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GLP Force 120 fans for Creative

Posted on Monday, January 15th, 2018

The boxes were opened today on the new GLP Force 120 fans in order to move some air through the warehouse and to show them off. They are an impressive piece of kit.

With their impressive internal lighting, these are a dramatic effect or a fun addition or a unique scenic element, or just being used to move air in a rugged versatile housing.

The Force 120 measures just over 1.5m high and 1.5m wide. It encompasses a large diameter variable speed fan, which can run at speeds as low as 30 rpm, right up to 750 rpm and it is designed to create stunning scenic effects, or be used as a great air mover.

Internally, it features bands of LED tape which light the actual fan blades and can be controlled with differing levels of density, allowing multi-color projection onto the blades, or alternatively to turn them into a single striking element.

The Force 120 fans are being sought after for corporate, television, parties, festivals and just on a hot day.

These are available from Creative Production’s Sydney and Gold Coast Offices.


Jay Productions lift off with Eurotruss Lifters

Posted on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Since 2008, Jay Productions has worked effectively with clients as partners in constructing successful events servicing all aspects from small corporate, to outdoor events, through to large scale events with a dedicated team trained in all aspects of theatrical and technical event production. A major part of the company rising success is their impressive inventory of equipment that improves constantly.

Recently Jay Ghazal, Managing Director of Jay Productions went to Showtools looking for some high quality and dependable lifters and barriers. After seeing the Eurotruss range of Lifters and Barriers, Jay decided to acquire 4x FL-830 Eurotruss Front Loaders and 9x Eurotruss Crowd Barrier Standard and 1x Crowd Barrier Cable Slot.

The choice to go with the Eurotruss Front Loader Lifter was due to the design being ideal for the rough daily business and recommended for challenging set-ups for any event type that company deal with. The FL-830 Front Loader raises to a maximum of 330kg and up to 8.3m high. The FL-830 is set with a slightly angled body to counter balance loads with perfect stability allowing heavier loads. It has an internal RBS emergency system that locks the profiles in place. The easy to handle locking bolts and heavy duty automatic brake winch guarantees safe fold/unfold operations. This was reinforced by Jay, “These factors will ensure maximum convenience, total safety and a lift off load directly from the ground.”

The decision to go with Barriers for Jay Productions was the Eurotruss crowd barriers can be bolted together for one firmly anchored fence that will remain in place even in very agitated situations. The barrier is held in place by the audience standing on top of the floor plate on the front side of the barrier section. On the backside of the vertical part a step is attached between the two braces, giving security personnel the possibility to check visual and when necessary have physical access to the crowd. Other factors as to why the barriers were chosen are the top rail is rounded for audience comfort, the connection of the top rail is seamlessly avoiding pinch points, a step on the backside facilitates visual and physical access to the audience, the design enables handling without risk of trapped fingers and finally the barriers are designed with tread plate that prevents liquids from pooling. “All these factors made the Eurotruss Barriers a clear choice to add to our inventory,” stated Jay.

Additionally, the barriers fold flat after use and can be stacked on dollies for easy transport and storage, hence Jay’s also acquiring the Eurotruss Barrier Trolley. The dollie cart is specially designed to make transporting the barriers easy. The dolly holds 10 standard barrier sections and can be stacked on top of each other horizontally to get the most out of space in storage. Four high quality castor wheels ensure easy transportation. Special attention has been paid to the dolly design, the design ensure crew members can easily load or unload the barriers on a safe way into or out the dolly.

With the addition of the Eurotruss Front Loader Lifters and Barriers, Jay Productions now has the extra equipment to enable the company to handle all technical aspects of any event for all type of clients.


Powa invest in Claypaky Scenius Unicos and MA

Posted on Friday, December 22nd, 2017

According to the guys at Powa Productions, the decision to purchase Claypaky Scenius Unicos was probably one of the easiest they’ve had to make.

Amongst others, Powa provide complete touring production and staging for the Red Hot Summer Tour and they were looking to update their rig with a fixture that was bright enough for daylight shows. As the headline artists often change, having the versatility of a spot/wash/beam fixture on the road with plenty of punch was exactly what they needed.

“After Show Technology’s Branden Butler organised for us to trial them on a couple of shows, we instantly knew the Unico was going to suit our requirements,” commented Geoff Knight, Director of Powa.

The first big show Powa used their Unicos on was at Wollongong Arena earlier this month on John Farnham, along with their new full size MA Lighting MA2 console.

Currently Powa are preparing for their second tour with John Farnham so it was important that long-time LD Chris Newman was happy using the Unicos. As expected, Chris was very happy with their output, aerial effects and deep colours.

