Barco Launches DL.3F Digital Luminaire

Posted on Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Barco DL.3FBarco has released a new lighting product – the DL.3F, a fixed-installation version of High End Systems’ DL.3 digital light. The unit features the same integrated media server and output capabilities as the DL.3, but with reduced input/output capabilities. Although the new digital light does not include the DL.3’s integrated camera system, the DL.3F does retain its predecessor’s full range of media manipulation tools, stock content library and ease of maintenance, and adds highly attractive pricing aimed at the fixed-installation market.

“The new DL.3F offers many creative and labor saving options at a reduced cost,” said Chris Colpaert, VP of creative lighting for Barco. “We now offer two versions of the DL.3, enabling customers to purchase exactly what they need for each project. The DL.3F is ideally suited for permanent installations and other venues wishing to utilize the benefits of digital lighting.”