot, a Profile, a Wash, and a narrow Wash-Beam.

The G- Spot Turbo is based on an optimised additive colour mixing to match the highest demands of colour rendering and total output. The IP65 rating and the integrated patented dehumidifier in the fixtures ensures perfect inner cleanness and no accumulation of externally induced particles and liquids on internal optics and light sources, such as smoke fluid, dust, dirt, airborne pollution and humidity on internal optics, gobos, or the light source unit. The patented SGM dehumidification, not only removes humidity, but also prevents oxidation and condensation, which can lead to corrosion.

The G-Spot Turbo is a solution for those in need of a powerful LED moving head with good chromaticity levels and an outstanding performance in different shades of white. It is suitable for outdoor applications, while being practically maintenance-free makes it a sustainable and long-lasting choice for indoor events and installations as well.

One of the big advantages of the G-Spot Turbo is the extended colour palette. This is caused by the usage of Lime LEDs instead of the Green LEDs available in the original G-Spot. Now, it is possible to achieve warmer pastel colours, richer yellows, and a wider variety of green shades. With the special dichroic technology, the G-Spot Turbo is also able to create deep saturated greens and even more contrasted colours.
Australian Distributor: ETA


ChamSys MagicQ Stadium Wing Showcased At LDI

Posted on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Certain to draw a lot of attention at the ChamSys booth is the MagicQ Stadium Wing. The new product delivers the highest level of show control in a compact package, thanks to features like its 30 Playbacks, 4 Execute Encoders and a full HD multi touch display with adjustable viewing angle and gesture support.

“We’re extremely excited about the MagicQ Stadium Wing,” said Phil Watson, ChamSys USA Director. “It is going to open a lot of doors for lighting designers and programmers as a result of its power and flexibility.”a

Indicative of that flexibility: the MagicQ Stadium Wing’s 30 Playbacks are pageable separately as 15 Fader Playbacks and 15 Execute Playbacks. Also, the four Execute Encoders are multi-purpose and can be assigned functions from the Execute and other MagicQ Windows to enhance playback performance. Adding to this flexibility are the unit’s four DMX outputs.

The MagicQ Stadium Wing’s display connects directly to DVI video output from a MagicQ MQ500 or MagicQ MQ80 console using the DVI cable that comes with the unit. Any MagicQ Window can be transferred to the display on the Stadium Wing.

In addition to the new wing, ChamSys will be showcasing a range of consoles at LDI, including those compact enough to be checked in on an airliner. “We’re excited going into LDI,” said Watson. “Anyone interested in any level of console will find it here.”
Australian Distributor: ULA Group


Introducing Braceworks

Posted on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

The much anticipated release of Vectorworks® 2018 in Australia has seen an enthusiastic response from industry. Along with a host of other new features, the new multi-view editing capability makes for easier and faster object creation and editing, by allowing the display of different views at the same time. But there is one new feature that has many in the entertainment industry excited.

Introducing Braceworks
The entire rigging side of the program has been enhanced with to the addition of Braceworks™ – a structural analysis add-on module for Vectorworks Spotlight. Braceworks provides design, production and rigging professionals with an easy way to gauge the performance of temporary structures under load, to ensure safety and compliance with engineering codes and standards. For the first time, entertainment professionals have an integrated platform for modelling, visualisation, analysis and documentation, by adding Braceworks to Spotlight.

Braceworks operates with standard objects in Spotlight, and converts straight trusses, curved trusses, truss symbols and lighting pipes into structural members. The placement of objects like speakers and lighting devices automatically attaches loads to these structural members, with both point and distributed loads being supported. After modeling and loading, a finite element analysis (FEA) calculation can be performed, and the results exported for structural analysis in two different formats.

The first is a comprehensive FEA report in PDF format, and the second is a structural file in DSTV format that the structural engineer can import into their software for checking and signing off. The whole process saves a great deal of time, improves efficiency, decreases over-design and increases safety. This short movie highlights the key features of Braceworks, and there is more information on our web site here. A recent webinar is now available to watch on-demand here.

