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Concert & Corporate Productions join ALIA

Posted on Friday, July 21st, 2017

You may have noticed that the ALIA website now lists Production Companies and Concert & Corporate Productions is the latest company to come on board.

Concert and Corporate Productions  (CCP) are Western Australia’s leading Lighting & Video production company established in 1995.

Locally owned and operated, CCP specialise in Lighting, AV Systems, LED screens, Lighting Designers, Operators, Rigging, Staging, Touring Logistics, Technical support and Service.

Our personalised professional services extend from supplying to your Corporate product launch through to Touring Concerts and Festivals or Theatre and Symphonic Concerts.

CCP has the experience ,equipment and skills  to “Turn your Vision into reality”

Benefits of joining ALIA  include:

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Creative Productions join ALIA

Posted on Friday, July 21st, 2017

You may have noticed that the ALIA website now lists Production Companies and Creative Productions is the latest company to come on board.

Founded in 2012, Creative Productions has fast become Queenslands premier production service provider for Lighting, LED Video screens and now audio.

Creative Productions provides state-of-the-art event solutions for concert tours, festivals, corporate events, film and theatres.

Their offices are located near the heart of Gold Coast, QLD and Castle Hill Sydney.

Benefits of joining ALIA  include:

Recognition within the industry
Access to free posting on the site (jobs, projects, new gear etc)
Sharing of your material on the ALIA facebook site
Free access to ALIA events
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ULA Group Opens a New Interactive Showroom

Posted on Friday, July 21st, 2017

The ULA Group has opened the first of a number of new state of the art interactive showrooms last Thursday night at its Queensland office. The evening was catered in fine style and went off without a hitch, the loyal QLD and interstate clients were dazzled.

Cuono Biviano comments: “I am so excited and humbled to open our new state of the art showroom and training facility. It looks amazing and is the start to a new chapter in ULA history. We built this creative modern space for all our clients, partners and lighting designers to be hands on with our world class stable of solutions and we believe it will empower them to generate more opportunities not only today but for years to come. I thank all who joined us for the grand opening, the support from our customers and friends was overwhelming. ULA is built on the principal of strong relationships and trust and this was evident on the night. I look forward to welcoming you all to our showrooms soon.”

The opening saw ULA launch several fantastic new products from their exclusive technology partners, which were presented by Blair Terrace (National Sales Manager) and Nathan Wright (Digital Technology Product Manager) during the night.

“The current range of products on display in our showroom from our supply partners is really exciting. It is fantastic to be able to present all the latest products required for a total lighting and LED vision solution in the one space,” says Blair Terrace.

“Our focus and vision is not only to continue delivering first class leading technology solutions, but to strengthen relationships and offer a wider range of opportunities to everyone”, ads Con.

The ULA Group continues its exciting renovations throughout all its offices and partners, with the new Melbourne showroom next scheduled to open in the coming weeks and with the other locations to follow.


EI Productions purchase Vuepix ER5.9 LED screens

Posted on Thursday, July 20th, 2017

EI Productions have made a decisive move to enhance their production capability with the addition this week of 90 x panels of Vuepix ER5.9 LED screen plus associated cabling and rigging gear from ULA Group.

“It’s been clear for a while now that the integration of lighting and vision is the way of the future and we’ve spearheaded this advancement with our existing LED screen product and large projectors that we’ve had for some time now,” commented Neale Mace of EI Productions. “However, everyone wants more and bigger LED screens and after a significant investigation and evaluation process, we settled on the Vuepix ER5.9 product.

It’s lightweight, bright, packaged well for touring, easy to setup and use, is IP65 / IP54 rated and locally supported.”

After a visit to the ULA HQ for a one-on-one with the Vuepix gear and the ULA crew, EI Productions decided to commit to the ER screen.

“ULA did a great job assisting us with the actual spec of gear that we needed and the sales and delivery were all seamless and on time,” added Neale.

The Vuepix screen is so easy to deal with that the EI Productions crew took a bit over 1hr from the delivery truck arriving to having sixteen panels setup and flown with their logo on the screen – all without using the manual!

“Our total screen package can do a 9m x 5m screen,” said Neale. “We’re looking forward to getting this new LED Screen out on tours, shows, and events along with our ever-growing inventory of lighting and audio.”







