Laservision wins awards
Laservision has announced it has recently won first place in four major national awards that recognise the creative and technical solutions Laservision provided to Hong Kong's Harbour and its Symphony of Light spectacular.
The awards were for Australia's Best Small Business, Entrepreneur of the Year, presented by the Australian Institute of Engineers, Best Creative Small to Medium Sized Enterprise, presented by the Hong Kong Australian Business Association, and NSW Exporter of the Year in the category of Arts and Entertainment, presented by Austrade and the Australian Institute of Export.
The Hong Kong spectacular was produced for the Hong Kong Tourism Commission. Described as the largest of its kind ever attempted, the Symphony of Light celebrates the permanent illumination of 18 of Hong Kong's most prominent buildings. The sensory mediums of the 14 minute show include high powered lasers, architectural lighting, fireworks and an original soundtrack which is simulcast to local radio stations and can be dialed into via mobile phones.
The company's recognition as best small business was based on the company that had best established strength in the market and demonstrated its ability to innovate and adapt within a constantly changing business environment. It was presented to Laservision by David Kosh, founder of Palamedia, Australia's largest distributor of Finance and Business Media.
LSC dimmers to Spectra for Eurovision
Spectra Stage & Event Technologies AB have recently taken delivery of LSC Lighting Systems TDS and e24 Dimming Systems for use on the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.
One of Northern Europe’s largest Lighting and Production Company, Spectra which is now in its fifth year as the Lighting and Broadcast Production supplier, will this year assist the National Television of Ukraine, in producing the best show yet in the contests 50 year history. The pressure is certainly on to bring together one of the world’s largest lighting shows and live broadcast events as Ola Melzig, Spectras’ Production Manager, comments “Our lighting has to make the stage come to life in such a way, that it will be impressive to the lens of every camera, so that each country’s participant has the possibility of a unique performance.”
As part of the large equipment inventory required for the event, Spectra chose LSC Dimming Systems – two TDS 48 channel systems and four e24 24 channel systems – both systems providing extensive patching, power distribution and reporting facilities. Spectras’ Chief Technical Officer, Abbe Westerlundh stated “We were looking for a dimmer system rather than a dimmer. There are a lot of systems out there and I had my eyes on the LSC range for a long time. The TDS is a sturdy and quite compact rack, perfect for our touring needs. It also has the patch cords attached to the dimmer and that is a really good thing for a rental company. In addition to the TDS´s we chose the LSC e24’s as our small and really compact 24 patch dimmer. It has really nice fade curves to chose from, which is extremely important for us as we have a lot of Professional Dramatic Theatre customers. The concept of the removable front and rear lids locking together to make a mobile dolly is excellent. I also checked the electronic construction and in my opinion the trigger circuits and choice of components are good and reliable.”
The LSC Dimming Systems were supplied to Spectra Stage & Event Technologies AB by Swedish distributor Interlite AB.

Staging Connection rapt in their Pro Shop LED Light Curtain!
Staging Connections in Hamilton Island are totally rapt in their Pro Shop LED Light Curtain! Having recently purchased ten star cloths they can’t wait for the new financial year to start so that they can purchase twenty more.
Phillip Delangen, General Manager at Staging Connections Whitsundays, describes the Pro Shop star cloths as really good value for money in comparison to other star cloths on the market.
“The lightness of these cloths is incredible,” he said. “We use them for our corporate events as well as other large productions.”
Phillip likes to use the star cloths behind a large cyc, 25 metres by 6 metres, which is colour washed in light from the front. Despite the large amount of light shining onto the cyc the LED’s of the star cloth penetrate through with amazing brightness.
“The star cloth looks really good in this situation,” added Phillip. “We’re also going to use the star cloths to dress the convention centre; normally we dress the entire convention centre in drapes for functions but once we’ve got out thirty star cloths we’re going to use them. They’re much quicker to put up than a velvet drape and visually more appealing.”
The Pro Shop LED Light Curtain measured 6 metres by 3 metres and is available in black or white material, with white or multi-coloured LEDs and includes a handy travel bag.

Showtech Australia launch new website
Showtech Australia, experts in staging, rigging, scaffolding, and technical solutions, has unveiled their new website which has been extensively redesigned: www.showtechaustralia.com.au.
The site has undergone a radical redesign, fuelled by an increase in traffic over the past eighteen months, coupled with a desire to provide even more targeted and useful information.
easier navigation and faster access the website details the services offered by Showtech Australia, the equipment they can provide and information on their current courses.
Their work in the film industry is highlighted and a comprehensive gallery offers an insight into recent projects.

Arena Production Services opt for a Geni rig
Arena Production Services, located in the Geelong Arena, are a family-run business that has been providing the local community with all aspects of production for the past twelve years.
Lighting and staging are their specialties, although they do provide audio, and they cater to the concert and corporate market. They also provide all the house requirements of the Geelong Arena.
Arena Production Services have always had a good stock of analogue lighting, hiring in intelligent lighting when necessary. But the time had come to purchase some moving head fixtures and so managing director Scott Parker surveyed the market.
“We’ve used a variety of moving head fixtures over the years so I was knowledgeable as to what was on the market,” said Scott. “We decided on four Geni Shivas, four Geni Oby 600 and four Geni Oby5 which we purchased from Bishop Audio & Lighting. The Geni fixtures came onto the market just at the right time; they’re a good price for smaller rental companies.”
Another deciding factor was the fact that Scott had been working with a cover band that had owned four Geni Shivas for eighteen months during which time they received some fairly rough treatment!
“The Shivas hung in there and never gave any grief so I based the Geni reliability on that experience,” he said. “The Shivas do most of our pub and cover band type of work. They’re cheap yet bright enough to cut through most of these gigs. For an entry level mover they’re great.”
Scott was also extremely impressed by the Geni Oby 600 wash lights stating that they had an identical output to more expensive brands.
“As a CMY, standard wash light they’re certainly up there with the other brands on the market,” he said. “They’re just as competitive with features but the price is considerably lower. The same goes for the Oby 5 lights. In fact they are smaller than most moving head profiles, which is good as they do move around faster than the others. They have good gobos, not too disco-orientated, and they’re easily interchangeable anyway.”
Scott is happy with the package he can now offer his clients and pictured is Joel Turner at the Geelong Arena using the Geni rig.

Inground 200 wins award at Lightfair
Lightfair International in New York was a great success for Martin Architectural, the company tells us. Reporting a busy booth and overall high level of interest from visitors, Martin was also pleased that its Inground 200 won the award for 'Best New Product of the Year'. Presented at an awards ceremony on 12 April, the award is considered the top accolade of the show. The Inground 200 was also granted the Best of Category accolade for Exterior Luminaires for Flood, Façade and Sports Lighting.
The Inground 200 Series is a durable range of IP 65/67-rated inground luminaires that integrates Martin's colour-changing technology into a system of buried uplights. Designed for all terrains and weather, the series offers high-performance tools for dynamic uplight illumination of facades, columns, landscapes, and interior applications. The series offers three different colour systems for applications of varying complexity, say the company.
Pictured right is the
Martin Architectural's award and the Inground 200.

