Cabra-Vale Diggers Club revamps with Show Technology

Posted on Monday, March 14th, 2011


Cabra-Vale Diggers Club has undergone quite a remarkable face lift including a new look swanky auditorium. Haron Robson was commissioned by Group GSA (project architects) to enhance the ambience and improve the audio-visual systems during the refurbishment of the auditorium.

The auditorium plays host to a range of regular live entertainment, shows and promotions, in addition to the ever-popular bingo. The area is used both day and night, and it had to be a practical space for all uses, whilst retaining the ‘warmth’ for which the club has become renown – the board of directors take pride in the fact that the multi-cultural community feel at home within its walls and it has been a gathering place for friends and family for almost a century.

With this in mind, the brief for the Haron Robson creative lighting, audio-visual and electrical engineering teams was to enhance the space with both ambient and task lighting, to install audio, video and stage lighting systems and to ensure the electrical requirements of all systems were addressed economically.

The stage lighting system is designed to support live entertainment, stage shows and presentation for a single speaker.

Three 3-metre motorised circular aluminium trusses are suspended from the ceiling immediately in front of the proscenium. The three rings overlap, similar to a famous five-ring logo, and have the facility to tilt, raise and lower for effect and also for ease of servicing and re-rigging.

The pre-existing 10 metre trusses from above the stage apron were removed and refitted with chain blocks above the main stage. Power and DMX cabling has been reticulated via integrated cable management systems.

Mounted on these circular trusses are the following light fittings: eight Martin SmartMAC fittings, eight Martin MAC250 Entour fittings and twenty-four DMX controlled Pro Shop Tri-colour LED MultiPAR fittings.

A further twenty-four Pro Shop TriColour LED MultiPAR fittings are mounted on the stage bars and another ten Martin SmartMACs are mounted on the side walls to provide effect washes on the ceiling panels and walls throughout the room.

A grandMA ultra-light console with a grandMA wing board is included to control all seventy-two intelligent light fittings with 720 DMX channels.

The replacement of the original PAR64 lighting rig with the new LED and moving head lights has reduced the potential power consumption from 192 amps to 60 amps. This equates to a 68% reduction in energy costs and with the planned increase in electricity costs, this amounts to a huge saving for the Club.

Saltec supplied and installed the stage lighting.