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Showtech Australia Invests In Kinesys

Posted on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Showtech Australia is one of a growing number of companies investing in and using Kinesys automation products regularly in both their day-to-day and custom work.

The company was founded in 1987 by Tiny Good with headquarters in Braeside, Victoria, and a satellite office in Hong Kong – to serve the growing Asian market.

Showtech Australia specialises in entertainment rigging, staging, automation, flying effects, technical and ‘uncommon’ services, applying expert knowledge and imagination to the intriguing world of motion control.

Tiny was already familiar with Kinesys products before he committed to the purchases, as they had been working regularly with Kinesys elements … “basically I knew the power and scope of the Vector system, so I was confident it was the right choice,” stated Tiny.

They have been purchasing and utilising Kinesys products regularly for the last five years.

As a busy production facility, it reached a stage where owning a reliable and flexible brand which could be used as standard for all projects made sense … and the first purchase was the Kinesys Velocity drives, Vector control and a Mentor E-stop interface, which they used in combination with their existing Zero Fleet AC winches.

Their Vector control system was installed in a bespoke console, complete with 15 inch touch screen, the Vector keypad, E-Stop and DMH, all incorporated in one easy to use and transport box.

Other subsequent Kinesys investments have included LibraCELLs, more Velocity Drives, DigiHoist , mini Array PDES, Vector console, Liftket 1 tonne motors and Elevation 1+ drives … “and there will be more coming” confirms Tiny.

Tiny reckons the DigiHoist is “one of the best and most powerful fixed speed controllers on the market and great value for money” with features like digital communications, limit monitoring, load and position feedback and group halt functionality.

Vector is “a great piece of control software that’s powerful, user-friendly and straightforward to teach people in terms of operating a basic show, as well as being extremely stable and reliable”.

Showtech has proudly been engaged and worked with many producers within Australia and internationally to produce both complex and simple motion and aerial scenarios for shows and events with their Vector system.

Along with Showtech’s growth of shows requiring automation and motion control comes the need for training new operators and Tiny has taught the system to several key personnel who are now operators in their own right.

LibraCELL and DigiHoist are regularly used by Showtech to ensure real-time monitoring of the hoist loads.

Tiny believes that LibraCELL and DigiHoist will become increasingly common in the concert, event and touring sectors, especially when video walls are concerned, which is something they are pushing to make mandatory in Australia, especially when involving more than three support hoists.

The support they receive from Kinesys is “really great” despite the difficulties of being in an opposite time zone and together with recent expansions at Kinesys USA this has become “even easier”.

Tiny observes that flying and automation, be it a person, lighting, video or other production elements, is becoming more popular within Australia and Asia, and in fact across the world, live audiences are expecting more spectacle and WOW factors now than they did a decade ago. Producers therefore have more creative options for making live shows visually and physically exciting… with automation playing a massive part

Automation is on the increase in theatres and venues due to enhanced safety and repeatability … and with all of this maturation, “we need more emphasis generally on automation as a technical skill. It’s not something for which we can simply rely on stage managers or lighting operators to push the button on cue!”

The evolution of the motion control sector of the industry is a hot discussion topic in the rigging community right now and something that Tiny feels Kinesys addresses in its ongoing and forward thinking product development.

Tiny and Showtech are looking forward to the ongoing expansion of their Kinesys inventory and the exciting future of automation and motion control.


ULA Group announce exclusive partnership with SGM

Posted on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

ULA Group is very excited to announce a new partnership with SGM, a proud Danish company specializing in LED lighting solutions.

Cuono Biviano, MD of ULA Group comments: “We are extremely proud of our new partnership with SGM, which came just in the right time when our company is growing and expanding into new market segments. The SGM products are of a superb quality, incorporating ground-breaking technology which makes them unique and a perfect fit for both entertainment and architectural lighting markets. The core values that ULA Group has been built upon align with those that SGM proudly represent throughout their business practice. We are very excited to be able to partner exclusively with SGM in Australia and New Zealand and to help grow their network globally.”

