C-Duced by Anolis

Posted on Monday, March 15th, 2010


C-Duce is one of the newest additions to hit Melbourne’s Southbank address, which has been a hotspot for partygoers for many years. Lighting & Sound Design (LSD) were the official AV and lighting installers of this new club, choosing Anolis as the LED light of choice. LSD’s Chris McDowall selected to install 49 Anolis ArcSource6 LED downlight fixtures across the back bar display, in the foyer wa­ter feature, and also along the wall of the VIP lounge area. These are all powered from an Anolis ArcPower 144 and ArcPower 36 driver’s.

This recent award winning product, the e:cue Light Drive Elite, with its simple intuitive interface, was installed to control the lighting. This new touch sensitive controller allows the lighting to be adjusted by a simple scroll of the touch sensitive colour wheel for anything from colour temperature to sequences – all plug and play.

Chris has also limited the range of colours to a few key warm tones that compliment the aesthetics of the venue, however the fixtures are certainly capable of a lot more. Says Chris “There’s ‘LED’ and then there’s LED! These Anolis LEDs are from a European manufacturer – the colours that come out of them are warm colours — not ‘casino’ colours. There are cheap LEDs around, but the reds are very red, and same with the greens, it’s like Christmas tree lighting. When you show clients the differ­ence, they can see how good Anolis products are showing warmth and depth. Anolis makes a big difference. I like using Anolis wherever possible”

On the dance floor LSD installed 4 x iMove 250Spots, 4 x MatrixLEDs and a Centrelight with controller, all from ULA’s SDVpro range. Chris and LSD have seen the transformation of lighting styles for hospitality venues from effects lighting to LEDs. “In the last five years, everything’s gone from mov­ing lights and effects to LEDs, because of what you can do with colour-changing. LEDs are the way of the future because of their low maintenance and long life.”