Barco launches processor for lighting control

Posted on Friday, December 19th, 2008

Barco has announced the release of a new High End Systems product for lighting control operation and programming. The Wholehog DMX Processor 8000 is designed to manage up to 16 DMX universes with ease while expanding the power and reliability of the Wholehog control system as a whole. By providing DMX and Art-Net output at a steady rate, the possibilities for lighting design are expanded. DMX Processor 8000 is 50 times more powerful than its predecessor the DP2000, says the company.

In addition, Version 3.0 software for all current lighting console products is now available. Version 3.0.0 represents major improvements to core components of the Wholehog software. Furthermore it adds support for the new DMX Processor 8000 and Art-Net output from the DMX Processor 8000 and Road Hog Full Boar console. Many network configuration windows, patch windows, and other dialogs have changed to add new functionality or improve existing functionality.

Brad Schiller, product manager for controllers, says, “We are very excited about the release of version 3.0 software and the DMX Processor 8000. Our development team has done a remarkable job with this release. Our beta testers have also provided important feedback and testing to help ensure the stability of the software and new processor.”

Marty Postma beta-tested the DMX Processor 8000 on the recent Neil Young tour. “I have used both the DMX Processor 8000 and v3.0 software in BETA on a full Wholehog 3 desk as the primary console for my entire fall tour without so much as a hiccup during playback. The issues that concerned me on old DP-2000s have been completely obliterated by the new DP.”

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