BCL purchase Pro Shop LED Strips and MAC250s

Posted on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Brisbane Concert Lighting has purchased twenty-four Pro Shop LED Strips for their hire department as well as six Martin MAC250 washes to add to the six they already had.

“The MAC250’s are compact, lightweight and very bright – ideal for a hire department,” commented Sam Walther. “There are a lot of applications that we can use them on instead of the MAC600’s.”

BCL were also looking for some LED product to add to their inventory but were dismayed at the high price of most products until the Pro Shop LED Strips came into the market.

“Initially we bought just a couple to try out and we loved them so we bought more!” said Sam. “They’ve been really popular with the lighting designers in our office.”

The first major gig that the LED Strips were used on was the inaugural Caloundra Music Festival featuring Jimmy Barnes, Vanessa Amorosi, Daryl Braithwaite, Shawn Mullins, Tripod, Richard Clapton, Mental as Anything and Mark Seymour along with many other local acts.

BCL provided lighting and AV requirements including 12 x MAC600, 6 x MAC250 Wash, 12 x MAC250 Krypton, 16 x LED Strip, 2 x Studio Due CityColors alongside a rig of conventionals.

At Unite 2007, an event held by the Queensland Baptist Church at Northside Christian Church, BCL provided a rig of moving lights, LED strips and truss to compliment the existing in house system of conventional fixtures. The LED strips were rigged on ground supported truss uprights and circles, which created some really nice effects.

“We were amazed by the output from the LED Strips,” said Sam. “In fact we were blown away by how bright they were. At the Caloundra Music Festival we used sixteen of them and they lit right up the hill!”