Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club upgrades with Martin and MA

Posted on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

IMG_3297The Starlight Room at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club is the clubs showpiece venue for large functions and entertainment. This popular space recently had an upgrade of lighting equipment including eight Martin MAC Aura, eight Martin RUSH MH1 Profile Plus and a MA Lighting MA2 light to add to the existing six MAC250 Entours already in the room.

Michael Burton, lighting and technical director at the club, specified the MAC Auras for their gorgeous aura effect, brightness and the colours they produce.

“I’m very impressed by the brightness of the RUSH MH1 Profile Plus and they compete with the Auras quite nicely,” added Michael. “Their price is very attractive too.”

Now thCHP3e entire lighting rig is LED resulting in the usual benefits of low power draw, easy maintenance and no heat, an important factor as the stage has a low ceiling.

The MA2 light was chosen simply because it’s the industry standard in Australia, a console all visiting operators know how to use.

“I like the flexibility of the MA platform,” said Michael. “It’s a powerful control surface that pretty much does everything you need it toCHP2 do. It really speaks for itself.”

Barbizon Australia supplied the club with new lighting equipment and Michael notes that Paul Lewis was an invaluable help when it came to the design and install.