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Elite gets wired with TMB

Posted on Friday, April 21st, 2017

Canberra’s Elite Event Technology have just taken delivery of a pallet of TMB ProCable multicores, adding just under 700 metres to their inventory. So how much TMB cable do they own now? “Around 10 kilometres worth,” said Darren Russell, Elite Event Technology’s Managing Director. “We’ve invested in a mixture of TMB ProPlex DMX and Ethernet cabling, ProCable multicable assemblies with Socapex connectors, and headers, patch panels, and tails.”

Elite Event Technology (formerly Elite Sound and Lighting) is a production juggernaut in the ACT, servicing clients on tour nationally. Like most production houses their size, they’d previously manufactured most cabling in-house. “In the past, we’ve made all our own Ethernet cabling; EtherCon to EtherCon with Neutrik connectors and Eurocable cable. The TMB purchases were the first time we’d bought Ethernet and DMX cabling off-the-shelf,” Darren continued. “We got the samples and thought it was really well made, as well as nice to roll. The pricing of the TMB cable meant that when we did the maths it turned out to cost about the same as just the components, and then we’d still have to build them. The value for money is pretty good.”

Elite have run TMB’s ProCable with Socapex in their rigs for years. “We’ve found it to be really reliable and we wanted more of the same,” confirmed Darren. “It definitely wasn’t broken and so we didn’t need to fix it! But we’ve grown to such a point where we just need more of everything. We were running out of Socapex all the time, and it’s been great to take the opportunity to just buy a whole load in the same order. As we speak I literally just walked past a pallet of Socapex getting our branding heat-shrunk on it, going into our system kits, and being sent out to work.”

TMB’s range of professional cabling and infrastructure solutions are distributed in Australia by Lexair Entertainment. “We’ve had long relationships with all of the staff from Lexair, and they’re nice guys,” reported Darren. “In all our dealings with them, whether TMB cabling, or their other brands, their service has been really good. We’re always happy to pick up the phone and talk to Lexair.”


Crown Perth raises the LED bar with Elation

Posted on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Crown Perth makes every demand of its lighting equipment a venue can make. With a 2,300 seat theatre, ballrooms, meeting rooms, hotels, nightclubs, bars and countless public areas, the staff at Crown can be called upon to light everything from foyer displays to Broadway musicals. With so much to light and so much flexibility required, all under the gaze of high-rollers and luxury hotel patrons, Crown’s AV staff recently purchased Elation SixBar 1000 and SixBar 500 LED battens.

“We light banners, set displays, cars, and whatever else comes up,” said Crown AV’s Jeremy Prestwood. “Our LED bars might be rigged on a truss or set on the floor for a band, jazzing up a press conference, highlighting a gaming display, set up for a month in a car on display in the foyer as a prize, or set up and taken down again after a one-hour show.”

Elation’s SixBar 1000 runs 12 12W RGBAW+UV LEDs, while the SixBar 500 runs six, putting out 8,500 and 6,500 Lux respectively. Both models have an 100,000 average hour LED life, produce 30° beam angles, can strobe, and include five variable dimming curve modes. But it’s the thoughtful inclusion of a frost filter and glare shield with both units that got Jeremy’s attention.

“One of the main reasons we chose the SixBars was for the frost filter and glare shield,” Jeremy reported. “Those two inclusions save us messily bolting on diffuser gel or using black wrap to try and get the same effect. The way our fixtures look is very important for what we do; the included frost filter and glare shield are nice and neat, and that’ really important when we’re setting up in public spaces in six-star hotels.”

The SixBar’s practicality and ease of set-up both rated highly for Jeremy and the team; “Their yokes are well designed, look good, and sit well,” Jeremy continued. “I also really like the magnetic connections on the end of the fixtures as it makes it really easy to line them up nice and straight. Having power in and out helps in that scenario too.”

On any given day, Crown’s SixBars will most likely be employed as wash. “We’re usually using the SixBars as a wall-up wash or a set wash,” Jeremy explained. “That’s when we find the UV is really useful, as it gives some deep dusky pinks. Occasionally we’ll use them for of bit strobe on a band, and we’ll sometimes take the frost filter off and throw around some decent beams. We appreciate that the auto settings are really good because the SixBars are often set stand-alone without a desk for control.”

Crown purchased their SixBars through Evolution 512, ably serviced by general manger Sean McKernan. Both Crown and Evolution 512 are backed up by Australia and New Zealand Elation distributor Lexair Entertainment, who are always on hand for technical and service support.


Pro Light & Sound switch to Pharos

Posted on Monday, April 17th, 2017

Pro Light & Sound purchased twelve ShowPro Pharos compact LED profiles knowing that there would be situations where they would need a fixture equivalent to a 1.2K profile but power would be limited.

“We are also quite conscious with our Going Green Company Policy and see these units as the perfect way to tick several boxes,” said Stav Hatzipantelis, of PL&S. “We’ve found them to be easy to control via DMX and they have smooth, flicker free dimming – great for photography and TV. We often do events televised to millions around the world so it’s important to have the right colour temperature for cameras too!”

The Pharos LED profiles were recently used on a theatrical event held in Chadstone Shopping Centre. The show combined a contemporary story with some great theatrics, dancing and classic songs and ran for three weeks.

“Together with W-DMX, we were able to roll out a fantastic show within the venue limitations,” added Stav. “With limited power and restricted cabling runs in the shopping centre, this would have been almost impossible to do using conventional profiles with a 3 phase dimmers.

Stav further commented that he has been very happy with the investment and after six months of trouble free usage, he has decided to replace all PL&S’s conventionals with the Pharos units.