“It was the first time I had used the Unicos and I have to say I was pretty impressed,” commented Chris. “They’re compact, a little heavy but the head speed is quick. The optics are great and the zoom range is fantastic, sharp all the way through. The gobos were great too and sharp throughout the range. I didn’t use the shutters but they looked an amazing feature.”

Chris further remarked on the incredible brightness of the Unico, saying he was tempted to put them on a group mode so he could pull the brightness down!

Both Chris and Darren Stott (systems/ops at Powa) remarked on the fact you could clearly see the beam without even using haze! Chris used eighteen of the Unicos (with two as spares) situated on the upstage and mid-stage truss as well as on the floor upstage.

“The spot feature on the Unicos comes with six rotating gobos, a rotating prism, a beautiful animation wheel and it is equipped with the most sophisticated and precise framing system on the market today,” remarked Geoff. “As well as being an excellent wash light, it also features a system with different diffusion filters, which may be inserted gradually. One thing that really stands out is the incredibly concentrated light, with a minimum beam angle of only 5 degrees. The Unicos feature a 1400w Osram discharge lamp (changeable to 1200w) with 6500k output colour temp, CMY system and Linear CTO.  Quite simply, the output capability of this fixture is brilliant. They haven’t spent much time in the factory since arriving. I can only see us adding to our inventory in the short term.”

The recent purchase of the full size MA2 compliments the Unicos beautifully as both are incredibly well designed and their respective functionalities have allowed Powa to enter the international market in both corporate and live performance.


Clifton Productions Joins the Circle of Truss with Eurotruss

Posted on Thursday, December 21st, 2017

Clifton Productions is a family owned & operated company with over fifty years’ experience in the entertainment, exhibition and production industry. The Clifton’s team has worked behind the scenes from inception to completion on thousands of projects Australia wide spanning music concerts, festivals, theatre, sports, broadcast events and exhibitions.

Starting with electrical, rigging and lighting installations for exhibitions and productions, the business has evolved and expanded into major event staging and grandstand seating structures that further cements the company’s unparalleled reputation as the leader and most innovative event partner in Australia.

Along with the company’s vast experience combined with their talented team of professionals, part of Cliftons continued success is their impressive inventory with equipment to suit any event. To continue to provide first class equipment and event solutions, Clifton Productions recently went to the market in search of truss that will enable the company to uphold and improve their rigging services for installations. After looking abroad on the international market and the local markets it was clear the Eurotruss Conical System outweighed every other option available in Australia as well as the fact that two other major companies in Australia have invested into the same truss system. This will enable Cliftons to hire and cross hire the same Eurotruss product.

As a result, Cliftons decided to acquire over 200 pieces of the ever-popular Eurotruss which included 200 pieces of the Eurotruss 3 meter HD44 Square Truss, Corner Blocks and other various truss sizes from Showtools International. Cliftons decided to go with the Eurotruss System as with rigging you need a level of trust, accuracy and reliability when building structures and the Eurotruss System ticked all the boxes. The Eurotruss system provides structural integrity other brands of truss don’t provide with efficient and modern production technology. Eurotruss is also the founder of the efficient and effective conical connection system.

Eurotruss HD truss is designed for high frequency usage or installations, which demands higher loading. It is perfect for the type of rigging required for the various requirements that come with all type of installations the company are faced with including size, truss system, modularity and flexibility. In addition, the Eurotruss system guarantees optimal load bearing with its 3mm wall thickness as well as its fast and safe conical connection system that will optimize set up times. Warren Maher, Managing Director of Clifton Productions stated these factors combined with their global reputation made acquiring the Eurotruss System the right choice.

Robert Runko, Managing Director at Showtools and the Eurotruss team are very proud to have Clifton Productions, one of Australia leading entertainment suppliers now on board and look forward to working together in the future.

Eurotruss HD44 Truss now available for hire from Clifton Productions. Contact Warren Maher for more information.


MA dot2 core a logical choice for EAVP

Posted on Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Brock Preston, director of WA’s Elite Audio Visual Productions, has welcomed an MA Lighting dot2 core to his company.

For Brock, the dot2 is very logical to new users whilst still remaining familiar to the MA2 family

“We already own some command wings and I’ve always been lucky enough to use MA through my whole career so it was a no brainer,” said Brock Preston. “MA always works, is easy to use and really there are no other options for us.”

Brock commented that the dot2 core was incredibly simple to use and that their guys could immediately jump on it and have it running almost straightaway.

“Within 15 minutes they can have a pretty rocking show happening,” he added. “Plus it still has the MA DNA in it.”

