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Claypaky for The Con

Posted on Monday, July 31st, 2017

The University of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music has made its first ever purchase of intelligent lighting in the form of four Claypaky Alpha Profile 800 ST, the most modern moving beam shaper in existence today for use in the most demanding lighting sectors.

Claypaky has used highly sophisticated micromechanics to obtain a compact, light, silent unit with an extremely bright light and a zoom capable of producing an extraordinarily sharp, perfectly uniform beam.
“We needed fixtures with shapers that could do quite a wide zoom range and also gobo patterns,” explained Jarrad Salmon, AV & Lighting Coordinator at Sydney Conservatorium of Music. “The space where the fixtures were to go has a very fast turnaround of events and there’s no time to rig and re-rig, so it had to be a flexible fixture. We wanted a wide range of colours and a zoom so we could hit anywhere onstage.”

The zoom on the Claypaky Alpha Profile 800 ST starts from the extremely narrow angle of 7.6° and reaches up to 55°.

Jarrad tried a few different fixtures out before settling on the Claypaky Alpha Profile 800 ST, saying it was certainly the pick of the bunch.

“They’ve performed very well,” he added. “The photo shows the Con Opera production of Cavalli’s La Calisto for which we have a couple of custom made gobos created. The lighting designer and crew were very happy with the Claypaky Alpha Profile 800 STs.”

Lighting designers will find all the tools they need to enhance their creativity in the Alpha Profile 800 ST. 

Photo: Patrick Boland, Sydney Conservatorium of Music


Eventec join ALIA

Posted on Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Event Lighting will now be trading as EVENTEC and they are exclusive distributors for Event Lighting, Event Lighting Lite and Event Pixels. EVENTEC will continue to distribute Antari Fog Machines, one of the most highly distinguished brands within the effect machine industry. New catalogues will be coming out soon.

Event Pixels, also established under EVENTEC, distributes LED Screens, unique DJ booths and custom LED displays. A new website and catalogue will be coming out soon.

EVENTEC strive on providing high quality products feature packed and designed to perform reliably and consistently. Proudly Australian owned and operated, EVENTEC combines extensive research and development with a vast degree of hands-on industry experience, delivering high quality innovative solutions within the industry.


Full Boar 4s cruise with P&O

Posted on Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Brisbane’s Point Source Solutions are specialist AV integrators that pride themselves on making complex systems work. With skills across multiple disciplines, Point Source can do everything from event management, to networking infrastructure, to LED video screen design. With a diverse roster of clients, Point Source recently found themselves aboard two P&O cruise ships, the Pacific Dawn and the flagship Pacific Explorer, upgrading their theatre’s lighting system with High End System’s Full Boar 4 consoles.

With a rotating line-up of productions created for the global cruise giant by Sydney’s Grayboy Entertainment, theatre on the P&O line is just as complex and technical as it is on dry land. Grayboy’s lighting designer Gavan Swift is a dedicated Hog user, and specifies High End Systems consoles for all of the P&O shows. As part of a major upgrade, both the Explorer and Dawn’s Full Boar 3s were retired and directly replaced by the latest Full Boar 4s.

“The Full Boar 4s went in beautifully,” said Point Source Solutions’ John Buchanan. “They were directly replacing a Full Boar 3 with DP8000 DMX processor, so all of the networking was already in place. Sorting out some minor universe issues took 15 minutes. The system on the Explorer is running a Pathway network, with Art-Net going to primary and redundant media servers, which run visuals to LED screens. That’s why we love the new support for CITP that means we get content thumbnails on the console!”

With Gavan Swift in to programme a new show, the Full Boar 4 gave him all the control he needed to get it plotted and running efficiently. “Gavan loved the ability the run four screens,” John related. “The two internal 15.6 inch touchscreens and support for two external screens meant that Gavin could get all the visual information he needed while programming.”

From the integration side, John and Point Source appreciated the Full Boar 4s ability to handle multiple network protocols. “It’s extremely useful for us to be able to run sACN and Art-Net at the same time,” explained John. “We’ve found the Pathway Pathport Ethernet DMX nodes prefer sACN to Art-Net, but the media server they’re using needs Art-Net. The Full Boar 4 not only does both, it is rock-solid and stable – I have never run into an issue when doing this on a Hog.”

The Full Boar 4s life on the waves will be fully supported by Lexair, High End System’s distributor for Australia and New Zealand. “Lexair are fantastic,” John emphasised. “They are always on the phone if you need support. They are a great team that we have worked with for years. We’ve done many, many projects with them and have multiple ongoing right now.”