Originally founded in 1975, SGM has more than 40 years of experience within the entertainment lighting business. Focusing on innovation and experimenting with emerging technologies, SGM has gathered one of the most experienced R&D teams managed by Peter Johansen, pioneer who helped to shape the entertainment lighting industry as it stands today.

Peter Johansen, CEO of SGM, states: “I have known Cuono Biviano since the early ‘90s, and I have been looking for the right partner capable of representing SGM, having the technical skills and qualifications to market a high-tech brand. I am happy to re-establish these old ties, and I foresee that combining forces between ULA Group and SGM will definitely bring great value for Australia’s and New Zealand’s market, leading us to reclaim the growth potential of this region.”

The SGM award winning LED products are renowned for their quality and reliability and have been recently specified as a main lighting fixtures on world tours by artists including Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Robbie Williams, Pink, One Direction and featured on numerous international events such as Eurovision Song Contest etc.

The SGM architectural range offers high-powered LED IP rated fixtures, ideal for permanent outdoor installations illuminating iconic building and structures around the globe.

The ULA Group will announce the dates for the official SGM product launch events in their Australian and New Zealand facilities in upcoming weeks!


Intense Lighting Goes Rogue

Posted on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Intense Lighting is a production company that aims to provide their clients with the most cost effective solution that incorporates creative design elements, new technology and reliability. Passion for their work is a quality they nurture.

Headed by Managing Director Ian Garrard, a key part of the company’s rising success is their impressive lighting inventory. Recently Ian went looking to add to his inventory for a beam lighting fixture which would be able to reinforce the company’s mantra of being able to provide new technology that is reliable to its clients. As a result, Ian went searching for a beam fixture that was both powerful and reliable. After already owning many CHAUVET Professional fixtures and being very impressed with their performance and value, Ian decided to again acquire CHAUVET Professional fixtures, this time 12 of the Rogue R2 Beams from supplier Showtools International.

Rogue R2 Beam is the light cannon of the Rogue series, boasting an intense 133,200 lux at 15 meters with its Osram Sirius 230 W HRI lamp. Ian was very impressed with the colour and gobo options, “The Rogue R2 Beam comes with 14 fixed colours in its fully scrollable, variable speed color wheel, which also provides split colours perfectly and 17 gobos with continuous variable-speed wheel scroll.” Its 8-facet rotating prism provides an endless supply of creative and dynamic beam looks to inspire and elevate design options which was emphasized by Ian, “The Rogue prism helps us create a lot of different beam looks, the colours are realistic and the pan/tilt movement is super-fast. We are happy to have the Rogue R2 beams as part of our ever-growing inventory as the CHAUVET Professional range of fixtures continue to impress.”

Thanks to the addition of the Rogue R2 Beams, Intense Lighting will now be able to provide an extra dimension when offering clients lighting products or providing production for all types of events of all varying sizes.


Mt Isa Venues invest heavily with Show Technology

Posted on Friday, January 19th, 2018

Mount Isa Entertainment and Tourism Venues (MIETV) manages three, Council owned, entertainment and tourism venues: Outback at Isa, Buchanan Park Events Complex and The Mount Isa Civic Centre. Over the past year they have made substantial investment in new lighting gear putting their trust in Show Technology.

Being located in a remote regional location, support and service were crucial to MIETV. The equipment purchased needed to be high quality and very reliable as replacements or hire gear could take days to arrive by truck at great cost.

Show Technology’s Candice Hill and Branden Butler made site inspections of all the venues and also provided training and support over several days.

MIETV’s lighting stock now includes an MA Lighting dot2 XLF, 8 x Claypaky Scenius Profile, 6 x Studio Due CityColors, 12 x Robert Juliat 2k Fresnels, DreamFest LED festooning, Unique Hazer, DJ Power Low Fogger, coolux Media Software, and 12 x ShowPro Hercules.

