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Introducing ETC Ion Xe Consoles

Posted on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

For nearly a decade, ETC’s Ion® consoles have brought powerful control to theatres, concert venues, studios and events around the world. Now, with the release of two Ion Xe consoles and two new fader wings, the small but mighty workhorse of the Eos® Family gets an upgrade.

Power in a small package

With compact footprints and full-featured Eos software, Ion Xe consoles bring high-level, award-winning programming power to smaller venues. Since the new consoles features the same backlit keyboard layout as their larger Eos family siblings, your workflow can transfer seamlessly from desk to desk. Ion Xe desks support up to external two multi-touch monitors, so you can take full hands-on advantage of color tools, Magic Sheets, Direct Selects and more.

Ion Xe consoles feature full main playback controls, fader controls, level and rate wheels, four rotary parameter encoders and support for up to five USB-connectable wings and devices. Ion Xe consoles are available in two output counts: 2K (base) and 12K (expanded), providing control for a wide variety of rigs. For extra security and flexibility, ETC has also released a new Ion Xe RPU (Remote Processing Unit), which can serve as a backup, remote programming station, or primary controller for your system.

“The Ion brand is much loved for its compact footprint and powerful feature set at a very attractive price,” explains Eos family Product Manager Anne Valentino. “We wanted to ensure its replacement maintained those attributes, while providing a more consistent hardware design with the larger products in the family. Ion Xe is a powerful addition to a product line-up that covers a broad cross-section of the market.”

Customize your faders

The new Eos Fader Wing accessories provide 20 or 40 non-motorized faders in handy, USB-connectable modules that match – and are compatible with – all the latest Eos family hardware. The wings share the profile of the Ion Xe and Eos Motorized Fader Wings, and they can be used with all Eos family products (with the exception of Element).

Fader wings make it easy to customize your Ion Xe to the specific needs of your show; you can connect up to three motorized or non-motorized fader wings to any Ion Xe desk. Want manual playbacks as a permanent feature of your work surface? The Ion Xe 20 model streamlines your control booth setup with a built-in bank of 20 page-able, non-motorized faders.
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Robe launches new MegaPointe worldwide

Posted on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Robe has launched its much anticipated new multi-functional moving light fixture … the MegaPointe!

MegaPointe is set to define new standards and expectations in moving light technology … taking the original concept of the all-in-one fixture … to a whole new level.

Utilizing an exclusive 470W short-arc lightsource, Robe’s diligently crafted MegaPointe optics produce phenomenally bright parallel beams, incredible spot gobo projections, together with super-quick movement, smooth CMY colour mixing and a multitude of effects available for splitting and shaping the light in Spot, Beam or Wash modes.

The zoom ranges from 1.8 to 21 degrees in Beam mode – tight, powerful and punchy, and goes from 3 to 42 degrees in Spot mode with crystal clear high-clarity output through a 150 mm diameter front lens, with a stunning total lumen output of 20.375 and an impressive CRI of over 80.

Inventive, different in-air projections can be created using the new Effects Engine, pre-loaded with 12 dynamic beam and flower effects, and can be further finessed using the beam shaper which can emulate framing shutter effects and create rectangular shapes as well as being rotatable and indexable.

Utilising the ‘light’ and medium’ frost filters with any combination of colours from the CMY mixing system produces a beautiful, smooth, even wash coverage.

There is a static 14-slot plus open gobo wheel fitted with glass gobos for precision surface projections and exciting in-air impressions, and a second wheel contains 9 rotating, indexable and replaceable gobos.

These can be combined with a variable speed, bi-directional animation wheel which can be used in conjunction with any of the gobos or on its own to enhance or produce exceptionally subtle and detailed effects and projections.

A remote adjustable hot-spot control can further influence the appearance of the lightsource, and there is yet more versatility with a series of pre-programmable ‘random’ strobe and pulse effects.

In keeping with Robe’s commitment to smaller-brighter-lighter fixtures … It weighs only 22Kgs (48.5lbs)!

MegaPointe draws on Robe’s expertise as a premium moving light manufacturer and has been developed by the R ‘n’ D team working in close collaboration with valuable input from lighting professionals to develop another outstanding product.

