Carmen’s nightclub reborn

Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


The Miranda Hotel has had a spectacular facelift that includes a totally revamped Carmen’s Nightclub. Compact Monitor Systems Australia designed and installed a new lighting system into the nightclub choosing six Martin MAC250 Kryptons, a high performance profile with a separate gobo and colour wheel, an achromatic lens system and a rotating prism.

“Martin was always a no-brainer and we really wanted to use the MAC250 Kryptons as they are very bright, have every colour under the sun and perfect for the application,” commented Bill Richardson, managing director of Compact Monitor Systems Australia.

The roof above the stage area is very low and so recesses were cut into the ceiling into which could fit a Martin MX-10 scanner.

“A moving head light would have hung down far too low but the MX-10 was perfect,” added Bill. “They are out of sight and out of mind, yet still delivering a great effect. They are very fast and the colours and spinning gobos are very nice.”

Four Kupo 2way blinder effects and a couple of Max Strobes add effect whilst two JEM Magnum hazers add the atmospherics.

The venue features a custom box truss from Design Quintessence complete with scene stealing truss warmers.

“My general manager Jade Wallace suggested we use truss warmers but I was hesitant as I thought it would look a little bit too rock’n’roll,” admitted Bill. “However I agreed and consequently eight Pro Shop LED Miniblock truss warmers were installed and they look awesome! It really is a killer feature.

“We decided upon Martin LightJockey 2 for control as it is tidy, small and after you’ve used it a few times you become very at home with it. LightJockey is easy to interface with the other equipment from Martin and other leading manufacturers products.

“The team at Show Technology was awesome as always. They were with us from the design stage to commissioning, always there with their support and expertise.”

Chris Durrant, Show Technology’s fabulous Customer Services guy, went well beyond what was required of him in ensuring this project ran smoothly and was a success for all.