Entours to the Max
After buying a MA Lighting grandMA Micro last year, Matthew Argent of MAX Sound Productions finally decided to purchase some more moving lights.
“I’ve been working in the service industry, at Lots of Watts, for eight years now and that’s plenty of time to discover which lighting fixtures break and which keep working,” said Matthew. “In my opinion the only brand choice is Martin.
“I decided to go for the Martin MAC250 Entour because of the extra fixed gobo wheel and the locking tilt. I already own two Martin MAC250 moving heads, and by adding four MAC250 Entours to the system I will now be able to get the lighting up to par with the audio.
“As stage sizes in venues get smaller it's seems more practical to go for more useful lighting, which not only takes up less room but requires less power to run.
“Par cans are good, however by the time you work out cabling, patching, rigging, the room taken in the truck and control costs, it's really only a bit cheaper.”

Bytecraft Entertainment acquires Mistral Vision Super Screens
BYTECRAFT Entertainment today announced that it had purchased from Mistral Vision its business of supplying super large LED video screens to the majority of Australia’s major indoor and outdoor entertainment events. This acquisition provides BYTECRAFT with a substantial footprint in the corporate events market place.
April 1 2005 the Australia wide operation will operate as “BYTECRAFT Super Screens” with a variety of upcoming corporate events already under contract to use these super large LED screens. Ranging in size from 2m to an enormous 80m, the BYTECRAFT Entertainment Super Screens are fully mobile and can be easily transported with technically trained support crew to install, operate and maintain them. These screens have their own onboard control room enabling the screen to display camera feeds, scoring software, video and PC applications with a need for only one operator.  
As the largest supplier of indoor and outdoor LED large screens in
Australia, BYTECRAFT Super Screens can enhance and add another dimension to any major entertainment event. Super Screens are perfect for any sized venue, from clubrooms and marquees to stadiums and sporting arenas. Screens can be free standing, mounted on a stage or suspended. Indoor screens range in size from 2m to 16m.
Stephen Found, BYTECRAFT’s Managing Director sees the new acquisition “as a perfect fit with the existing products and services BYTECRAFT offers to the Entertainment Industry.”
The Managing Director of Mistral Vision Geoff Ellery will join BYTECRAFT as its Super Screen National Sales Manager. Geoff sees BYTECRAFT “as having the faith and foresight in the Mistral Vision Super Screen business and in particular
its people. We look forward to a prosperous future together”.
ULA launches new soundiVision website
ULA has launched the new and much anticipated soundiVision website at www.soundivision.com.au. The new site showcases the complete range of quality soundiVision and iSolution products, Australasia’s leading range of lighting products for mobile DJ’s, party lighting, band and stage lighting.
The soundiVision range includes such classics as flower effects, economical DMX controlled moving lights, mirrorballs and parcans. With Acme’s legendary reliability, performance and ease of use, soundiVision products are the standard to which others aspire.
Building on the success of soundiVision, ULA introduced iSolution in 2004. iSolution is a revolution in easy to use, intelligent lighting. Nominated for a 2004 PLASMA award, iSolution is simply plug-n-play. All of the iSolution lighting fixtures can combine to create engaging light shows simply by linking them together.
The new website also lists soundiVision and iSolution stockists, who provide free in store product demonstrations, replacement lamps and the best in service and support.

CPC Production purchase MACs and grandMA
click to enlarge

Queensland-based CPC Productions have been involved in the hire and production industry for over fifteen years. As a Christian company CPC specialise in religious productions but also have extensive experience in theatre and orchestra work. They have also made their mark in the corporate market and on the festival scene.
Recently the Franklin Graham, son of the world’s most famous evangelist Billy Graham, brought his religious Crusade to Australia with events held in Tasmania and Melbourne. Having worked with Billy Graham in the past, CPC were contracted to supply the lighting and audio for his son’s tour.
“The last time we did Billy Graham was in 1996 and since then the show has incorporated a lot more moving lights becoming closer to a rock concert on the music side,” said Owen Forsyth of CPC Productions. “Quite a few big name artists such as Guy Sebastien tour with the show. We had a basic system of moving lights but we knew we needed to purchase some more to add to our sizable analogue system.”
Owen decided it was necessary to purchase the most sought-after moving light on the market to ensure that they are constantly on hire after the Franklin Graham crusade. He soon realised there was only one option for him: the Martin MAC2000.
“Martin just always seems to come up trumps both in price and features,” he said. “We chose the MAC2000’s as there are not many available for hire in Queensland even though they are sought after. They’re a very flexible fixture and are relatively cheap for what you get. But what really clinched it for us was Show Technology’s support. They’re always willing to help.”
In total, CPC purchased eight Martin MAC2000 Washes and eight MAC2000 Profiles. Owen was particularly impressed by the power and output of both the MAC2000 Profile and Wash
“The MAC2000 Profile has really crisp optics and we’re happy with the gobo selection,” he added. “Changing the gobos is surprisingly quick and easy. In Melbourne, where we had twelve MAC2000 Profile hiring four more, we changed three gobos in each of the twelve units in under an hour. We’ve also found them to be a very reliable light.”
As the Melbourne event was filmed for television there was a bright white wash for the cameras but that didn’t faze the MAC2000 Washes, according to Owen.
“We needed a high powered light to cut through the white to supply colour and the MAC2000 Wash came up really well,” he said. “Sometimes we had to dowser them down as they were flaring out the cameras! Franklin’s American lighting designer was a Vari*lite man was suitably impressed by the power and the colour we were getting out of the MAC2000 Wash. It was a consistent wash, whereas some of the older Vari*lites give you a hot spot in the middle. The Martin MAC2000 appears to be consistent across the entire beam, something we were pretty stunned with!”
Also on the CPC shopping list was a new control console and again Owen surveyed the current market trends to ensure the console would be in demand for hire. He looked at the WholeHog III but he came to the conclusion that the MA Lighting grandMA console was the ideal choice.
“I asked Andrew Winslade if we could demo a grandMA and he arranged for one to be available for a show we were doing,” explained Owen. “Andrew said that as my background was with the Hog II I’d have no problem with the grandMA. I was a bit reserved as it was a fairly large show but within forty-five minutes of playing around with the console I was confident that I could pull off a show with it and I did! The ease of learning the desk was a big selling point as was the flexibility of the desk. What you get for your money seemed to be very smart. And the amount of service you get from both Show Technology and MA Lighting is incredible. MA Lighting are always bringing out new releases and adding new features to the system. We found that a refreshing change to the Hog set up.”
Owen was also suitably impressed by how much quicker he could plot his shows with the grandMA touch screens. The ability to be able to store his looks in a palette and recall them at the touch of a button was a feature that made his time so much easier allowing him to be more creative.
“You don’t have to worry about the mechanics of trying to store and make the show work so you’re able to be more creative,” he said.

