Ayrton MiniPanel™-FX

Posted on Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

MiniPanel™-FX from Ayrton is a smaller version of the MagicPanel™-FX, with four square lenses in a 2×2 configuration for beam and wash effects. Its proprietary optical zoom system ensures a 15:1 zoom ratio, with a range of 3.6° to 53°.

The four 30W RGBW multi-chip LED emitters and high-efficiency optical system offer an overall luminous flux of 2,400 lumens and a center-beam luminous intensity of 331,200 candelas for an overall consumption of 200W.

Continuous rotation on pan and tilt is standard. The fixture comes with extended serial connectivity and can be controlled via DMX-RDM or a wireless link using CRMX TiMo RDM from LumenRadio™.

Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au