PMLS invest in MAC Quantum Profiles

Posted on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Tasmania’s PMLS are the proud owners of a fleet of new Martin MAC Quantum Profiles, saying they were the best option for a number of reasons.

“The big attraction for us is that the MAC Quantum Profile is a high powered LED light source which means better consistency of light from fixture to fixture – something that we do not get with standard lamps that vary with age,” remarked Nick Morse of PMLS. “When we did our comparisons, we found the MAC Quantum to be a lot brighter than a MAC 700 by a long way. We also found the Quantum’s to run very fast with low noise and that makes it one of the most versatile fixtures on the market today.”

Nick further commented that the MAC Quantum integrates perfectly with their existing inventory and that it was recommended to them on a number of occasions.

“We spoke with many of our industry friends and they all said you won’t go wrong with the MAC Quantum …. in fact they all said purchase as many as you can!” he added. “We plan to use our MAC Quantums as the work horse of our inventory, and also it made total sense to stay with Martin as most of our stock is Martin.”

Nick said that he and his crew like how extremely light weight the MAC Quantum is, and that fact will be an advantage to them and not restrict use in many Hobart venues.

“Keith Bradshaw from Show Technology was great to deal with through this whole process and yet again, we have had a great experience,” Nick said. “Thank you Show Technology for your continued support of PMLS.”


Illawarra Production Services invests in ShowPro

Posted on Friday, April 7th, 2017

Illawarra Production Services were recently looking for something that could provide some real impact on festival stages – even during daylight. They decided upon the ShowPro PixPad which provides a very professional level of features whilst still remaining affordable, portable, lightweight and extremely useful.

“We’ve been really happy with their output and they provide something different to the more common ‘can’ or ‘strip’ style LED fixture,” commented Jon Bracht of IPS. “They also have a really nice build quality being easy to rig individually or locked together, and with the Powercon loop through they are just quick, easy and effective.”

With individual control of each RGB pixel, when placed together in quantities, allows users to even scroll text and advanced colour chases. However there is also a large number of on-board programs which can run in stand-alone mode to ensure a simple and quick set up when required.

Jon also decided to purchase a quantity of ShowPro LED PAR Hex-18 IP65 saying that they have proved to be a great multi-purpose fixture.

“Being RGBAWUV, we’ve been able to use them for UV washes, for white front washes where power is really limited, but then they have great colour saturation that punches through on a larger stage as well,” he added. “With the IP65 rating it gives us an easy option for lighting up large outdoor spaces, or Wollongong’s lighthouses for example.”



RUSH MH7’s and LED Profiles for Sapphire

Posted on Friday, March 31st, 2017

Eight Martin RUSH MH7 Hybrid, along with eight ShowPro LED Profiles FC fixtures, have been added to the production inventory of Sapphire Lighting and Audio Productions.

The Martin RUSH MH7 Hybrid is an all-in-one beam, spot and wash moving head – all within an affordable price bracket. This made it an ideal fixture for a company of this size.

“The hybrid nature of the MH7 offers so many options for the type of events that we do,” commented Benn Sargood of Sapphire. “We do corporate, rock’n’roll, musical theatre and everything in between! They’ve been fantastic, they’re so versatile. Even in a daylight situation they are well and truly bright enough to cut it.”

The RUSH MH 7 Hybrid’s features include sharp, crisp optics with a powerful zoom that ranges from a smooth 45° wash to a punchy 2.2° beam. The fixture features 8 rotating/indexing and 12 static gobos, 10 selectable colours, and exciting beam effects from its 8-facet circular and 4-facet linear prisms.

Energy efficiency was also a key concern for Benn as several of the venues in his area do not have much in the way of power, and the efficient output of the RUSH MH 7 fixtures enables him to draw very little power. Similarly, the ShowPro LED Profiles FC he purchased require little in the way of power.

“They’ve been great,” said Benn. “The colour options the FC offers are great and for some of our clients it gives a lot more bang for buck; they give you a lot of creative options without breaking the bank. The low power consumption lets some of our clients in remote venues achieve much more than they had hoped for.”


Chauvet, Eurotruss and Showcase for Mt Isa

Posted on Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Mount Isa is a vibrant and progressive city that has become the administrative, commercial, and industrial center of North West Queensland. Managing Company Mount Isa Entertainment and Tourism Venues (MIETV) manages three, council owned entertainment and tourism venues in the city including Outback at Isa, Buchanan Park Events Complex and The Mount Isa Civic Centre.

In line with striving to provide extraordinary experiences for all events, MIETV has decided to expand its scope of professional equipment by acquiring CHAUVET Professional lighting fixtures, Eurotruss truss and Showcase road cases from Showtools International for all its venues. The new CHAUVET Professional inventory includes: Maverick MK2 Washes and Maverick MK1 Hybrids as well as Showcase road cases and HD34 Eurotruss Square Truss.

The acquisition of the CHAUVET Professional fixtures is set to transform live entertainment in the city. With their 12 40W Osram LED light sources, the MK2 washes provide an intense wash lighting with incredibly bright light and great color options thanks to the CMY mixing plus gobo wheels that provide great depth. The Maverick MK1 Hybrid allows a world of choices for MIETV with advanced optics, with multi-facet prisms and gobo combinations and a robust CMY colour system to create an endless combination of looks, all powered by a 440 W Osram Sirius reflector lamp.

Recently Shane Riddington, Head of Technical and Production at MIETV held a showcase in front of relevant stakeholders to highlight all the new lighting equipment and their capabilities (find the video below).

