Bytecraft Sensation

Posted on Friday, January 23rd, 2009

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Bytecraft Entertainment had a busy festive holiday period providing lighting equipment and LED screens for Sensation White, held at the Telstra Dome on New Years Eve. Heralded as the largest indoor dance party in the world, the aim by Dutch producers ID&T was to set a new standard for Dance Party events held in Australia.

As the first event allowed to rig from the roof of the Telstra Dome and with a soccer game held in the venue on the same day as the load in and a second soccer game held the day after the load out the restrictions placed on the event by the Telstra Dome meant that Project Manager Paul Rigby much of the pre-production working with the Australian Production Supervisor James Klein and the team from Sensation in Holland, Production Director Marcel Elbertse, Head Rigger Rien Engelbertink, Lighting Supervisor Bob van Bree and Production Manager Joris Joosen to ensure that Sensation’s creative brief was satisfied and also that the Telstra Dome roof would hold the 40 Tonnes of lighting and LED installed while ensuring that the venue grass surface would still be alive after the event despite the amount of boom lift moves and equipment moves taking place on the field.

The Bytecraft Entertainment team spent 3 days loading in the 12 Semi trailers worth of lighting and LED, followed by a day of programming. The event was held on New Years Eve followed immediately by the Load Out starting as soon as the venue was clear of punters.

Using the same methodology as their previous stadium gigs Bytecraft ran 3 lighting crews plus an LED crew working on the field in addition to a “Boneyard” crew working in the car park who distributed the equipment to the relevant crews working on the field.

“Given that the soccer games reduced the load in from the 5 days taken in Holland to 3 days required in Australia and the load out was one day here not three that they need in Holland, we did really well to get the show in and out on time” comments Paul. “The show went off without a hitch and the Dutch production team who were here for the show were really happy with our approach to the event, our ability to meet to the strict schedule meant the lighting operators had a full 24 hours of programming prior to the show which was fantastic” added Paul.

Crew Chiefs were: Don McGregor, Fergal O’Sullivan’ Sean ‘Motley” Hackett, Andrew Holmes, Rod Beaumont and Rohan Harrison

Lighting Equipment used was: 2 x Hog 3, w/ full size wing and mini wing, 10 x DP2000, 80 x VL3000 Spot, 72 x Mac 2000 Profile, 14 x Mac 2000 Performance, 44 x VL2500 Spot, 20 x Mac 2000 Wash, 40 x Cyberlight Turbo, 48 x Atomic Strobe w/ Scroller, 8 x DF50, 8 x F100 Smoke Machine, 2 x MDG 3000, 20 x Colorblaze 72, 60 x Colorblast 12, 64 x JB VaryLED, 50 x Source 4 Pars, 64 x Pinspots, 8 x P64 MFL, 6 x MR16, 4 x 1k Fresnel, 1 x Quadpack.

Rigging Equipment used was: 80 x 8’ Black 500mm Box Truss, 26 x 3m Chrome Total Fab Truss, 64 x 8’ A Type Truss, 4 x 3m 300mm Ali Box Truss, 4 x 2m 300mm Ali Box Truss, 4 x 12m Circle, 8 x 3.5m Circle. 110 x 60’ 1 Ton Chain Motor, 24 x 80’ 1 Ton Chain Motor, 32 x 100’ ½ Ton Chain Motor, 16 x 30m 1 Ton GIS Motor, 4 x 2T 30m GIS Motor, 28 x Liftket Hoist w/ Kinesys Control. Steel Top and Bottom Riggging for 214 Points (38m Roof)