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ShowPro LED PixPar 3 IP65 RGBW Zoom

Posted on Thursday, July 20th, 2017

The PixPar3 delivers a powerful tight beam or a super flat wash thanks to the DMX controlled motorised zoom in a compact diecast IP rated housing.

– 120W RGBW LEDs
– Perfect colour mixing consistency in a compact weather-proof housing
– 16- Bit smooth dimming
– Dual yoke allows Fixture to be floor-mounted
– Patented structural design delivers superior passive cooling
– Silent and flicker free operation suitable for broadcast environments
– Indestructible diecast alloy body
– High contrast OLED menu display
– Password protected menu lock
– IP65-rated for outdoor use


Blizzard’s Kryo.Mix™ CMY

Posted on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Kryo.Mix™ CMY is powerful 3-in-1 Beam/Spot/Wash moving head that is loaded with advanced optics, mechanics, and electronic technology, all built around an extremely bright 350W discharge lamp. It features a 1.5- 35° zoom that can provide super sharp narrow or wide beam aerial effects with highly saturated colours via its CMY color mixing system.

The advanced CMY colour mixing system built into the Kryo.Mix™ CMY consists of 3 separate colour wheels with gradual Cyan/ Magenta/Yellow fade, plus 5 carefully selected colour filters on each wheel, for a total of 15 static colours + white, which allows users to achieve a wide range of colour possibilities.

Other outstanding features of the Kryo.Mix™ CMY include smooth 540/280° pan & tilt movement (8 and 16-bit resolution), dual gobo wheels (#1 rotating, with 12 gobos + open, and #2 with 13 static gobos + open), 12/36-facet rotating prism with auto beam adjustment, motorized zoom and focus, gobo shake, frost filter, and 1-18Hz cycle strobe for an endless amount great beam effects. 21/23/28-channel DMX channel modes are also available and its operating modes include master/slave, and auto mode.

Kryo.Mix™ CMY fixtures offer an easy-to-use 5-button LCD control panel, dual side handles for easy transportation, powerCON® compatible power input connection, 3/5-pin DMX In/Out jacks, and dual quarter-turn “Omega” quick connect type clamp brackets for secure truss mounting, making this one incredible 3-in-1 Beam/Spot/Wash moving head fixture.
Australian Distributor: Phantos Lighting


Chauvet DJ Geyser T6

Posted on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017


Geyser T6 brings a burst of lighting energy to your events with a pyrotechnic-like effect. Geyser T6 illuminates bursts of water-based fog with 6 tri-color (RGB) LEDs. Its advanced fluid sensor with automatic shut off protects the pump from overheating.Compact and lightweight, Geyser T6 is perfect for mobile applications.
Australian Distributor: AVE Audio Visual Engineering


Arkaos releases LEDMaster 1.2

Posted on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Arkaos has announced the release of LEDMaster 1.2 with the support for the new interface Kling-Force LED.

Says the company, “Now is the perfect time to discover an incredibly flexible and efficient way to drive your next LED show! The release of the New LEDMaster 1.2 brings significant support updates for the Kling-Net protocol and also introduces support for the new interface Kling-Force LED, an incredibly efficient and easy way to control LED strips.”

The Kling-Net protocol makes the programming of LED devices much faster and easier. The Kling-Force LED platform is daisy chainable to distribute video over Ethernet via plug and play and no complex setup is required.
Australian distributor: ULA


PR Lighting supercharges Butterfly

Posted on Monday, July 17th, 2017

PR Lighting recently previewed the new Butterfly among a suite of new products at the Prolight+Sound Show in Frankfurt.

Although it was well received, the company decided to supercharge it by adding five small plates on the central disk, containing 15 x 1W LEDs, to the 6 x 40W Osram R/G/B/W 4 in 1 LEDs already existing. It is now known as the Butterfly II.

The new de luxe fixture is thus now composed of 11 independently controlled or grouped LED engines all in one unit. The fixed centre 3.5° RGBW beam is surrounded by the five individual identical RGBW beams, all with tilt control, creating a flapping butterfly effect.

