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VDO Sceptrons for Jay Productions & Events

Posted on Monday, October 30th, 2017

Jay Productions & Events has added Martin VDO Sceptron 20 to their inventory. Lightweight, sturdy, easy to hang and with numerous lens options, the VDO Sceptron 20 is a single strip of LEDs built into a 1-meter sturdy aluminum frame. The VDO in the name stands for video, as in the RGB LEDs used in the fixture are the same type used in LED video tiles and the 20 dictates the pixel pitch of this particular fixture – as in 20mm.

Martin VDO Sceptrons are perfect for breaking up large amounts of space, and are a very cost-effective way to dress up a venue.

“We had been using another product but the user interface wasn’t as friendly, its overall operation wasn’t as effective either,” commented George Kostopoulos, Account Manager at Jay Productions.

George reports that his clients frequently requested Happy Tubes but once they saw the VDO Sceptrons in use, they never looked back!

“The VDO Sceptron has a really good colour spectrum and brightness,” he added. “The VDO Sceptrons are very well made, reliable and they connect together very simply with one cable. In fact they are very straightforward to set up, program and map everything together. You can pre-map the lights on top of a diagram and once you get to your bump in, you simply link that light to where you is on your map. The user interface is very good; you can use it from a video perspective or from a lighting perspective with DMX or ARTnet.”

The photos show Jay Productions’ VDO Sceptrons in full effect for the Blade Runner 2049 Premier at Event Cinemas George Street.

The VDO Sceptron 20 has an extensive range of optical accessories for a wide variety of looks. The VDO Sceptron 20 is driven by the Martin P3 System Controller family for easy configuration, mapping and setup, and is also backwards compatible with DMX for smaller setups. The integrated power and data cabling allows for long daisy-chains with many fixtures per cable-run, while the power supply can be located backstage (up to 50 m away) for a clean setup avoiding messy cabling and several driver boxes.


Eventec to distribute DGX

Posted on Monday, October 30th, 2017

Eventec is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor for DGX – providing a new range of professional LED Digital Displays.

The new DGX Outdoor Rental/Production range boasts a beautifully designed die-cast aluminium, sturdy and lightweight housing making assembly a breeze. With replaceable front serviceable modules, servicing a rig of any size is simple and less time consumptive than ever before. The CNC machined parts make it more appealing with flush and seamless joints and angled cabinets delivering a premium viewing experience (DGX models available in P3.91, P4.81, P5.95).

The DGX Indoor Installation range come in a tiny 1.2 pitch delivering higher resolution, which was previously considered impossible for LED Digital Displays. The DGX indoor range is lightweight, have a die-cast aluminium housing with integrated internal data connectivity between cabinets, slim profile and front serviceable modules, making it easy to install and service. (DGX models available in 1.2, 1.5, 19).



TLC Global to distribute LEDBlade

Posted on Saturday, October 28th, 2017

We welcome the LEDBlade products to their new home at TLC Global.

The flexibility of LEDBlade’s approach to technology changes the way we think about lighting and video collaboration as a whole. LEDBlade is a new generation in professional LEDstripe systems for creative shows and event designers

  • NOT DMX controlled it utilizes SPI protocol.
  • Developed for quick and easy physical installation, can be reassembled easily on daily basis.
  • Tour version, road ready, takes up little space, light so it can be transported simply.
  • Fast, simple content installation, may even be as little as a few minutes.
  • Very stable, reliable system, so it is extremely economical.
  • Create stunning backdrops.
  • Increase the space, edge-enhancement.
  • Can be integrated into a whole stage setting.
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor.

It welcomes a new generation in development and is something TLC Global are very excited to now have available to the Australian and New Zealand markets.
Australian Distributor: TLC Global


Dreamfest a dream for Dreamweavers

Posted on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Based on the Gold Coast, Dreamweavers Event Creators & Producers provide full service event production and are known for their creative genius.

Recently Dreamweavers invested in a ShowPro Dreamfest outdoor-rated RGB LED festoon lighting system with dedicated controller / DMX interface … because who doesn’t love a string of festoon lighting?

“Festoon has been the go to item for many outdoor events over the years,” commented Sam Pomana, General Manager, Dreamweavers Technical. “We looked to Dreamfest’s LED festoon for these main reasons: power draw, IP rating, colour temperature and control and it has delivered in all of these areas. Although the product is fairly new with us and we haven’t had a great opportunity to put it through its paces, we look forward to getting creative with this product moving forward.”

Sam further remarked that the Dreamfest festoon has performed flawlessly and is very simple to use.

