Bliss N Eso get the trafficlight treatment

Posted on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

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Paul Lim from trafficlight was engaged as the Production Manager and Lighting Designer for Bliss N Eso’s Melbourne leg of the Flying Colours Tour. Their Melbourne shows at Festival Hall were not only the largest venues of the tour, but incredibly the 10,000 punters who saw them over two nights set a new record as the fastest selling Aussie Hip Hop show in Australia. Event equipment supplied the bulk of the rig, with Resolution X and Johnston Audio supplementing the rest and Element Rigging providing truss and motors. The show was operated by the Band’s touring LD Chris Quinliven, who got to use his biggest rig yet on a Bliss N Eso show.


1 x Hog 1000, 3 x Dimmers, 1 x DTS Wireless DMX transmitter, 3 x DTS Wireless DMX Receiver, 18 x DTS Delta R Wireless, 4 x MAC700. 6 x MAC500, 4 x MAC250, 4 x Atomic Strobe, 6 x Molefay Duet, 10 x Par64 LED, 32 x Multi Par HOG, 6 x Selecon 1200w PC, 4 x Slecon Acclaim profile and 2 x Unique Hazer.