Melbourne Recital Centre enhance the Salon with RUSH MH6

Posted on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Jasja van Andel, Technical & Asset Manager at Melbourne Recital Centre, has enjoyed the extra flexibility that their six new Martin RUSH MH6 fixtures has given the venue.

The venue has a fixed permanent lighting rig installed in the Salon which recently was upgraded to almost all LED. In order to add to the diversity of the room, some free range lighting was called for!

“We wanted some moving heads that we could place anywhere on the floor or add to the rig,” said Jasja. “Due to its small size and versatility, the RUSH MH6 allows us a different view point and adds depth to the performance area instead of just lighting from above. We can stick them behind the stage to light up the back walls, or scatter them around the floor.”

The room is not big, holding up to 140 people, so the fixture needed to be small as well as lightweight. Jasja has been impressed by the performance of the MH6; their versatility, size and easy programming make them an ideal fixture to use.

“They’re great for last minute additions to the lighting,” he added. “You do your event with your flown rig and then ask yourself: “how can we make this even better?”  It’s easy to add some of the RUSH MH6 fixtures and enhance the overall concert experience.”

The RUSH MH6 Wash offers a fully pre-mixed colour system from 12 x 10 W RGBW LEDs with a spectacular 10°–60° zoom. It also offers full electronic dimming, strobe effects and temperature-controlled fan cooling for quiet operation.


High End Systems Debuts New Website

Posted on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

High End Systems enters the next phase of its growth with a new website. The upgraded has been completely redesigned to offer a more engaging user experience with improved navigation and functionality. “We wanted to continue the excitement of the company’s new direction with a website that reflected the energy of our products and better addresses the needs of our users,” says HES General Manager Becky Koester.

She expands, “Our new site – still found at – offers a refreshed, dynamic way to get all the information about any High End Systems products, hear the latest news, find technical support, and share war stories and successes in the forums.”

The new design makes it fast to learn all about High End, with clear direction and links to all High End Products, including their award-winning SolaSpot line of fixtures and the Hog family of consoles. Mobile users and desktop surfers will equally enjoy the slick new site thanks to its mobile responsive design. The site will automatically configure itself to offer the best view for any screen size, ensuring users can find what they need no matter how they visit.

The popular user forums remain an integral part of the site, letting users help each other and share their latest triumphs. Other success stories have a higher profile on the site too, with an added focus on the latest designs, shows, studios and stages that showcase High End gear.

To check out the new look for High End, head over to


Robe appoints new Australian Distributor

Posted on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

ROBE lighting s.r.o. is delighted to announce the appointment of Jands as the Australian and New Zealand distributor for ROBE and Anolis lighting brands.

Jands is an Australian owned company founded in 1970 that manufactures and distributes some the world’s most recognised lighting, audio and staging products primarily for the entertainment and exhibition industry.

With headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Sydney, a factory in Melbourne and offices in Brisbane and Perth, Jands employs over 120 people across Australia and is ideally located to deliver the superlative service for which they are renowned.

Jands also has an excellent international reputation and worldwide industry recognition for its award-winning range of lighting consoles, among other products.

Jands can be contacted locally on (02) 9582 0909.

For our Australian customers who have been actively designing orders with our past distributor, your orders should still be finalised through that company.

Customers who do not have orders “in the pipeline” with the past distributor should contact Jands for all their needs.
Australian Distributor: Jands


Novatech joins ALIA

Posted on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

You may have noticed that the ALIA website now lists Production Companies and Novatech Creative Event Technology is the latest company to come on board.

Novatech is a market leader in technical production for major corporate, arts, music and sporting events. Based in South Australia, they have been awarded events on a local, national and international scale, reflecting versatility, expertise, experience and commitment to producing high-quality events. From its inception in 2001, Novatech has been built on people passionate about the live events industry.

Benefits of joining ALIA  include:

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Clifton Productions add VuePix HD Q3 LED panels

Posted on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

“The key features that stood out when deciding on the VuePix Q Series cabinets were its excellent grey scale and high contrast black faced LED’s”, says James Pavey, Clifton’s Product Manager.

The Screens were put through their paces at Cisco Live, held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre this month.

“We worked closely with Cisco, PDK Corporate Events and Exhibit Systems to deliver an entrance arch spanning the concourse, LED pillars, a reception desk and 2 x 60 degree raked screens rigged within an inverted pyramid on the Cisco Stand”, adds James.

