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Claypaky K-EYE HCR wins Plasa Award

Posted on Friday, September 22nd, 2017

The Claypaky K-EYE HCR has won the Plasa Award for Innovation, the most renowned and distinguished prize in the entertainment lighting industry. The award is assigned by a strict jury made up only of expert professionals in the field, who carefully analyze the various products. It is a highly significant prize specifically because it places great emphasis on product innovation, which is one of Claypaky’s underlying key values, around which all the company’s design efforts and products revolve.

The jury gave the following motivation for the award: “A new approach to accurate color rendering starting at chip level rather than manipulating existing sources.”

Pio Nahum, Claypaky’s CEO, welcomed this acknowledgement with great pleasure and illustrated the original specifications behind the K-EYE’s design:  “For years, our most demanding customers felt the need for a light that differed from the others not so much for the number of special effect devices, but also and especially for the ‘quality’ of the light it produced.  This is a very difficult parameter to define, since it relates to perception: it is the sum of multiple factors such as diffusion uniformity, colour temperature, colour control features, and most of all a high colour rendering index. To meet these requirements, Claypaky and Osram have developed a technology named HCR, used in the K-EYE range and in ADB’s Klemantis.”

K-EYE HCR: a joint Claypaky – Osram project

The heart of the K-EYE HCR wash light is a LED light source consisting of a module with six chips, each for a different colour: besides the three “classic” basic red, green and blue colours, Claypaky has added amber, cyan and lime. This exclusive Claypaky technology provides a very wide colour range with excellent colour spectrum coverage.

Along side the LED-light-source heart of this system is its brain: the brand new sophisticated software algorithm that controls its functions. The light produced by the K-EYE is very high quality, with a CRI that reaches values that have never been achieved before by LEDs: typical CRI values range from 97 up to 99. These values were previously only possible with traditional light sources.

Lighting designers who were not satisfied with the performances of LED devices in comparison with traditional lamps, in particular because of their incomplete colour range, poor colour rendering index and lack of consistency, will finally be able to produce every colour, every nuance and every shade with K-EYE HCR luminaires.

A complete range for a wide variety of applications

Our advanced HCR technology is available in a wide range of fixtures to ensure maximum flexibility of use:

•          K-EYE HCR K20: moving head wash light, 37 LED modules, 750 VA, 11,000 lm.

•          K-EYE HCR K10: moving head wash light, 19 LED modules, 450 VA, 5,500 lm.

•          K-EYE HCR S20: static wash light, 32 LED modules, 500 VA (tilt adjustable over 210°).

•          K-EYE HCR K10: static wash light, 17 LED modules, 300 VA (tilt adjustable over 210°).

The K-EYE HCR is suitable for use in all professional fields of application where great brightness, a wide range of colours, and a high CRI are particularly appreciated: theatres, television studios, showrooms, exhibitions, and fashion shows.

Pio Nahum added: “On behalf of the whole company, I would like to congratulate the entire R&D team, which has created a winning product that rewards the joint efforts of Claypaky and our colleagues at Osram.”
Australian Distributor: Show Technology


Elation Artiste Dali™, Proteus Hybrid™ win Awards

Posted on Friday, September 22nd, 2017

It’s hard to imagine how the 40th incarnation of the PLASA show could have gone any better for Elation Professional. Capping an exceptional show, the company’s new full-featured Artiste Dali™ LED moving head and IP-rated Proteus Hybrid™ discharge-lamp moving head were both recognized as exceptional innovation with a PLASA Award for Innovation. On hand to accept the awards were Elation President Toby Velazquez and Elation Sales Director Eric Loader.

“This PLASA will always be special,” Eric Loader said shortly after the ceremony. “We’re humbled and honored to have won two PLASA awards for product innovation. We continue to listen to designers and rental houses about their needs and continue to break the glass ceiling of perception that quality must be expensive by bringing innovative products to market with excellent price-value ratios. The Artiste Dali and Proteus Hybrid are great examples of that. Congratulations to our entire Elation team who worked so hard on getting these new products to market.