JTE takes Color Kinetics licence
Color Kinetics has announced that James Thomas Engineering is to license Color Kinetics' intellectual property in connection with the marketing of James Thomas' Pixel Range line of LED-based products in North America. James Thomas' Pixel Range includes a wide range of LED-based colour changing fixtures for use in architectural and entertainment applications, in both interior and exterior environments.
"We're very pleased to extend the value of our intellectual property to James Thomas Engineering, a company which recognizes the strength and breadth of Color Kinetics' patent portfolio," said Bill Sims, president and COO of Color Kinetics. "Our growing OEM and licensing program exists in part to help companies like James Thomas Engineering benefit from our intellectual property, which is the result of years of research and development."
"We look forward to the expanded market opportunities afforded by this agreement with Color Kinetics," said Mike Garl, president of James Thomas Engineering. "As the adoption of LED-based illumination accelerates in North America, we believe the signing of this agreement will allow us to concentrate on the continued advancement of the technology and the ever-expanding Pixel Range."
L&SI Online understands that James Thomas Engineering has also licensed with Super Vision Inc's Variable Color Lighting System patent, # 4,962,687. This makes it the second manufacturer, after Canada-based Spectrum Manufacturing, to have a foot in both camps in the ongoing dispute over LED patents.

Stolen equipment
Fifalite Effects Lighting at Maroochydore was broken into sometime between 1620 hrs 23-3-05 and 0800 hrs 24-3-05.
Items stolen were:
4 x Robe DJScan 150XT moving mirror lights (new - in unopened boxes) Serial Numbers 0300018661, 0300018663, 0300018664, 0300018665.
1 x Robe DMX Control 24 Pro lighting control desk (new - in unopened box) Serial Number 300025228
1 x LSC Atom 12/24 lighting control desk + gooseneck desklight & roadcase (used - but as new condition)
1 x Infinity Club Laser green laser lighting effect (used - but as new condition)
1 x Infinity SyncroLaser green laser lighting effect (used - but as new condition)
Anyone with information about this should contact David Pfeiffer on 07 5479 5474, email lights@fifalite.com or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

LSC Lighting in Frankfurt
LSC Lighting Systems will exhibit at next months ProLight&Sound exhibition in Frankfurt (6-9 April) in its own right, having co-exhibited with its German distributors for the last 12 years. LSC's Alan Graham comments: "ProLight has developed for us as a true international exhibition with customers and distributors seeking us out from as far away as Asia, Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe as well as out traditional customer base from Western Europe. We felt it important to establish our own presence at this important show and show the wider audience exactly what we do."
Previewing for the first time in Europe is LSC's soon-to-be-released lighting desk, Xtc, pictured right. This powerful and stylish desk is based on the proven maXim engine and advanced moving light control from the popular PaTPad touch screen module. It offers a multitude of playback masters - up to 29 simultaneously, 500 memories, 100 fixtures, 100 groups, 100 presets, 100 palettes and 1024 DMX output channels. It has no faders, just dedicated latching and flashing buttons with a tri-colour status LED for each playback. Eight 'specials' can store looks or timed events for strobes, smoke machines or other DMX controlled equipment, say the company. MIDI control will soon be available. The front panel is made from 6mm laser-etched clear acrylic that is side lit with white LEDs.
Also on show will be LSC's successful range of installation digital dimmers - EKO. Available in a number of formats, the EKO has been specifically designed to make the installer and operator's life much easier, say LSC. Its mounting frame allows complete termination of load and data wiring prior to the dimmer being on site, while connection of the dimmer to the frame and output wiring takes less than five minutes. LSC will show the new remote panels for the EKO - linked back to the dimmer by a high-speed bus run over Cat 5 cable. EKO dimmers can now be found in some of Europe's most prestigious venues, with installations now in Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Spain, Russia and the UK, LSC reports.
LSC Lighting will also show its extensive range of maXim and MINIM control desks, Delta power and data distribution equipment; along with its 48- and 24-channel touring dimmers - both purchased by Spectra+ in Sweden and destined for the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Ukraine during May.
LSC Lighting Systems will be located in Hall 8.0, stand A74.

Entertainment Installations purchase MAC250 Entours
Entertainment Installations on the Central Coast of New South Wales have upgraded their lighting inventory with Eight Martin MAC250 Entours. Chosen for their busy hire department, the MAC250 Entours were soon put to work making an impressive appearance on the Switchfoot, Spiderbait, Simple Plan, Guy Sebastien and Kasey Chambers shows.
“I didn’t see them for the first few weeks!” laughed Neale Mac, managing director of Entertainment Installations. “All in all, they've been a great investment.”
All eight of the MAC250 Entours were used for the recent Shannon Noll tour, pictured, as well as six Martin MAC300, eight Kupo Multipars and a JEM 24/7 hazer. “We've had our eyes on more MAC's for a while now so when it came time to make a decision on what to buy the new Martin MAC250 Entour came out the winner,” continued Neale. “After doing a production where we saw MAC500, MAC550 and MAC Entours on the same stage we could hardly tell the difference in brightness between the 500/550's and the Entours. The new gobos in the Entours are very nice and I'm really impressed with the fast pan/tilt ability. The tilt locking mechanism is also a good feature and minimises the "putting the MAC in the case dance".
“And, as usual, Show Technology supplied a great deal for the MAC250 Entours plus cases.”
Martin Professional offers "MSD Educational" to schools, universities
Martin Professional is offering an inexpensive multi-user license package for its Martin ShowDesigner (MSD) lighting simulation software package designed especially for educational institutions. Now, schools, universities or any educational institution can take advantage of one of the lighting industry’s leading tools for lighting and set design.
The package includes a standard dongle with 10 licenses with additional licenses available up to a maximum of 20. As part of Martin’s continuing commitment to the education of emerging lighting professionals, Martin has subsidized the cost of the MSD site license, making it affordable for the vast majority of educational institutions. In addition, Martin also offers an MSD training program in accordance with the Martin Acade-media training program.
MSD is a unique and user-friendly lighting and set design software package for developing realistic 3-D lighting simulations. It allows users to create true set and lighting design renderings using reflection, transparency, lighting, shadow and smoke. MSD comes in two versions, a full ‘Gold’ version and a streamlined ‘Silver’ version.