This fixture contains five white LED clusters that can be individually controlled or can work together to create either a white blinder strobe or random strobing effect. The entire unit can pan 540° and tilt 270° while the entire head can spin continuously through 360° and the outer LEDs can tilt 180°. The LCD touchscreen and WDMX control make operation and connection easy and intelligible.
Australian Distributor: Jands


Arkaos introduces Kling-Net Tile app

Posted on Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Kling-Net is a new plug-and-play protocol for easy operation of LED devices introduced by ArKaos.

The Kling-Net Tile app converts your smartphone or tablet into a LED tile and is available for for free. Kling-Net protocol, in combination with ArKaos software (LED Master, GrandVJ XT and MediaMaster), provides a plug and play connection to LED devices of all sorts. The compatibility matrix is on the Arkaos website.
Autsralian Distributor: ULA Group


PR Lighting XLED 4022RZ

Posted on Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

PR Lighting’s new XLED 4022RZ is a wash, beam and effect moving-head light that makes use of 22 40W Osram RGBW LEDs.

The LEDs are strategically placed in symmetrical distances, making the fixture an extremely versatile and powerful all-purpose device. With a beam angle zoom range of 4.7° to 60°, the beam can create illumination and colour mixing in both near and far distances, making it suitable for big concerts or small venues. When used in wash mode, the beams come together to create a nice luminous wash with an even distribution of colourful lights, the perfect effect for theatre. It contains countless vortex effects for aerial or kaleidoscopic projection with a pan 540° and tilt 240° allowing you to create the visuals you desire, which makes the fixture perfect for club scenery. Having sound control mode, individual LED control and being touch screen makes the unit easy for connection and operation.

The XLED 4022RZ is a bright, colourful and multi-purpose light that can be used at its highest and lowest potential and still give you the effects required at any club, concert or theatre.
Australian Distributor: Jands


CAST Software announces wysiwyg R39

Posted on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

CAST introduces wysiwyg Lighting Design Software Release 39 which packs improved security to protect user investment as well as a rich new feature set for every wysiwyg mode: CAD, Data, Plots, Reports and Previsualization and more!

Created with the lighting designer in mind as well as a futuristic workplace, wysiwyg’s powerful and integrated improvements result from the direct feedback from wysiwyg users and the wysiwyg beta testing program. Users will be able to be more creative and dynamic in their lighting design workflow from the design and presentation to clients as well as on site, saving valuable time and resources.

Driving innovation, wysiwyg highlights include: 

Panorama / 360º Image export
Users now can export 360º Spherical images of their design and with the help of a VR googles, such as Google cardboard or Gear VR, users can step inside their virtual design and experience it in first hand.

Alpha Beam Shadows
wysiwyg is taking it one step closer to reality by considering the color and Alpha percentage in the textures and altering the beam’s color and intensity as it passes through the surface.

Library’s Insertion Points
Select from different insertion points when adding a Library item into a drawing. This will help place an object correctly and avoid having to re-position it afterwards.

Software UI Translations
CAST has accomplished extensive background work so that wysiwyg can be translated to new languages. French language is first with many more languages available soon!

AutoCAD Importing Improvements
For wysiwyg Release 39, a lot of investigation time and effort was dedicated to make improvements to importing DWG/DXF files. This should resolve any issues experienced when importing very large DWG/DXF files.

Library Additions
Setting a brand-new world record for a wysiwyg release, there are 220 new fixtures available in the Library plus new accessories, gels, gobos and many old fixture correction and updates.

wysiwyg Lighting Design software continues to improve its ease to use workflow and features, some of the new functionalities are a first in the industry giving users significant commercial and creative advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


ACME Solaris

Posted on Monday, July 3rd, 2017


Light Source: 36 x 15W RGBW LED & 49x 0.06W CW LED (6500K)
Beam Angle: 6°


DMX channel: 166/206 channel
Control Mode: DMX512, Art-Net
Firmware Upgrade: Update via DMX link


Pan/Tilt: Infinite
Pan/Tilt Resolution: 16bit


Display: LCD display
Data In/Out: 3-pin and 5-pin XLR socket,RJ-45
Power socket: Powercon in/out
Protection Rating: IP20