“This display includes a state of the art lighting system that has one of the largest selections of the all new CHAUVET Professional Maverick range of professional intelligent lighting in Australia,” Shane Riddington stated to The North West Star, “The huge array of lighting effects possible with this system are all controlled by a completely wireless system, allowing the technical staff to control it from anywhere within the Civic Centre.”

Shane Riddington said the effect of the lighting system were a match for any regional theatre or event space. “It puts MIETV in contention with virtually any city based production house in Australia.”

Meanwhile, the acquisition of the Eurotruss HD34 square truss was due to the system’s excellent load capacity, the 3mm wall thickness assures durability and extra strength in addition to its fast-conical connection system.

The latest acquisition has enabled Mount Isa City Council to continue to provide various events and entertainment in the city while offering maximum fulfilment for any event requirements. With its investment into CHAUVET Professional, Eurotruss and Showcase, Mount Isa will continue to provide amazing experiences for all events at each of the city’s entertainment venues, with the new equipment being the newest and largest of its type in Australia putting Mount Isa on the ‘cutting edge’.


Martin RUSH for Hamilton venues

Posted on Monday, March 27th, 2017

H3 in a unit within New Zealand’s Hamilton City Council which manages three major venues; Claudelands Event Centre, FMG Stadium Waikato and Seddon Park.

Within H3 is a Technical Services department which takes care of all production requirements for events in all of those venues. Recently, it was decided that the addition of Martin RUSH MH1 LED profile moving heads would greatly benefit the department and so eight were purchased.

“The fixtures are used in all three venues but predominantly Claudelands Event Centre’s arena,” commented Kelvin Ballard, Senior Technician. “We have used them on a variety of events – touring shows, conference dinners, dance schools – wherever we need a whole range of lighting effects.”

The technical crew report that they are impressed by the selection of the gobo wheels, terrific colours and the great effects they can achieve with the RUSH MH1. Of course, the fact that it is LED rather than a standard globe lamp is also appreciated!

“We purchased the RUSH MH1 to fill an obvious gap in our inventory but one of the main reasons we went with the RUSH MH1, is that RUSH fixtures are readily in town and Auckland is we need to supplement them,” explained Kelvin. “We can easily get more if we need them for the larger events.”

The RUSH MH1 is a super bright LED profile moving head fixture with efficient optics that punches out a variety of effects and colours from two gobo wheels and two colour wheels. For added versatility and effect, it also houses an electronic dimmer and strobe, iris and 3-facet prism.

The photographs are from the CATE 2016 Conference (Careers and Transition Education), held in Claudelands Arena November 2016.


Chauvet Acquires ChamSys

Posted on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Chauvet & Sons LLC has announced that it completed the acquisition of ChamSys Ltd., the Southampton, UK-based designer and manufacturer of lighting controllers. ChamSys provides Chauvet a strong presence in the controller market that complements its CHAUVET Professional lighting fixtures and LED video panels.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to join forces with ChamSys,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet & Sons LLC. “ChamSys has a well-deserved reputation for innovation, quality and value, the same principles that are at the heart of our own Chauvet brands. Together ChamSys and Chauvet are now in a position to better cover and serve worldwide markets.”

ChamSys will continue to operate as an independent business unit from its facility in Southampton, UK.  ChamSys founders Chris Kennedy and George McDuff will remain as Managing Directors of the company and, together with Sales Director Tony Cameron, will continue to lead its current staff of software and hardware engineers, operations, sales and support teams.

The ChamSys industry standard MagicQ series of lighting control products will continue to be sold by the company’s current network of distributors, except in the USA, where Chauvet will sell and support ChamSys products from its Sunrise, Florida, headquarters.  The CHAUVET Professional sales team will assume responsibility for ChamSys sales in the USA.  They will have the full-time support of Phil Watson, former CEO of ChamSys, Inc. who has been named ChamSys USA Director.

“We’re committed to maintaining the ChamSys brand and its reputation for excellence by supporting the vision and culture of its management team,” added Albert Chauvet. “At the same time, we’re also looking forward to building ChamSys in the USA and making this outstanding line of controllers available to an even larger market.”

ChamSys Managing Director Chris Kennedy echoed this enthusiasm. “Chauvet and ChamSys share similar cultures, a strong sense of respect for our customers, an appreciation of our staffs and a powerful drive to be the best in our markets,” he said. “This partnership is clearly a logical step for both companies.  We deeply appreciate that Chauvet is committed to building on our 14-year heritage so that ChamSys becomes even stronger in the future.”


TLC Global establishes GLP downunder

Posted on Thursday, March 16th, 2017

LtoR Dave Taylor (Sales Manager TLC Global), Soren Storm (GLP Sales Director APAC )

In the three months since taking over Australian distribution of GLP’s cutting-edge LED and hybrid portfolio, TLC Global has wasted no time in establishing the brand.

This culminated in a spectacular showcase at the recent ENTECH Roadshows, which ran through Australia’s major cities during the month of February.

According to Sales Account Manager Dave Taylor they are already lining up the X4 Bar 20, X4 Atoms and GT-1 for a major penetration of the professional lighting market down under, while continuing to monitor the fast developing product roadmap.

“GLP has an outstanding reputation for understanding its market and end users,” he believes. “Their ability to adapt and grow with market demands in a way that remains consistent with the brand’s previous development successes provides potential purchasers with a lot of confidence and bodes well for the future.”

In particular, the market is seeking IP rated options and versatility in products such as the modular systems and accessories.

Currently untapped markets, such as fixed installation, are ripe for development, he adds. “There is a wonderful potential for the brand with its evolving facilities — particularly with regard to the government growth here in the country. A wide percentage of this market is now looking for alternative supply and support from the Australian distribution resources.”