For more information contact Martin distributor Show Technology

Women's Information Night at Matrix Productions
In an industry which can be male dominated, Matrix Productions Australia would like to know how to provide better services for women.
Would you like to know more about the events and production industry?
Would you like the opportunity to network with other women in the industry?
Would you like to ask technical questions of experts who can also demonstrate lighting and audio set up and operation?
Would you like to see a range of professional, high quality equipment designed to give your event or production maximum impact?
then join Matrix Productions for their Women’s Information Night at Unit 3/18 Mooney St, Bayswater, WA 6053 on Tuesday, 5 April 2005 between 5.45pm and 7.45pm
RSVP at sales@matrixproductions.com.au or phone 9371 1151 by 31 March 2005

Coemar announces restructure
Coemar has announced the launch of a new phase in its development, with a rethink of its position on international markets. Following a period when group strategy had effectively moved its decision-making elsewhere, the owners have now relocated the centre of all operations - including management, engineering, sales, marketing and communications - to Italy and the results have quickly become apparent, the company says.
The announcement says: "Today's approach to the market is certainly much more customer-oriented (particularly with regard to the distributors, who are still firmly behind the company) and is based on two solid pillars: an undeniably sound financial position and the renewed enthusiasm of those at Coemar whose professional skills have been rewarded."
Coemar says that new backing from an international investment fund has provided a guarantee for the company, its distributors and its end-customers, allowing the company to concentrate exclusively on its core business of manufacturing innovative lighting technology systems. Together with its operational autonomy, Coemar says it has also regained its manufacturing efficiency; the development of new products and new technology has been given fresh impetus, and expansion into emerging markets is proceeding apace. On the personnel front, two highly experienced managers, Cesare Tocchio and Massimo Fontanesi (chairman and managing director respectively), are spearheading a campaign aimed at boosting sales of Italian manufactured products: people such as Fausto Orsatti (sales manager), Chiara Pellicelli (marketing) and Mauro Favalli (in charge of production planning, engineering and the factory), who have devoted their whole working lives to Coemar, will remain in their roles, while a number of proven professionals have been called in, including Giorgio Radice (sales manager, Italy) and Alessandro Caldarera, who has worked in this field for many years and specializes in ready-to-use projects and installations. Bruno Dedoro will act as an outside consultant on new projects. Paolo Stefani, Cristina Zucchi, Maya Gatova (export sales), Mario Contili and Massimo Benetti (marketing), Rosanna Oneda and Eva Kristova (Italian sales), Maurizio Pasotti, Patrick Menozzi, Mario Auletta and Carlo Ghizzi (customer service) make up the rest of the team.
Balanced Technology - New Website Online Now!  
Balanced Technology is proud to announce their new website is now online at www.balancedtech.com.au
The website has had an extensive make-over, with improvements made to the navigation system as well as to the content.
The site now features detailed product information and photos of the existing range, including Brown’s Precision Welding trusses, Enttec lighting control devices, Littlite flexible gooseneck lamps, Goddard Design’s LilDMXter, and the Bulls-eye Followspot Sight, as well as new products The Pocket Console DMX and Holdon Instant Eyelets.
The ‘Downloads’ section now includes manuals, brochures, software, application notes – just about anything you may need to know about any of the products in the Balanced Technology range – all listed in logical order with quick links to each category, so you can find what you need as quickly as possible.

ICIA and PLASA Media announce partnership
The International Communications Industries Association, Inc. (ICIA) and PLASA Media, Inc., have announced that PLASA Media's magazine, Lighting&Sound America, will sponsor the Lighting and Staging Pavilion at ICIA's upcoming InfoComm trade show, 4 - 11 June, 2005, in Las Vegas.
With over 25,000 attendees and more than 700 exhibitors expected, InfoComm is the annual international marketplace for rental and staging companies, systems integrators, design consultants, production studios, video professionals, dealers, independent representatives, and buyers from more than 15 vertical markets.
"Lighting and staging technologies are vital to the systems approach that visitors look for at InfoComm," said Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., ICIA executive director. "Our partnership with PLASA Media is designed to round out the broad array of products and services at the show. As a result, our attendees benefit from the convenience of seeing everything AV in one location.
"After a sold-out first year, InfoComm expanded the Lighting and Staging Pavilion to promote the latest trends in corporate event lighting, houses of worship, casinos, retail malls, video production, rental and staging, and live event production. The pavilion is also supported by ESTA, the Entertainment Services and Technology Association.
"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with InfoComm and ICIA, who we feel are leaders in the professional AV communications industry," said Jackie Tien, Lighting&Sound America's publisher and general manager. "We look forward to contributing to InfoComm's efforts to connect cutting edge entertainment technology companies with designers, technicians, production companies, and consultants who can specify their products for the important entertainment lighting, staging, and sound markets."InfoComm 05 offers over 200 courses through InfoComm Academy, as well as six partner groups. In addition, a variety of networking opportunities and special events take place at the show each year, making InfoComm the annual gathering place for the professional AV industry as well as technology managers and end users from government, education, business, retail, health care, sports, entertainment, and worship markets.

Report available on Station nightcub fire (Rhode Island)
The preliminary report on this tradgedy in which 100 patrons died, is now available from the US National Institute for Standards & Technology (NIST). This is the incident where Gerbs fired on stage during the gig, set fire to the polystyrene ceiling treatment and destroyed the building. The report is available at http://www.nist.gov/public_affairs/ncst.htm/#Rhode_Island_Nightclub

Stolen gear, Perth
Perth recently had 4x CM 1t Chain motors stolen from the Big day out site in Perth. They were last seen located in front of the two main stages.
They were in 4x black packer size road cases and clearly labeled CP. They are easily identifiable and a reward is offered for the recovery of these motors.
Any assistance from ALIA would be greatly appreciated.
Contact: Matt Hansen 0411 752 316 or email matt@cliftonproductions.com.au

VectorWorks International Artistic and Sketch Rendering Design Competition
Until May 1, 2005, all users can submit drawings or renderings created using the non-photorealistic 2D and 3D artistic rendering capabilities found in RenderWorks and the sketch rendering technology found in the latest 11.5 release of the VectorWorks Industry Series.
Users of VectorWorks ARCHITECT, VectorWorks LANDMARK, VectorWorks SPOTLIGHT, VectorWorks MECHANICAL, or RenderWorks can submit entries to six categories: building/architecture, landscape design, lighting/set design, mechanical design, general design, and educational design.
Winners will be chosen through public voting on the company's website. Category winners will receive a Hewlett Packard DesignJet 110 Plus Thermal Inkjet printer. The grand prize winner will receive an ENCAD T200+ plotter. In addition, all winners will receive national publicity. Public voting begins May 16 and ends May 31, 2005. The grand prize winner will be announced June 1, 2005. See The International VectorWorks Artistic and Sketch Rendering Design Competition website at www.vectorworks.net/sketch for complete details.

For more information, visit www.nemetschek.net.