Integrated multi features: beam,wash,pixel effect,star background and moonflower beam…
36 (6×6) x 15W RGBW pixel control LED + 49 (7×7) CW star effect LED
Preset a variety of graphics matrix effect
Outstanding color mixing effect
0~100% smooth dimming,4 optional dimming curves
Adjustable strobe speeds
Excellent thermal control with heat pipe technology
Low noise as the fan speed can be adjusted automatically according to the temperature
Optional reflector mirror module,can create moonflower effect with beam light spotting on the mirror

Electrical and Physical

Power Voltage: AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 580W
Dimension: 466x246x575mm
Weight: 20Kg
Australian Distributor: ULA Group


HES SolaFrame Theatre

Posted on Friday, June 30th, 2017

SolaFrame Theatre is the industry’s latest automated LED luminaire to deliver completely silent operation. Engineered with no fans,  SolaFrame Theatre features a full effects package including framing shutters, high CRI, gorgeous colours and impeccable dimming. SolaFrame Theatre is a natural fit for designers that work in theaters and other venues where fixture noise is simply not acceptable.

Poised to (quietly) change the world, SolaFrame Theatre features modular construction, extremely low power usage and other innovations such as High End Systems’ patented Lens Defog system, making it the most versatile LED automated spot luminaire available.

• Bright white LED engine

• 440w High CRI engine produces 15,000 field lumens

• Fanless, silent operation

• 540 x 265 degree movement

• CMY / CTO linear colour mixing system

• 7-position Fixed Colour Wheel

• Framing system for total control of beam shape

• Iris, Light Frost, Linear 4 Facet Prism and 7 to 42 degree zoom

• 8-position plus Open Fixed Colour Wheel

• 7-position plus Open Rotating Gobo Wheel

• Continuously Variable Animation Wheel
Australian Distributor: Lexair


Pathscape from Pathway

Posted on Friday, June 30th, 2017

Pathscape™, the successor to Pathport Manager, is a free software suite for configuration of Pathway’s entire product line including VIA™, Pathport™ gateways, Cognito2™, Choreo™, NSB™, Vignette™, and eDIN™ interface cards.

Featuring a brand-new, graphical patch editor, complex sub-universe channel patching can be configured with a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. A familiar and powerful grid view is also provided for more in-depth, line-by-line patching.

Port configuration on VIA switches is also much faster and can be done en masse with copy-and-paste commands.

No need for multiple applications: everything needed to set-up, configure and troubleshoot your Pathway products, both ethernet-based and RDM, is included.

Pathscape comes bundled with the latest firmware for VIA Switches, Pathport gateways, NSB and Vignette.
Australian Distributor: Jands


Elation Fuze PAR Z175 LED Wash

Posted on Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Elation’s new Fuze PAR Z175 is a full-color LED PAR light designed for use in all types of stage wash applications, from theatre, TV studio and HoW environments to touring and special events. It extends tie Fuze series that Elation launched last year. This series of LED wash fixtures aims to improve upon the pixelated lens face of ordinary LED PAR fixtures by replicating the classic look of old-school pars and moving wash fixtures.

When Elation Professional launched the Fuze series at last year’s PLASA show, the company filled a niche in the market for dynamic LED wash luminaires with a line of modern PAR lights that project a high-quality flat field of light yet emulate the classic lens look of a traditional Fresnel. Now Elation is expanding the series with the addition of the new Fuze PAR Z175™, a full-color LED PAR light designed for use in all types of stage wash applications from theatre, TV studio and HoW environments to touring and special events.

With the Fuze series, Elation chose to improve upon the pixelated lens face of ordinary LED PAR fixtures by replicating the classic look of old-school pars and moving wash fixtures that so many designers and artists prefer. Like other lights in the Fuze series, the Fuze PAR Z175 uses single-lens RGBW COB LEDs to project a single homogenous beam of light with an evenly lit lens face that appears as one color instead of individual LED diodes.

The Fuze PAR Z175 houses an advanced 175W RGBW COB LED engine for a wide palette of color choice with smooth, single source color mixing that gives fully premixed looks and an extremely flat field of light, the quality of light that today’s top designers demand. Besides their non-pixel look, designers have valued the Fuze series for their ability to wash a surface or subject without the multi-shadows created from traditional LED wash fixtures.