Meanwhile, its core rental sector remains in fine shape — due largely to the massive worldwide success of multiple fixtures on high profile events and tours. “As a result, we are seeing a strong push from the rental market towards GLP, as end-user specifications for GLP products filter increasingly onto our shores and into the hands of our local vendors. I see a lot of interest in a number of items from the range.”

And user feedback to the ENTECH Roadshows from the market has been “outstanding”, according to Dave Taylor. “Our end users are pleased to finally have access to products that have not readily been available to them in the past. There appears to be great momentum within our designers as they push to further gain access to these familiar tools that they commonly use around the world, and equally great interest from our vendors and venues who realize the potential in the quality.”

All of this is underpinned by the relationship with the German manufacturer, which could hardly have got off to a more positive start. “We are extremely grateful both for the opportunity and support that we have received from GLP to date, and look forward to a very successful and long lasting relationship to come,” Taylor concludes.

This vision is shared with GLP’s sales director Asia Pacific, Søren Storm: “We are very excited about our appointment of TLC Global as the exclusive distributor of Australia. The team at TLC Global are extremely dedicated to GLP and it is also very clear that they have a really good name in the industry” he says.

“Davey Taylor and Richard Saunders have both a strong background in the production industry, so their remarkable technical skills and understanding are a perfect fit to the GLP range of products.

I am very confident that our partnership will put the GLP brand on the Australian map, in a big way. I am looking forward to our relationship and our ongoing commitment to the Australian market”, concludes Storm.


Eurotruss for Upright Projects

Posted on Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Upright Projects is one of Australia’s premier suppliers of production services and technical equipment to the event, entertainment and exhibition industries. Upright Projects works closely with their clients to develop custom designs—including rigging and lighting solutions—to ensure memorable events.

To provide complete rigging solutions for all types of events, Upright Projects needed trussing that would fulfill a variety of requirements. Upright Projects contacted Showtools International looking for a flexible truss system that can create roofs, towers and other structures to suit different client needs. After careful deliberation, Upright Projects concluded that Eurotruss trussing supplied by Showtools was the perfect choice and they purchased a large inventory of Eurotruss HD34 and HD44 square truss. This acquisition supports Upright with all their rigging needs and helps the company achieve their mission of supplying unique custom rigging solutions for indoor and outdoor events of any size—in addition to providing their clients with the most complete selection of hire truss.

The Eurotruss system was recently put into action by Upright Projects at The Ormeau Carols, an annual event that draws thousands of Gold Coast and Brisbane locals. Upright Projects was tasked with the challenge of building a one-of-a-kind stage to showcase performers for an enthusiastic crowd.

After detailed planning, Upright Projects decided that the Eurotruss system was the right choice for the event requirements. Upright Projects installed the new Eurotruss HD34 and HD44, loading the truss structures with various audiovisual fixtures and large marquee letters titled ‘Love, Peace, Hope,’ which emphasized the meaning of the night for all in attendance. The Eurotruss standard HD34 and HD44 were the perfect choice due to their excellent load capacity, 3mm wall thickness assuring durability and extra strength in addition to their fast-conical connection system.

The event was a great success with hundreds of families enjoying the festive atmosphere and an abundance of Christmas cheer from start to finish. Thanks to the impressive Eurotruss structure utilised for the stage, the Ormeau Carols have been voted Gold Coast’s best carols. The successful choice of the Eurotruss Truss System has helped strengthen Upright Project’s position as a premier supplier of production services and attract a range of new clients and events.

If your event requires the best truss hardware on the market, the Eurotruss system is now available for hire at Upright Projects.


SolaSpot Pro 1500s for Ipswich Civic Centre

Posted on Friday, February 24th, 2017

The Ipswich Civic Centre, south-west of Brisbane, is a typically busy and multi-faceted regional performing arts venue, hosting an eclectic mix of touring theatre and musical acts, local productions, community events, and business functions. Its beating heart is the George Hogg Auditorium, which can accommodate 740 punters in flat-floor concert mode, or 540 in raked theatre seating. In their lighting rig, the Ipswich CC needs to be nimble, cost-effective, rider-friendly, and polished, which is why they’ve chosen to install four High End Systems SolaSpot Pro 1500s.

“We started looking at LED because we wanted to get away from bulb changes and heat related issues and maintenance that come with conventional light sources, as well as trying to reduce our overall power consumption.” said Ben Harth, Senior Technician, Lighting at Ipswich CC. “We like the overall longevity, colour saturation, and brightness of LED sources.”

Ben and the Ipswich lighting team auditioned a range of moving lights, carefully choosing the best fit for their existing rig. “We were looking for an LED mover that would punch over the top of the lighting rig giving us some really powerful beams looks. With the advancement of LED we knew LED lamp source was the only way to go regarding the balance of venue power and delivering the lux level range required. In the end, it was the SolaSpot Pro 1500s brightness that won out.”

While the 20,000 lumens produced by their 400w LED engines was the killer spec that got the SolaSpot Pro 1500s in the door, it was the raft of other features that has made them a staff favourite. “The shutters are a huge bonus because that enables us to use them as theatrical fixtures as well as dance fixtures,” continued Ben. “For the dance schools, there’s plenty of flash and they’re punching over the top quite easily, but we’ve also been using them in corporate settings. We’ve been able to throw a lot of different looks around the room using things like layered gobos and colour. We’ve created custom effects using the on-board features, and used the shutters when shooting onto panels to neaten up the look.’

Getting the new fixtures up and running was a breeze, said Ben. “It was really easy to integrate them into the rig,” he confirmed. “As was getting the fixture profiles into our desk. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the speed of their movement, and by the quality of their colour. For an open white LED engine, they are phenomenal as far as colour mixing is concerned. They’re just a really good unit that works really well.”