Concert & Corporate Productions join ALIA

Posted on Friday, July 21st, 2017

You may have noticed that the ALIA website now lists Production Companies and Concert & Corporate Productions is the latest company to come on board.

Concert and Corporate Productions  (CCP) are Western Australia’s leading Lighting & Video production company established in 1995.

Locally owned and operated, CCP specialise in Lighting, AV Systems, LED screens, Lighting Designers, Operators, Rigging, Staging, Touring Logistics, Technical support and Service.

Our personalised professional services extend from supplying to your Corporate product launch through to Touring Concerts and Festivals or Theatre and Symphonic Concerts.

CCP has the experience ,equipment and skills  to “Turn your Vision into reality”

Benefits of joining ALIA  include:

Recognition within the industry
Access to free posting on the site (jobs, projects, new gear etc)
Sharing of your material on the ALIA facebook site
Free access to ALIA events
A banner on the front page of ALIA

Basically, you feed us your news and we’ll get it out there!

For more information, please contact Cat


Creative Productions join ALIA

Posted on Friday, July 21st, 2017

You may have noticed that the ALIA website now lists Production Companies and Creative Productions is the latest company to come on board.

Founded in 2012, Creative Productions has fast become Queenslands premier production service provider for Lighting, LED Video screens and now audio.

Creative Productions provides state-of-the-art event solutions for concert tours, festivals, corporate events, film and theatres.

Their offices are located near the heart of Gold Coast, QLD and Castle Hill Sydney.

Benefits of joining ALIA  include:

Recognition within the industry
Access to free posting on the site (jobs, projects, new gear etc)
Sharing of your material on the ALIA facebook site
Free access to ALIA events
A banner on the front page of ALIA

Basically, you feed us your news and we’ll get it out there!

For more information, please contact Cat


ULA Group Opens a New Interactive Showroom

Posted on Friday, July 21st, 2017

The ULA Group has opened the first of a number of new state of the art interactive showrooms last Thursday night at its Queensland office. The evening was catered in fine style and went off without a hitch, the loyal QLD and interstate clients were dazzled.

Cuono Biviano comments: “I am so excited and humbled to open our new state of the art showroom and training facility. It looks amazing and is the start to a new chapter in ULA history. We built this creative modern space for all our clients, partners and lighting designers to be hands on with our world class stable of solutions and we believe it will empower them to generate more opportunities not only today but for years to come. I thank all who joined us for the grand opening, the support from our customers and friends was overwhelming. ULA is built on the principal of strong relationships and trust and this was evident on the night. I look forward to welcoming you all to our showrooms soon.”

The opening saw ULA launch several fantastic new products from their exclusive technology partners, which were presented by Blair Terrace (National Sales Manager) and Nathan Wright (Digital Technology Product Manager) during the night.

“The current range of products on display in our showroom from our supply partners is really exciting. It is fantastic to be able to present all the latest products required for a total lighting and LED vision solution in the one space,” says Blair Terrace.

“Our focus and vision is not only to continue delivering first class leading technology solutions, but to strengthen relationships and offer a wider range of opportunities to everyone”, ads Con.

The ULA Group continues its exciting renovations throughout all its offices and partners, with the new Melbourne showroom next scheduled to open in the coming weeks and with the other locations to follow.


EI Productions purchase Vuepix ER5.9 LED screens

Posted on Thursday, July 20th, 2017

EI Productions have made a decisive move to enhance their production capability with the addition this week of 90 x panels of Vuepix ER5.9 LED screen plus associated cabling and rigging gear from ULA Group.

“It’s been clear for a while now that the integration of lighting and vision is the way of the future and we’ve spearheaded this advancement with our existing LED screen product and large projectors that we’ve had for some time now,” commented Neale Mace of EI Productions. “However, everyone wants more and bigger LED screens and after a significant investigation and evaluation process, we settled on the Vuepix ER5.9 product.

It’s lightweight, bright, packaged well for touring, easy to setup and use, is IP65 / IP54 rated and locally supported.”

After a visit to the ULA HQ for a one-on-one with the Vuepix gear and the ULA crew, EI Productions decided to commit to the ER screen.

“ULA did a great job assisting us with the actual spec of gear that we needed and the sales and delivery were all seamless and on time,” added Neale.

The Vuepix screen is so easy to deal with that the EI Productions crew took a bit over 1hr from the delivery truck arriving to having sixteen panels setup and flown with their logo on the screen – all without using the manual!

“Our total screen package can do a 9m x 5m screen,” said Neale. “We’re looking forward to getting this new LED Screen out on tours, shows, and events along with our ever-growing inventory of lighting and audio.”