The Fuze PAR Z175 is powerful enough to use in all sizes of rigs and can project 15,026 LUX @ 6.6 ft (2m) when used full on at an 8° beam angle. Max power consumption is low for such a powerful luminaire at only 200W.

Remarkably silent in operation, including the zoom function, the fixture can be used in noise sensitive environments like theatres, TV studios and houses of worship, and an advanced cooling system keeps the fixture surprisingly cool to the touch.

The Fuze PAR Z175 offers many of the useful design features that top designers ask for like a smooth and fast 8° to 35° zoom for more precise beam control, electronic strobe and variable dimming curve modes. User convenience is at a maximum with 64 color presets and 14 unique color macros included when programming time is limited.

The Fuze PAR Z175 is outfitted with all the professional control features that designers should expect from a modern luminaire. A gel frame and barn doors are included and dual adjustable yokes allow for precise positioning when mounting on the floor.

With the Fuze series Elation has given the market an option when it comes to LED wash fixtures. The Fuze PAR Z175 joins other moving head and PAR lights in the Fuze series to offer the new technology of a modern luminaire with classic wash looks.
Australian Distributor: Lexair


Ovation B-1965FC offers advantage of lime colour mixing

Posted on Monday, June 26th, 2017

Chauvet Professional continues to usher in a new era of color mixing opportunities in wash lighting with the introduction of the Ovation B-1965FC. Like its predecessors, the Ovation B-2805FC and B-565FC, the new 1.2m batten utilizes a RGBA-Lime color mixing system, allowing designers to create a richer and broader range of colors as well as brighter whites.

“The Ovation B-1965FC gives us a complete range of batten washes with RGBA-Lime color mixing,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Designers immediately appreciated the brighter output and more realistic color washes they could achieve with our Ovation B-2805FC and B-565FC and they can expect the same from our latest batten. Lime fits into the optimal wavelength for the human eye, which is critical to the performance of these fixtures.”

Powered by 196 RGBL LEDs, the Ovation B-1965FC has an illuminance of up to 5,000 lux at 5m, making it one of the brightest battens on the market. In addition to its brightness and long throw distance, the fixture is extremely versatile with multiple control personalities for complex programming schemes, up to seven sections of control and 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer and individual colors. The user-friendly batten offers RDM, Art-Net, and sACN as well as standard three-pin and five-pin DMX control options.

Other standard features include a Virtual Color Wheel that matches popular gel colors, temperature presets for easier programming, and a linear holographic diffuser that locks into place for wall and cyc grazing. The fixture’s adjustable pulse width modulation and silent operation make it well-suited for lighting designs that will be videoed, as well as for use in theatres and houses of worship.

“We expect the Ovation B-1965FC to be embraced in a wide range of applications,” said Chauvet. “Aside from its extraordinary color mixing, this fixture has a range of performance features that make it ideally suited for many different projects.”
Australian Distributor: Showtools


W-DMX Micro Now Shipping

Posted on Thursday, June 15th, 2017

The W-DMX Micro F-1 G5 Transceiver is the smallest and most compact W-DMX unit. Capable of transmitting DMX and RDM data with our patent-pending and improved Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology, and with support for W-DMX Datasafe and Invisi-wire technologies, the W-DMX Micro F-1 G5 Transceiver ensures that your DMX or RDM control signal reaches its destination.

This new device offers:

2.4 Ghz 8 universes AFH Adaptive Datasafe DMX 512 Invis-Wire Multipoint One Button 2 Go RDM G3 & G4S Compatible

Single universe DMX transmitter/receiver

W-DMX G5 Protocol

High-Speed Frequency Hopping – 1800 times per second

Mount in any location on set, scenery or truss

Battery compartment

Invisi-wire High-Fidelity Technology – Output matches Input

Datasafe Technology – Wireless Fidelity and Error correction

Less Than 5ms Latency

Full DMX512 support

One-button-to-go, for ease of use

Adaptive Frequency Hopping Radio

2.4GHz radio license free worldwide

5V USB power input

Kensington Security slot

Compatible with all W-DMX™ OEM products
Australian Distributor: Show Technology


Chauvet DJ EVE F-50Z

Posted on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

EVE F-50Z is an LED Fresnel fixture that shines a soft-edged, warm white spot and features D-Fi™ USB compatibility for wireless master/slave or DMX control. Manual zoom gives you the flexibility to project from any distance. You can operate EVE F-50Z in standalone mode eliminating the need for DMX control and you can save time running extension cords by power linking multiple units.
Australian Distributor: AVE Audio Visual Engineering


