Blue Bottle Supply ETC To Footscray Community Arts Centre

Posted on Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Established in 1974, Footscray Community Arts Centre is widely acknowledged as Australia’s leading centre for contemporary arts and community engagement. October last year saw the opening of a new 250-seat performance space plus a new gallery, computer lab, and other multi-use spaces for meeting, seeing, creating and talking about art.

With the new venue came some new gear including four 53 cm ETC Selador Vivid-R LED fixtures and an ETC Element console.

“The Seladors perform really well, deliver strong saturated colours and have great optics,” remarked Darren Gee, Venue & Operations Manager. “We don’t have a lot of power in the building so the more LED fixtures we can put in the roof, the better. It also means we don’t have to get up and down all the time to change colour as that can now be done from the console.

“I looked at some of the other LED fixtures available but none of them had enough grunt. The Seladors were by far the brightest. I use the dispersion panels on them which are remarkable. You put the dispersion lenses in and you get amazing width and depth from them – I was quite surprised!”

To obtain this wide range of hue, saturation, and brightness, the Selador fixtures contain seven different colour LEDs instead of the typical red, green and blue LEDs used in other LED fixtures. As each individual LED colour can provide only a narrow spectrum of light, three-colour LED fixtures are limited in both the range of colours that can be obtained, as well as the fixtures’ ability to render the more natural colour of an object. Selador’s x7 seven-colour LED design enables a much greater range of colour, as well as more natural skin tones, when projecting white light.

The venue required a cost-effective lighting console that could run intelligent light fixtures and the ETC Element was the perfect solution. Based on ETC’s award-winning Eos® control system but with a simplified feature set in a stand-alone console, Element was designed expressly for modest rigs and maximum hands-on fader control. Affordable and easy to use, Element packs in the fundamentals of lighting control.

With most of his staff having been trained on similar operating platforms, Darren reports the switch to the Element console has been smooth and simple.

“It’s a very easy operating platform to learn,” he reiterated. “Element seemed like the perfect desk for a venue such as ours. It has the software of the successful Eos and Ion range with simplified features to ease user control, making the basic functions easier to navigate with greater hands on fader control. It’s quick to program, easy to operate and reliable.”

Footscray Community Arts Centre’s ETC Element Console and ETC Selador LED fixtures were supplied by Melbourne dealer Blue Bottle.