Designed specifically for staging and rental markets, the VuePix Q series panels offer extra features that make the setup and installation much easier and quicker. The Clifton Production team has already lined up of the rental applications for their new Q series screen for upcoming months.


Elite Event Technology join ALIA

Posted on Monday, July 17th, 2017

You may have noticed that the ALIA website now lists Production Companies and Elite Event Technology is the latest company to come on board.

Elite is one of Canberra and the ACT regions premier Audiovisual Production and Installation suppliers. We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service, attention to detail and above all else our friendly, professional and highly skilled staff.

Benefits of joining ALIA  include:

Recognition within the industry
Access to free posting on the site (jobs, projects, new gear etc)
Sharing of your material on the ALIA facebook site
Free access to ALIA events
A banner on the front page of ALIA

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ei Productions join ALIA

Posted on Friday, July 14th, 2017

You may have noticed that the ALIA website now lists Production Companies and ei Productions is the latest company to come on board.

ei Productions (formally Entertainment Installations) is a fully Australian owned and operated company that has been around since 1979.

They provide lighting, audio and vision production for tours, shows and events Australia wide.

From their warehouses and showrooms they also provide a sales and installation service and stock a large range of professional equipment from most reputable suppliers / brands.

Their rental / production inventory includes the latest in technology and is constantly being updated.

Benefits of joining ALIA  include:

Recognition within the industry
Access to free posting on the site (jobs, projects, new gear etc)
Sharing of your material on the ALIA facebook site
Free access to ALIA events
A banner on the front page of ALIA

Basically, you feed us your news and we’ll get it out there!

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The Brolga Theatre goes multi-Platinum with Elation

Posted on Thursday, July 13th, 2017

The Brolga Theatre in Queensland’s Maryborough is a typical regional venue – its 900 seat proscenium arch theatre hosts an international ballet troupe one night, Jimmy Barnes the next, and a local dance school the day after. Though the venue is just 17 years old, changes in technology mean replacement lamps are no longer available for their wash lights, leading the staff to assess how to upgrade for the future. The future, as they see it, is Elation’s Platinum Seven RGBWAC-UV LED wash.

“We knew we have to move to LED and intelligent fixtures,” said Robert Haigh, Operations Technician at the Brolga. “We could afford to replace our wash, but not our profiles, so it was an easy decision to go to a moving fixture that could provide a wash, and in the case of Elation’s Platinum Seven, work as a profile in many senses.”

Twelve Elation Platinum Sevens have now replaced an amazing 48 fresnels in the Brolga’s rig, leading to big changes in the crew’s workflow. “Since we’ve installed the Platinum Sevens, we haven’t had to focus a profile,” reported Robert. “We can focus the Platinum Sevens down to an 800mm circle on the floor from our wash position, so we can quite happily use them as a drum or lead singer profile. For a rock band, for example, we get all of the benefits of movers from the bling point of view, but when we turn off the wash, we can refocus as a profile.”

The Elation Platinum Seven uses 19 25W LEDs in red, green, blue, white, amber, cyan, and UV to provide lighting techs with incredible flexibility. Its 5 to 50 degree zoom angle and ‘silent mode’ make it a workhorse built for theatres. “Having the amber LED is critical for a good white,” observed Robert. “The market talks about RGB or CYM, but the Platinum Seven is a mix of both; whichever you prefer, you’ve got. The UV is also one of the big selling points. We finally have a good UV wash on stage, and we’ve also been using it to make our colours ‘pop’ a bit more.”

Producing 38,500 Lux at one metre on five degrees minimum zoom, the Brolga’s Platinum Sevens have more than enough power to handle any production thrown at them. “They are, literally, brilliant,” commented Robert. “We now have more brightness on stage than we used to get from our 2K white wash, but we’re getting it across all colours. There’s good coverage with no holes as you walk across stage, and, while it’s not a shuttered fixture, there’s still no spill.”

The Brolga Theatre was introduced to the Elation Platinum Seven by Graeme Hicks of Entertainment Production Supplies, whose regular visits to The Brolga to demonstrate new equipment were often accompanied by staff from Australian Elation distributor Lexair. “Lexair and EPS have been great at keeping us up-to-date on what’s in the market” said Robert. “We have had great technical support from both of them, though we haven’t needed much because the products have been so intuitive and reliable.”


