Caloundra Event Centre prefers the grandMA Light

Posted on Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Caloundra’s Event Centre features two venues: the Playhouse which has 320 fixed tiered seats and the Theatre which has 900 seats consisting of a Stalls Section which provides seating on ground level and a Gallery Section which provides tiered seating.

When the Centre’s ancient lighting console dramatically expired last year Technical Services Manager Bryan Doan began his search for a replacement. He whittled his choices down to a MA grandMA light and a RoadHog with the MA console winning hands down. This was supplied by Brisbane Sound Group.

Situated primarily in the main theatre, the grandMA Light is popular for its versatility.

“It’s can be more than one console, it’s not one particular type of console,” said Bryan. “It can mask itself for a Hog user or whatever and that suited us.

“The touch screen is fantastic as is the 2D visualiser and I particularly like the ability to hook up your PDA as your stage controller for remote focus – very handy in a theatre.”

The grandMA Light was delivered just prior to the busy dance school season and the crew were anxious about getting a new operating platform so close to the shows. However Bryan reports that there were no issues whatsoever and that everyone has found the grandMA Light easy to learn and operate.

Pictured with the grandMA Light is Technical Coordinator Jason Smith