Ipswich Civic Centre’s SolaSpots were provided by Graeme Hicks of Entertainment Production Supplies. EPS, based on The Gold Coast, specialise in servicing performing arts venues, supplying lighting, sound, control, and theatrical infrastructure. “Graeme was great,” Ben related. “He’s been coming in and showing us new toys for a while now! He offered us good advice in getting them running, and directed us to where to get the profiles. He made it all really easy.” Ipswich and EPS are both backed by Australia and New Zealand High End Distributor Lexair Entertainment, providing quality technical and service support for every application.


Martin RUSH and ShowPro for Tamworth venues

Posted on Friday, February 10th, 2017

Robert Elsworthy, Venues Technical Supervisor for Tamworth Regional Council, looks after three venues; the Capitol Theatre in the heart of Tamworth’s CBD which is a multi-purpose performing arts theatre, Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre (TRECC) which is the home of the CMAA Country Music Awards and the Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall.

Recently he took delivery of sixteen Martin RUSH MH6 and thirty ShowPro Quad-18 LED PAR to join the thirty ShowPro Quad-12 LED PAR they already owned.

“The stage in the Town Hall is quite small so we wanted the Quad-12’s to give us a nice stage wash as we don’t have dimmers,” said Robert. “In the Capitol Theatre we wanted some moving LED wash lights as we often have acts such as tribute bands which are sometimes forward, sometimes back and the RUSH MH6 save all that time focusing. We usually have twelve RUSH MH6 in the roof of the Capitol and they cover the stage well, plus we still have four more to place on the floor if we wish.”

The nearby Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre hosts quite a few large business events where the RUSH MH6 supplement the inhouse lighting, enabling the entire venue to be washed in colour.

“Our aim was to ensure that all of our venues were covered by LED washes and next we’ll be looking at LED moving head profiles,” commented Robert. “We were impressed by Martin MAC Quantum Profiles that Event Services used at the CMAA Country Music Awards but it’ll be a while before we make any purchases.”

Robert also specified ten ShowPro LED Profiles which he reported are excellent on stage for colour changing gobo washes.


Strawberry Sound chooses MA2 light

Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2017

New Zealand’s Strawberry Sound offers a comprehensive AV rental and production service, for events across the South Island. Don’t let the name fool you though … they’re pretty good with lighting too!

“As our lighting department has grown, we’ve been looking at purchasing a console and we believed that the MA2 light gave us a point of difference,” said Dave Craig. “There aren’t that many in New Zealand, yet everyone asks for them.”

Dave commented that his MA2 light has been out on many high end corporate dinners as well as a range of rock’n’roll shows.

“Our lighting guys love it,” he added. “The amount of work they can do pre-show in the visualizer has made the time on the actual job so much easier and quicker. They love the functionality of the console and find it very intuitive to use.”

Photo: Dave Craig and Alex Jones


ADDITIVE launched

Posted on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Launched this week is ADDITIVE, Australia’s new and exciting design collaboration that offers a fresh take on creative direction and production design.

Based in Melbourne, ADDITIVE consists of Ben “Bosco” Shaw, Paul Lim and Tom Wright who between them offer an amazing range of skill sets. After years of working on productions and festivals around the world, these three experienced professionals, and close friends, have joined forces to harness their collective industry experience and technical knowledge.

“Whether it’s an innovative design, a complex activation or an expansive festival, concert, theatre production or event, we offer experience, knowledge and creativity to deliver an elegant solution tailored to any budget or timeline,” commented Tom Wright. “ADDITIVE is a design and technical production house made up of good guys who want to see your project evolve and succeed!”

ADDITIVE offer a very design driven production process, turning client ideas into an elegant and precise productions, custom to the client.

Meet the talented ADDITIVE team who are ready for a challenge:

Bosco is a lighting and set/space designer and builder. His interest is in work that involves bodies and movement, how light feeds across, and can influence, a space. Predominantly he sees his role within the development of works to propose and facilitate alternate lighting sources and means, so that an idea can evolve spatially and have subtle resonance.

Bosco has worked with large contemporary dance companies, intimate projects and individual artists, theatre works as well as designing and installing lighting for public spaces. He has travelled extensively in this capacity, has a background in drafting and is a passionate lover of beautiful buildings and fast motorbikes.

Training as a theatre stage manager in the UK gave Tom the grounding to understand how each department and individual plays a part in all productions, small or large. Always to be found chatting – to crew, artist and clients – he loves the conversations that working in the arts provides and enjoys nothing more than helping a project deliver its message to the audience.

He brings a wealth of technical knowledge, a love of lighting and broad experience in the delivery of large-scale music concerts and events to ADDITIVE.

Paul can be happily found either buried in stacks of scheduling and budgeting paperwork, or with a soldering iron in his hand, fixing circuit boards, there aren’t many aspects of putting on a show that Paul hasn’t tackled and succeeded in during his career.

He uses this multi-faceted knowledge, plus a keen interest in emerging technologies, to provide integrated solutions in theatres, festivals and events around the world.

So if you’re looking for innovative results contact ADDITIVE to discuss your next project.



ResX Hits 50 Quantums

Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Resolution X is proud to announce the arrival of their 50th Martin MAC Quantum Profile. This latest purchase brings their fleet of Quantums (Washes and Profiles) to over 100 units. TheQuantum Profile has proved to be a huge success with ResX’s clients and crew since their arrival in late 2014. The Quantum boasts a robust build quality, small form factor, low weight and superior optics that perform like a traditional discharge mover but all from a LED driver.