White Horse Audio takes the Show Technology path

Posted on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

White Horse Audio provides high-quality audio production and lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor events in South East Queensland, the Sunshine Coast and in Northern New South Wales.

Over the past few months Richard Brown of White Horse has been adding a fair bit of lighting loveliness to his inventory including Martin RUSH MH7, Unique hazers and from ShowPro there are PixPads, Quad 18’s, LED Fresnel W/W DMX Zoom , LED Profile HP, and Quad-4 Uplights.

Richard was amazed at the brightness of the RUSH MH7 especially for a 250 watt light saying that they have an incredibly fine focus too.

“The optics in them are spectacular especially when compared to other fixtures on the market for around that price,” he added. “We didn’t have a large amount of moving lights so we really wanted an all-in-one hybrid light to fit all of our needs. Now we have a wash, beam and profile in one! For the type of jobs that we do, we can’t justify using both beam and wash fixtures as there often isn’t enough room. A compact hybrid light is definitely the best fit.”

In the past White Horse Audio has stocked mainly Litecraft lights but Richard has sold off most of them preferring to switch to ShowPro products.

“We’re definitely coming across to the Show Technology family, good and proper,” stated Richard. “We’re streamlining everything to an LED solution which makes a big difference on power consumption and heat on the job. We have the ShowPro LED Fresnels which are an awesome fixture – as are the LED Profile HP’s! We also have sixteen ShowPro Quad 18 LED Pars and sixteen Quad-4 Uplights which are fantastic.”

For a little bit of eye candy and stage effects, Richard purchased sixteen ShowPro PixPads and he has found them particularly useful for daytime shows.

“We’ve been very happy with the PixPads,” he said. “They are so versatile, you can rig them so many different ways.”

With most of White Horses’ shows catering to 200 – 500 people, they now have the ideal rig that is slim line, lightweight and power light.



Mandylights expand into the UK

Posted on Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Mandylights has today announced the company’s expansion into the United Kingdom, with the opening of a new office headed by UK designers Liam Tully and Tom Edwards.

Operating since 2006 from Sydney, Australia, Mandylights has delivered lighting, visual and production design projects in over fifty countries across touring concert, broadcast, special event, theatre and corporate markets. The company’s recent touring and Vegas residency designs for the Backstreet Boys are recent additions to an impressive list of credits including multiple tours for artists including Ricky Martin, Taio Cruz, Cats – The Musical, China’s G.E.M. and numerous others. Mandylights has also designed shows for Dubai’s Burj Khalifa New Years Eve celebrations and the 15th anniversary main stage of Ultra Music Festival in addition to countless festivals and special events around the world.

The diverse company will have a distinctly local focus in the UK, with Tom Edwards, Liam Tully and Australian senior designer (and British expat) Richard Neville partnering to create the new British company. “We’ve always enjoyed working in the UK and have had great working relationships with Tom and Liam for a while now, so the new office seemed like a natural progression for the Mandylights brand” said Richard.

Tom and Liam are known for their design work with artists including James Bay, Savages, IAMX and Tory Lanez amongst others. “The creation of Mandylights UK will give our clients access to a pool of incredibly experienced designers with a unique reach around the globe. We’re looking forward to sharing operators, ideas, designers and resources to provide a truly global design service” said Tom.

Mandylights’ Newcastle based office will begin operating later in July, with a number of exciting projects already on the horizon that involve collaboration between the two offices.

For more information: or


AVE grow with MAC Quantum, Aura XB and MA2 light

Posted on Friday, June 30th, 2017

Audio Visual Events (AVE) based in Sydney’s inner north, specialises in providing a complete range of audio visual production services. In a bid to remain at the forefront of new technology, equipped to meet the complexities of any event or scenario, AVE has recently acquired twenty Martin MAC Quantum Profiles, twenty-four MAC Aura XB’s and an MA Lighting grandMA2 light console.

“Our lighting department needed new moving head profiles and we had been impressed by the MAC Quantums,” commented Tom Cox, Senior Lighting Technician at AVE. “They’re reliable, brilliant to use and an industry standard. They seemed the perfect choice.”

As AVE’s business involves both production and cross-hire, an industry standard fixture familiar to other companies was imperative.