The event pictured was the Aussie Home Loans welcome function held at The Star Gold Coast.

ShowPro’s Dreamfest is IP65 rated and comes in a 15-metre strand with 20 bulbs at 75cm spacing. The 3-channel individually controllable full-colour RGB bulbs are low voltage. Connect up to three strands per driver.


ShowPro FusionBARs and LED Profiles simply right

Posted on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Michael Zagarn, Lighting Designer & Consultant, has added fourteen ShowPro LED FusionBAR Q XV and sixteen ShowPro LED Profile FC fixtures to his inventory.

The ShowPro LED FusionBAR Q XV is an outdoor-rated Quad-colour (4-in-one) RGBW one-meter LED batten that delivers vibrant linear colour washes and an individually controllable 15 x 1 pixel matrix.

“It was simply the right product at the right time,” remarked Michael. “I like the individual pixel control, the fact it is IP rated, it has W-DMX onboard and it’s an all-round versatile fixture. Some weeks I’m doing bands, some weeks theatre … but usually when I buy new gear I think of theatre first because whatever can do theatre, can do rock but not necessarily the other way round.”

The photos show a recent production of Godspell where the FusionBARs were used to create walls of light onto a fairly plain set.

The ShowPro LED Profile FC leverages the power of RGBAL (lime) LEDs to boost the lumen output for white and lighter colours. Again, Michael purchased them for multi-purpose requirements and he was very impressed by their build quality and good CRI colouring.

“Most theatre shows nowadays want to get a lot with a lot less time and the LED Profile FC gives me the ability to change moods very quickly without having to do re-gels or hang more fixtures,” he added. “Their transparency gobos are really good for corporate gigs.”

The ShowPro LED Profile FC offers flawless dimming with consistent colour temperature throughout the dimming curve as well as flicker-free output, quiet operation, low maintenance design. Available optics are 19°, 26°, 36° or 50°.


Auswide Productions expand with Eurotruss

Posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Auswide Productions is one of Sydney’s most established, respected, and adventurous Audio Visual specialists. Auswide Productions is recruited by event organisers throughout Australia, who come specifically looking for their expertise and unique way of doing business. The company can supply a full suite of Audio Visual equipment and services to cover events of all sizes and scales, from a conference of 20 people through to large corporate events and concerts.

As part of their impressive inventory of audio visual equipment, Auswide Productions also own inventory of the highly trusted Eurotruss Truss System, supplied by Showtools International. The company recently expanded their impressive Eurotruss inventory and the truss was put into action for the end of year formal for St Paul’s College.

With the formal event being held during French Provincial James Pritchett, Director of Auswide Productions stated, “After detailed planning for the event and with it being in French Provincial, we decided to design and deliver a truss structure to replicate the ‘Arc de Triomphe,’ one of the most famous monuments in Paris with it being the second largest arc in the world.”

In order for James and his team to deliver a truss structure to replicate such an iconic monument, the decision was made to use The Eurotruss Truss System as it was ideal for this type of structure. Auswide integrated 10×3 meter and 10×2 meter HD34 Square Truss and 6 HD34 Cubes to build the impressive configuration. The choice to use the Eurotruss system was due the fact the HD34 square truss guarantees optimum load bearing capacity, with a 3mm wall thickness assuring durability and superior strength. In addition, the ease of use with the superb fast-conical system allowed Auswide’s team to create the perfect solution for what was needed and allowed the set-up to be optimized from time of bump in to bump out.

The event was a great success for the all those involved including the college and the students who were graduating with the structure being one of the stars of the night. Thanks to the use of The Eurotruss Truss System, Auswide Productions managed to design and implement a structure fitting of the Arc de Triomphe that made the night extra special.


MA all the way for Alljonny

Posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Three years ago, Jonny Cross of Alljonny Services in New Zealand purchased an MA command wing as he was fed up with turning up at venues only to be given some random console. At the time Jonny was doing a lot of contemporary dance shows around the country but recently he has picked up quite a bit of film work so flexibility and portability in control became even more important.

“I decided to add an MA fader wing so when I am on location, I can just bring a command wing and a little laptop and when I am in the studio I can have the command wing, fader wing and touch screens,” commented Jonny. “The expandability of the system is really useful. The command wing with a fader wing is no different to a console in the way it works. You can jump on an MA full size or light, and everything is the same as it is on the command wing. I also like that you can customize your set up to how big you want the footprint.”

Jonny stated that he loves his MA set up to bit sand that everything is perfect. He further reports that his MA gear has been 100% reliable although he can’t say the same for Windows!