BCL’s LED Pro Tri-colour PAR 64 solve a Carols dilemma

Posted on Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

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For the third year in a row Brisbane Concert Lighting has supplied, installed and designed a stunning light show for the IGA Lord Mayor’s Carols in the City. Presented by City Tabernacle Baptist Church, and screened by the Channel 9 network, the event is held on the Brisbane River Stage in the city’s Botanical Gardens.

The elaborate stage set features several frosted perspex panels which BCL wanted to back light with LED fixtures but as the show is televised the fixtures they already had were unsuitable due to flickering. Then they came across the new Pro Shop LED Pro Tri-colour PAR 64 with ‘tri-colour’ technology, meaning that each LED contains a red, green and blue chip; colour is mixed before it leaves the fitting, creating highly saturated colours free of chromatic shadowing that is evident on standard RGB units.

Further to that the LED software that controls the dimming has high refresh rates ensuring that the output will not flicker on screens in television applications.

“The Tri-colour LED PARs are great because they have no colour fringing, so the shadowing is smooth and there’s no tri-chromatic separation,” said Sam Walter of BCL. “And the fact that they don’t flicker on camera is great. They’re extremely bright and great for cutting through the large amount of white colour wash required on stage for the cameras.”

A rig of Martin MACs – 6 x MAC2000, 12 x MAC600, 4 x MAC550, 12 x MAC250 Wash – are used to front light the stage. Also in the rig were 96 x Kupo PAR 64.

“The MACs saturate the set with colour from the front so we get a nice two-tone colour separation through the perspex from the front lighting,” said Sam. “The MAC2000’s supply all of the gobo animation over the set.”

This year BCL sub-hired a couple of Robert Juliat Aramis 2.5k follow spots for the gig and Sam was mightily impressed by them.

“It’s the first time we’ve used them and we were very, very impressed,” he said. “From an operators point of view they are built fantastically; everything is so smooth, the dimming is realistic and the light out put is really punchy. Last year we used Xebex follow spots and they tapered off a bit once all of the white wash came on so we were asked to find something that could cut right through and the Robert Juliat Aramis’ certainly did that!”