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Ayrton and Martin for Phaseshift

Posted on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Phaseshift Productions recently purchased a quantity of Ayrton MagicBlade FX and Martin MAC Aura XBs boosting their inventory in time for a busy spring season.

The guys at Phaseshift were so excited to get their new toys, they just had to roll them straight into the workforce – with help from Keith Bradshaw at Show Technology!

The Martin MAC Aura XB and Ayrton MagicBlade FX were quickly added into the design to light the annual BET356 2017 Country Racing Awards held in the Plenary at the Melbourne Exhibition Convention Centre.

The main stage saw the 12 x MagicBlade FX make their debut with 26 x Martin MAC Aura XB easily handling the room wash and wall decals along with 8 x MAC2000 Wash and 16 x MAC2000 profiles. A total of 62 x MAC 700 profiles were hung to do table spotting.

“We decided to buy the MagicBlades as we kept seeing them on riders and the chance to buy the newer version with the zoom was a great opportunity,” said Johnny Bamford, Production Manager at Phaseshift. “It’s a very versatile fixture that can create good eye candy as well as good beam effects and with the zoom, can also provide a wash.”

Johnny was equally impressed with the MAC Aura XB’s which were purchased to expand the company’s LED wash stock.

“Again, they are frequently asked for on riders so it was an obvious choice,” he added. “I really like the colours you can get out of them and also the tightness of beam they deliver. They can zoom out really wide without losing punch and are so versatile you can throw them at any job.”

Control was via a MA Lighting MA2 light with a couple of Robert Juliat Aramis 2500 follow spots for table pickups.

Well done to the Phaseshift crew who endured a very long day to help create another successful event for their client.

Photos: Lucas Dawson and Bet365 2017 Country Racing Victoria


MA all the way for John Curtin College of the Arts

Posted on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

The Curtin Theatre at Western Australia’s John Curtin College of the Arts provides performance spaces for dance, drama, music and music theatre students. Students experience all aspects of high quality performance production, from stage management, to costume design.

Superbly equipped, the Curtin Theatre offers opportunities for a wide range of uses in theatrical and musical performance and for conferences, seminars and other presentations.

Keeping up with the latest and best in technology is important for the college which is why they recently purchased an MA Lighting dot2 core console and a dot2 F-wing from Elite Audio Visual Productions.

The dot2 core is a compact lighting console designed for small to medium sized productions with up to 4,096 control channels. A full range of clever programming and playback features provide intuitive access to advanced functionality.

“The dot2 core features grandMA software which is considered an industry leader by colleagues, so I knew that would make the purchase a good choice,” commented Terry Wedding, Head Technician Curtin Theatre. “The software is really flexible which is important as I have external clients that come through during the year and we have really tight turnarounds. Fortunately the dot2 core is fast to program. I can easily busk on it or use it in a more theatrical manner with programmed cue stacks, and play cue to cue.”

Terry further remarked that ease and speed of programming was a major consideration in the purchase of the dot2 core. With many of his shows turning around in under seven days, from plotting to closing night, a quick console was a necessity.

“It’s also user-friendly and I have been able to teach a lot of the other departments of the theatre how to use it in a basic manner,” he added. “It can be a straightforward console if you want it to be but also with the MA functionality, you can push it quite hard as well and do some more complex programming.”

The dot2 core is the heart of the dot2 range and includes the full programming section, master playback section, 6 fader playbacks and 12 individual playback buttons. Two built in touch screens and support for one external touch screen ensure the dot2 core has the flexible hardware required for almost any kind of show.

The dot2 F-wing offers modular playback expansion to any of the dot2 consoles. It provides additional 8 faders and 16 playback button with an integrated touch screen for any dot2 console or dot2 onPC.

“Sometimes we only have one operator, depending on the requirements of the current client, so having the dot2 F-wing means I can use a Cat5 cable to have it by the sound desk so we can operate lighting and audio at the same time from the same location,” said Terry.

The wings are connected Plug & Play via Ethernet and can be assigned to the correct fader or button location within the console in seconds. Normal network rules apply allowing wings to be placed remotely.


Action Sound Upgrades with CHAUVET Professional

Posted on Friday, September 15th, 2017

Action Sound is a production company based in Homebush West that deals with live production for corporate events, concerts and festivals as well as AV installation and production hire for businesses, schools, clubs, councils and churches. Action Sound can design, plan and implement production projects with service and support from their professional technicians.