Philips VL1100 LED

Posted on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

The new Philips VL1100 LED has been designed as a seamless, low-energy replacement for the popular VL1100 ellipsoidal reflector spotlight, a favorite tungsten moving head fixture for many lighting designers. High quality, high-CRI light output, consistent colour reproduction and a perfect ‘tungsten’ colour shift emulation are therefore key to its design. These characteristics are all delivered by an exclusive new 3200K Philips LED light engine, which succeeds in making the Philips VL1100 LED the first moving head fixture to offer a true alternative to the traditional tungsten source.

In addition, the Philips VL1100 LED offers the added flexibility of allowing the user to remotely manage the balance between light output and fan level. When the user sets the fan noise level, the fixture will automatically set the total power output to align with the required noise level, and vice versa.

Martin Palmer, Philips Entertainment Lighting Vari-Lite segment manager, said: “With this new fixture we have really responded to what lighting designers have been telling us they need. It’s a true refocusing moving head profile, with innovative new features such as the noise-to-output control, but most importantly it continues the legacy of the VL1000 Series, which has long been one of the most specified fixtures for theater applications.”

The Philips VL1100 LED uses the same colour mechanism as the lamp-based version, but the colour system has been tuned with the LED light engine to match the original fixture’s colour reproduction. To maximize cooling efficiency, the fixture features a new, hybrid system of liquid cooling and forced air, keeping fan noise levels to a minimum whilst maintaining the high quality light output.

Further enhancements within the new software system include the addition of Standard and Classic operating modes, allowing the Philips VL1100 LED fixture to be used as a direct replacement of the Philips VL1100 with very little modification needed to existing show programs. All other features popular in the original Philips VL1100 luminaire will remain the same in the new Philips VL1100 LED.

Colin Kavanagh, General Manager Philips Entertainment Lighting said: “At Philips Entertainment Lighting we are committed to using our resources and expertise to develop innovative lighting products that serve the precise needs of the market. We believe the VL1100 LED drastically raises the bar for high quality, versatile, professional stage and television lighting tools.”

The VL1100 LED will soon also be available in an HP (high power/high colour temperature) version, delivering a bright, flat and even field at 6500K, with consistent colour temperature reproduction throughout the dimming curve, providing a low-power replacement for the existing VL1100 Arc luminaire.
Australian Distributor: Jands


Martin M1 HD now shipping

Posted on Monday, June 5th, 2017

Martin by Harman announces that the M1 HD is now shipping. The M1 HD is the latest member of the M-Series family of lighting controllers to become available. The M2GO HD began shipping earlier this month.

Carrying the same DNA as Martin’s M1, the new M1 HD provides more speed, more power, four additional parameter encoders, and a new multi-touch head display that folds down for easy transit and a small footprint. The M1 HD has been designed to deliver a state-of-the-art experience in a roadworthy, cost-effective package.

The M1 HD’s processing units are capable of meeting the demands of even tomorrow’s lighting designers. It provides ample universes of DMX, Art-Net and sACN (40 in total), and all universes are fully unlocked with no need to obtain extra licensing. Plus, its cutting edge graphic chipsets ensures smooth graphical effects, including those provided by future software upgrades.

The M1 HD comes with a bright and crisp, high-resolution, capacitive multi-touch LCD that can be folded down to ensure a small footprint.

The M1 HD adds four additional encoders on the right side of the display. These encoders provide the same ease-of-use found in the flagship Martin M6. This means that any parameter, effect, or speed control can be assigned and mapped by the user, which allows for faster access while programing.

A major change over the original M1 is the crisp new head display which makes the M1 HD the best portable professional console on the market today for mid-sized productions. The M1 HD control surface also features 22 playback faders, 64 playback buttons, a main go section, grand master control, numerical keypad, 12 user functions key, and a 3.5″ display for quick parameter access. M1 HD has four DMX ports. There are two Ethernet RJ45 for Art-Net, sACN, and tracking backup. Plus, MIDI and SMPTE interfaces are now built-in the M1 HD as standard features.