“I was initially sceptical about a LED profile mover but after seeing it in action I can’t go back” commented Jamie Russell ResX’s Senior Manager of Hire & Production. “I’ve been very impressed with how crisp the Quantum Profiles gobo projection is”.

To obtain a quotation or demo of the Martin Quantum range please contact the friendly staff at Resolution X


Ayrton for South West Solutions

Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Matt Downs of Melbourne-based South West Solutions has a knack for purchasing lighting gear that he can subsequently hire out to larger production companies! Matt was one of the first to realise that Ayrton products would soon be a regular fixture requirement on international tours as well as local productions.

He now owns a dozen Ayrton MagicPanels, currently on Icehouse, and twenty-eight MagicBlades, currently touring with Bruce Springsteen.

“Just a handful of MagicPanels can make a huge impact on a stage!” said Matt. “They are very bright, fast and flexible. They have a beautiful beam and make a powerful wash light. The pixel-mapping is very effective, and there are lots of preset effects. The continuous rotation facility is great and they really are a lot of fun.”

Matt remarked that the MagicBlades also deliver very cool effects, original design, continuous movement, and are very bright.

“The MagicBlades produce some amazing effects and really allow for some interesting design possibilities,” added Matt. “Their movement, colour, on-board macros and console effects allow you to create some fantastic and unique looks.

Matt further reports that both Ayrton models have been reliable out on the road.


BCEC takes on MA Dot2’s

Posted on Friday, January 20th, 2017

Many years ago, the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre purchased their first MA Lighting console in the form of a grandma light. In 2013 they added a grandMA2 light to their inventory and at the end of last year they expanded further with the acquisition of a Dot2 Core and a Dot2 XLF.

Michael Duckworth (AV & Production Services Manager), Mathew Burke (Lighting Manager) and Athol Sargood (Snr Technician – Lighting) decided to implement a long term plan to upgrade their inventory of lighting consoles with grandMA2 and Dot2 control.

“Our main drivers for this approach were product reliability, industry demand and user functionality,” commented Athol. “By investing in the MA brand we not only benefit from MA’s product reliability but our team streamlines their understanding of one system language. This continuity between consoles make complete sense.”

Athol further commented that the training benefits are also improved as the team no longer need to understand multiple brands and system languages.

The Dot2 consoles have been installed in The Boulevard Room and The Sky Room and, according to Athol, they have been well received by the BCEC lighting crew/operators and AV operators who also use the consoles in Presentation Mode.

“We hope to add several more Dot2 Core and Wings, plus another MA2 light in the future,” added Athol.


Martin RUSH for Scene Change Adelaide

Posted on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Scene Change Adelaide added Martin RUSH MH7 and MH6 fixtures to their inventory prior to Christmas.  The resourcefulness these fixtures offer was essential for the busy holiday season and Nick Waterman, Director SA, Scene Change, commented that versatility of lighting was key to working within their clients’ budgets.

Pictured are a couple of Christmas themed events held in the Adelaide Town Hall, a heritage building with the famous organ creating the backdrop to the stage and the use of haze is not permitted.

“So you lose the beam effects and instead have to work on lighting the walls and organ to create your looks, as well as include some visual effects from stage,” said Nick. “Our Lighting Designer, whilst in correspondence with the client, came up with a Christmas tree truss upright to sit on the front of stage. This was adorned with ShowPro Hex strips acting as the tree branches and Martin MAC101’s as the baubles.”

Some of the in house stage wash fixtures were removed and replaced with the RUSH MH6s.

“These lights were incredibly flexible, acting as room wash on arrival, stage wash for performances and dance floor lighting later in the night,” remarked Nick.  “We also rigged four RUSH MH7s to deliver gobo effects onto the organ and floor, plus these also doubled for the awards section of the night spotting winning tables.

“Our whole team love the RUSH MH7 fixture with its range of modern gobos and high light output. Then combined with the zoomable RUSH MH6, we can create some fantastic shows while still giving our clients great value for money.”


40 Claypaky Scenius Profiles for CTS

Posted on Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Claypaky’s extremely high quality Scenius Profile is a light for all shows; not just as an effects projector, but also as a key light. This greatly simplifies the lighting system layout since the same light can perform multiple tasks. At last there is a moving light with a discharge lamp whose characteristics also arouse interest in those who work in the theatre and television!

Consequently it’s no surprise that Australia’s leading lighting rental company Chameleon Touring Systems snapped up forty of these ground-breaking fixtures.

“The Scenius Profile is another in a long line of superior fixtures from Claypaky,” commented Tony Davies, managing director of CTS. “It has an incredible array of features and functions making it ideal for designers looking for additional beam control and shaping, particularly theatre designers. However, the Scenius Profile will also benefit any production that needs high-quality front or scenic lighting.”

Tony was particularly impressed by the Scenius Profile’s extremely even and flat field, saying there was a very smooth field all along the entire zoom range and the quality of the light is by far better than competitors with its CRI of above ninety. Owning such a large and busy production company, he also liked the modular nature of the Scenius Profile which makes servicing very easy.

“It also offers smooth colour mixing and the zoom is very fast and covers a wide range, from 8º to 50º,” he added. “And of course, it’s very, very bright!”

The lamp is a unique example of a high power discharge lamp with high CRI (always greater than 90). OSRAM achieved this through substantial R&D investments.

Twelve of CTS’s Claypaky Scenius went straight out onto the critically acclaimed, smash hit and Helpmann-Award winning musical Ladies in Black. Produced by Queensland Theatre, this swanky new home-grown musical is currently playing at the Lyric Theatre as part of the Sydney Festival.