Stardraw Control goes for second award
Stardraw.com's newest application, Stardraw Control, which is to be formally launched at the forthcoming NSCA show, has been selected as a finalist in the Control Products category of the NSCA Innovations in Technology Awards. Stardraw Control has already been honoured with a PLASA Award for Innovation at its preview at London's PLASA show in September 2004.
Stardraw's marketing director, Rob Robinson, explained the key features of Stardraw Control that set it apart from other control solutions. "Stardraw Control generates standalone, customized control programs that can manage any type of addressable equipment from any manufacturer using any protocol over any communications infrastructure. Instead of being locked into closed architectures wherever system control, monitoring or signal routing has been required, Stardraw Control offers systems integrators an open, software-based, unified control framework that can manage his entire system with a single application, regardless of system complexity. To our knowledge, no-one else offers such an innovative and flexible system, so to be selected as a finalist from over 120 applicants on the occasion of its official launch is a great honour. We are pleased that Stardraw Control's potential has been recognized in the context of technological innovation at NSCA."
Like other Stardraw applications it is fast, powerful, flexible and easy to use; with a drag-drop interface and intuitive design environment, installers are able to configure systems and control them without having to write a single line of code. Utilization of Microsoft.net technology means that control programs are portable and can run on any Windows-enabled device, from PC to PDA, or Mac, Linux and more. Importantly, Stardraw Control can communicate with and control any device using any protocol. Each protocol represents tens of thousands of products, making Stardraw Control infinitely flexible and scaleable. Protocols currently supported include TCP/IP, RS232, DMX, IR, EtherSound, CobraNET, infra-red, UDP, SNMP and QSC Net.
Australian distributor: Coemar De Sisti Australia www.cdaust.com.au

Zero88 & Selecon Theatrical Lighting Package Special
Zero88 and Selecon have a combined experience of over 40 years designing and manufacturing reliable & safe lighting products. Renowned for their durability and features, they are confidently supplied with a 3 year warranty.
During the month of March Clearlight Shows are offering a 25% discount off the price of a Zero88 Lighting Console, from either the Elara or Frog range, when purchased with Selecon lights of equal value or more.
Visit theirr website at www.clearlight.com.au for further information or contact Clearlight Shows on 03 9553 1688.
Jands 416 Stolen
On the 21st of February it was discovered that a Jands 416 had been stolen from WAAPA. The 416 is brand new, in great condition with the serial number # E03456. It is not in a road case.
It was taken from the control room of The Academy Theatre during the holiday break. Not sure exactly when. A black Viewsonic flat screen monitor was unbolted from a Vesa wall bracket and stolen as well.
Could you please alert all of the fraternity so they can get their equipment back.
Contact Joseph Mercurio, Lighting Co-ordinator Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, j.mercurio@ecu.edu.au
Phone: 08 9370 6157, Fax: 08 9370 6091, Mobile: 0412 953 253
This has absolutely nothing to do with the Jands 416 advertised for sale yesterday on the ALIA site!

TCP visit Clay Paky in Italy
Dan Butler, Clay Paky Australia's Head Lighting Tech, has just returned from the Clay Paky factory in Italy a changed man, according to Mark Devin.
"He had seen it all, done training on almost all fixture ranges, and so went to Italy with little expectations, murmuring 'something about just another light'," he said.. "To his and our delight, he was deeply impressed by the factory, the people and the product.
"Clay Paky is about quality and support. Attention to fine detail is employed at the design stage and everything undergoes rigorous testing in the factory prior to release. Prototypes are tested in a 100 degree oven to ensure that the product can withstand extreme field conditions! Each individual assembly is then tested prior to construction and each fixture run for a minimum of 5 hours before it is packaged. This process meets ISO 9001 requirements, with Clay Paky using recognised photometric processes and equipment. In addition, Clay Paky is committed to the product and its users once it has left the factory. These are some of the reasons Clay Paky has reliable and bright fixtures with innovative effect portfolios."
While these high standards of testing are essential to the products reliability and success, Mark reports that Clay Paky equally relies upon the invaluable partnerships developed with the region distributor and the users. Feedback allows them to solve problems and review test procedures resulting in better products and support services. The team is constantly looking for better and more reliable ways of doing things.
As a Clay Paky distributor, TCP has access to a web forum as further backup that is upgraded daily with product info. Spare parts for common and high demand fittings are available in stock, or have a 3 week waiting period for non stock items.
"As a whole, Dan's trip was well worth it, and shows us that our commitment is matched by the Clay Paky Factory," said Mark. "They have opted to remain in Italy and continue to develop reliable, innovative fixtures supported by specialist staff. We are all excited about the upcoming release of the Halogen Alpha Wash."
Pictured is Dan Butler with Clay Paky’s Enrico Caironi, Commercial Director

Anolis - New LED Company launched at ARC 05
Anolis Lighting is a brand new LED manufacturing and sales company, and a collaboration between Robe Show Lighting in the Czech Republic and ULA in Australia. It has been established to design, manufacture and distribute a top-end range of LED products worldwide.
Anolis was officially launched at the ARC 05 trade show at London’s Business Design Centre, complete with a whole new range of LED lighting fixtures aimed at applications in architectural, retail, transport, leisure and entertainment markets.
‘Anolis’ - Latin for Chameleon – is the brainchild of Robe Show Lighting’s Josef Valchar and ULA’s Con Biviano. They germinated the idea at PLASA 2004, and now, less than 6 months later, Anolis is the result. “We’ve followed the recent trends in LED lighting closely” says Valchar, “There’s clearly a real demand despite the existence of strong competition, so we decided that the best solution was to start our own company”.
The first Anolis standard range products are ArcLine LED strips, ArcSource 3, 6, 7 and 12 LED fixtures – all using Luxeon emitters - and the proprietary ArcPower series of controllers. All Anolis fixtures are also compatible with the most popular existing environmental control systems. Custom fixtures can be produced as required.
The manufacturing operation is based in the Czech Republic at Robe’s state-of-the-art 27,000 square foot facility in Roznov. The brand will benefit immediately from Robe’s 14 years’ experience as a moving light manufacturer and its comprehensive supply infrastructure, plus ULA’s 15 year track record as a leading Asia Pacific lighting distributor.
Con Biviano says, “Anolis is dedicated to making top quality products with the best available components. New attitudes and a massive growth in interest in architectural lighting, the built environment and mood lighting across all areas from the home to the workplace, has transformed the lighting industry over the last 5 years. Anolis will be at the forefront of developing this exciting technology.” He adds that their aim is to be the ‘specifiers choice’ of fitting and to provide first class service and back up as part of the sales package.
Photo caption: On the left is Josef Valchar of Robe Show Lighting and on the right is Con Biviano of ULA.

Selecon Hui Cyc and Flood Range recognised with a prestigious Eddy Award
 Entertainment Design has just announced  the HUI range as one of the 2005 Lighting Products of the Year as selected by a group of both young and veteran designers working in theatre, special events, dance and concerts. Two times a winner in six months !Following on from last year's ETS-LDI04 Lighting Product of the Year award for the 45-75 Pacific Zoomspot, this EDDY demonstrates Selecon's ongoing success and hard fought recognition from the North American market, one of the world's most demanding. The Award citation makes note of :
Selecon has taken up the task of re-thinking the cyc light and the result is their HUI cyc, a favorite with our judges. “The design of the fixture is well thought-through and addresses many of our issues with cyc light strips (such as on-site configuration of rigid, low-profile ground rows, safety glass screens, durable construction, configurable connector panels, and more.),” says one judge. One of the key features the judges liked about the HUI cyc was the heat exhaust/control system, which results in a much longer filter life; another high point was its aforementioned use as a ground row, simply by reversing the color cassette and the use of screw jack feet for adjustment."
Other quotes from the panel of judges were:
"The Selecon HUI Cyc is the first advancement in cyc light design we have seen I believe. The design of the fixture is well thought through and addresses many of our issues with cyc light strips (such as on site configuration of rigid, low profile ground rows, glass safety screens, durable construction, configurable connector panels, etc). This is the first unit I have seen that is worthy of replacing the venerable, decades old Strand Pallas."
"The next generation of the small cyc unit from Selecon embodies all that was unrivaled before, with more advancements and improvements. Word is they underestimated the response and cannot stock/ship enough of them. Really the best small cyc I have seen."
"We have long needed advancements in good cyc fixture design, it has a wonderfully low profile, flexibility in configuring units, plus longer lasting gels due to better cooling over the gel. The detachable feet for the ground row seem a bit small and easy to lose, but I am willing to be convinced that they are robust enough once I get to use the units."
The award will be presented at the annual EDDY Awards, to be held June 22 in New York.  For full product information go to - www.seleconlight.com/english/products/hui.html