Like all other members of the M-Series family, the M1 HD is fully-compatible with any of the other M-Series consoles and PC software. Any show file can be moved to any M-Series console and M-PC for hassle-free integration and great ease of use.

M1 HD ships with an included Martin One-Key dongle. This dongle has an MSD Lite one year free license as well as a lifetime M-PC Pro 64 universes license.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology


Chauvet Épix Strip IP for indoor and outdoor use

Posted on Monday, June 5th, 2017

The new Épix Strip IP from Chauvet Professional makes pixel mapping possible indoors or out. In addition to standing up to inclement weather thanks to its IP65 rating, the new one meter LED strip features a quick programming mode that greatly reduces the amount of time needed to set up pixel mapping programs by allowing access to several prebuilt effects while using just a few DMX Channels.

Using the Épix Drive 2000 IP, which is required with this product, designers can control the Épix Strip IP via Art-Net, Kling-Net, or sACN to configure and program shows in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

“We made it easier to create stunning pixel mapped looks in less time,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “This is an ideal product for one-offs, events and festivals, as well as the touring and rental markets.”

With 100 RGB SMD 5050 LEDs lined up in a row, the Épix Strip IP produces a stunningly bright output and extremely high resolution graphics. Adding to its versatility are its three different lens covers (Stealth Black, Round Milky and Square Milky, which can be used to create a wide range of diffused and high contrast looks. For example, the Stealth Black creates a flatter image, while the Round Milky and Square Milky filters increase the viewing angle and result in a more diffused output. The Stealth Black cover also allows the linear strip to blend with scenery or “hide” when used in a dark environment.

“We designed Épix Strip IP to be a very flexible tool,” said Chauvet. “Every designer has a unique approach, so we worked hard to make this product as versatile as possible from the way it can be controlled to the different looks and viewing angles you can get with lens covers.”

Ruggedly built, the Épix Strip IP is suitable for touring. Not only are the strips themselves IP65 rated, the 4-pin XLR connectors that link them to the Épix Drive 2000 IP are too. These connectors are also fast and easy to work with, further simplifying life for end users. The Épix Drive 2000 IP is also IP65 rated, so it can be used directly on outdoor rigs without concern about the elements.

“We talked to a lot of designers to learn what was important to them in their real life applications,” said Chauvet. “In the end, this led us to develop a product that not only creates great looks, but is easy to work with as well.”
Australian Distributor: Showtools


Rose Brand Nebula™ Net

Posted on Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Rose Brand Inc.’s new 26 ft. wide Nebula™ net provides a high gain, see-through projection surface that’s virtually undetectable to your audience. Projected objects seem to float in midair, or appear out of nowhere. Use Nebula net for stunning effects such as layered projections for concerts, the Pepper’s Ghost effect for theatre, dramatic reveals for corporate events, and holographic effects.

Nebula™ net is comprised of a special fine weave black netting with high reflectivity. When pulled taut within a concert or theatre setting, it virtually disappears. Once light is projected onto it, the audience sees the projection, but the Nebula screen remains invisible.

Nebula net was most recently used at the California “Beyond Wonderland” rave festival, produced by Insomniac Productions along with Vita Motus Studios Creative Director, Heather Shaw. Nebula net provided the magically transparent front projection surface, while an LED wall provided the back media for a layered effect.

26’ wide Nebula net full piece length ranges from 90-105 ft. Black color. Flame retardant.


LumenRadio SuperNova 4 now available for download!

Posted on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

LumenRadio, world leaders in wireless DMX, are now making SuperNova 4 available for download. SuperNova 4, a complete system management tool for lighting rigs, was showcased at ProLight + Sound in April and brings an all new flat UI design and improved performance. The new features and improved UI has made this market leading RDM management tool even better.

With support for both CRMX and 3rd party Art-Net nodes from other manufacturers, SuperNova provides a clear and detailed view of the status of your entire network – both wired and wireless devices. RDM enabled fixtures can be configured and monitored from the software, with configuration of common parameters just a click away.

