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ShowPro all the way for Above Productions NZ

Posted on Friday, October 6th, 2017

Above Productions in Hamilton, New Zealand, have made a significant investment in ShowPro gear with the purchase of ShowPro Hex 7 PARs, LED Sunstrips, LED Fresnel HPs w/ DMX Zoom and LED Profile HPs …. not forgetting a Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer too.

“We decided on eighteen LED Fresnels and six LED Profiles as we were in the unique position of not having any generic fresnels or profiles but were at the point where we needed such fixtures in our stock,” explained Josh Duckett, Business Manager at Above Productions. “My background is in commercial lighting and I’ve learnt quite a bit about LED – how the human eye is affected by it and its colour parameters. I knew what to look out for so I pressed Nick Reeves (Show Technology NZ Technical Sales) for details about the chips on those products and the information he supplied was exactly what I was looking for. Importantly, it was also in the right price bracket!”

Josh further commented that similar LED products he had seen that met the colour shift parametres, were considerably more expensive. Once he got his hands on his ShowPro LED Fresnels and Profiles, he found them to be incredibly powerful compared to other fixtures on the market.

“I really like the DMX zoom on the Fresnels as it makes it so much easier to position,” added Josh. “The Profiles are fairly grunty in comparison to a generic Pacific; we compared them in a theatre and everyone was pleasantly surprised to discover that the ShowPro LED Profiles were brighter. The Profiles are also so crisp in their focus with no weird colouring on the edge of the beam. We really are thrilled with them.”

All of the LED Fresnels and Profiles were used on the Kapa Haka Te Kuiti 2017 outdoor event where for the first time, a massive generator was not required.

“We got away with a 100KvA generator running absolutely everything for the show, mostly audio,” said Josh. “It looks like our dimmer racks will be taking an early retirement!”

At the moment Above Productions have eight ShowPro LED Sunstrips but are looking to increase this number in the near future as the summer season kicks off.

“They are a very versatile fixture,” said Josh. “We use them as floor lights, face wash on small stages with two each side, pixel mapping them for eye candy …. So many uses for them. Their colour temperature is the same as our Fresnels and Profiles so we don’t have any odd looks. We also bought a dozen ShowPro Hex 7 PARs which are a staple product for our inventory and have well and truly paid themselves off already. Basically they just work and we don’t have issues with them.”

Josh describes their Unique Hazer as a beast that keeps on working and produces a very nice haze. As the Unique Hazer is water based, the crew at Above Productions are enjoying not having to clean their fixtures as often …. a big plus!




Phantos working with GTD Lighting in Australia

Posted on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Phantos is working with GTD Lighting to introduce GTD’s product to customers in Australia, and we have confidence that they will live up to the high standard here with their proven reliability and efficient after sales support.

GTD is a global company specialised in the design, development, manufacturing, sales and services of professional lighting and stage equipment, with operations in the U.S., Russia, Dubai and Singapore and currently employ over 800 people.

The wide range of product lines of GTD varies from moving heads, effect lighting, washes, follow spot, television lighting to truss system, stage and work platforms.

GTD products have been applied in theatres, TV stations, concerts, touring, professional entertainment industry and rental companies. The exquisite design and high performance of GTD products have earned wide acclaim.

The marketing strategy of GTD is ‘to prioritize brand building and create a user-oriented culture.’ “We will formulate and implement our product, sales and marketing strategies based on customer satisfaction for the purpose of improving user experience, channel management and after-sales services”.


Microhire dotty about the dot2 range!

Posted on Friday, September 29th, 2017

Microhire Australia has been a big fan and long-term user of MA Lighting grandMA consoles, from the most compact nodes and micros, to their beloved road horse the grandMA1 ultra lights.

As the industry goes through technical leaps and bounds, Microhire endeavour to keep their core inventory up to date with the latest equipment on the market working closely with their industry partners Show Technology.

“Show Technology has always worked with us on delivering world-class technology and support,” remarked Keiran Weir, Equipment Manager at Microhire. “They even let us borrow a dot2 console for a show while our new console was still in transit to Melbourne!

