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Claypaky’s new K-EYE HCR range

Posted on Monday, February 19th, 2018

Claypaky’s new K-EYE HCR range of lighting fixtures takes LED light quality to its highest peak of performance yet, giving lighting designers and directors access to CRI (Colour Rendering Index) values never before achieved by an LED fixture.

With Claypaky’s High Color Rendering (HCR) algorithm, colours and textures of costumes and props retain richness and scenic finishes show off a depth and lustre never seen before under LED light. Skin tones appear more natural and in a world where entertainment is increasingly seen up-close and personal through the eye of a lens, the K-EYE HCR technology ensures performances are lit with integrity.

The HCR algorithm, newly developed by OSRAM and Claypaky, ensures the K-EYE HCR family of wash lights deliver an unprecedented degree of control over the quality of white or coloured light. The white light that the fixture produces has been heralded by some lighting designers as the ‘closest to tungsten outside of the conventional lighting fixtures’.

Claypaky CEO Pio Nahum comments, “We know that our most demanding customers, particularly in the sectors of television, film and theatre, have long felt the need for a lighting tool that differed from others in the marketplace for the ‘quality’ of the light it produced. Achieving this desired ‘quality’ is no simple matter. Light quality is the sum of multiple factors, including diffusion uniformity, colour temperature, colour control features and, most of all, a high colour rendering index. To meet these requirements, Claypaky and Osram have developed HCR technology.”

The heart of the K-EYE HCR wash light is its six-colour LED light source. In addition to the basic red, green, and blue color emitters, Claypaky has added amber, cyan, and lime LEDs to create a source which provides the widest colour range with unrivalled color spectrum coverage. With HCR technology, this light engine produces typical CRI values greater than 97, up to 99 – values previously only available from conventional light sources. Thanks to this landmark development, that guarantees broader coverage of the colour gamut, lighting designers now have access to every nuance and every shade of every colour.

Already an award-winning line, the K-EYE HCR range collected the prestigious PLASA Award for Innovation at the PLASA Show in London in September 2017, rewarded for its introduction of innovative new technology and its clear improvement of technical practice. Speaking of the K-EYE HCR, the PLASA Innovation Awards judges said it was, “An LED wash light that delivers a new approach to accurate colour rendering, starting at chip level, rather than manipulating existing sources.”

The K-EYE HCR range includes two moving head models: the K-EYE K20 HCR, with 37 LED emitters, and the K-EYE K10 HCR, with 19 emitters. In addition to the moving head fixtures in the range, Claypaky has recently added static versions: the K-EYE S10 HCR and the K-EYE S20 HCR.

To give designers access to highly accurate saturations and hues, the K-EYE HCR range offers four modes of operation. RAW mode offers specific control of each colour, while HSL mode provides complete control of hue saturation luminosity, fully exploiting the potential of the six-colour system. In addition, the RGB and CMY modes work in the classic Claypaky style.

The K-EYE HCR also boasts silent operation and completely flicker-free output, making it suitable for use in television, concert halls and opera or any professional fields of application where silence, brightness, and exceptional light quality are required.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology


High End Systems Releases Hog 4 v.3.8.0

Posted on Friday, February 9th, 2018

High End Systems is pleased to announce the release of Hog 4 v.3.8.0 software for the Hog 4 console range. The release includes several new features and bug fixes.

Hog 4 OS v.3.8.0 adds external monitor / touchscreen capability to all HedgeHog 4 and HedgeHog 4N console models that have a VGA/DVI connection on the rear of the console. Additionally, a more theatre-friendly desktop colour scheme called ‘stealth’ has been added to user preferences. Lastly, touchscreen updates include support added for Dell P2418HT Touch Monitors, and iiyama ProLite T2252MTS touchscreens now function properly in Hog 4 v.3.8.0.
Australian Distributor: Lexair


Elation Professional Arena Zoom Q7 IP

Posted on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Arena Series of high-power RGBW PAR lights now includes the IP65-rated Arena Zoom Q7 IP™ full-colour-mixing wash luminaire. The fixture houses seven 30W Osram™ Quad-Color RGBW LEDs, and a choice of colour macros and variable speed macro effects is available for fast programming. Colour temperature is variable from 3,200K to 10,000K, and fixture also includes RGB white balance calibration, allowing users to adjust the maximum RGB values in order to set the white colour temperature default level.

Features includes 7° to 40° motorized zoom, 0 to 100% dimming, with a selection of dimming curves, and output of more than 3,000 lumens at 250W maximum power consumption. Control is via six DMX channel modes (12 total channels) and is RDM-ready. The fixture comes with customized weatherproof features like IP65-rated 5-pin DMX and powerCON TRUE1 power in/out connections. A four-button control panel with OLED menu display is 180° reversible, and an auto-sensing power supply covers worldwide voltages and frequencies.

