Career Conundrums

Posted on Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Written by Brad Schiller 

I remember a time over 12 years ago when I was talking with a young student in an automated lighting programming class I was teaching. He said that he really wanted to work in this field, but that his parents thought there is no future in it. They would rather have him become a doctor or lawyer than a “lighting guy.”

I explained that making a career out of automated lighting programming is truly possible, and that I knew many that were very successful.  In addition, he would be doing something he loved as opposed to something his parents thought would earn him lots of money.  Automated lighting programming has certainly opened up as a respectable career choice over the past 20 years, and there are many opportunities for all who desire to work in this field.  Here are some categories of the most common types of automated lighting programming positions. 

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