SuperNova 4 features a new and improved UI. The all-new flat design is aimed to work extremely well on not only your regular laptop, but also on tablet type computers with touch screen, such as Microsoft Surface. There is also a new bright theme featuring higher contrast, perfect for use in outdoor conditions.

Among the new features is that now you have unlimited access to RDM through 3rd party Art-Net nodes for any number of universes, configuration of dimmer specific parameters such as dimmer curves, improved support for sub-devices, improved support for saving complete projects to disk and improved support for multi-screen systems.

As showcased on Prolight + Sound SuperNova 4 is now available for download on our homepage. Furthermore SuperNova 4 now supports the latest version of Java, which means that it now will install and run on any new version of Microsoft Windows or Apple’s Mac OS.
Australian Distributor: ULA Group


Trifecta “Pick Your Colour” Downlight

Posted on Thursday, May 25th, 2017

* LED Downlight
* Dimmable
* Switchable

With this downlight you can choose your colour, and with a flick of the switch you can change between warm white (3000K), natural white (400K) or cool white (6000K).
With its high lumen SMD LED and PC diffuser, an even light output is the result.

Trifecta Switchable Dimmable Downlight available from Herkes. Perfect for domestic an commercial applications.

The Trifecta – Switchable downlight comes complete with flex and plug.


Chauvet DJ ColorBand Pix IP LED Strip

Posted on Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Great for use as a powerful wash with the additional eye candy of pixel mapping effects, COLORband PiX IP is a must-have fixture for mobile DJs or club installers looking for high-impact visuals on a budget. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, this IP65-rated fixture means you no longer have to worry about rain or a spilled drink ruining your fixtures. Use multiple units together to easily generate video effects and animations. Individual control over 12 tri-colour LEDs allows for custom looks at any event while impressive, built-in programs are accessible with or without DMX.
Australian Distributor: Audio Visual Engineering


ETC’s ColorSource Relay implements wireless RDM

Posted on Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

The ColorSource®Relay system kick-started a new era of power control, bringing budget-friendly system infrastructure with data distribution to theaters, houses of worship, schools and community centers. Now the ColorSource Relay is upgrading its simple configuration and wireless performance with the addition of wireless RDM.

The latest release of the Relay software—version 1.1.0—is available to download and offers venues the ability to add wireless RDM to their ColorSource Relay system. RDM makes the convenient system even simpler to use, letting users identify and address their equipment wirelessly and then configure and monitor it, no matter where it’s placed in the rig. The Relay and ColorSource Transmitter have a 328-foot (100-meter) range and require minimal setup.

“The ColorSource Relay system was already a ground-breaking tool, but now it’s even more powerful with the addition of wireless RDM,” says Ned Keitt-Pride, power controls product manager. “The ColorSource Relay makes it easy to get DMX, power and the benefits of RDM into remote locations.”

All ColorSource Relay units can be updated to software version 1.1.0. This version of software also includes wireless DMX performance optimization, so it is worth updating even if you do not have RDM enabled fixtures. If you have any difficulty updating the software in your ColorSource Relays, contact ETC technical support for assistance.

The problem-solving ColorSource Relay offers configuration and control without cords and gives experts and beginners alike the superior ETC control experience.
Australian Distributor: Jands


Elation Paladin Blinder / Strobe / Wash Light

Posted on Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Elation Professional offers the new IP65-rated Paladin, a highly versatile hybrid LED luminaire that functions as a brilliantly bright blinder, powerful strobe, and high-output wash light. Adding to its flexibility, this multi-functional light also houses a motorized zoom for full beam control and its IP65 rating means it can be used on all types of events without the need for weather protection.

Paladin is a new breed of hybrid. More than a powerful full-colour strobe, Paladin also functions as a high-power wash light, blinder, or eye candy effect in one brilliantly bright luminaire. Twenty-four 40W RGBW LEDs produce a blistering 990W of power for intense and colourful effects and RGBW color mixing gives a full spectrum of colour options, including high-impact white light. A motorized zoom expands the beam from 9- to 25-degrees with output at its narrowest angle measured at 43,240 lux at 9.8′ (3m).