The Artiste Dali and Proteus Hybrid were acknowledged as ground-breaking innovation at a ceremony held Monday evening, September 18th at the Olympia Exhibition Center in London. “This is the first time the judges have seen a diffracted laser in an LED spot luminaire, making for a very versatile product,” the judging panel said of the Artiste Dali. Of the Proteus Hybrid, the judges stated, “The innovative approach to cooling has enabled this to be the first IP rated hybrid moving discharge luminaire.”

Both products attracted a great deal of interest throughout the 3-day show. The Artiste Dali™, which saw its world debut, is a full-featured moving head with a unique hybrid light engine that combines a 300-watt LED source and 100-watt Laser Phosphor source for greater spot and beam capabilities from one fixture. The multi-environmental Proteus Hybrid – also an LDI Best Debuting Product Award winner in 2016 – is a discharge-lamp moving head light with spot, beam, and wash modes that gives designers the freedom to utilize this latest technology at any event, indoors or out. Both products are available for purchase now through Elation’s worldwide partner network.

The PLASA Awards for Innovation have long been respected for their independent and impartial judging panel of industry experts. The Artiste Dali and Proteus Hybrid accolades follow PLASA Innovation Awards for the Elation Sniper 2R™ in 2014 and the Elation Platinum FLX™ in 2015.
Autralian Distributor: Lexair


Martin MAC Encore™ Performance

Posted on Thursday, September 21st, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions announces the launch and availability of Martin MAC Encore™ Performance, a full-featured, LED moving head designed to produce premium white light in a wide variety of applications where critical lighting is required. MAC Encore Performance is available in two dedicated colour temperature variants: WRM for unparalleled, 3000 K warm incandescent emulation and CLD for crisp, 6000 K neutral daylight.

MAC Encore Performance integrates cutting-edge LED technology with a proprietary and innovative light engine that has been carefully engineered to generate pristine, full spectrum light with ultra-high colour rendition. This is all housed in a cleverly cooled and packed optical design.

The MAC Encore Performance weaves together coveted features and dynamic effects including vibrant CMY colour mixing, ultra-slow gobo rotation, Animotion™ FX system for 3D beam animations, smooth colour temperature correction, dimming to full blackout, and variable frost. And it performs them all with extreme speed and accuracy of movement, precise framing shutters, all in a record-breaking, low noise engine.

“With the introduction of two dedicated engines for pristine cold and warm white light found in MAC Encore Performance, we are not only solidifying our industry-leading position in LED technology, we are also offering a premium alternative to the one-size-fits-all solutions we see in the stage lighting market,” said Markus Klüsener, Product Manager—Stage Lighting, HARMAN Professional Solutions.

Both the CLD and WRM variants of Martin MAC Encore Performance are now available. Contact your HARMAN representative for ordering information. A MAC Encore line extension is planned for early 2018 to include wash fixtures in CLD and WRM variants.

For more information, please visit:


Event Pixels ADP4 – P4 Advertising Screens

Posted on Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Designed for those who want to embrace the power of Digital Advertising, but who also need a portable solution. Whether it be to void permanent installation or use a diverse range of marketing campaigns, the Event PiXELS LED Digital Display is the perfect solution for your advertising needs.