“The decision to go with MAC Quantum Profiles is already paying off,” added Paul Keating, General Manager at AVE. “We’ve been impressed by the brightness of the fixtures plus the gobo range. Also, as they are LED they draw less power, and their weight is lower than comparative fixtures.”

To compliment the MAC Quantum Profiles, AVE added twenty-four MAC Aura XB’s to their inventory.

“We needed an LED wash light that has the zoom capabilities of the Aura as well as the brightness the Aura delivers,” explained Tom. “I’ve always loved the MAC Aura, it’s a great compact fixture that packs a big punch.”

Again, as AVE supply many other AV and production companies with full range of AV solutions including lighting gear, the MAC Aura XB was a perfect choice as it is popular and always in demand.

“Having lighting fixtures that everyone is familiar with is very important to us,” remarked Paul. “We are seeing a lot of Lighting Designers utilizing Quantums and Auras on their shows.”

AVE already owned an MA Lighting MA2 ultralight and a couple of MA onPC command wings before purchasing the MA2 light.

“The MA2 light is probably the most popular console on the market in that range,” said Tom. “It’s the perfect size console with all the parameters in it to do a perfect show. I like how you can customize it and make it your own. It has so many amazing features, it doesn’t matter how much you think you know – there’s always something new to find out! It really has huge capabilities and in terms of building a show, it’s easy to work with.”

No doubt AVE’s inventory of new, cutting edge technology will ensure that they, along with their customers stay on top of their game!


OTL upgrade to MA dot2 XL-F

Posted on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Paul Nardella of OTL has upgraded his lighting console to an MA Lighting dot2 XL-F and he couldn’t be happier.

“I needed a console that would be more powerful than my previous console, yet smaller and lighter so I could easily put it on a plane,” remarked Paul. “The boys at Show Technology showed me the dot2 XL-F and the way its inbuilt effects engine works, and I was sold! It’s very, very simple to operate compared to my previous console.”

The dot2 is an affordable and practical entry into the philosophy and principals of the MA control platform, an industry leader. Paul discovered that the pricing was good and of course, the platform is rock solid.

Paul has a quick turnover of events, mainly dance parties, and so he required a console that could enable him to create a lot of big looks really quickly. He found that what had previously taken him 15 minutes to create, took a minute to generate with the dot2 XL-F.

“I can’t believe how quick and easy it is to set up the palettes and start using features like the effects engine,” said Paul. “Programming and patching is incredibly simple as the console walks you through the process step by step. When you record colour palettes, they’re already coloured for you on the screen and the multi touchscreens mean you can do different things at the same time.”

It’s not just the streamlined array of functional options that impressed Paul – being rather image conscious he admits that he also favours the sleek black and gold good looks of his dot2 XL-F!


Pharos and Photons for Generocity Church

Posted on Friday, June 16th, 2017

The Generocity Church in Wagga Wagga required a cost-effective solution for house lighting, as well as a warm front of house wash to light specific stage areas without spillage onto their video screen.

“We haven’t had any experience in specifying lighting and needed someone to advise us,” began James Giddings, a church goer who volunteers his time for all things technical. “We turned to Show Technology’s Gareth Mealing who was brilliant in terms of showing us product that fitted within our budget.”

Gareth recommended some of the new Nitec products – eight Photon 80 and four Pharos – and James couldn’t be happier.

The Photon 80 is a compact RGB LED PAR utilising the latest in Chip On Board technology to project saturated, perfectly mixed colours.

“We use the Photon 80’s as our house lights,” explained James. “We took the focusing lens off them to get the wider beam so they work really well as a house light. They’ve given us plenty of coverage without having to install many of them.”

As a wide lens fixture, the Photon 80 covers a 12 by 12 meter radius with a low ceiling of 3.2 meters from floor to grid.

“We weren’t sure how many to use in terms of getting the right coverage as we required enough light for people to move around safely and read bibles,” said James. “At the same time we didn’t want to distract too much from the stage. Most houselights just deliver white light but with the Photon 80 allows us colour to set different moods.”

The Church also needed a fixture to light the stage area that was bright enough to allow for filming as some sermons are broadcast to other churches. James tested the Pharos LED Profile and he was impressed with its warm white colour, LED intensity and 15-30 degree zoom.

