Bringing a New Look to the Table

Posted on Friday, February 14th, 2014

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Mandylights recently transformed the Sofitel Melbourne’s ballroom for a gala dinner, creating an entire event for a client who wanted to give their awards presentation a new lease of life. Using thirty individual projectors, the team projection mapped everytable in the room and created customised content for the show that revolved around the conference’s logo.

Lighting and video were programmed together to synchronise colour transitions around the venue. The team also co-ordinated the room’s production design and managed entertainment to develop an opening reveal sequence and coordinate all aspects of the production.

During awards sequences, nominee and winner names appeared on the tables while dinner plates were always masked to ensure that the guests’ food always looked its best. Throughout the night, all performances, speeches and awards were accompanied by appropriate visuals, with the team even creating a last-minute photoshop job for the CEO’s speech and loading it into the media servers minutes before doors.

Mandylights spent weeks designing and developing content in house, with a full size mockup banquet table now a permanent feature of the company’s Sydney office. Content was driven using Mandylights’ MBox media servers and projectors, and programmed with their GrandMA2 consoles.

Special thanks go to TDC for their assistance with video distribution, and also to Resolution X and Cuepoint Productions for supplying lighting and audio equipment respectively.

With the client hailing the awards night as ‘the best ever,’ Mandylights created a solution that did away with traditional projection screens, ditched the standard ballroom MX10 scanner setup and reinvented the presentation for an awards show.

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