One of the key proponents of Action Sounds Production/Hire/AV installations to their clients is their lighting services and the company recently went to the market looking for LED Moving Heads to add to their inventory. Tony Hystek Managing Director of Action Sound stated, ‘After comparing several current LED moving head spot fixtures for features, value, build quality and performance, Action Sound have decided to acquire the Rogue R2 Spot by CHAUVET Professional and added 8 of these fixtures to our inventory.’

The choice to acquire the Rogue R2 Spots LED Moving Heads from Showtools International was due to the Rogues versatility with its rich intense colours and crisp rotating gobos being a great combination. The Rogue Spot provides incredible value with a stunning range of colours and effects, with two variable scrolling colour wheels for an unlimited number of shape-changing and split-color effects. Rogue R2 Spot uses a powerful 240 W LED light source in a 16.5° beam angle for a brilliant light that creates an unparalleled audience experience. Furthermore, the rapid movements of the R2 along with its great output can provide maximum dimension for any show or production

With the addition of the Rogue R2 Spots to their inventory, Action Sound will be able to add a different dimension to certain productions and corporate events that is sure to thrill clients. With the R2 acquisition, Action Sound will be better equipped to provide high-quality production services, hire and installations for all their varying client’s needs and requirements in terms of lighting.


HES Hog Consoles in Christchurch

Posted on Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Founded in 1988 by two theatre specialists, The Light Site provide theatrical lighting solutions for stage productions, corporate events and outdoor concerts throughout the New Zealand. With a huge range of fixtures, control, rigging, staging, and draping for hire, The Light Site are also happy to recommend and sell what they use, bringing their live expertise to bear on their customer’s requirements. In this capacity, The Light Site have recently sold two High End Systems lighting consoles to prominent Christchurch venues.

After losing its Christchurch citadel to the devastating 2011 earthquake, the Salvation Army have rebuilt, and have chosen a small yet powerful HedgeHog 4X run the lighting in their main worship hall. “The Salvation Army staff here in Christchurch were new to High End Systems,” said The Light Site’s director, David Bosworth, “but their pastor is Australian and has worked with Hog consoles previously. The main worship hall runs a range of LED fixtures, both fixed and moving, so the HedgeHog 4X gives them the flexibility to run both. It’s a relatively simple console for inexperienced operators, and with a bit of training from us, their volunteers and local techs were easily able to step up.”

Meanwhile, the University of Canterbury Students’ Association approached The Light Site to supply a High End Systems Road Hog 4 for their events centre. “The events centre is an open space with modular staging, a full PA, and a simple lighting rig,” explained the Association’s Riley Divett. “We run band and DJ nights, with a free student club night every Thursday. The house rig is relatively basic, but we bring in extra bits and pieces as needed. Our lighting operators are drawn from the Students’ Association’s technicians, freelancers from around town, and touring LDs.”

The UCSA chose the Road Hog 4 because of its great mix of affordability, accessibility, and familiarity. “The Hog platform is well-known in Christchurch and across New Zealand,” Riley expanded. “Everyone enjoys using the Road Hog 4; it’s so intuitive you can just jump on and use it. Most of what we do is rock’n’roll, and it fits perfectly for that kind of work. It’s the first moving light console we’ve had; previously we were hiring in consoles with that capability, so we made a business decision to stop doing that. And last but not least, it sits in the right price bracket for an organisation like us.”

The Light Site and their customers enjoy industry-leading service and support from New Zealand and Australian High End Systems distributor Lexair. With offices in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne, Lexair provide over-the-phone problem solving, and regularly run training courses on the Hog platform for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.


NW Group joins ALIA

Posted on Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

You may have noticed that the ALIA website now lists Production Companies and the NW Group is the latest company to come on board.

NW Group has one simple objective: to provide seamless and cost effective technical solutions for live events across Australasia.

They provide audio, lighting, staging, vision rental & production services. They recognise that each of these services are specialist in themselves, and have invested in companies that have the depth of experience and equipment in these areas, and share their philosophy of impeccable client service and delivery. NW Group are proud to retain the brands and people that make each of these businesses special, and their clients enjoy the collective resources of all with one simple call. They understand the importance of having local resources wherever their clients need to be and have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, and Wellington, and have the capability to go anywhere.