New PLASA Show website launched
The PLASA Show has today launched phase one of the newly designed website www.plasashow.com) for this year's show, which takes place at Earls Court between 11-14 September 2005. Phase one is aimed at visitors and already has the facility for visitors to pre-book their tickets at the discounted rate of £7.50, saving 50% of the on-the-door price (£15).
The website will constantly be updated as the show develops and phase two, the exhibitor section, will be launched in the next couple of weeks, providing exhibitors with all they need to know about the show, including an up-to-date exhibitor list and floorplan.
If you would like further information about the show please log onto the website or call +44 207 370 8208.

The ESTA Foundation
The Entertainment Services & Technology Association (ESTA), has announced the creation of the ESTA Foundation, which aims to meet the need to provide entry-level entertainment technicians with the essential skills necessary to practice their craft. To further this purpose, the ESTA Board of Directors created the ESTA Foundation, to be established as a 501(c)3 organization. ESTA's Technical Education Committee and its subcommittees - Essential Skills, Publications and Assessments and Seminars & Training - have been moved under the auspices of the Foundation.
Members of the inaugural Board of Directors are: Chair, Bill Price - director of systems, Barbizon; Vice-Chair, Rick Rudolph - executive vice-president, Stage Equipment & Lighting; Secretary/Treasurer, Mark Heiser - managing director, New York State Theatre at Lincoln Center; and Directors Gavin Berger - director of Concert Halls, Lincoln Center Inc; Bill Groener - vice-president of sales for North America, Color Kinetics; Michael Peitz - executive director, Educational Theatre Association; Lori Rubinstein - executive director, ESTA; David Saltiel - partner, Bell, Boyd & Lloyd; Robert Scales - Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California; Frank Stewart - owner, Specialty TECH Services; and Jim Utterback - training director, IATSE Local 22. Serving as special consultant to the board is Andrea Sussman - vice-president, KSA-Plus Communications.
ESTA says the Foundation's mission is to develop, publish and market educational programs to establish and provide the knowledge, skills and training necessary to pursue careers in the entertainment technology industry; fund research, publications and education on safety and the advancement of technology within the industry; provide scholarships and grants to individuals or related organizations to further education; and provide financial aid and assistance to members of the entertainment technology community who demonstrate need based on serious illness, accident or death.
G-LEC and Artistic embrace RDM
One of the first inter-manufacturer RDM systems was seen at LDI in Las Vegas late last year, when British control manufacturer Artistic Licence provided German company G-LEC's stand with its architectural control system Colour-Tramp, controlling the new G-LEC LightFrame transparent LED display. After a lengthy development period led by ESTA, RDM (Remote Device Management), is now so far advanced that it is possible for equipment from different manufacturers to successfully communicate with each other. "This is a major step forward for lighting control. Our customers can now see the power of RDM and the benefits they will receive," said Wayne Howell, managing director of Artistic Licence.
RDM has been developed to meet demands to control increasingly large and complex devices. "The DMX512 standard was really only developed with controlling dimmers in mind," observed Peter Ed. "At that time there just wasn't much of a need for systems bigger than 512 dimmers, or even dimmers that reported back to the control system."
Today, RDM provides the possibility to intelligently control devices with many parameters, such as moving lights and LED displays in a time-saving and efficient way. "Just being able to patch a whole rig of moving lights or a whole wall with hundreds of LED sources automatically, without leaving the control desk, must make most producers sit up and pay attention," says Howell.
RDM doesn't stop with just patching though. Fixture personalities can be controlled and operating parameters, such as temperature, can be reported back to the control system. For devices such as G-LEC's LightFrame, RDM offers a real benefit. G-LEC equipment is often used in large format applications. "The ability to patch and set the personality of each individual LightFrame once the system is up and running, could be a real lifesaver," adds Peter Ed. "Also, the ability to change personalities dynamically by the control system adds another creative tool to the designer."
Colour Tramp is Artistic Licences' flagship architectural control system, designed to give the designer the tools to 'paint' in 2D and even 3D on the control screen. "It won't be too long before we're all laughing about the good old days when we had to patch each fixture manually!" adds Howell.
Pictured is the G-LEC display at LDI 2004.
Laser show business for Sale
A leading Sydney based laser show business is currently being offered for sale for the first time. The business performs laser shows and manufactures laser equipment and has offices in Sydney & Melbourne and also performs occasional overseas shows and export of laser systems. The company is well organised and has been in business 10 years with good trading figures and an extensive client base with exceptional repeat business and enjoys good relationships within the entertainment industry. The business caters for small to very large shows and owns a vast array of laser systems and has a considerable monthly passive income from equipment placed in long term hires. The company also has its own product line and proprietary laser control software which gives the company a great unique selling point in the market in addition to it's own highly developed style of laser show. The business is being offered for sale due to personal reasons of the owner.
Email to: pmazlin@bigpond.net.au
Nova announces merger
Nova Multimedia, Canberra's oldest and leading independent production house, and Specifics, a relatively young technical management and specialist audio equipment supplier, have merged. The merger, which took effect from Monday 10 January 2004 - sees Specifics cease trading and become part of Nova Multimedia - makes Nova Multimedia the largest supplier of event technical management, production and installation services in Canberra.
"We're thrilled and excited to be joining forces with Specifics," Nova director Nick Nonas says of the merger. "With Specifics joining us, we can offer our clients an even broader range of equipment and expertise."
"With the addition of Specifics' broadcast and boutique studio hire equipment, and our own recent upgrade to our Nexo Geo S and PS15 systems, we now have an inventory to be envied', says Nova director, Emanuel Vavoulas."
Specifics' Managing Director, David Springan-O'Rourke, takes on the role of technical director at Nova with the merger. "David brings with him an extensive range of clients, particularly in the government sector which was always a difficult area for us to break into", says Nick. "With his project management expertise and existing venue management contracts we look forward to expanding these areas of our business."
"I can now promise my clients the service and attention they have always enjoyed. Plus, with Nova's fantastic inventory of equipment at my fingertips, existing and new clients will be able to enjoy a seamless level of service, which until now, has not been available in Canberra," David says. "Part of my new role will be making sure that the local market is fully aware of what Nova now has to offer!"
Update on Showtech Courses for 2005
To all those who have been patiently waiting to continue there courses we thank you and are happy to announce further dates for 2005.
As you know Tiny has had a busy 2004 spending several weeks in Athens working on the opening and closing ceremonies team, 6 weeks in the Philippines working on a production and training the local crew on the mechanics of flying 12 performers for their performance of A Midsummer Nights dream, which was done in traditional Shakespeare and tagalong their local language. This along with many and various other local events and productions, film and television gigs and moving to our new premises at Braeside has kept Tiny and the crew at Showtech very busy.
Showtech’s courses for 2004 have been a great success with over 200 people attending our courses.
Most people have been from the entertainment industry direct, however we have also had people from many other industries including the United Nations and our new course Certificate in Entertainment Technical Skills at NIDA, which we hope to develop further into other schools, institutions and workplaces.
To view details of the course dates proposed for the start of 2005 please download a 32kb PDF file here
Please contact Robyn in our office for information or go to our Registration and application form online and fill in the details and send back to us.
As you will understand Tiny is in high demand and due to the business commitments therefore limited bookings and times are available and are subject to change depending on Tiny’s commitments.
