Capture Polar 2.1.0 for Mac OS X released

Posted on Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

We are very proud to announce our first release of Capture Polar for Mac OS X! A Mac version of Capture had been requested for virtually as long as we can remember, and finally with Apple’s move to the Intel platform we invested the time needed to produce a compatible Capture version.

How much is it?

Licensed customers can now enjoy the benefit of working on both platforms without extra charge. Your key file will work both on Windows and Mac OS X (using the same unlock procedure as always).

What’s in it?

This first version 2.1.0 includes all functionality from the Basic as well as SmartSoft Editions of Capture Polar. Within short, a new version will follow that will include the rest of the functionality from the Extended Edition.

Who gets priority?

A question we have received frequently is what platform we will prioritize. The answer is simple – no platform will be prioritized!

The Mac and Windows versions are built on what is called a “common code base” which means that we can now add new functionality to both platforms without extra cost!

Where do I get it?

As usual, from our website where both Windows and Mac OS X installations are now available for download.