For added visual dynamism, multiple pixel zone control can be incorporated for spectacular pixel mapped and eye candy looks. The Paladin includes extremely smooth 16-bit dimming with variable dimming curve modes available for faster programming. For added programming convenience, 64 colour presets and 15 unique colour macros are included.

The fixture’s hybrid design and feature flexibility make it extremely useful for a wide variety of applications from concerts and events to clubs, theatres, and more. LED refresh rate frequency and Gamma brightness are adjustable, making it ideal for broadcast applications as well. In fact, over 350 Paladin fixtures recently featured on the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, seen by a television audience of over 200 million.

Paladin’s rugged die-cast aluminum housing and IP65 design mean that the fixture can be used in even the harshest environments, and optional barn doors, egg crate and dual quick-lock omega bracket rigging accessories add to its possibilities.

Control of Paladin is possible via multiple DMX channel modes and the fixture is RDM equipped (Remote Device Management) for easier configuration and monitoring of DMX based systems. Paladin comes with IP-rated five-pin DMX in/out and powerCON TRUE1 in/out connections and includes a four-button touch control panel and LCD menu display for easy hands-on addressing with easy-to-read fixture menus and messages. The fixture operates flicker free for use in TV and other broadcast applications and an auto-sensing power supply covers worldwide voltages and frequencies.

Paladin offers all the savings in cost, energy, and space that a hybrid solution brings including all the benefits of LED like greater reliability, less maintenance, and less power consumed for a lower cost of ownership and greater ROI.
Australian Distributor: Lexair


Martin M2GO HD Lighting Controller

Posted on Monday, May 22nd, 2017

Martin by HARMAN is proud to introduce the M2GO HD, the latest member of the M-Series family of lighting controllers. The M2GO HD is now shipping. Carrying the same DNA as Martin’s M2GO, the new M2GO HD provides more speed, more power, 4 additional parameter encoders, and a multi-touch head display that folds down for easy transit and a small footprint. The M2GO HD has been designed to deliver a state-of-the-art experience in a roadworthy, cost-effective package.

Meeting the Demands of Tomorrow’s Lighting Designers

The M2GO HD’s processing units are capable of meeting the demands of even tomorrow’s lighting designers. It provides ample universes of DMX, Art-Net and sACN (20 in total), and all universes are fully unlocked with no need to obtain extra licensing. Plus, its cutting edge graphic chipsets ensures smooth graphical effects, including those provided by future software upgrades.

High-Resolution, Multi-touch LCD

The M2GO HD comes with a bright and crisp, high-resolution, capacitive multi-touch LCD that can be folded down to ensure a small footprint.

More Encoders—But the Same Ease-of-Use

The M2GO HD adds 4 additional encoders on the right side of the display. These encoders provide the same ease-of-use found in the flagship Martin M6. This means that any parameter, effect or speed control can be assigned and mapped by the user, which allows for faster access while programing.

Key Features of the M2GO HD

A major change over the original M2GO is the crisp new head display which makes the M2GO HD the best portable professional console on the market today for mid-sized productions. The M2GO HD control surface also features 10 playback faders, 40 playback buttons, a main go section, grand master control, numerical keypad, 8 user functions key and a 3.5” display for quick parameter access. M2GO HD has 4 DMX ports. There are two Ethernet RJ45 for Art-Net, sACN and tracking backup. Plus, MIDI and SMPTE interfaces are now built-in the M2GO HD as standard features.

M-Series—A Real Family

Like all other members of the M-Series family, the M2GO HD is fully-compatible with any of the other M-Series consoles and PC software.  Any show file can be moved to any M-Series console and M-PC for hassle-free integration and great ease of use.

Martin ShowDesigner and M-PC Pro 64 Universes Key

M2GO HD ships with an included Martin One-Key dongle. This dongle has an MSD Lite 1/year free license as well as a lifetime M-PC Pro 64 universes license.

“Lighting designers around the world will be delighted with this great new addition to the M-series of lighting controllers. The M2GO HD is more than up for today’s most demanding productions.” said Paul Pelletier, Solution Manager for HARMAN Professional Solutions. “But what is most amazing is that we put this much power and technology into a small footprint without compromising the fast workflow, great ease-of-use, and unlimited possibilities that are the hallmark of Martin lighting solutions.”
Australian Distributor: Show Technology