Don’t forget Showtech are now facilitating the Juliusmedia certificate III course, these courses start on the 7th February so you will need to enroll quickly. For further information please go to www.juliusmedia.com
Advanced New Searchlight reaches Australian market
Large-Format specialists, The Electric Canvas, have been appointed as regional distributor for the BigLite 4.5, the most technologically advanced large format intelligent xenon searchlight / wash-light fixture on the market today. This revolutionary 4.5kw fixture has been developed and manufactured by ZAP technology in France in conjunction with Lumient LP of Dallas and X&Y Systèmes of Paris. Both are companies with many years experience in the rental and operation of large-format robotic fixtures.
The BigLite 4.5 offers lighting designers real-time color mixing and diffusion with electronic strobe effects and energy saving standby modes - improving bulb life, fan noise, and heat output.
The fixture will generate a spot to wash effect 3x per second and moves effortlessly at speeds up to 3x faster than the competition.
The space-aged plastic shells are sleek, water resistant, and highly durable.
The fixture is technician friendly, with all standard maintenance accomplished with only three tools. DMX programming is a breeze, with onboard pre-programmed shows and a user friendly menu on the fixture and on the separate power-supply.
The BigLite is specifically designed for Concert Tours, Film & Television, Architainment and Live Events and comes with a universal truss adaptor for top or bottom mounting.
This 120kg searchlight utilizes heavy-duty DC motors and optical encoders ensuring ultra smooth and fast robotics with minimal mechanical stress on the drive mechanisms. Scroller and dimmer modules are hot-swappable and can be bench operated with DMX for maintenance.
Also planned for 2005 are a 7kw version – dubbed “SuperBig” as well as a 2.5k and 1kw Xenon version.
The BigLite range joins the French PIGI large-format projector range exclusively distributed by The Electric Canvas.
For more information, pricing, and demo video, please contact The Electric Canvas on 02 9420 8817.
ESTA launches new website
The Entertainment Services and Technology Association (ESTA) announces the launch of its new and improved website. The ESTA website has been completely redesigned providing easier navigation, faster access to important information, and search functions throughout. The Member Directory, one of the most used references in the industry, is now searchable on a variety of fields allowing you instant access to contact information. The site contains detailed information on the Technical Standards Program, including published documents, standards in public review, working group information, and meeting schedules. Information about ETCP, the Entertainment Technician Certification Program, is available at www.etcp.esta.org or by linking from the main site.
The website also includes the popular Job Board and information on ESTA's industry research, fog testing and product stewardship programs as well as membership information and applications. The Members Only Area now allows members to create an account with their own password and contains updated member news and deadlines as well as detailed information on member benefits including on-line registration forms. The website is running on a new server, generously provided by Colorado-based lighting manufacturer Wybron, and the design is by Bizzy Bee Design.
High End Systems and ULA part company
Queensland based distributor, Universal Lighting and Audio (ULA), has announced that the company will no longer distribute High End Systems products. After more than three years of proudly representing High End Systems in Australia and New Zealand and successfully launching new products including the innovative Catalyst and DL-1 systems, ULA and High End Systems business have grown different directions. Says ULA's Managing Director Cuono Biviano, "It has been a difficult decision to make, but one that must be made. With continuing and rapid technology development in the industry, it is not only important to be at the leading edge, but vital to be highly competitive to meet clients requirements across the spectrum. To this end we must continuously focus. That said, we do wish High End all the best for the future."
In the short term, ULA will continue to provide service assistance to clients.
High End Systems will announce arrangements for ongoing support in the Australasian market.
2004 – A particularly good year for Selecon
The winning of the Lighting/Entertainment Product of the Year award for the recently released Pacific 45°-75° Zoomspot at the LDI04 tradeshow in November in Las Vegas was received with absolute delight by all of the staff at Selecon.
The latest in a unique and innovative series of stage ellipsoidals, Selecon’s Pacific 45°–75° provides the beam width of a Fresnel with unmatched pattern projection capabilities. Available in both tungsten and metal halide versions, this fixture is an excellent addition to what is already an internationally recognized product line.”
The winning of this award for the recently released Pacific 45°-75° Zoomspot at the LDI04 tradeshow in Las Vegas was received with surprise and absolute delight by all of the staff at Selecon capping off a great year and providing the icing on Selecon’s Christmas cake for 2004.
With the development and introduction of the 45°-75° coming in hard on the heels of the earlier additions in 2003/04 of the 14°-35° Zoomspot and the Followspot, the Pacific family now numbers five zoomspots, five fixed beams and a followspot – enough for two basketball teams and a referee. If Selecon keeps this up it won’t be long before they can field a rugby team!
Two other new product releases by Selecon in 2004 were the HUI and LUI ranges of cyc, flood and groundrow. These provide designers with lighting tools delivering more options - more light: just where you want it! Light in a visually controlled wash with no distracting spill. Smooth, well-controlled beams, robust construction and the added advantage of a heat management system which delivers maximised filter life. These luminaires are supported, as are all Selecon’s entertainment products, by an industry-leading 3 year warranty.
Selecon’s success with it’s progressive R&D and commitment to ongoing product improvement is reflected in the number of large, high profile projects which have specified Selecon this past year. The Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre in the Ukraine purchased over 265 luminaires as part of an ambitious refurbishment programme. The Oslo National College of the Arts in Norway now has over 400 Selecon luminaires at the disposal of its students. In Australia, the Sydney Theatre at Walsh Bay can offer over 380 Selecon luminaires for the Sydney Theatre Company and the other significant performing arts companies who perform in the spaces created from the demolition of a 1950s warehouse.
Along with the constant ebb and flow of our industry comes the need for change and Selecon has welcomed a number of new dealers to its worldwide distribution network this year – ESL in France, Bellalite in Sweden, Interlux in the Slovak Republic, Fresnel S.A. in Spain, Technical Supply Company in Japan and Art-R in the Ukraine.
So, raise a festive glass with us to a particularly successful 2004. We look forward to more challenges, new products and new relationships in the future and wish all our industry friends, dealers and end-users a very prosperous and successful 2005.
Max goes Micro
Many people in the lighting and audio industry know and respect Matthew Argent aka Max; he has been serving equipment for over twelve years whilst working for companies such as Lot of Watts. Matthew also runs his own small production company called Max Sound Productions supplying audio and lighting to bands. His main client is a band called Oscar & The Kamis Kids; a regular on the club scene as well as catering to corporate or private functions.
A year ago Matthew upgraded his analogue rig of par cans, Geni Shimmers, Geni Sparklers and Geni Superstrobe with the addition of two Martin MAC250 moving heads. His old control console wasn’t coping anymore and so Matthew started to look around for a replacement.
After thoroughly researching what was available Matthew believed there was only one choice: the MA Lighting grandMA Micro. This mid-range desk is suitable for small concerts, lighting on tour, effect lighting for fairs and exhibitions as well as for smaller theatres and TV studio use. The grandMA micro offers 1024 individual parameters for smart control of conventional dimmers, moving lights from the built-in library or self-created fixtures of any kind.
“It was the only console that would allow me to do stuff on the fly,” he said. “I don’t have six hours to programme the console before each show. Being able to co-ordinate both static cans and moving heads at the same time from the one source has made control so much easier.”
Matthew was also impressed by the option of being able to link up the console to wireless LAN communications and his palm pilot.
“I also have a JEM ZR33 fogger which runs off DMX,” he added. “I like that you can set the Executor button to ‘time-out’ so accidentally press it you only get fog for a couple of seconds.
“It’s the only console that allows me to do what I want to do, quickly. It was a big investment for me but I’m sure it will do me for the next ten years.”

