Casual Theatre Technician

Posted on Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Casula Powerhouse Theatre, Sydney’s newest and most exciting venue, is seeking a Casual Theatre Technician

We need someone who has theatre experience, initiative and stamina. We’ve got a full season of fantastic shows and new audiences to impress.

In this role, your responsibilities will require you to:

Theatre, Cinema and Special Events

• Assist with the implementation of the technical solutions for desired lighting, sound and audio visual requirements of in-house and external productions and events

• Assist with the cleaning, repairing and maintaining of all technical equipment

• Assist with general on-site technical duties as required.


• Work with a wide range of arts and community users of diverse experience and backgrounds.

• Communicate with The Venue Technician and the Theatre Technician and other technical and mechanical crew members

• Work with clients from diverse backgrounds, with different resources and expertise.

• Advise the Theatre Technician and the Venue Technician of any equipment that is not in working order or faulty in any way

Technical, Maintenance and Logistics

• Identify and undertake problem-solving in a timely and efficient manner.

• Work within technical schedules on assigned rehearsals and performances.

• Work with in the technical risk management procedures, manuals and emergency evacuation procedures.

Hourly rate provided on request.

For more information contact Karolina Lisowski on 9824 1121 or download the job description from Applications need to be in by 12pm Monday 21st April.

Posted: April 16th 2008