Birds of Tokyo make an impact at BDO

Posted on Friday, March 4th, 2011


Perth band Birds of Tokyo were part of the line up for this years Big Day Out playing in the afternoon sun but that didn’t deter lighting designer Steve Granville.

Steve managed to make quite an impact using twelve Martin Atomic Strobes, twelve Martin Atomic Colours, eight Jarag 5’s and sixteen Pro Shop Mole Duets, all provided by GRB Lighting.

Most of the gear was ingeniously housed within four pre-rigged vertical standing truss which could easily be wheeled out of the truck and onto the stage. Each truss fixture housed three Atomics plus Colours, four Mole Duets and two Jarags which were fixed onto the truss just before show time.

“It was a very quick process and extremely effective in the daylight,” commented Greg Butt, managing director of GRB Lighting.

The concept of the pre-rigged trusses was a joint design between GRB and Design Quintessence and the ease with which they could transform the stage must have been the envy of many acts touring with the festival.

“We avoided time spent rigging and packing cases, everything was ready to go as soon as it was wheeled out the truck,” said Greg. “We just had to fix on the Jarags each side which were pre-loomed and only had to be plugged in. It worked like a dream!”

Photos: Steve Collis