When used with cameras, the fixture works flicker-free via its user-adjustable LED refresh rate and Gamma brightness settings. An integrated dual-rigging yoke/floor stand allows it to either be rig mounted or stand on the floor, and multiple units can be linked together.
Australian Distributor: Lexair


PR Lighting To Release New XLED 6019

Posted on Thursday, February 1st, 2018

PR Lighting has announced the release of the new XLED 6019 wash luminaire, which will make its debut on the world stage in April at Frankfurt Prolight+Sound.

Containing 19 high power Osram 60W RGBW (4 in one) LEDs, with linear colour temperature change from 2700K-10000K, it is capable of producing mid-air parallel beams to create a uniform wash and variable built-in dynamic effects.

This fully-featured moving head offers unlimited RGBW colour mixing, with macros and 0-100% dimming, linearly adjustable. Beam angle (1/2 peak) is ?1/2 and Linear Zoom 3.3°? 60°.

Additional features include: Electronic strobe 0-25fps; Motorized zooming linearly adjustable; Rainbow, Wash, Beam, Profile, Effect Modes (Kaleidoscope, Swirl), with multiple macros; Head movement: Pan 0 – 540° and Tilt 0 – 180°, with auto position correction; 19-channel operation in standard mode, 92 channels in extended mode. It also includes preset memory, user memories, wireless DMX control.

Finally, other useful functions include: Pixel Control; Bi-directional and continual rotation of the front lens panel; Colour touch screen and brightness-adjustable; Pan and Tilt Speed adjustable (and invertible); Firmware upgraded via DMX interface and XLR cable;?Over temperature protection.

All effects are contained in a high-temperature, engineering-plastic molded IP20 chassis, and net weight is 29.5 Kg.
Australian Distributor: Jands


Flex Rental Solutions Announces Flex5

Posted on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Flex Rental Solutions, an internationally recognized provider of enterprise web-based rental management software for the AV, Event and Production Management industry, announced that Flex5 tablet — the new HTML5 redesign of its software — has entered into early access for select customers.

Flex5 is the company’s new HTML5 user interface and features a complete rewrite of Flex’s user interface and backend architecture. Flex5 will eventually replace Flex’s current Flash UI by adding phone and tablet accessibility along with a new desktop environment, starting first with the tablet version. The initial release will have core contact and inventory management, three different types of dashboard widgets, inquiry scan, free scan in and scan out, prep and return.

“Last year was a fantastic year laying down a whole new foundation for the Flex product,” said Flex’s Technical Lead Roger Diller, “the critical and biggest part of our 2017 effort was figuring out the new backend architecture and getting the Flex4 & Flex5 backend to communicate nicely.”

Those efforts culminated in mid-December when Flex5 went into early access for customers willing to test Flex5 on their live data and provide feedback.

“This allowed us to send everything all the way through the new delivery pipeline and work out any quirks that came up, since everything is so new, and cutting edge, we are easing into the Flex5 rollout very carefully and deliberately. We’ve already learned a lot by sending everything through the new pipeline and expect to learn much more as we gradually open up the Flex5 valve to more customers,” added Diller.

The company plans to release Flex5 to more customers during the first quarter of 2018. After the initial tablet release, the company hopes to shift into an iterative release schedule with a new release happening every couple of months.


Martin Releases Rush CS Series

Posted on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

The Martin RUSH CS Series is a colour LED cove lighting system designed to illuminate interior walls and other indoor spaces. These high output, cost effective lighting strips are a great fit for indoor lobbies, lounges or other spaces. The fixtures offer both basic and advanced control modes, allowing these venues the ultimate flexibility to establish the exact look they need without adding unneeded complexity to the lighting design, installation or operation. Designed to be easy to install and use, the RUSH CS Series is a perfect fit for a variety of applications.

Available in both wide and graze options in varying lengths, integrators can install up to 10 meters on a single Power Supply Unit (PSU). To power the units, the RUSH CS Series uses a hybrid power and data cable system that reduces wiring and installation costs by using a single cable for both power and data.

The series is available in a variety of sizes. The RUSH CS 300 Graze and 300 Wide are 303mm in length. The RUSH CS 600 Graze and 600 Wide are 603mm in length. The RUSH CS 900 Graze and 900 Wide are 903mm in length. And the RUSH CS 1200 Graze is 1203mm in length.


Acme Dotline 360

Posted on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Linear motorised zoom
Pixel control, equal distance design
Outstanding colour mixing effect
Adjustable strobe speeds
0-100% smooth dimming
Light source: 12 x 30W RGBW LED
Zoom Range: 3.5° – 38°
Australian Distributor: ULA Group