Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Goes Robe

Posted on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre has increased their moving light inventory investing in Robe ColorSpot 700E AT’s and Robe ColorWash 700E AT’s.

Located riverside at Southbank, The BCEC is a world-class purpose-built venue renowned for its operational and service excellence. The Centre is located in a unique urban cultural and entertainment precinct in the heart of Brisbane’s famous Southbank precinct. With numerous awards, the Centre is officially ranked among the top three convention centres worldwide by the Association Internationale des Palais de Congres (AIPC).

The BCEC has a comprehensive inventory of equipment and range of services, with one of the largest in house production companies in Queensland. When the BCEC was given the ‘go a head’ to purchase the latest technology for their moving light inventory, the choice was easy says Michael Kelly, Lighting Supervisor from the BCEC. “We could see that the popularity of the Robe fixtures in the market – particularly the 700 series – was growing, and they are great value for money.

Michael’s first impression of the Robe ColorSpot 700E AT fixtures – ‘Geez Their Bright!’ Continuing he says “The 700’s are a great design, especially the way the menus are set up on the screen with ease of use. We found the 700’s to be a quiet fixture compared to others and we were impressed with the innovative dual road cases supplied also.”

Left to Right : Robert Fraser, Mathew Burke, Michael Hughes, Michael Kelly, Blair Terrace (ULA Group), Ryan Codner

The technical staff at the BCEC said they have been very impressed with the Robe ColorSpot 700E AT. In particular, the colour wheel and colour mixing with amber and red are quite strong with clean colours produced. The Robe ColorWash 700E AT has a great frost over and above the 200mm Fresnel lens, giving a nice even diffusion of light. The BCEC staff have found that the beam control seem a lot smoother and pronounced, when compared to other fixtures.

The BCEC use these fixtures mostly for event staging. “The Robe fixtures were purchased so we truly had a professional entertainment lighting rig that is versatile, and can be moved around our larger venues such as the Great Hall, Ballroom or Exhibition Halls”, says Michael.

Michael continues, “The level of service and support has been excellent throughout the whole process of our Robe purchase. All enquires have been dealt with in a fast and efficient manner”.

The BCEC’s first event using their complete Robe ColorSpot and Wash 700E AT rig was for the Zig Zag Charity Ball in the Great Hall. At the rear of the stage, there were 8 Robe ColorSpots 700E AT’s – 4 along the rear truss and 4 placed on stage. Further Robe ColorWashes were placed on the FOH Truss to cover the room and for Cyc Wash. “It was amazing the impact of just two lights projecting on a 25mx9m rear Cyc!” says Michael. A circle truss was also positioned in the centre of the room with 700 Washes, along with mirror balls and other moving lights. “During the night the Robe ColorWash 700E AT’s from the circle truss would project on the dance floor during acts making it easily with one wash, when we were use to putting up 4 Fresnel’s to do the same area”, said Michael.

Lighting Operator, Michael Hughes says “The wide zooms, bright output and variable CTO function from the Robe ColorSpot and Wash 700E AT’s will really be a great addition to our rig”.