  • Plug and Play – supply power and the screen will automatically start playing content – it’s that simple!
  • Mobile – portable frame on wheels which makes this display easy to move.
  • Wi-Fi and Internal storage – has Wi-Fi connection where content can be sent directly to the screen’s internal storage.
  • Orientation – Adjustable to display aspect ratio  from landscape to portrait
Module Information
  • Pixel Pitch (mm): 4
  • Pixel Density (Dots/m2): 62,500
  • Module Size (L * W mm): 256 * 128
  • LED Encapsulation: SMD2121 Black
  • Scan Rate: 16
  • Refresh Rate (Hz): ? 1,920
  • Viewing Angle: 140°
  • Best Visual Distance (m): 4 – 40
  • Brightness(cd/m2): ? 1,500
  • MTBF (hrs): 10,000

Cabinet Information

  • Housing Materials:  Aluminium (Screen), Steel (Base)
  • Cabinet Size (L * W mm): 768 * 1,536 / Customizable
  • Thickness (mm): 120
  • Weight (Kg): 60
  • Setup: Vertical / Horizontal
  • Input Voltage: 240V AC
  • Power Consumption (W/m2) : ? 600
  • IP Rating: 20


PLASA Awards for Innovation 2017

Posted on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Run in association with LSi magazine, the 2017 PLASA Awards for Innovation took place at the end of a very busy Monday at this year’s PLASA Show. Hosted by PLASA’s managing director Peter Heath, the awards aim to recognise and reward outstanding new product ideas.

The Awards garner a huge amount of respect because they are independently and impartially judged by an invited team of industry experts.

To win an Award for Innovation and Sustainability, a nominated product had to satisfy the chairman of judges that it met the criteria for Innovation by clearly showing that it demonstrates a new style of thinking; improves technical practice; introduces new technology, new materials or new techniques; includes patents or unique intellectual property; offers a new commercial advantage, or improves safety.

“This year we saw an incredible 40 products nominated, rather fittingly for our 40th year,” says Peter. “The judges can give up to eight Awards of equal standing – plus they have the option to make one or more of these a ‘GOLD’ Award – to recognise products they believe stand out above the others. They also have the option to present the PLASA Award for Sustainability, for products which offer a significant reduction of power usage; or make effective use of renewable energy sources; or which offer a significant reduction in environmental impact of its product lifecycle.”
The judges awarded all eight trophies and the winners were:

City Theatrical for the DMXcat
A compact multifunction DMX analyser that will be a useful addition to many technicians’ toolboxes.

Claypaky for the K-EYE K20 HCR
An LEDwash light at delivers a new approach to accurate colour rendering starting at chip level rather than manipulating existing sources.

Drop for the Hyperlay
The Judges felt this was a time-saving app to enable riggers to transpose rigs to different venues and recalculate loads at the touch of a button.

Eaton Zero-88 for the RigSynch
The RigSynch opens up lighting creativity opportunities for non-technical people in an entry-level environment.

Elation for the Artiste Dali
This is the first time the Judges have seen a diffracted laser in an LED spot luminaire making for a very versatile product.

Elation for the Proteus Hybrid
This innovative approach to cooling has enabled the Proteus Hybrid to be the first IP rated hybrid moving discharge luminaire.

Shure for the Axient Digital
The most compact, discrete and ergonomic transmitter married with a very smart RF system makes the Axient an obvious choice of microphone system.

Stage Smarts for the Smart PDU
A simple time and space-saving power distribution solution that will be welcomed by many rental companies.

Special commendations also went to two products: James Simpson’s Holo Machine which shows true innovation with technology, allowing directors and designers to collaborate in a mixed-reality environment; and Doughty for its SpaceSaver Omega, a simple time and space-saving solution that will be welcomed by many rental companies.

Two additional awards were presented to Le Maitre and Stardream, who were both celebrating 40th anniversaries.

LSi magazine would like to thank the team of judges who gave their time and expertise to assess this year’s product nominations. The team this year comprised: James Eade (chairman), a long-time contributor to LSi magazine and an independent electrical safety consultant; Simon Allen, a freelance sound engineer/producer and pro audio professional with over a decade of experience; Ed Manwaring of EM Communications, an experienced sound, lighting and video installer; Stephanie Baldwin, technical project manager at the Royal Albert Hall; Mick Jones, leading live events project manager and account manager at Creative Technology; David Bishop, well-established television and event lighting designer & programmer; Joe Mapson, technical production manager, Charcoalblue; Paul Fielder, deputy lighting systems manager, Royal Opera House; Matt Prentice, lighting designer and production electrician; Tim Mascall, international theatre lighting designer; and Ryan Penny, Senior consultant at Vanguardia Consulting.