Robe’s Pointe –- revolutionary at the time – was launched in 2013 and led the way as the first truly multi-functional moving light taking the industry by storm and established new standards of flexibility and choice for LDs, programmers and operators. It continues to be one of the company’s best-selling products.

MiniPointe was launched in 2015 to bring all the well-loved Pointe dynamics to small-to-medium applications … and now the family is completed with the MegaPointe, which takes everything up several notches with refined touches enhancements like CMY colour mixing and blistering brightness.

This multi-functional, multi-purpose luminaire is perfect for live concerts, festivals, EDM & dance extravaganzas, TV productions, outdoor spectaculars and all types of live events and permanent installations.

The first MegaPointes were live in action a week before the launch … on the Main Stage production lighting rig designed by Sander den Otter for Mysteryland 2017, the Netherlands’ oldest and most original dance music extravaganza this year staged over two days at Haarlemmermeerse Bos, Amsterdam, and produced by ID&T.

MegaPointes made a big impact on the main stage of the first ever New Horizons EDM / dance music event at Nürburgring, Germany, part of a production design by Andre Beekmans from NL based creative practice, The Art of Light.

The launch is supported by worldwide product demonstrations and roadshows via Robe’s subsidiaries and distributor network – so everyone has a good chance to see the product for real, and the units are ready for immediate shipping.
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Elation DiGidot C4

Posted on Monday, September 4th, 2017

Elation Professional is pleased to offer the DiGidot C4, a small and powerful LED controller and pixel tape driver that has use in all kinds of applications. “DiGidot is a powerful, innovative solution for pixel control and is one of the most advanced LED pixel tape drivers on the market today. We are proud to now offer it in our product line up,” stated Elation Professional Sales Director Eric Loader. “It offers the latest technology for integration into a variety of LED pixel tape projects and runs all pixel tapes on the market, including the Elation Flex Pixel range.”

The DiGidot C4 is an in-house development of DiGidot, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It works as a pixel controller, ArtNet node, show recorder and trigger device and can work standalone for smaller setups or collaborate in larger networks with third-party devices. One device can drive more than 6000 single LEDs.

Whereas users previously needed one or more ArtNet to DMX nodes in combination with a large number of DMX to SPI decoders to control a large number of LED pixel lights, the DiGidot C4 driver allows for easier configuration by daisy chaining through a built-in Ethernet switch. This means fewer devices, less cabling and less installation time.

A built-in show recorder records up to 8 DMX universes, making the DiGidot C4 perfectly suited for applications in theme parks, museums, retail shops and architectural. It works with a variety of protocols and an intuitive app and web-based user interface make for convenient operation.
Australian Distributor: Lexair


illumination Physics Expands The Dotted Line …..

Posted on Friday, September 1st, 2017

One of the first products developed by illumination Physics a decade ago was the humbly named but incredibly useful “IP DOT.” The ability to integrate a LED powered, direct-view pixel into the façade of a building paved the way for the creation of visual highlights and media walls.

The façade of a tall building is hazardous environment, not least because of the meteorology, but because of the possibility of damage during installation and the physical impact that can occur during façade maintenance and cleaning. IP DOTs are very robust and an IK rating of 10 — the maximum on that scale of impacts, is considered the minimum by illumination Physics.

The most remarkable connecting feature of all of the DOTs the company has created over the years is that they were all designed for perfect purpose and integration. As no two buildings and situations are ever the same, every DOT product has been different, perfectly designed for the project it was intended for.

Hence, the line of DOT products have all been individual in some or many ways to suit every new build or retrofit application.

Every illumination Physics product is designed specifically for the environmental application for which it was created. The company says “brightness is often a performance metric that is abused in the marketing of ‘pixel’ style LED products.” If daylight visibility is required for an IP Dot product, the company will engineer it accordingly. Conversely, if the application is to be part of a nightscape, illumination Physics will match the lumen output accordingly and minimize the energy use responsibly, achieving the best LED outcome.

illumination Physics’ motto: “Why get something almost right, when with a little effort, it can be made perfectly.”