“They’ve been great and it’s all quality gear, as we expected it to be,” he said.


H3 Group invest in an MA2 light

Posted on Thursday, June 15th, 2017

H3 Group is a unit within New Zealand’s Hamilton City Council which manages three major venues; Claudelands Event Centre, FMG Stadium Waikato and Seddon Park.

H3’s Technical Services department recently acquired an MA Lighting grandMA2 light, the perfect tool to control multiple lighting fixtures – conventionals, moving lights, LEDs, video, and media. The console supplies an intuitive and fast control of all connected fixtures and channels. The grandMA2 light can handle an almost infinite number of presets, cues, pages, sequences, and effects.

Scott Rowland of H3 Group has used the grandMA2 light on several corporate shows and festivals in Hamilton.

“There are a lot of different ways to do the same thing, which is a good thing,” commented Scott. “The software is perfect and there isn’t anything that I’d recommend changing. I use a lot of macros to make life easier. The user profile is great, I can put it onto any show and have it how I like it, pretty much instantly.”

The photographs show H3Group’s grandMA2 light in controlling the lighting for a Hospice Dinner at Claudelands which was held over three stages.

The purchase came about after H3 Group staff attended two MA trainings, conducted by the Show Technology New Zealand Team. For more information about MA Training please contact:


New VuePix website launched

Posted on Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Check it out!


MA2 Full Size for Spot-Light NZ

Posted on Thursday, May 25th, 2017

New Zealand’s Spot-Light Systems provides lighting and services for a large number of international touring acts as well as local concerts, stage shows, corporate spectacles, and television entertainment productions.

In order to keep up with the number of international riders specifying MA Lighting consoles, the company has recently added an MA2 full size to their existing three MA2 light, one MA1 light and two MA1 full size consoles.

Local lighting designer Brad Gledhill regularly works for Spot-Light and he was thrilled to finally get his hands on an MA2 full size.

“I’ve always used MA consoles and have enjoyed using this console the past couple of months,” he said. “I’ve been using it on major international concerts doing system checks and running lights for the support bands.”

Personally, Brad loves the multi-functionality of the MA2 full size, the way it can be configured exactly how he likes it to be.

“It is intuitive, thinking about how I want things to be but also not too intuitive,” he added. “I can do pretty much anything I want to do, programming-wise, to make my show the best it can be. It has a very good effects engine, it is user friendly and very malleable to be adjusted to make the looks that I require.”

Another healthy product impact on the New Zealand market from the newly opened Show Technology branch in Auckland!


PixPads for EI Productions

Posted on Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

As part of their ongoing inventory updates EI Productions have recently purchased sixteen ShowPro PixPad 4×4.

“We’ve been looking at these type of fixtures for a little while now and when a few shows came up that had them on the spec, it was just the “push” we needed to purchase some,” commented Neale Mace, EI’s managing director. “They’re a great looking unit that are well built and they create some great colour effects. I think they look especially good when used in blocks of multiple units.”

Neale added that the PixPads deliver a nice colour pallet from their LEDs and that they are very bright cutting through on a larger stage quite well.

“They seem to have all the mod cons such as PowerCon IN + OUT, good LCD Menu system (with some nice Macros) and DMX IN+OUT,” he said. “The fact that they also have bespoke roadcases for four units is another bonus for us as they arrived in the cases ready-to-use.”

Neale reported that his crew have used the PixPads on several recent shows including The Darkness and Club Troppo Reunion and have commented on how good they looked and performed.

“As always, the supply and service from Show Technology was first class,” concluded Neale.


Resolution X – Lifting With The Professionals

Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Resolution X, is one of the first companies in Australia that started working with ProLyft Aetos hoists range. They are fully convinced of the technical qualities of the product, however, the outstanding service program made their choice an easy one.

Resolution X, covering Australia with hire bases in Melbourne and Sydney, strives to provide the best quality rental equipment backed by the best people and service. Based on that goal, they have become one of the largest providers of rental lighting and rigging equipment in Australia. They are leaders in bringing new and innovative equipment to market and can boast on a dedicated team that is enthusiastic about all challenges.

Tim Hall, Managing Director of Resolution X explains: “Resolution X have always prided themselves on implementing industry best practises, especially when it comes to safety. Therefore, adding chain hoists with a good double brake system to our hiring stock was a must. We chose the ProLyft Aetos series hoists because of their build quality, double brake system and local support network. The Aetos hoists stand up to the rigors of life in a busy production company but it was having a local dealer and support team that made the choice easy for us”.