The awards presentation culminated with the announcement of the winner of the prestigious Gottelier Award, which was won by Wayne Howell, founder of Artistic Licence.

“We continue to be impressed by the quality of the entries for the Awards and, as always, they were outstanding,” says Peter. “The judges found it a real challenge to reduce the shortlist to the eight available awards and our congratulations go to the highly deserving winners.

“On a final note, we would like to thank LSi magazine, for donating £1,500 from this year’s entry fees to PLASA’s chosen charity, backup, which supports entertainment professionals in need.”


Enttec Pixel Port

Posted on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Enttec’s Pixel Port, a portable, robust dual DMX Universe over Ethernet to pixel driver, is designed to help lighting engineers easily incorporate pixel projects of all sizes into their touring rigs and to control pixel dots or pixel tape with ease. Running directly from any ArtNet, sACN or ESP data stream, this unit comes complete with etherCON and powerCON ins and outs, supports a wide variety of pixel protocols and is available as a 5-, 12- and 24-volt product. It promises seamless integration into any setup.

The Enttec Pixel Port is:

• Easy to extend: connect one to another and get multiple outputs

• Features the most popular, industry-standard connectors

• Choose from three modes: direct/fixture mode/standalone

This touring grade pixel driver has three modes. It can be used traditionally to control each pixel individually, giving maximum possible control, in a standalone mode, or, with our latest innovation: the power of the ENTTEC effects generator.

This feature is not to be underestimated. Reducing channel count of an entire two Universes to just 17 channels, the level of control and precision it provides is unparalleled.

Configured with our classic ENTTEC web-server, the Pixel Port’s on-board processor gives the user extensive effect options such as waveform, direction, speed, size, strobe, intensity and operates both on ‘background’ and ‘foreground’ programming layers.

The unit comes straight out of the box in Standalone mode, comprising 14 preset shows designed to showcase the best of what your tape/dots can achieve, without the need to program anything at all. A bank of six blank presets are provided to for you to program your own shows onto the unit allowing you to meet bespoke requirements, without the need of a control device during operation.


Chauvet Maverick MK Pyxis

Posted on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Maverick MK Pyxis empowers your creativity by giving you an endless array of incredible eye-candy looks with its epic beam and wash effects, wide zoom range, continuous 360° pan and tilt movement and awesome aerial and pixel-mapping effects. This revolutionary and compact moving head features a ring of nine 15 W RGBW LEDs with a zoom range of 7°to 45° and a punchy 60 W RGBW LED serving as a center pixel with built in colour macros and gobos and a 3° beam angle. Choose from DMX, sACN, Art-Net, or W-DMX for control.

  • A full featured RGBW LED wash and beam fixture with 360° continuous pan and tilt movement
  • A (9) 15 W RGBW LED outer ring of LEDs with a 7°— 45° zoom angle and pixel control for wide and narrow effects
  • A single 60 W RGBW LED center pixel with a fixed 3° beam angle for dedicated beam color effects
  • Built in color effects for quick design possibilities
  • Built in virtual gobo wheel with background colors for impressive atmospheric effects
  • Quiet operation for a wide range of installation situations
  • DMX, W-DMX, S ACN, Art-Net, and Kling-Net control for full flexibility
  • RDM enabled for remote addressing and trouble shooting
  • Converts TCP/IP to DMX for shorter data cable runs
  • 7°— 45° zoom angle for variable beam sizes
  • True 1 compatible power input
  • Battery backup touchscreen display with auto rotate depending on fixture orientation
  • Three setup menu presets and preset sync for cross loading to multiple like fixtures for easy shop setup
Australian Distributor: Showtools