Benefits of joining ALIA  include:

Recognition within the industry
Access to free posting on the site (jobs, projects, new gear etc)
Sharing of your material on the ALIA facebook site
Free access to ALIA events
A banner on the front page of ALIA

Basically, you feed us your news and we’ll get it out there!

For more information, please contact Cat


GCCEC Gears up with VuePix

Posted on Monday, September 11th, 2017

Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) invests in a great quantity of VuePix ER series panels.

With an extremely busy first half of the year and an exciting anticipation of upcoming international events happening on the coast in 2018, the GCCEC is the first venue in Australia investing in a large LED rental inventory for their in-house productions.

The recent technology purchase is a continuation of long lasting relationship between ULA Group and GCCEC.

Ben Morris, Audio Visual Manager of GCCEC comments: “Investing in over 200 VuePix ER4.8 indoor panels keeps the GCCEC on the forefront of global technology trends for corporate events as well as providing a high impact visual display for sporting events and exhibitions. The audio visual team at GCCEC are excited at the opportunity to enhance our clients events further with VuePix LED. The GCCEC provides a tailored technology solution for every event, the simplified construction and modular design of the ER series is well suited to our business needs. From stage sets to large format scoreboards, we have many different application possibilities.”

Nathan Wright, VuePix Product Manager, comments: “We are excited to have our ER cabinets to be in a world class venue and look forward to seeing them on all their upcoming major events”.

The VuePix ER series has been designed specifically for touring and rental markets. The panels are lightweight with a sleek and seamless design, delivering superb visual performance with high refresh rate, excellent grey scale levels, high contrast and wide color gamut. The key features include fast locking system and positioning pins for easy alignment, dual power supplies and comes with full accessories range. The system enables to set up the screen as both straight or curved.

The GCCEC is Australia’s largest regional convention centre and a part of the Star Entertainment Group. The world-class conference and exhibition venue was the first in the world to be EarthCheck Gold Certified. Recently being fully equipped with Next-Generation LAN Technology, the venue always keeps on top of the latest technology trends to offer their clients first class solutions for their events.

The ULA Group is extremely proud to continue working with GCCEC team and supplying the leading-edge product solutions and visual technologies for their world class events and clientele.


NW Group muster Martin and MA Lighting

Posted on Friday, September 8th, 2017

NW Group has beefed up its’ Melbourne and Brisbane inventory with the purchase of Martin MAC Quantum Profiles, MAC Aura XB Washes and an MA Lighting MA2 light console.

“Following our substantial purchases in 2016 of MAC Quantum Wash and Profiles, MAC Aura, MAC Vipers and MA consoles, it was a natural decision for us to continue along that product line for our Brisbane and Melbourne offices,” said Graeme Whitehouse, General Manager. “Both locations purchased MAC Quantum Profiles and we stepped up to the Aura XB this time around. It’s a logical choice to span our client base, ranging from very corporate, to Arts and Entertainment. MA2 consoles, alongside onPC command and onPC fader wing systems round out our national fleet of MA control, meaning we can transfer our product to our interstate locations as required, maximising our return while maintaining consistency for our project managers and operators.”

As soon as the Brisbane gear arrived it was sent to The Gympie Muster where NW Group deliver end to end full service production on the three largest stages including Main Stage. There’s nothing like the dusty and dry conditions in Gympie to test out new kit!

The MAC Quantum Profiles were used on Main Stage for a mixture of break up gobos, aerial and beam looks and James Dee, NW Group’s Account Manager, was very impressed with the speed of the unit and the smooth CMY colour mixing and dimming curve.

“They are a very impressive, extremely bright LED fixture,” he added. “The Quantum’s Animotion effect added an extra layer of beam animations to our plotted looks. The MAC Aura XB’s were used as the main wash light on the stage. They are a compact, lightweight unit that deliver a great punch from a single lens unit. The Aura XB also has a very impressive zoom and lens design and can deliver in its own right some really tight beam looks.”

James reports that their new Martin products were incredibly reliable, easy to rig and configure. He added that they performed extremely well under harsh country conditions.

“As for the MA2, it’s the perfect fit for the Brisbane office, powerful enough for our shows, easy to program and get a show up and running quickly,” said James. “The MA2 is flexible and works great with our media servers.”

Graeme further noted that Show Technology are an excellent partner providing great before-and-after-sales service, seamless technical backup, and ongoing sales support.