“We knew the dot2 range would suit our market and business needs, and with the recent 5 star hotel partnerships established in Fiji, the purchase decision was made even easier. One of our new-partnered venues in Fiji will benefit from our purchase of a dot2 XLF making their events easier to deliver. We also purchased a second console for our Melbourne inventory with another one on the way.”

In a world that has an expectation for innovative thinking, Microhire continue to invest heavily in the latest technology to give your business greater outcomes well into the future.


No Hangups with HedgeHog 4X

Posted on Friday, September 29th, 2017

Hangup Entertainment Services Ltd, based in the south island of New Zealand, send their gear out both locally and nationally. With their own lighting, ground support, rigging structures, trucks and specialised crew, Hangup work from their base in Christchurch across any type of live event. With big things on the go, it’s the little things that matter, and that’s why Hangup have purchased a diminutive but powerful High End Systems HedgeHog 4X.

“We have a High End Systems Road Hog 4, and we bought a HedgeHog last year,” said Hangup’s Managing Director Andre Goldsmith. “The HedgeHog is a really handy size, and it’s spent so much time out of the workshop, we’ve had to pick up another one with more bells and whistles. There’s a lot of growth going on in Christchurch, and we’re finding ourselves spread across multiple simultaneous gigs. Our HedgeHog was going on tour for a month, and we needed something to fill gap.”

The tricked-out HedgeHog 4X adds extra features compared to the base model including HogNet networking, two more universes via Art-Net/sACN, the ability to run two extra DMX Widgets, and external touchscreen support. “The big one for us is being able to use Hog4PC to work wirelessly,” expounded Andre. “The extra universes are like having a bigger console in a smaller space. We like using it in environments like corporate, where table space is at a premium, and we’re doing lights up, a few dance floor looks, a table break-up, and entrance and exit specials.”

With a 12.1-inch multi-touch monitor, ten faders and four encoder wheels, the HedgeHog 4X puts powerful control into almost any situation. “Christchurch is a Hog city,” reported Andre. “It’s easy to find operators. There are schools here that have Hoglet 4 controllers running Hog4PC, so you’ve got young operators coming up. There’s a transference of knowledge across a spectrum of the community. It makes it easy to bring a Hog desk into any gig. The Hogs suit Christchurch from a business perspective.”

Andre is convinced of the Hogs importance to Hangup’s bottom-line. “In terms of bang-for- buck, the HedgeHogs are very, very good,” he confirmed. “For our day- to- day gigs, we can’t beat them. We’ve done the sums, and it was an easy decision to put another HedgeHog in our inventory. Our staff know them and like them, and so does the community. Our HedgeHogs have totally earnt their place on the workshop floor.”

Hangup have been ably looked after by Simon Garrett at High End Systems reseller Oceania, who are in turn supported by New Zealand and Australian High End Systems distributor Lexair. “Lexair New Zealand and Oceania are both great to deal with,” Andre concluded. “We regularly deal with Simon at Oceania who is prompt, up-front, and helpful.”


TLC Global to distribute Portman Custom Lights

Posted on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

TLC Global is proud to announce they have been appointed the exclusive distributor for Portman Custom Lights in Australia.

It’s no secret that Portman’s incredible lighting has taken the world by storm, sharing the stage with the likes of Ed Sheeran at the Grammy , Sting, BBC Proms, The Jonathan Ross Show, The X Factor UK, The Prodigy, CMA Music Festival, and Idol.

Dave Taylor, Managing Director, comments “We are thrilled by this appointment and excited to have the opportunity to work with the Portman team. We pride ourselves on our passion for unique products and creative design, and believe this is strongly reflected in the foundations of the Portman approach.

“There is a very familiar connection and understanding with both the lighting designers of the industry and the Portman style that is captured within the detail of the range. I believe the team’s ability to find the right balance between elegance and innovation has been achieved to perfection. We look forward to the future and a long relationship with the Portman Custom Lights team.”


DigDeep invests deeply with Chauvet

Posted on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Dig Deep Productions is a premier boutique production company based in Sydney, which have been involved in the EDM market as well as live and corporate events for over 16 years.