Lighting designer for this stylish story of fashion, friendship and 1950s Australia, is David Walters who did not specify the Claypaky Scenius but was delighted with their performance.

“I needed a Profile that had shutters, largely because the set consists of three revolves with columns of rotating mirrors and I needed to keep light off of the rotating mirrors to avoid blinding the audience,” said David. “In fact the main feature of this lighting design was not getting light in the audience’s eyes.”

The Scenius Profile was ideal for this as its framing system consists of four independent overlapping blades that create shapes of all sizes, not just quadrangular, but also triangular. It works simultaneously on four different focal planes and the exclusive “curtain effect” allows gradual total closure of the shape using any one of the four blades. The shape made may also be turned around itself up to an angle of 90°, either to change its orientation or keep it fixed as the light beam moves.

David soon discovered that the shutters on the Scenius were extremely useful as each individual shutter has the ability to close completely.

“The individual shutter control was extremely useful as it meant I could virtually dowse the light with a single shutter and yet all four shutters can be in focus,” he added. “I don’t quite know how they achieve that optically, but you can get complete coverage with all four shutters. Not only that, you can also rotate the shutter assemblage almost like you’re rotating the barrel on a Source Four. You can also frame gobos with incredible definition and keep a sharp focused edge when using framing, something very few fixtures can do, and that proved extremely useful.

“The thing that strikes you first when you switch on the Scenius is that they are so bright, there’s a lovely intensity to them which was also extremely useful to me. I also love the lovely, rich colours and colour mixing.”

The CMY colour system, the linear CTO, 7 fixed colours, 14 gobos (6 rotating + 8 fixed), rotating prism, 2 variable frost filters, and a very precise dimmer enhance the performances of the Scenius Profile.

Photos: Lisa Tomasetti


A New Era for ALIA

Posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Fifteen years ago the Australasian Lighting Industry Association was born. Created by Andy Ciddor and Cat Strom, ALIA soon became the information hub for the lighting industry.

We tackled a few major issues, organized product evenings, conducted many backstage tours and kept you informed.

Unfortunately it’s very difficult to get a committee that can commit time and effort to sustaining ALIA as an association. Everyone is keen and full of ideas but they are also time poor. As a result, I regret to inform you that ALIA is no longer an Incorporated Association.

But it’s not all bad news. Over the years I have kept the ALIA website going, posting most days, and have organized all the backstage tours. Some people believed that when I stepped down as Vice President, I left ALIA but nothing could be further from the truth.

I am still the driving force behind ALIA and with the good wishes of the last committee, I intend to run ALIA as it always has been ….. maybe even better! It just won’t be an association but a private enterprise. It was either that or no ALIA at all.

Company members will see no change and individual memberships will cease.

There will be a lot more social media interaction and we are currently setting up a new hosting service to enable better representation in those areas.

I have a few backstage tours coming up and money paid to attend these will be donated to an industry charity.

I will probably keep the ALIA name but the initials will not stand for anything.

If you have any enquires please email me at


Power specialist targets Australian market

Posted on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Power distribution specialist, ide Systems, is branching out to Australia with its range of British-made power distribution equipment. The equipment includes distribution units, transfer switches and power cables for sectors that need temporary power such as events and exhibitions, construction, healthcare, industrial and offshore.

The company started the expansion with its recent delivery of an Australian order for a range of bespoke 400A power distribution boards. Ide Systems responded with the prompt delivery of the customised product. The client chose ide Systems specifically because of its high-quality products made in Britain and its reputation across the UK.

The company has adapted many of its electrical products destined for the Australian market, such as using the red, white, dark blue and black colours for power cable insulation. With 22 years of experience, customising and delivering power distribution products, the company is ideally placed for the individual challenges of the worldwide market.

“We knew from our research that the quality and cost of power equipment is a big issue in the Australian market and this is one of the reasons we targeted the country,” explained Matt Collins, business development manager at ide Systems. “A lot of the power distribution equipment in Australia comes from one of its nearest manufacturing nations, China, where quality isn’t always up to standard.

“Because Australia’s electrical standards and principles are very similar to ours here in the UK and because we can match international air-freight delivery times, we can offer our Australian customers competitive power distribution solutions. Our Australian expansion is just one step towards achieving our global outreach. We are currently selling our products worldwide and we will soon be introducing our rental service to the UAE.”


MA Lighting for New Zealand’s Vibrant Lighting

Posted on Monday, December 5th, 2016

New Zealand’s Vibrant Lighting have been looking to replace their Hog 3 console with something newer and because the business has grown over the last few years, they were looking for a more capable console.

“Initially, we looked at the Hog 4 range,” remarked Sarah Edwards, Designer/Project Manager at Vibrant Lighting NZ. “I have used the Roadhog 4 and the Full Boar for both theatre and live, and given their prevalence in NZ, they seemed like the only other sensible option.”

Fortunately for Sarah, Show Technology’s presence in New Zealand is quickly changing the status quo when it comes to lighting equipment availability and consequently MA Lighting consoles are starting to take over.

“We looked at the capabilities and support for both consoles, and MA has better support and is generally more powerful,” said Sarah. “I had been working as an MA2 programmer for a few years in the UK before moving out to NZ, so I am very familiar with the capabilities of the software, and the support available. I have designed a variety of networked systems in the UK for venues using the MA software, and I already own a MA onPC command wing, and a 4 port onPC node, so it made sense to expand the existing system.”

A MA2 light was purchased as it is ideal for a small company such as Vibrant and as Sarah is always looking to save time on site, she uses the MA3D to pre-visualise their larger jobs and theatre shows.