Jason Swavley, Account Manager of Design Quintessence Melbourne and Tony Peaker, Product Manager are glad to Support Resolution X as ProLyft Service Point for Australia. “That’s the general idea behind the network of ProLyft Service points. We not only supply our customers with stock and spare parts, we’re also there to provide technical and maintenance support when needed, we have all the knowledge in-house to do so”.

“We hire to a lot of Corporate AV companies working in ballrooms” adds Sam Holloway, Rigging Manager of Resolution X, “most of the time they’re dealing with a restricted load limit in the roof and don’t need to lift heaps of gear. Therefore we also have 250kg hoists on stock, these are ideal for this type of client. The fool-proof operation, jam-free chain guide and limit switches are a bonus.”

Resolution X stocks a large quantity of the 1000kg Aetos hoists, meeting the German BVG-D8+ hoist classification, these hoists are fully equipped to meet the future demands of the entertainment industry. They also stock the 250kg hoists for rental purposes.

Resolution X are always available for a demo of the ProLyft Aetos hoists.

Photo: Sam Holloway


Elation Sixpar 300s for WAAPA

Posted on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts is on-par with NIDA in the east as the wellspring of the next generation of Australian talent across the entire spectrum of the lively arts. With its original technical fitout dating to the early 1980s, the entire lighting rig was due for an upgrade. Lighting Coordinator Jon Davey had presided over a project that has seen the Auditorium go 100% LED, with 24 Elation Sixpar 300s making up the majority of the stock.

With a mass of LED pars on the market, what was it about the Elation Sixpar 300s that stood out from the other fixtures Jon auditioned? “We developed a specification based on what was important to us – noiseless, flicker-free operation, and colour rendering giving us a high level of visual acuity. Went through a shoot-out process that covered a range of products, and the Elation units were the right choice. Not only did they meet the spec, they exceeded it.”

The Sixpar 300’s 18 12W 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs were the feature that really made them perfect for Jon’s goals. “The 6-in-1 gave us another level of performance. The amber is crucial in being able to balance out our whites to get us to a warm white, cool white, and a range of colour temperature options. They are getting us towards a more ‘human-centric’ lighting solution. It means we are able to reduce fatigue for those who are performing and reading music six hours a day, and focussing in up-close detail on their fingers. Good lighting conditions support our students in what they’re trying to achieve.”

The 24 Elation Sixpar 300s are supplemented by just six Profile fixtures out the front, meaning that the Auditorium’s needs are almost completely covered by Elation product. Local supplier Evolution 512 and its General Manager Sean McKernan were on-hand throughout the upgrade process to offer advice and products for comparison. WAAPA and Evolution 512 are backed by Australian and New Zealand Elation distributor Lexair Entertainment, providing industry-leading technical and sales support.


RJ Victors the only choice for Empire Theatre

Posted on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

A couple of Robert Juliat Korrigan 1200 followspots have reliably been performing their duties at Toowoomba’s Empire Theatre for a few years now. However, as more and more shows were utilising bright LED screens, the decision was made to purchase newer, more powerful followspots.

“We looked at a few models but Robert Juliat followspots are always a stand out and are solidly made,” commented Tim Panitz, Senior Technician. “We have moved the Korrigans to our smaller venue and it’s good to have the same brand between the two venues.

Ben Hunt, Head of Lighting, confirmed that the new follow spots had to deliver more output over the existing house Robert Juliat Korrigan 1200s.

“The unit had to tick a few boxes for us; the domes had to be brighter to play ball with the increase in touring LED screens that we see through the venue and the fixture needed to be operator friendly. It soon became apparent that the Robert Juliat Victor 1800W MSR was the unit for us.”

The Robert Juliat Victor 1800W MSR features a combination of compact dimensions, high output, hot restrike lamp and DMX control in one product. It has also made them the new benchmark followspot for large theatres, TV studios, fashion shows, concerts and touring. It can be used in front-of-house, truss and backlight positions.

“The Victor is housed in a similar body to the Korrigan so getting acquainted with the new units was no trouble at all for our operators,” said Ben. “We have the mechanical dowsing version of the Victor and with the control bar being mounted into the rail, it makes controlling the fixture whilst managing intensity, very comfortable.”

