Baz Barrett chooses ChamSys Lighting Consoles!

Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Respected Australia Lighting Designer Baz Barrett has worked on some of Australia’s greatest lighting productions. Most recently, Baz has been the lighting designer for British rock band Stereophonics on their Australian and New Zealand Tour.

Previously Baz was using a Hog Console to control his lighting designs, but was in the market for a new generation of lighting console. The solution was easy: a ChamSys MQ100 with an Extension Wing.

ChamSys create intelligent and easy to use lighting consoles. ChamSys began when a group of lighting designers and long time lighting product developers got together to develop a new console that would overcome the limits of traditional consoles.

Baz borrowed a ChamSys MQ100 Console from Lighthouse Distribution with a practical demonstration by avid ChamSys user, Matt Owen. After plotting a couple of shows and using it live on the Stereophonics Tour, Baz simply said, “I am incredibility impressed.”

The ChamSys MQ100 has an in-built colour touch-screen, so there is no need for external monitors as the control is at your fingertips. Each of the ten theatre style playback controls is electronically labelled to show the current and next steps in the Cue Stack. Eight rotary encoders make controlling individual parameters simple. The MQ100 supports effortless playback of pre-programmed shows whilst allowing instantaneous over-ride via the powerful MagicQ programmer for ‘busking’ those unexpected moments.

MagicQ MQ100 provides an ideal starting point for the lighting designer. With access to up to 202 playbacks through virtual playback controls, the MQ100 can handle the most complex shows. Should more faders be required for a particular show, simply connect one or more MagicQ Playback Wings.

Baz is so impressed he is organising to use a ChamSys MQ200 on the European Festival leg of the Stereophonics Tour.

Baz will be back in Australia in several weeks and hopes to continue road testing this awesome console.