Bankstown District Sports Club’s new Grand Ballroom

Posted on Thursday, September 24th, 2009


Bankstown Sports Club, one of the leading event centres in Sydney’s south-west, has taken its events and banqueting facilities to a new level with the opening of the luxurious Grand Ballroom.

The lighting and sound system is at the forefront of technology and is, without doubt, the most technologically advanced system installed in any function venue in Sydney or indeed Australia. The effects lighting system alone has more automated lights per square metre than any other venue in Sydney. And it is no surprise that it is all Martin!

The lighting and audio-visual consultants Haron Robson were required to provide a lighting system that could satisfy all the requirements of the multiple uses that this facility offers, such as exhibitions, conferences, corporate promotions, weddings, dinners and even major performance by international artists.

To do this they had to design a multi-purpose integrated house and effects lighting system with a sophisticated yet simple to operate control system.

As well as multipurpose general house lighting there is a stunning array of Martin effects lighting that has been designed to work harmoniously with the house lighting with each system working to enhance the performance of the other.

 The Martin effects lighting system comprises six large motorised diamond-shaped trusses (manufactured and supplied by Design Quintessence) surrounding six smaller inner diamond-shaped trusses housing sixty Martin smartMAC, eight Martin MAC250 Entour, and sixteen Martin MX10 Extreme controlled by a grandMA console.

With this comprehensive set up of Martin effects lighting the venue has been given extreme flexibility; tables can be lit with multiple colours and patterns, including logos, the walls and ceiling can be coloured in any colour you desire and multiple rotating gobos patterns can be projected on the walls, the floor and the ceilings.

”The Martin smartMACs have no fans and therefore no noise,” commented Glen Haron, managing director of Haron Robson. “This is imperative for corporate events. This also allows for less maintenance or potential for breakdown. Improved optics, easy gobo change for corporate logos, energy efficient running and a 9,000 hour lamp-life provide endless possibilities for lighting shows to support the various types of activities in the room.”
 The low power draw of the effects lighting and the on/off functions being controlled by the AMX system means that the power is only on when the system is being used, with no stand-by power drain. The improved optics and lamp type of the smartMAC is 40% more efficient than any other equivalent fixture type.

”Working closely with the project manager – Paynter Dixon Constructions – we have help create a venue that was easy for the AV contractor to install and that is now easy for the operator to run,” concluded Glen Haron. “We got this result because we understand the business of venues, building design and electrical technologies – a unique package. At Bankstown Sports the client had a dream, not a nightmare, and we made it so.”

The lighting, rigging and lighting control systems were supplied and expertly installed by Saltec, ‘Saltec have installed a complex lighting system and the end result is hard to fault. It is currently the best Ball room installation project I’ve seen” stated Mark McInnes from Show Technology.