Brisbane Nightclub upgrades with Clay Paky Sharpy fixtures

Posted on Tuesday, July 17th, 2012


The Met is a huge purpose-built nightclub in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, Brisbane that prides itself on being state of the art. Consequently technical upgrades are a necessity and the latest sees four Clay Paky Sharpy fixtures added to the lighting rig.

With its small footprint and lightweight frame, Sharpy is a groundbreaking 189W moving beam light which produces and unprecedented bright and perfectly parallel, laser-like beam with an incredible output of 59,760 lux at 20 meters (5,100 footcandles at 65 ft).

“Unfortunately we’ve only got four – we should have got a heap more because they’re great!” declared Pete Smith, The Met’s music and technical director.

Two Clay Paky Sharpy are positioned at the top of the onstage mesh LED screen that is located behind the DJ position. An additional two Sharpy’s are found either side of the DJ booth in front of the screen.

“The Sharpy is a nice new fixture we’d seen around although I have to admit it’s a little more powerful than we need,” commented Pete. “However they really cut through and are something different in a club environment.”

Although a couple of the Sharpy fixtures are placed quite low, their intensity is not too much for the punters due to the high ceiling in the club.

“Their beam is awesome and I love their colours and their speed,” added Pete. “Everyone is amazed with the lighting effects and the kid’s refer to them as ‘those searchlight things’ as even they are astounded at the amount of light that comes out of such a small fixture.”

Photos: Alex Singleton