PR Lighting XLED 6007

Posted on Friday, September 1st, 2017

PR Lighting’s new XLED 6007 answers a number of questions for lighting designers and resellers, combining tight 3.3° beams with a wide, far-reaching quality wash — all contained in a compact housing. The fixture features seven 60W RGBW LEDs, along with PR Lighting’s patented optics which have been especially developed for high output in any situation. The product boasts all the features you would expect from such a highly specified product.

These include: Dimmer: 0-100% linearly adjustable; Electronic strobe:0-25 fps (pulse strobe macro); Rainbow, wash, beam, profile and effect modes(kaleidoscope, swirl), multiple macros; 14 channels in short mode, 18 channels in short mode, and 42 channels in extended mode; Ring control, Pixel Control, each RGBW colour in the lamp individually controllable; Head movement: pan 540°, tilt 210° with auto-positioning.

Others features include touch screen, sound operation, LED over-temperature protection and optional wireless control.
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Hypno™ Beam + Spot Offer An Altered State of Light

Posted on Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

As I count backwards from three, you will begin to release all of your tension. Three. Let the illumination of the rings draw you closer. Two. The rings as beautiful as they are mesmerizing. One. You are transcending into a state of euphoria. Feel the rapture from your head to your toes. *SNAP!*  Welcome to an Altered State of Light, brought to you by the spellbinding effects of Blizzard’s new Hypno™ Beam and Spot moving heads with hypnotic LED rings. For optimal therapeutic results, Hypno™ fixtures are best used in club, wedding, and concert settings, or anywhere else a brainwashing-of-the-masses effect is desired.

Hypno™ Beam comes fitted with a high-output 60W RGBW LED in the center for stunning 8° moving beam effects. Plus, the center LED is surrounded by dual hypnotic LED rings featuring mesmerizing chase effects, single LED chases, full colour changes, and strobe. Hypno™ Beam also offers two user-selectable DMX modes (14/23-channels).

Hypno™ Spot comes loaded with a high-output 30W white LED in the center paired with 9 dichroic colours +open, and 9 gobos +open. Similar to Hypno™ Beam, the center LED is surrounded by three SMD LED rings with dozens of built-in patterns, chases and effects. Spot offers two user-selectable DMX modes (12/23-channels).

As fraternal twins, Hypno™ Beam and Hypno™ Spot share lots of DNA. Both come with 540/630° pan + 200° tilt, built-in auto/sound active programs, 3-pin DMX In/Out connections, industry standard powerCON® compatible In/Out connections, and a quarter-turn “Omega” quick connect type clamp bracket. The Beam and Spot are both backed by Blizzard’s 2-year warranty.

“The Hypno™ series are serious, effective therapy for many common DJ maladies, including delusions of grandeur, excessive consumption of ‘Dep’ hair gel, and general dancefloor malaise,” opined Dr. Willhem Komassa, LD. “When administered by a trained professional, subjects reported significant improvement in mood, energy and social encounters. Oh also – did I mention that they are FREAKIN AWESOME?”


Blizzard Lighting will stream a live product presentation with a full demo of the Hypno™ Beam and Spot on Wednesday, August 30 at 11:00AM CST on the company’s Facebook page. To tune in, visit at that time.
Australian Distributor: Phantos


ETC Eos app sales to benefit charities

Posted on Monday, August 28th, 2017

Eos family control becomes even more versatile with the release of the newly-upgraded iRFR and aRFR iOS and Android mobile applications. Both remote apps boast fully-redesigned user interfaces, more intuitive connectivity and an expanded feature set, including a full-feature keyboard and direct selects.

This redesign is available as a free update for anyone who has previously purchased the iRFR or aRFR application. Note that software v2.6 must be installed on the host Eos device (console, RPU, laptop, etc) for these revised applications to work.

All app sale proceeds will be donated to charities that support lighting and theatre professionals in need. There are two versions of each app: one supporting Behind the Scenes (BTS), the US-based charity that assists production personnel in need, and one supporting Backup, the UK-based equivalent.

The existing apps – renamed iRFR Classic and aRFR Classic – will be available as free downloads. The iRFR Preview is unchanged.

Only the Classic apps are compatible with Cobalt family consoles. If an inadvertent update occurs, users can revert to the previous software free of charge by downloading the appropriate Classic version.
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