BCEC takes on MA Dot2’s

Posted on Friday, January 20th, 2017

Many years ago, the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre purchased their first MA Lighting console in the form of a grandma light. In 2013 they added a grandMA2 light to their inventory and at the end of last year they expanded further with the acquisition of a Dot2 Core and a Dot2 XLF.

Michael Duckworth (AV & Production Services Manager), Mathew Burke (Lighting Manager) and Athol Sargood (Snr Technician – Lighting) decided to implement a long term plan to upgrade their inventory of lighting consoles with grandMA2 and Dot2 control.

“Our main drivers for this approach were product reliability, industry demand and user functionality,” commented Athol. “By investing in the MA brand we not only benefit from MA’s product reliability but our team streamlines their understanding of one system language. This continuity between consoles make complete sense.”

Athol further commented that the training benefits are also improved as the team no longer need to understand multiple brands and system languages.

The Dot2 consoles have been installed in The Boulevard Room and The Sky Room and, according to Athol, they have been well received by the BCEC lighting crew/operators and AV operators who also use the consoles in Presentation Mode.

“We hope to add several more Dot2 Core and Wings, plus another MA2 light in the future,” added Athol.