Busy Phase for Phaseshift

Posted on Monday, December 1st, 2008

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Phaseshift Productions have had a busy November with gear and crew going out with Italian mega-star Zucchero, Kenny Rogers, Devo, Franti and Bill Bailey. Naturally Show Technology gear was at the centre of all these lighting rigs

The Zucchero show had three trusses holding 20 x Martin MAC600, 9 x MAC500, 6 x Martin Atomic Strobes, 8 x bars of ACL, and 2 bars of 6 MFL’s.

Kenny Rogers toured with two rigs; the A rig utilized 17 x Martin MAC2000, 120 x pars. 3 x 8 light, 8 x profiles and a MA Lighting grandMA control console while B rig used 17 x MAC700 profiles, 12 x MAC700 wash, 120 x pars, 3 x 8 light and 8 x profiles, again controlled by a grandMA.

Kenny’s LD was Jeff Metter with the Phaseshift touring crew consisting of Crew Chief Jeremy Nolan and for the A rig system Owen Lugg and Lachie Sinclair and the B rig system Michael Corbett and Alex Saad.

Alex Saad stepped in as lighting designer for those crazy guys from Devo using 16 x 240v MFLs, 9 x Martin MAC700 wash, 5 x Martin atomic strobes and 5 x 8lite with scrollers. Jeremy Nolan toured as system technician.

Comedian Bill Bailey also made the most of Alex Saad’s abilities using him as LD for his nationwide tour. Lights consisted of 6 x Martin MAC600’s, 26 x MAC500’s and 6 x LED pars and once again, Jeremy Nolan was system technician.

Lighting designer Nick Elvin used a Phaseshift rig and crew for a Franti tour including 12 x Martin MAC700 washes, 6 x MAC500s, 4 x 8 lights with scrollers, and a Martin Atomic Strobe. Phaseshift crew was John Bamford and Mathew Spiker.