Christmas offer from Coemar De Sisti Australia
As it is getting closer to Christmas CDA understand that you will require some last minute stock additions that you needed yesterday! So they have put together some Christmas special packages to help you get through this hectic period and SAVE MONEY!! Check out their FREE offers and special discounts:
If you experience any problems opening this link or require any further details with regards to these special packages, please do not hesitate to contact them.
Please note: CDA's last day of business for 2004 will be Tuesday the 21st of December. They will then re-open for business on Tuesday the 4th of January 2005. So be quick and call them TODAY to place your orders.
CDA wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!
New website for BeyondAV
Beyond AV have launched an exciting new web site http://www.beyondav.com.au
Beyond AV is involved in contracting work dealing in the supply, installation and maintenance of professional and commercial audio, entertainment and architectural lighting and audiovisual equipment. It deals primarily with Electrical Contractors, Builders, Consultants, Engineers, Government Bodies, Hotels, and Registered Clubs. Beyond AV also service the Exhibitions and Events market.
The Company has been involved in quite a large number of entertainment and architectural lighting installations that have included very large numbers of digital dimmers, intelligent lighting fixtures, and DMX control systems.
The web site delivers a comprehensive overview of many projects that have involved Beyond AV including the recent Westfields Bondi Junction Exterior lighting, Greater Union Bondi foyer and Arriba Cocktail Bar.
New ALIA committee
The ALIA committee for 2004/2005 are:
President: Andy Ciddor (The Kilowatt Company, Tas)
Vice President: Cat Strom (Freelance Writer & Web Designer, NSW)
Treasurer: Chris Childs (Projects Manager, White Lite Industries, NSW)
Secretary: Clint Dulieu (Freelance Lighting Designer / Production Manager)
Committee Members:Craig Gamble (Theatre Development Manager, Melbourne Theatre Company, Vic) Jim Keating (Operations Manager, Panavision Lighting, NSW) Peter McKenzie (Selecon, Qld) Sean McKernan (Production Manager, Concert & Corporate Productions, WA) Richard Neville (Freelance Lighting Designer / Production Manager, NSW) Brad Wright (Freelance Lighting Designer, NSW)
Government Training Grants
ALIA member Juliusmedia are now arranging Government Grants of $4,400 for each Theatre & Events Technical Operations trainee for……
EXISTING STAFF WANTING CERTIFICATE FOUR (with lighting, staging, vision or sound specialty)
If your organisation is interested in career development, with staff obtaining a Nationally Recognised Qualification, call or email them now.
The program only applies to employed staff without an existing qualification, but contract staff can also change status to employed staff to enter this program
Program starts in January and is available in ALL STATES of Australia.
Spaces are limited. Juliusmedia arrange the paperwork and help employers manage the program.
Email training@juliusmedia.com or call 1-800-635-514.

Call for ALIA Committee Nominations - NOMINATE NOW!
If you believe that ALIA could do more for the Lighting Industry or do it better, faster, cheaper or smarter, then you should participate in running the association. If you, or someone that you know, want make a contribution to the future direction of ALIA, nominate for a position on the executive committee. All ALIA committee positions for 2005: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and six ordinary committee members, are open for nominations and election.
The 2004 election will be held by a combination of postal ballot, secure on-line voting (via the ALIA Virtual Polling Booth), and personal voting at the meeting.
Nominations for all positions close at 6pm (EAST) on Monday 8th November.
Nomination forms are available for downloading at <http://www.alia.com.au/members/agm/Committee_Nomination-2004.doc>, and should be sent to the Returning Officer, Colin Brooker email: cbrooker@resolutionx.com.au or fax: 03 9701 2511
Illawarra Production Services chose Geni Oby 600 wash lights
Illawarra Production Services recently took delivery of six Geni Oby 600 wash lights to compliment their existing stock of Geni, Kupo and Martin products. The Geni Oby 600 is all new fully featured moving head washlight, which completes Geni's moving head range.
The units feature a punchy double ended 575w discharge lamp, full CMY colour mixing as well as a separate colour wheel including colour correction, 0-100% dimming, 1~12 fps strobe, 10’~30’ remote adjustable zoom and frost/beam shaper wheel. The units also share the same impressive speed of the existing Oby units.
Show Technology’s sister company, Design Quintessence is also soon to be expanding their own range with the all new Encore Showcases which will include road cases to suit the Oby range, making them a valuable production tool.
James Cassel, lighting designer for IPS, has only had the Oby 600 fixtures for two weeks but already they’ve been featured on three productions and James is delighted with their performance.
The latest production to utilise the featured Oby 600’s was the Southern Highlands Business Awards (pictured) held at Mittagong RSL. James used three of the Oby 600’s to light the audience at the event and he was overwhelmed by the brightness of the fixtures.
“They are so bright!” he exclaimed. “I also love the colours that they produce, they are so rich. I’m also impressed by the speed of the fixtures.”
James also used four Martin MAC300 and six MAC250 Entour moving heads in his rig as well as twenty-four Kupo par cans. Control was a Martin Case Pro 1 console.

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