Beach gig a breeze for EventSound and their Pro Shop LED Uplight Sets

Posted on Friday, May 18th, 2012


EventSound has taken delivery of four Pro Shop LED Uplight Sets, each housing six HP units, which are ideal for rental and production companies allowing quick and easy uplighting for venue theming.

The Pro Shop LED Uplight Sets were flown over to Cable Beach Resort in Broome, Western Australia, for a conference event where one of EventSound’s corporate clients held a national awards night by the beach. 

“On the first evening, we placed the Pro Shop LED Uplight Sets around the pool area to enhance a welcome BBQ dinner in the clients brand colour of red,” explained Keith Clarkson, managing director of EventSound. “For the actual awards night, with the amazing Cable Beach sunset as a great backdrop to the event, we used them to light up a row of palm trees that lined the walkway from the resort to the event by the beach.”

Keith reports that these battery-powered LED lights proved to be a great asset due to the lack of power available.

“We could set them individually by the palm trees where running power to each area would have been a logistical and time consuming process due to the lack of power available in the area,” he commented. “Working in such hot and humid conditions, it was great to minimise the workload by using the battery-powered Pro Shop LED Uplight Sets.

“We have found our Pro Shop LED Uplight Sets to be a really valuable asset to our hire inventory. When a client wants a light in a difficult place or when we want to do a set of outdoor lights, we can accomplish this without the additional burden of cabling. Plus they are compact, stylish and are really well suited for events in private houses or galleries where they can easily blend into the decor.”