It all started when David Leeson, managing director of Dig Deep started promoting his own music events in Sydney where he found a hole in the production market, with a wealth of contacts from various UK DJ’s and promoters, David decided to set up his own production company.

David set up Dig Deep to provide a production service that would fit the various needs of the production market which specialize in the concept, management and production of events. It aims to provide a one-stop shop for audio, lighting, vision and staging regardless how big or small the event may be. After purchasing LED screens, audio and owning a variety of lights, David went to the market for lighting that would be both reliable and a return on investment. Dave researched the club festivals around the world and found a constant brand of lighting being used for these large festivals, The Chauvet Professional brand.

As a result, David started using the Rogue R1 LED Moving Head from Chauvet Professional, then moved onto the Legend 230 Beam supplied by Showtools International. This fixture set the benchmark with its output, reliability and return on investment and this clearly showed on the PLM balance sheet that David had previously never seen with other lighting fixtures.

After the success of the Legend 230 Beam, David’s objective was to provide the best industry standard equipment to his cliental as well as serve events of differing sizes. In the process of analyzing different lighting fixtures from different suppliers, David came across the coverage of the Purpose World Tour – Justin Bieber’s Latin America tour as well as Steve Lieberman’s design at the Ultra Music Festival. David observed the fact that the highly-touted tour used Maverick MK2 Washes from Chauvet Professional. Instead of trying to convince Dave to purchase the lights through a conventional sales pitch, Showtools sent 16 of the Maverick MK2 Washes to Dave to trial on the Marello Tour in Melbourne and Sydney to see the performance of the MK2 first hand.

David was overwhelmed with performance of the MK2 Washes with them being flawless with the speed, output and functionality exceeding all expectations. This resulted in David adding an additional 8 fixtures to the initial 16 to DigDeep’s growing inventory.  David added, ‘The lens design makes a big difference, because it means that the MK2 Wash’s colour blend and the sharpness are unmatched. Plus, the 7°- 49° zoom range makes these fixtures extremely flexible for any application. The Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures provide an effective solution by delivering excellent performance with all the benefits of DMX, sACN, Art-Net, and W-DMX control, all at an affordable price.’

DigDeep’s inventory is now a testament to the company with an inventory exceeding over 100 fixtures which will allow David and his team to continue the company’s standing as a premier production company in Sydney. With the investment of into Chauvet Professional, DigDeep will be able to provide each client with the best industry standard lighting available that will be meet the requirements of events of all varieties from large scale music festivals to nightclubs.


Lux Events dream of more DreamPix

Posted on Monday, September 25th, 2017

When Lux Events first purchased their ShowPro DreamPix Tubes they were initially after a central aerial feature for a club where they wanted a cosmetic element to supplement the extensive moving light rig.

ShowPro DreamPix range makes pixel mapped LED dressing easy and affordable for almost any show. The range is easy to rig, easy to control and looks spectacular. The DreamPix Strip is perfect for outlining sets or trusses, the Bar makes for a low-res display or riser dressing, both are available with a frosted front panel that hides the LEDs when not in use.  The DreamPix Tube can give any design a third dimension by bringing it forward and over the audience.

“The DreamPix Tubes have added another layer to the light show,” commented Dave Trapp, Managing Director. “They’re quite mesmerizing to sit and watch the patterns generating in 3 dimensions.”

The DreamPix Tubes have been installed in the club for the last 18 months, and have been removed twice for other events to complemented Lux’s hire inventory. The first event was Artball – a mix of art, fashion and music held in the WA Art Gallery, voted as one of the Top Ten Events 2016, in its inaugural year.

“We love the versatility of the product – being double sided, they can be viewed from all around and with Madrix control, the 3D element of the patterns generated is fascinating,” said Dave. “As we build the numbers in our inventory, more creative uses become possible. We’re looking forward to substantially increasing our stocks and continuing to experiment.”

The second event was recently on the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Opening Night for AMP Capital. The DreamPix Tubes were used as a simple but bold circular element suspended from Lux’s DQ 18m F33 truss circle. They punctuated each section of the runway show with a look that set the tone for the following section.

ArtBall Photo Credit: Muse Bureau