Eurovision Song Contest 2017
The use of Braceworks set a milestone in technical planning at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. A complex system consisting of 735 rigging points, 3300 m of trusses, 1816 lighting fixtures, 212 tons of hanging material, 112 CyberHoist chain hoists, and over 30 m of freeform textiles was used for the stage. Read more about this challenging project here.

Vectorworks file for Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Image courtesy of Stephan Schewe.

3D rigging structure for Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Image courtesy of Stephan Schewe.

Special Introductory Offer
For the Vectorworks 2018 version, members of Vectorworks Service Select can add Braceworks to Vectorworks Spotlight or Designer for a special price. Please email or call us on 02 8338 8622 for more information.


High End Systems Releases Hog 4 OS v.3.7.1

Posted on Friday, November 10th, 2017

Hog 4 OS v3.7.0 contains major new features including plot icons, fixture colour-coding, plot images, support for additional touchscreens, effects synchronization, MIDI note macros, many smaller enhancements, and several bug fixes, including an updated bug fix in v3.7.1.

Icons and Colour Coding For Fixtures

Individual fixtures can now be assigned an icon and colour via the fixture window when the “show details” button is enabled at the top of the fixture window or by using the properties pane of a selected fixture in the plot window. Several fixture types in Fixture Library v4.17 (included with Hog 4 OS v3.7.0) have pre- defined icons but they can be changed as needed. When a fixture’s icon size is set to “small” the fixture’s user number will not be displayed in the plot window. This is because the small size is meant to be used for sub-parts or aggregated clusters of fixtures where individual user numbers are less important and/or redundant.

Background Images For Plots

Background images can now be added to plots. Supported image formats include JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF. A background Image object can also be filled and/or outlined with a user-selectable colour. See section 20.2.4 of the Hog 4 OS Help manual for details on how to add and edit background images.

Effects Synchronization

A new “sync” attribute has been added to table effects allowing users to specify the timing of effects across fixtures and/or across parameters within and throughout different playbacks. For example, using the global sync option for all of the programmed effects in a show ensures that all of the effects in the show will always look the same no matter how or when its cues/scenes are played back.

Reusable MIDI Note Comment Macros

A simpler method for sending MIDI notes via comment macros has been added to Hog 4 OS. Users can now create an index of specific MIDI note commands in the new MIDI notes window (hold open and select the MIDI notes button on the open toolbar) and then refer to these entries as “MN” (MIDI note) comment macros. See sections 21.3 and 24.2 of the Hog 4 OS help manual for details on how to send MIDI notes using this method.

“Buttons Across” Option for Directory Windows

A new “buttons across” option has been added to the directory configuration menu for all directory windows. The buttons across option allows users to specify how many cells across the directory window will draw before starting a new row of buttons. This is handy for users who like to arrange directory windows using different windows sizes but would prefer that the button layout remain the same. A horizontal scrollbar is displayed in cases where the “buttons across” value is greater than the number of buttons that the directory window can physically fit across the window due to its current size. For legacy Hog behaviour use the “auto” option.
Australian Distributor: Lexair


ETC introduces ColorSource CYC

Posted on Thursday, November 9th, 2017

ETC has released the ColorSource CYC, a new addition to the ColorSource fixture family. The fixture produces a wide range of colours using an all-LED mix of red, green, blue, indigo and lime, eliminating the need to replace expensive lamps and highly saturated coloured gel. According the ETC, these fanless LED fixtures consume a fraction of the power of other standard CYC fixtures without compromising the light output, so it’s possible to light a full cyclorama with a fraction of the fixtures typically required.

With a compact and lightweight design ColorSource CYC can be quickly set up on a stage floor or hung from a pipe with ease. Each fixture includes an optional hanging yoke, power in and thru connections for easy installation, and standalone presets and sequences.

With the new ColorSource CYC fixture comes an update to ETC’s CYC Tool , which can calculate the number of fixtures required and how far apart to space them to get full cyclorama coverage. The latest version of the CYC Tool is available to download now via iTunes and Google Play.
Australian Distributor: Jands