BCEC invest in Pro Shop LEDs and Arkaos Media Server

Posted on Friday, December 19th, 2008

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre continues to expand its’ lighting inventory with the addition of 18 Pro Shop LED strips and 12 Pro Shop GigaLEDS, along with an Arkaos media server. These were acquired to be used mainly in the venue’s Ballroom and Great Hall.

“We’ve been looking at purchasing some LED effects lighting for quite a while now,” commented Michael Kelly, lighting production supervisor at BCEC. “I guess we were looking for some extra eye candy for the stage, bands and corporate gigs.”

Michael visited the Brisbane Show Technology showroom where Adam White showed him some of the latest in LED technology.

“The GigaLEDS really impressed me as they seem very versatile and the price is very good especially as we wanted to be able to afford quite a few of the fixtures,” continued Michael. “The GigaLEds have been great and give good output for their size.”

The new LED fixtures were used on the Tourism Queensland Awards Night (pictured) with the GigaLEDs used as truss feature along the front of house truss. The idea was that the GigaLEDs supplied solid blocks of colour that matched the room colour at the same time.

“We used Studio Due CityColors for table wash and then the GigaLEDs were used to match that and it was quite a good effect,” explained Michael. “The LED Strips were used for the band stage – there was a big reveal whereby the rear of the presentation stage, the cyc, was pulled up to the roof to become a canopy over the stage. The LED Strips were used as a backing for the DJ, highlighting him through the night, and then for the Queen tribute show the LED Strips were placed around the edges of the line array stacks. It was unusual but looked good!”

Michael was surprised at how easily the Pro Shop LED Strips attached to the sides of the line array.

“It was easy to cable tie them around the side and they were very secure. And as they’re so lightweight they didn’t add much to the hanging weight. People have been very impressed with the Strips and the good solid output they deliver.”

The guys at BCEC have only used the ArKaos media system a little but are planning to incorporate it into a lot more shows next year.

“It’s just a matter of getting our operators used to programming it,” he said. “It’ll provide extra depth to the room along with the LEDs and will be used to match and compliment the lighting. We always like to have the latest in lighting technology, it keeps us up to date and hopefully we’ll be able to expand our LED inventory as fixtures are released. With ArKaos we’re trying to get ahead of the game so when more curtains, panels or happy tubes come available – we’ll be ready!!”