At the time of the upgrades, Shane Riddington was the Technical Manager overseeing the lighting improvements.

“When I first arrived at Mt Isa there had been no new equipment for a decade,” he said. “So we really needed to upgrade starting with the dot2 console which was exactly what we needed. We couldn’t think of a better console and I can’t speak more highly about it. We also got some wings for backup or for when we have two shows on the same night at different venues. My head lighting guy adores the MA gear and the guys found it so easy to use.”

Next to arrive at Mt Isa were the Claypaky Scenius Profiles to replace the static profiles on the Civic Theatres front lighting bar. Shane popped down to Show Technology’s Brisbane office for a demo and was immediately sold on them!

“What they can do plus the light they give out and the colour mixing on them was exactly what we needed,” he remarked. “They are a fantastic light and the shutters are really useful. We also added Robert Juliat 2k Fresnels, which I like for their knob control for zoom and focus.”

To accompany MIETV’s new Roland V800 video mixer and a LED wall from Big Screen Australia, Shane required a multilevel media package and so he purchased a coolux Media Player.

Studio Due CityColors were purchased to light up the venues, inside and out, with their first outing at the Outback Fringe Festival where they lit up outdoor sun sails, shining movement and geometric shapes through to the building behind.

“I had used the old fashioned discharge versions that used to take four people to lift them and at first, I was a bit suspicious of the new LED ones,” commented Shane. “Fortunately they’re fantastic! We also got some ShowPro Hercules for uplighting – and they are the easiest sell to a client! In fact, they have been used on every single show since we’ve had them. Of everything that we have bought, they are the best thing for what they do and value for money. Previously, to cable twelve uplights with power and DMX would take one person a few hours but with the Hercules it takes one person 10 minutes. We tested them and they easily last for ten hours.”

There’s no doubt that Shane has helped transform the venues of Mt Isa so that this little mining town in the middle of outback Queensland can technologically match most venues on the east coast of Australia.


The P.A. People on the Road with Showcase

Posted on Friday, January 19th, 2018

The P.A. People is a specialist integrator and contractor in sound reinforcement, audio visual systems, performance lighting and production communications. Over its 40-year history the company has developed a reputation as a leader in these fields, understanding the rigors of working in a design construct environment and working with other trades and services to ensure delivery of a fully integrated package. Its activities are divided into three operational groups: Sales, Hire Service; Installed Systems; and Event Communications.

The team at The P.A. People recently were looking for cases for clients that were both rugged and built to last for the touring market and came across one brand that provided what they were looking for, Showcase Road Cases from supplier Showtools International. The P.A. People decided to acquire cases that included 15x 6 Drawers Case, 20 x Medium Cable Packers and 10 x Large Cable Packers.

The appeal of the Showcase Road Cases for The P.A. People was the fact the cases are all equipped with world leading brand of case hardware, Penn-Elcom. Penn-Elcom is the leader in case hardware, racking and parts with 40 years of experience in designing product solutions for these specialist industries. Showcase Road Cases are laminated with a 12mm Ply Black Hex Pattern and Penn-Elcom Hardware including the castor wheels. These factors along with Showcase being reliable and durable to handle all type of demands made the choice easy for The P.A. People.

With a large influx of Showcase Road Cases acquired by The P.A. People, the company will now have the means to supply their customer base with quality road cases that will last for years to come.


AC Lighting take on Road Hog 4

Posted on Friday, January 19th, 2018

AC Lighting of Christchurch, New Zealand are ready for any gig, providing full service event lighting, staging, rigging, and power distribution for hire or for sale. With clients ranging across festivals, corporate, and broadcast, AC Lighting rely on High End Systems Hog consoles for lighting control, recently adding a Road Hog 4 to their inventory, and supplying another to an important customer, WhitebaitMedia.

