Barco Combines Industry-Leading Media Server and Digital Luminaire to Create Powerful Lighting Package

Posted on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Barco has announced the release of a fully optimized digital lighting package that harnesses the high brightness and DLP-quality video capabilities of the DML-1200 digital light and combines it with Axon Media Server. This improved solution offers tour companies, corporate events managers and fixed installations, such as houses of worship, expanded opportunities for creating dynamic, multi-faceted shows in a variety of rental and fixed applications.

The brightest digital light on the market today with 12,000 field lumens, the DML-1200 was originally designed as a dual moving digital luminaire and high-quality video projector, offering unlimited image selection with the ability to seamlessly switch between video projection and light mode, cue by cue-the company states. The Axon provides lighting designers with a full complement of digital lighting features, including collage and curved surface support, warping and edge blending, and access to thousands of images. Now, by integrating the DML-1200 with the Axon Media Server, Barco delivers a feature-rich, highly versatile tool that empowers lighting designers with pure creativity at their fingertips, enabling them to produce a truly unique show for every event, client and purpose.

The DML-1200 w/Axon advances the product line’s core capabilities by virtue of its Version 2.0 software, offering up to nine media layers, keystone and digital shutter features, enhanced Collage Generator™ and curved surface support, unlimited effects, and over 1,200 pieces of royalty-free stock content. When combined with the DML-1200’s fast 4:1 zoom, warping and edge blending for external inputs with virtually no frame delay, and light mode with CMY color mixing abilities, the DML-1200 w/Axon provides users with a full complement of unique features.

“We are very pleased to introduce this comprehensive enhancement to the DML-1200 digital luminaire,” said Chris Colpaert, VP of creative lighting for Barco. “By combining the superior functionality and processing power of the Axon Media Server with the vast output and unique illumination capabilities of the DML-1200, we feel the DML-1200 w/Axon is an extremely powerful fixture. Additionally, all DML-1200 w/ Axon fixtures are now built in Austin, TX alongside our other popular lighting products. Together, these advances demonstrate our commitment to the technology, and our keen desire to address our customers’ requests.”