Ben added that the operators really enjoy the functionality of the dowser, find them easy to use and also comfortable to use.

“Since we received the Victors they have been used on a variety of shows,” remarked Ben. “One of Victors even had a debut with Coldplay’s recent Head Full of Dreams tour in Brisbane so at least we are assured they are rider friendly! Recently we have used the domes in house on the Empire Theatre’s production of Wicked in March/April. The domes performed very well in conjunction with our existing domes managing the 40+ metre throw with plenty of power in the bag.”

Pictured is Lighting Technician Kris Stewart.
Wicked photos by: optikal bloc


Chauvet and Eurotruss for Griffith Regional Theatre

Posted on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Griffith Regional Theatre is one of New South Wales premier performing arts venues, providing world class performing arts and entertainment to the people of Griffith and surrounding regions. The theatre is a state of the art, modern facility, with a seating capacity of 520.

Recently John Matkovic , Technical Operations Coordinator for the theatre came to Showtools International with a specific budget in mind to upgrade the current conventional lighting rig. After careful consideration, John decided to upgrade to the full CHAUVET Professional lighting rig supplied by Showtools. The acquisition included 12 x Rogue R1 Spots, 12 x Rogue R2 Washes, 8 x Rogue R1 FX-B’s, 24 x COLORdash Par-Quad 18’s, 8x Ovation E-910FC, and 8 x Ovation FD-165 Fresnels. Furthermore, 6 x Eurotruss HD34 Square truss were also acquired.

The lighting fixtures were put into action recently for a Ratcliff concert, the perfect stage to test the new equipment with production and lighting done by John Matkovic. John was blown away with the fixtures and what they were able to achieve, especially with the output and quality to coincide with the fact the CHAUVET rig upgrade only required half of the budget. The Rogue R1 and R2 Wash were used to create maximum dimension for the show with the fixtures across the stage to provide bright and vivid theatrical looks, with the gobo effects adding further visual options. The sharpness, output, as well as colour and aerial effects of the R1 Spots highlighted the production of the concert, creating an edge to the Ratcliff performance throughout the night. ‘Chauvet has high intensity colors that when mixed through haze, produce beautiful beam visuals and colour saturation. The R1 spots and R2 wash have perfect colour scrolling unison and gobo wheel scrolling,’ stated John. The zoom of the R2 Wash really blew John away, ‘Zoom on the R2 wash is unbelievable, I could achieve full stage cover with 4 units at 6 meters high on our stage.’

The Rogue R1 FX-B’s, which hang from the various Eurotruss HD34 truss around the stage, were used for their rich variety of multi-faceted looks that added depth and texture without taking up a lot of space. The five independently controlled heads are a powerful tool for varying movements that facilitated many creative options in that in turn permit the beams of light that covered the stage with mesmerizing multi-dimensional looks. In addition, The R1 and FX-B combined very nicely together as the R1’s created a nice layer of light for the FX-Bs to pop though with their multi-faceted looks. Together they create a very full and powerful impression. Gobos from the R1s play off nicely against the beams of the FX-B. The COLORdash Par-Quad 18’s was also used for general colour wash.

John Added, ‘The beauty of LED dmx controlled lighting is of course the power linking capability, dmx in and out, no more single circuit runs and dimmers as we all know. For example, upright truss with five Par-Quad 18’s and two movers equals one power run and one dmx run, equals ease of set up. Life in the theatre is currently too busy to let me practice my art, so in a sense with the Chauvet range and its colour intensities, washes, beams and gobos it lets me paint a show so to speak with shape, angle, colour and colour mixing – it’s my picture.’ Thanks always to Robert and his team at Showtools, I would not have been able to secure this new equipment without his help.’

The acquisition of the CHAUVET Professional lighting fixtures and Eurotruss to their theatre rig has allowed John and Griffith Regional Theatre to continue to provide world class performing arts and entertainment to the people of Griffith and surrounding regions. The upgrade has allowed the venue to stay up to date & modern which in turn will allow Griffith Regional Theatre to hosts various entertainment shows in the foreseeable future, with their community production of Wicked coming in June this year where John will be again be using the complete CHAUVET Professional rig with Eurotruss side boom truss for the design of the show.