Run by husband and wife team Janine Morrell-Gunn and Jason Gunn, who have both been working in children’s TV since the late 80s, WhitebaitMedia have an amazing production facility in central Christchurch. Boasting a 594m2 film and television studio that can host audiences for live shoots and accommodate set builds, and a smaller 120m2 studio with a permanent infinity cyc and green screen, WhitebaitMedia are regularly producing a two-hour live show on the weekends and an after-school weekday pre-recorded young adult show, in addition to being available for private and commercial hire.

“With their High End Systems Hog iPC near its end-of-life, WhitebaitMedia wanted to stick with the Hog platform,” said AC Lighting’s general manager Michael Kelly. “As we have multiple Hogs in our inventory, they also wanted to go with a console that we can provide a back-up for. But the main reason they like the platform is the speed of the workflow. WhitebaitMedia’s shows often include live performances, and on some occasions, the performers may come in only half-an-hour before they go live. Their operators don’t have a lot of time to see what’s required, and they enjoy using the Hogs for busking and getting a good look quickly.”

Back in AC Lighting’s inventory, a Road Hog 4 has joined the family. “We already have a Full Boar 4, a Hog 3 with DP8000 processors, a Hog iPC, a Hog4PC, and lots of MiniWings,” reported Michael. “We’re adding another option with our new Road Hog 4, which we intend to use as a backup on our larger gigs with the Full Boar 4, and to go out on its own for smaller concert-style shows, conference dinners, and other smaller scale work.”

A long-term Hog house, AC Lighting’s pool of operators are veterans on the operating system. “The Hog platform is a quick platform to use,” explained Michael. “It’s robust and reliable. We’ve been doing shows on Hogs since the Echelon on the Hog 2 platform. Our lighting technicians can programme on our Hogs really quickly, and they’re always comfortable knowing they have a Hog on their show.”

AC Lighting’s stable of Hogs is backed by New Zealand and Australian High End Systems distributor Lexair. “We like the crew at Lexair; they’re very approachable, and they provide good support,” endorsed Michael. “We regularly deal with Nick Abel in Auckland and always catch up with the Aussie staff when they visit. As a production company, it’s good knowing Lexair have back-ups and demo consoles available if a problem should arise.”


Bay Audio Visual Grow

Posted on Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Bay Audio Visual, an event production company based in Tauranga, New Zealand, delivers expert audio visual solutions and installation services to clients from the Coromandel to Whakatane.

The company looks after the ASB Baypark precinct, which includes ASB Arena and ASB Stadium, as well as external events such as conferences and concerts.

Recently Bay Audio Visual upgraded their lighting inventory with Martin RUSH MH7, LED Fresnel’s, Profiles, ShowPro LED PAR Quad-18s, and DJ Power fog machines.

“The hybrid factor of the RUSH MH7 really appealed to us,” commented Jordan Baldock, Production Supervisor. “The features offered, plus the movement and macros within the fitting, were exactly what we were looking for.”

A total of sixteen ShowPro LED PAR Quad-18 have proved to be a very useful investment with Jordan commenting on how nice the colours are, especially for room lighting and for bands on stage. Bay Audio Visual also purchased six DJ Power fog machines which have proved to be very successful at corporate events as well as concerts.

Bay Audio Visual went on to purchase a further eighteen ShowPro LED PAR Quad-18 for a venue install in Tauranga.

The Quad 18 ShowPro LED Pars along with HP LED Profiles were installed into Holy Trinity Church, another venue that Bay Audio Visual manage. The venue’s lighting rig was in need of an upgrade and Bay Audio-Visual recommended to switch to full LED. Out came the old dimmers and fixtures, in went the LED fixtures. They provided great output, and the venue immediately noticed the drop in power consumption.

“The ShowPro LED Fresnels and Profiles are very good,” said Jordan. “The colour temperature in them is exceptionally nice and the attributes they have on them are very good compared to what is out there on the market.”