This little console is perfect for all the places an MA2 is over kill because setup time, space or operator experience are limited. The dot2 is a very small all in one console, no extra screens or wings are required. It can be easily carried under one arm, and have a lighting rig up and running very quickly with minimal programming.


Scene Change Melbourne Upgrades

Posted on Friday, December 15th, 2017

Scene Change Melbourne has recently welcomed an MA Lighting command wing, ShowPro Quad 18 Pars, Jem Compact Hazer Pro, Artnode Pro8 and Martin RUSH MH7 to their inventory.

“Our Sydney and Brisbane offices already had some RUSH MH7’s and they were really happy with them so we had a look,” said Andrew Delaney (AD) Director of Scene Change Melbourne. “We really liked them and decided to add some to our stock. They’re a good versatile light; they work well as a profile but can also do wash when required. They’re quite punchy and for the money, you’d be hard-pushed to find a more versatile fixture. It’s a light that can output without haze and I like that in a mover.”

ShowPro LED PAR Quad-18 are described by AD as the old faithful workhorses and with this purchase he doubled their amount to thirty-six. He also doubled the amount of Jem Compact Hazer Pro’s … from one to two!

“The Jem Compact Hazer Pro is great and produces really fine atmospheric haze in a short period of time,” said AD. “The ShowPro LED PAR Quad-18 are compact, bright, look great ….. and are inexpensive. What’s not to like!”

The MA Lighting command wing was Scene Change Melbourne’s first foray into the world of MA although the other branches all own MA control.

“We found that most of our crew prefer to use an MA and the command wing was something that our Senior Technical Manager Matt Yates insisted upon!” AD notes. “The software that comes with the MA platform is great – we can build stuff here in the office, take it onsite and press the go button.”

The photos show some of Scene Change’s new gear on a gig they recently did for Wise Connections at the Oval in Adelaide. The event was for the CICA gala awards dinner and was certainly colourful!



Show Technology Melbourne Expands

Posted on Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Show Technology Melbourne kicked off the festive season at the opening of their brand new facility in Port Melbourne on the 6th December 2017. It was a fantastic evening with over 150 clients, partners and friendly faces in the industry in attendance, entertained with typical Melbourne trendiness featuring food trucks, lots of laughs, music and festive holiday spirit that celebrated the opening of their newer, bigger building.

Their new location is three times larger than the previous office and still conveniently located in Port Melbourne, close to the city’s major Event and Cultural Centres; where many major events, shows, tours and functions happen. This keeps Show Technology easily accessible and flexible for any urgent or last minute runs when their production partners are out on the road or when venues have last minute requirements. The expanded space has allowed the Melbourne facility to increase their stock holding, as well as adopt new service facilities.

Guests enjoyed a tour, but it was definitely the showroom where all the true lighting lovers stayed and had a play. Though the night was not a product launch event they did sneak in a preview of the latest products from Claypaky, Martin, and Ayrton that we can look forward to in 2018, all of which were very well received.

“Having a showroom much bigger than the last has allowed us to put all the latest gear and gadgets on full display and when customers and partners come through the office they are able to get full demonstrations of what we have to offer, as well as gain an experience” said Emmanuel Ziino, Managing Director at Show Technology.

Emmanuel Ziino and his family flew down from Sydney to celebrate the event, with a special ribbon cutting ceremony, done by the women in his family (as usual!) to welcome the new site.

Melbourne branch Manager Paul Nicolaou says “I encourage all lighting professionals to drop in and have a look at what we have done here, we make great coffee and have plenty of space to relax and explore the latest technology. If you need an excuse to visit, look out for our new training and event calendar that will be released early next year, we’d love to meet you.”

Members of the greater Show Technology team were also present including General Manager Harold Hassapis, Technical Director Vince Haddad, NSW Technical Sales Michael Gearin and Operations Manager Chris Durrant from Sydney, as well as Gino Lombardi the Branch Manager from Perth, to assist with the event and to warm the new Melbourne home.

“Not only were the staff proud of what we have accomplished but even guests were raving about the levels of support offered daily by our local team of Brandon, Keith, Jason and Marty – a team that will soon expand as we hire additional industry specialists,” Paul continued.

Emmanuel mentioned, “Victoria is a vibrant and continually expanding market for us and we are striving to provide the best standard of service we can. We first opened here just before the Commonwealth Games in late 2005, so we have been physically present here for a long time.  This new facility is a big commitment for us and we appreciate the loyalty of our customers not only in Melbourne but also South Australia, Tasmania and regional Victoria; which we also service from our Melbourne location.”

The night ended on an incredibly positive note and they are excited to see what these new facilities will help them accomplish with their clients into the future.