“The onPC set up is great, but it is limited in terms of control surface,” Sarah further explained. “The modular aspect of the onPC is great, but on larger events, the lack of buttons eventually slows you down. I use a lot of buttons and macros in my programming set ups, and it’s nice to have space to put them. It is a much faster to set up than the onPC: all in one box, on wheels. We also saw the opportunity to hire the console within the South Island, as MA is a common lighting rider request these days. I have worked at a number of venues with the MA ultralight, but the loss of a screen always seemed like a compromise too far. I miss the level wheel! And the internal UPS and keyboard are handy to have.”

Sarah commented that she has always been impressed with the networking ability of the MA software, and the ability to create all sorts of macros to assist your programming or show operation.

“I’m just starting to experiment with LUA. There are so many ways that you can approach the software, and several different ways to achieve the same outcome, it doesn’t really matter what desk background you come from – you will find workflow fairly easily. Even at a basic level, copying values between cues and fixtures is very quick and simple. I can set up different user profiles, so depending what I am programming, I can switch my set up to suit. I’m also fairly dyslexic so the option to colour views is very helpful when it comes to quick navigation. There are so many options within the software, it’s all there for you to use however you would like.”

As Sarah’s background is mainly as a console programmer in the UK, she has programmed the old Strand 520i consoles for theatre productions and has used Hog, Avolites, Compulite and ETC consoles. The transition to the MA platform was very simple although she does admit to spending a lot of time ‘nerding out’ on share-net reading and learning!

“It opened my eyes fairly quickly to what is possible,” she said. “I am more or less self-taught, but I did work with a few ex MA employees in the early days which helped me along. Every software release brings new functionality so learning the console is a constant process. Tristan and the rest of the crew are happy working on it, and enjoying the process of figuring out what works well for them. Our two main consoles are now the same brand, and for them it’s easier than switching between consoles all the time.”


Auckland Live boosts Robe stock

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

robe-auckland-live-5964Auckland Live is a busy umbrella organisation running all the live performance venues in New Zealand’s largest performing arts and convention centre complex right in the heart of the city.

Their existing stock of Robe moving lights is now boosted with the addition of 44 new LED moving lights – 12 x DL4S Profiles and 32 x LEDWash 800s.

Head of lighting Malcolm Ibel has been using Robe moving lights increasingly in his work in recent years, and Auckland Live initially invested in the MMX Series with the purchase of 12 x MMX Spots and 12 x MMX WashBeams.

Having been extremely happy with the performance of these and what they brought to lighting the various venues and shows, they had a solid basis for the decision to go with the latest purchase.

The DL4S Profile was selected for its finesse and elegance as a theatrical luminaire – compact size, light weight, good zoom, superior colour mixing including great whites and high CRI for good flesh tones, plus super-smooth dimming and shutter blades.

The LEDWash 800s were also chosen for their excellent colours and ability to reproduce the intricate pastel ranges as well as all the bold primaries and secondaries, and as a general solid and dependable all-purpose fixture.

Like the MMXs, the new fixtures will be deployed across the various Auckland Live venues, and were also delivered by Robe’s Australian and New Zealand distributor the ULA Group and their local representative, Lighting Supply Company, with whom Malcolm enjoys an excellent relationship.

The Auckland Live venues includes the historic Auckland Town Hall, a well-known 1600 capacity concert hall; the Aotea Centre with 12 different spaces and home to the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra; The Civic Theatre, a highly atmospheric 3000 seater Art Deco architectural masterpiece; and Aotea Square, a public space nestling between all these venues, as well as the Viaduct Event Centre and the Bruce Mason Centre on Auckland’s north shore.

Malcolm’s association with Auckland Live (previously known as The Edge) actually goes back to 1991 when the Aotea Centre opened in the city centre. He returned full time 11 years ago after freelancing and working internationally lighting many different shows and tours.

He started specifying Robe products a few years back for certain special events, for which they were hired in, which led to him recommending that Auckland Live start investing in their own set of moving lights. The move was approached with trepidation, as up until that point they had traditionally lit most of their own productions with conventionals.

“The Robe kit is properly innovative – it’s not just a reinvention of something that has gone before … with every generation of product development new technology is used and optimised,” says Malcolm.

Being run by Auckland City Council, a commitment to having the right ‘green’ credentials is also important, and “Robe are bang-on” in this context he says.

Getting units that were properly ‘multi-functional’ was another consideration. He needed fixtures that could be used to light a drama or a dance performance and also do some raucous rock ‘n’ roll shows.


MAC Vipers for Metro Productions

Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2016

14591673_750249021781294_3510879713072555320_nNew Zealand’s Metro Productions have added four Martin MAC Viper Performances to their rental stock. The MAC Viper Performance is a full-feature framing fixture complete with an iris and animation wheel along with rotating gobos.

“We wanted a moving light profile that had a shutter and the MAC Viper Performance filled that brief nicely,” commented Jeff Hewitt, Metro’s managing director. “We have found them to be fantastic and have used them for musical theatre – Sister Act – where they proved to be a premium unit for theatre. We’ve had them on corporate events where we’ve had to provide effects as well as use the shutter to keep the lighting on stage at corporate events so it doesn’t spill onto screens.”

Jeff reports that their brightness is fantastic saying that they are a super bright fixture with no compromise in light output or beam quality.

Pictured is the Wellington Regional Business Awards where the brief was to provide a ballyhoo over the tables and then spot the winners on the winning table. The MAC Viper Performances were rigged on a central truss directly overhead from where they could provide ballyhoo effects around the room before zooming and irising in on the winning table.

“It worked brilliantly,” concluded a satisfied Jeff.