Burswood Entertainment Complex makes a Grand Entrance

Posted on Friday, July 24th, 2009

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It is often said that great entertainment is all about the “sense of occasion”, and this is the marketing philosophy behind a recent upgrade at Perth’s Burswood Entertainment Complex.

In creating the new entrance to the Burswood Entertainment Complex the management, Crown Limited Group, engaged Concert and Corporate Productions to create a treatment that really says “The Fun Starts Right Here”.

The resulting treatment uses outdoor colour changing LED wash fixtures to subtly develop a lightscape with depth and variety across a range of mesh frames, structures and neon illuminated signage. It is at times delicate and at other times quite bold, but it is always controlled.

Show technology LED Honeycomb 72 & 36 fixtures were chosen for the installation as they suited the illumination and budget requirements.

44x HC72 and 11x HC 36 fixtures illuminate the two signs between dusk and dawn.

Strong, flexible control of the installation was essential as the entrance presents a significant presence to Victoria Park and it was essential that there were no high resolution images or distractions to passing traffic.

It was a simple decision for Concert and Corporate to select the Pharos Control system to drive the installation. “With its timeline based programming software it is a cinch to program. It is flexible and adaptable to use and most importantly, adjustments were simple, quick and easy to make and then upload. Accessing the pre programmed special event states is so simple Burswood Marketing department handles all special event cue changes. They also use the onboard visualization software to monitor the systems output.” Says Sean McKernan CCP’s Project Manager.

By creating pallets and looks and making them available with low level access the Burswood Marketing Department can log in, select colours and looks, then schedule them for hours, days, weeks and months ahead without any chance of destroying the programming. With Burswood recently installing another Pharos onto an illuminated structure on the Casino Floor the remote access and system familiarity will enhance the usability of the lighting systems for management.

Concert and Corporate were so happy with the results that they now use a Pharos Controller in a weatherproof case for controlling events, outdoor lighting, industrials and exhibitions where live operation is not necessary.